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Shoutout to: TheHangedMan for allowing me to use his idea to make this happen and for the skelly idea

The heroes of the DC universe have retired, but their kids aren’t going to allow crime to corrupt the city again, Brianna Wayne, also called Catgirl, is the daughter of Bruce Wayne and Selena Kyle, and the next inheritance of her father’s industry and the Wayne Manor. But she can’t work alone, she needs other heroes to help her battle the forces of evil and keep the world safe.

Note: this is a fandom rp, so I don’t mind canon characters that are the kids of some characters, but I don’t know much about any of them. You have been warned

Rules: any and all rules of ES apply, do nothing inappropriate is to be shown
Try to keep it clean, cursing and some mild inappropriate jokes are allowed.
Post at least once a week
Have fun

To join: please send a pm labeled [b Heroes Unite] and the following skelly of your character

Puppet master: (username)
History: (bio)


Puppet master: DoomGuy123
Name: Brianna Wayne
Age: 23
Parents: Bruce Wayne and Selena Kyle
Title: Catgirl, The Cat
History: being the daughter of a high class businessman/superhero, and the infamous Catwoman, Brianna was brought up in the Wayne Manor, where Bruce, Selena, and Alfred all took care of her when she needed it most, while she went to school, she was always at the top of her class, graduating with honors. After high school, Brianna attended engineering classes, where she became a very seasoned engineering student, which allowed her to make the exoskeleton for her hero suit, which grants her the ability to climb walls, run at fast speeds, and gives her twice normal human strength.
Abilities: none, unless with exoskeleton
Gear: custom night vision goggles, hydraulic exoskeleton, whip, bola, claws.
Personality: calm and collected, joking, friendly

Puppet master: Queencarstairs
Name: Acacia Curry
Age: 28
Parents: Arthur Curry (Aquaman), unknown mother
Title: [bastard ] Queen of Atlantis and the oceans, Aquawoman
History: The result of Arthur's drunk one night stand with a French accountant. Acacia was birthed by the sea and taken into the rather vengeful arms of Mera, who had by then was still unable to give birth to the king of the oceans. Mera soon left disgusted by Arthur's lack of apology. To Arthur's happiness Acacia had enough of his blood to be considered legitimate. Once Arthur was much too old to rule / protect the oceans, Arcacia took the throne. She having never been on land found it extremely difficult to leave her home behind once she realized that the world outside her home was falling apart and that evil was lurking everywhere. However, it had to be done. She still prefers to live by the sea and has for the most part a very sea based diet.
Atlantean biological adaptation ~> adapted to life underwater,
Amphibious nature ~> Can breathe both underwater and on land,
Enhanced senses ~> Smell, Sight, Strength, Durability and Stamina
Super human reflexes
Marine telepathy ~> Or as Batman puts it "Fish talk."
Ocean embodiment ~> She is the ocean.
Gear: An adapted female version of her father's armour and her own version of the infamous Triton.
Ocean deprivation ~> In other words ~> Too far from the ocean or spend time on land too long? Well sickness, loss of abilities and in extreme cases coma or death
Personality: Stone cold and harsh on the outside. Warm, kind and sweet on the inside.


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She smiled. “Along the coast is a waterfall, if you swim up the waterfall, it will lead you to the barcave. I will run along the coast, but do not lose sight of me.” She said, and after a moment, she began to run along the outer edge of the coast, climbing along anything that was in the way, utilizing her mechanical claws and talents to move along the coast as quickly as she could
  Brianna Wayne (Catgirl) / DoomGuy123 / 354d 15h 8m 34s
[Center [Pic https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRILVVcgKKrDKWv839AVgYdAvaUO0tXPq1-hkVnmiapISZvQYcllnRLk0ng4Q]]

She nodded. She was so sick of the pollutants and the smog filled air. Any chance to get out it and into clear salt water with fresh air was a chance Acacia was willing to take.

[+Blue "None of whom I know can help have responded I'm afraid for now we are on our own"]

She slipped into comfortable clothing and beckoned for Catgirl to lead her to this so called "bat cave."
  Acacia Curry / QueenCarstairs / 354d 16h 6m 15s
As she waited for Acacia, Brianna had been in the batcave clearing out all the spare parts and hydraulic oil up, making sure to not get any in the water below the platforms that comprised the lair. “I would suggest we stay here and talk, but I know a place with more privacy and that could serve as our rendezvous for a while.” She said, telling her about the batcave
  Brianna Wayne (Catgirl) / DoomGuy123 / 359d 16h 29m 48s
[Center [Pic https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRILVVcgKKrDKWv839AVgYdAvaUO0tXPq1-hkVnmiapISZvQYcllnRLk0ng4Q]]

[+Blue "Well, I may be of some help. I think I know where some are shelled up... although I'm not sure they are likely to respond to my call for help. Give me a few days, I have fish deliveries to make to cities, towns and villages that need food desperately. Meet me here in three days. I will return I promise."]

Not waiting for a solid response. Acacia dove underwater and continued on her journey to the different places, her mind swelled throughout the entire journey... who could she possibly call for help?

[Center [B Three days later]]

This time she was more prepared. She bought alongside her own gear, weapons and land dweller clothing a vial of pure ocean water from the depths of Atlantis. She knew this was not a permanent solution and eventually she would have to return home but for now, if Catgirl needed her help she was more than ready to help. After all, this world was not just the oceans but that of living creatures both above and on land. Acacia much to her distaste for anything other than what was in the depths of the ocean bit her tongue back, smiling softly she took Catgirl's hand.

[+Blue "Acacia Curry. Nice to meet you. I look forward to working with you."
  Acacia Curry / QueenCarstairs / 359d 19h 13m 41s
“What we need is to find other heroes...others like us. Not only those who use technology to aid them, but those with superhuman powers ...if we find these heroes, then we can continue our parents’ work, and protect our world from anything causing chaos...” she said, very concerned for the world, and she knew it wouldn’t be easy to find the heroes they needed.
  Brianna Wayne (Catgirl) / DoomGuy123 / 359d 22h 43m 52s
[Center [Pic https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRILVVcgKKrDKWv839AVgYdAvaUO0tXPq1-hkVnmiapISZvQYcllnRLk0ng4Q]]

[B "The world isn't safe anymore..."]

She frowned. Calling upon her telepathy, allowing the voices of sea creatures from across the globe voice their concerns. This was not just a threat to her home it appeared but those on land. She sighed. Taking in the water through her nose watching Catgirl closely. She knew in her heart if she did not help now then there was a massive possibility her people and her fellow marine creatures would cease to exist.

She lifted herself up and spoke, still not used to speaking to such a curious land dweller.

[+Blue "What needs to be done? How can I help keep this world and my own safe?"]
  Acacia Curry / QueenCarstairs / 359d 22h 46m 21s
The female leather and steel-clad heroine approached the water, and crouched so she could further hear her if she needed to. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Aquawoman...I’ve heard a lot of your father from mine...but the world isn’t safe anymore...” she explained, and sighed. She wished that she could save the world, but she couldn’t do it alone
  Brianna Wayne (Catgirl) / DoomGuy123 / 360d 20m 28s
[Center [Pic https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRILVVcgKKrDKWv839AVgYdAvaUO0tXPq1-hkVnmiapISZvQYcllnRLk0ng4Q]]

[+Blue "Aquawoman. Queen of Atlantis which ever floats your boat."]

She then proceeded to have her triton disappear. She turned away from Catgirl. Glancing at the murky water she sighed. Her throat burned from all the murky water so she dived in. She swam out further until the waters were clear. The only part of her visible to the world at this rate were her eyes and part of her platinum almost white hair. She urged Catgirl closer.
  QueenCarstairs / 360d 1h 46m 14s
“I am called Catgirl, or The Cat by the criminals...I’m the new hero of Gotham, since My father retired from his days of heroism...” she said, the exoskeleton whirring a bit when she shifted the slightest . May I ask who you are, if you don’t mind me asking?” The cat asked, her goggles covering her eyes
  Brianna Wayne (Catgirl) / DoomGuy123 / 360d 2h 59m 14s
[Center [Pic https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRILVVcgKKrDKWv839AVgYdAvaUO0tXPq1-hkVnmiapISZvQYcllnRLk0ng4Q]]

A female in a cat suit had knocked all of the men out. Acacia deciding that it was not worth the comment moved once more behind what she had been changing behind. Once changed she stepped out again to meet Cat girl.

[+Blue "Who are you. I don't recall there being a feline warrior prowling the streets of Gotham city."]

She held her triton close. The water hummed ready to attack this feline warrior if she tried anything. Acacia looked at her expecting an answer. She was not a patient person.
  Acacia Curry / QueenCarstairs / 360d 5h 2m 33s
As the civilian ran, the queen of the ocean could see one of the goons being sent through the air out of the alley, and then the rest took off running from the cat, who was chasing the closest one, and used said goon to knock down the others. “Where do you think you’re going?” She told them, and soon she had them all knocked out and piled on the side of the street for the police to deal with. After the fight, Brianna looked around, and was met by a strange sight, that being Acacia. But she was curious, just like a cat, but more cautious. The girl didn’t approach or get into a threatening position, br instead just watched the figure clad in armor [i She looks like she has some authority...but I don’t know whether she’s a threat or an ally...] Brianna thought to herself
  Brianna Wayne (Catgirl) / DoomGuy123 / 360d 7h 31m 49s
[Center [Pic https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRILVVcgKKrDKWv839AVgYdAvaUO0tXPq1-hkVnmiapISZvQYcllnRLk0ng4Q]]

She took a deep breath, her now first breath of human air, stupid land dwellers. She rose from the water making sure beforehand no one was near to see. She slipped her hood on and looked around for a container. Her lungs burned with the pollutants that laced the air, finding what she had been looking for. A container that she filled with fresh fish, good fish. She had already made sure this was indeed the fishing district. Pulling the metal door further open she noticed their sullen faces, her first glimpse of land dwellers, she slammed the container of fish down. Enough to last them the next few months, they said nothing as if they expected her arrival. She left without a word, the last thing she wanted was to deal with them. It was enough of a hindrance that she had to be nice, that she had to walk on land amongst them. She was ready to go when she heard the fight. A civilian, two men and another someone who sounded artificial... probably the guardian of the city... batman? She didn't care to find out until said civilian came running directly towards her. Acacia groaned.
  Acacia Curry / QueenCarstairs / 360d 7h 39m 39s
After hours of tinkering with the exoskeleton, the young Wayne heir finally finished her work, and donned her suit. Pulling the leather outfit over her body, she made sure to tighten every strap and every fastener that was on it, and then proceeded to don the exoskeleton. “Fits more snug than I expected it to...” Brianna told herself, then she put her custom made goggles over her eyes, then farted out of the batcave, knowing that the city was in a state of corruption and mayhem ever since her parents had retired from their line of duty to the city. As she ran through the alleys and across building walls and rooftops, she spotted a group of goons attacking a civilian, making Brianna’s blood boil. She stopped at the edge of the roof, and quietly climbed her way down the walls to start taking down the thugs one by one, using tactics her father and mother had taught her to use out in the streets of Gotham City.
  Brianna Wayne (Catgirl) / DoomGuy123 / 360d 7h 58m 39s
[Center [Pic https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRILVVcgKKrDKWv839AVgYdAvaUO0tXPq1-hkVnmiapISZvQYcllnRLk0ng4Q]]

Thunder lulled above the oceans, a storm in the making. Acacia had been sitting on her throne, her mind distant, she had felt a pull a kind of call out and it wasn't in any form natural. She pondered going onto land, she knew she'd need to soon. Her father's commitments to the small sea villages around the world meant that she could not fail him. Atlantis struck again by lightning was all Acacia needed as she packed her gear away. She read the small map, her first stop was a city that was invading the ocean, they had run out of space on land. This bothered Acacia, nevertheless. She began her journey to this new city. The one named Gotham.
  Acacia Curry / QueenCarstairs / 360d 8h 4m 45s
Brianna Wayne had been working on some kind of project in her father’s old hero lair, but she hadn’t told either of her parents what the project was and what it would do. She wanted to surprise them after finishing the hydraulic exoskeleton for her hero alter ego known as Catgirl, a name she had gotten from her mother. [i Let’s see...I just need to tweak the strength of the arm pieces and then adjust the power that goes into the legs.] The young adult thought, using a laptop to alter the settings that went to each of the parts of the exoskeleton.
  Brianna Wayne (Catgirl) / DoomGuy123 / 360d 15h 8m 35s

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