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Molly could tell that there were more than a few applicants that were surprised by her outburst, but luckily most of them stuck around. Still she made sure to take a deep breath to keep from getting even more heated. She brought her hands up as she breathed in for several seconds, before breathing out along with lowering her hands. It provided her a momentary relief from her inner fire.

A momentary relief that did not last long as Lilly responded to Molly's words with her own fervor. That got Molly's blood pumping again just in time for the girl to bow her head hard into the desk. The loud thud drew all eyes back on the two only this time with laughter rather than silence. Molly winced as she saw the girl seemingly curl up, although she did not know whether it was from pain or embarrassment. Either way it was not something that she was going to leave alone.

The laughter did not last long as Molly leveled a glare at the applicants that could curdle milk. She may not an inch over five feet tall, but the intensity of her spirit had always been enough to carry an impact. The words that had been used to describe her on more than one occasion were tiny but fierce, and in this moment she was very thankful for that ferocity.

Once Lilly settled down and brought her face back up Molly was aware that it was embarrassment that had probably hurt her the most. Still the potential injury needed to be addressed before they could tackle anything else. [b “First off we're going to have to get you checked out by the team doctor. That was a nasty blow you took to your head, and concussions are no joke,”] Molly said as gently and as privately as she could manage after getting so heated. She just hoped that it was quiet enough to keep from drawing more undue attention to them.

[b “After that, assuming they give the all clear I thought we might go down and see what you can do with that Gear of yours,”] Molly said as she pulled out a laptop and a set of cables. [b “I know you're a rookie, but I want to see just what our starting point would be if we decide to sign you.”]
  Molly / Tesla / 349d 8h 41m 46s
Lilly accepted the tissues with a thankful nodded. She dabbed at her eyes to wipe the tears away. She hadn't meant to get so emotional in front of Molly but she couldn’t help it. All her anger and frustration had taken a lot out of her from all the other interview. She didn’t care thought she wanted to let her know just how invested she wanted to be. However, she wasn't ready how Molly reaction.

She listened to Molly story with wide eyes talking every word she said. She didn’t even notice how loud she was getting or that everyone was now staring at them. All she could see was Molly and the fire in her eyes. She could see just how passionate she was. She could see the command and strength that she held. Strength that Lilly had never had but the kind she wanted. The kind that could show the world she could do it.

Suddenly she was reminded of something from her past. A vision of her brother standing next to her bed after the accident. She remembers she been crying all day after being told she would never walk again. Yet a fire in his eyes as he held her and said. "I don’t care what they say. I'll show them I make your dream come true." She was snapped out of her vision by Molly yelling. Even more tear fell from Lilly eyes as she nodded heavily. "Yes, I'll show you." She almost yelled back.

She grabbed her mouth at Molly cursing. She wasn't ever aloud to curse around the house and was told it was very unladylike. She was so quiet and sweet that she didn’t think she could curse if she tried. So, it shocked her when Molly said it so casually.

Still the speech had gotten her blood pumping. "I give it my all." She said quick bowing her head. However, she forgot just how close to the desk she was and quickly headbutted the edge of the desk. The room was quick flooded with a large 'THUD' noise as her forehead smashed into the desk. Quickly she brought her head into her lap as she led her head and let out some low whimpers. New tear filled her eyes as the rest of the room laughed at her.

After recovering her face was bright red after embarrassing herself in such a way. "So what next?"
  Lilly / Mended / 350d 15h 3m 22s
Molly focused all of her attention on the Lilly as the girl prepared her response. There were two key reasons to her focus here. The first being that active listening was beneficial for retention purposes, and was a trait well valued in leaders. While the second was that she was very keen to find out just what it was that made a girl like Lilly interested in becoming a Gear pilot.

She was thankful that she had paid such close attention as the girl started to tear up only partway through her explanation. While it might embarrass the girl Molly passed her a box of tissues as she said her piece. The girl had clearly been through a lot to get to this point, and so Molly did her best to keep her usual temperament under wraps.

Her hold cracked though when Lilly said she wanted to show them that she was capable of anything she wanted. Just those words spread a wolfish grin across her face as she was reminded of her grandfather's stories from his own team. Just like her grandfather had found his star in the sheepish Sena this could very well be the chance meeting that wins her the tournament. This way was at least less reminiscent of the old press gangs.

[b “I want to share a story here that I think could help you. My grandfather was the captain of a team back in his day, and he had a player by the name of Manabu who had never played a sport in his life,”] Molly said with her grin still firmly in place. [b “He was so weak when he started that he didn't even have the stamina to play a full match, and so he spent a lot of time on the bench just watching the games. It was time well spent because it meant he knew how my grandfather liked to play the game, and so when he finally came off the bench they were able to make plays that nobody saw coming.”]

Thanks to the fact that her grandfather had met her grandmother during his time with that team she had gotten to hear a lot of stories from that time during their travels together. Manabu's story had always been one of her favorites since it showed just how important determination was to success. Of course most of her grandfather's stories focused on determination winning out, as he had to work himself to the bone to succeed in his sport of choice.

[b “That's the kind of person that I want for my team. Someone that's willing to go through the death march just to join,”] Molly said louder than she intended. [b “That has a tenacity for victory that borders on the absurd! Does that sound like you?”]

It was at that point that Molly realized she had gotten quite a bit louder than intended as she realized that the other applicants were all staring at her. That just got her blood pumping more though, and so she decided to run with the presented opportunity.

[b “Yeah, you heard me fuckers! If any of you don't have the will to be the best there's the fucking door,”] Molly yelled as she stood up. [b “Don't make me kick your ass out of it!”]
  Molly / Tesla / 353d 5h 5m 32s
Lilly was a bit surprised at the arrival of Molly. The first thing Lilly really noticed was her long hair. 'How long does that take to dry.' She thought to herself as Molly took a seat across from her. She was also surprised by the fact that nether of the two people that had interviewed her had even cared that she was in a chair. She was so happy by that fact and wanted to work harder to make sure she could get on this team. 'This may be my only shot.'

She snapped back to reality after Molly question. Taking a second to calm her nerves she took a deep breath. "Well I always wanted to be a Gear pilot since I was little girl." She started looking Molly in the eyes. "I use to watch some of the early fight with my father. I can remember running down the stair every Sunday morning to watch the matches with him. I always imaged myself piloting one of them how every after an accident I thought my dream would forever be out of my reach." Her eyes tear up. "I never gave up on in even after everyone told me it was silly and pointless."

She could remember the doctor telling her she would never walk again. The nurses helping her in and out of bed for the first year after the crash. The therapist she still saw trying to help get over the fact of her parent's death and loss of her legs. They had all told her it would be impossible for her to pilot when she asked them. All the kids at school making fun of her for being the only person in a chair. Making fun of her for thinking she wanted to be a pilot. Everyone she had ever meet had looked down on her telling her she could never do.

Well mostly everyone. The only reason she hadn't given up was for the voice of a few people. Her bother who had stood beside her for every step of her recovery. Telling her that it wasn’t impossible and he would find a way. Bill telling her that the only thing stopping her form doing anything was herself. Bill father who had watched over her and guild her and showed her how he started with nothing an now was world leading in Gear designing. Finally, was her friend Darjeeling who had never laughed at her dream and had always supported her. Inviting her to match and took her on rides showing her the basic controls.

"However, I want to show them that I can. Show them that I able to do anything I want but more importantly I want to prove to the one that help me that I can do it. I want to show them my thanks for always standing beside me and helping me to start my dream. I know I have a lot to learn. I know I'm new to this and that Seraphim is different but I will show you what we both have what it takes to help lead your team to victory. So please give us a chance." She said bowing her head to Molly hoping she didn’t overdo it.
  Lilly / Mended / 354d 22h 43m 21s
After the quickest shower she could have with such long hair she settled in at her table to enjoy breakfast. Satsuki was smart to pick up something quick for her to eat, and even remembered to get her a large cup of black coffee. Molly would be sure to give her some extra thanks for that once she was done, but until then she was going to savor the peaceful moment and enjoy some personal time.

She would have if not for Tatsuya interrupting with a few quick knocks on her door. [b “Molly, I think you're going to want to see this,”] Tatsuya added. [b “You know I've got some experience on the engineering side of things, but I've never seen anything like this.”]

[b “Bring it in,”] Molly said with a sigh as she prepared to rush through her meal.

Tatsuya was one of the founding members of Team Devil Bats. He had been loyal to her through thick and thin and never gone against her in their time as partners. So considering all the strange Gear ideas that he had seen while working with her Molly was confident that if it was something he had never seen then it was something that she would have to judge for herself.

When he placed the specifications in front of her it took no time at all for her to see her trust in him was well placed. Throughout her travels she had seen a number of eccentric designs that could match the inventiveness of this Gear along one axis, but never one that was so unique along multiple axes like this. In some ways it was similar to her dream for the ideal Red Death, but unlike her dream they managed to make it a reality.

[b “I'll handle the rest of the interview with her,”] Molly said as she stood up and grabbed the toast that made up the last of her breakfast. [b “You head back down and go back to personality testing the applicants.”]

[b “Yes boss,”] Tatsuya said with a sigh before heading back out.

Molly was quick to follow him out, but made sure to lock her apartment behind her before following Tatsuya down the stairs. It took only a glance at the applicants for Molly to zero in on Lilly, as it made some of the specifications more understandable. She made sure to put on her friendliest face as she approached given her interest in the girl's Gear.

[b “Hi there, I'm Molly Mushanokoji,”] Molly said as she took a seat in front of Lilly. [b “I've looked over your application and I have to say I'm impressed. However I want to hear it from you; what do you hope to accomplish as a Gear pilot?”]
  Molly / Tesla / 355d 8h 47m 45s
Lilly rolled out of her fifth interview that day and all she wanted to do was scream. Every one she had been in had barley let her in the door. Each time it had been the same thing. 'Hello miss how can we help you today.' The reception would ask. 'Hello. Yes, I'm here to apply for the role in your gear team.' She would answer and always the same answer from the reception. 'I'm sorry but I don’t think you are what we are looking for.' They wouldn't even look at her paper or even let her try. No all they cared about was a girl in a wheeled chair was trying to apply. "No no it would be too hard on the poor disable girl don’t let her try." She muttering to herself. At least the last pace had the decency to tell her out right that they didn’t want her because she was disabled.

In her anger she didn’t see someone sneak up on her and tap her shoulder. "Proper lady shouldn't frown so much. It bad for her skin." A voice said as Lilly felt two hands cover her eyes. Lilly angers melted away a bit as she recognized the voice of friend and mentors "Hey Darjeeling." She said. The hands removed them self as Darjeeling moved around Lilly chair. "Hello dear. How have you been?" She asked resting her hands behind her back.

Darjeeling was an average girl with long blond hair tied into a bun. Her light blue eyes always seemed calming to Lilly. "I been good if not a bit frustrated." She explained the last few days. "Well that dose seems quite frustrating." Darjeeling nodded after listing to her friend story. "Thought I must say I quite happy to hear that you were about to get yourself a Gear. It was quite sweet of your brother to make it for you." Lilly nodded. "It was. He always looking out for me and helping me to live a normal life." Darjeeling nodded in agreement. "I am truly sorry to hear about the teams. I would love to have you on mine but sadly we are full at the moment however I may still be about to help."

Darjeeling lead a team for her own school and was considered to be a top tier team. Two years ago, they had taken home the championship for their school. Lilly had met Darjeeling shortly after she saved Lilly from some bullies. "I understand plus I don’t think I could join as we are from defend colleges." Lilly smiled. "But what do you have." Darjeeling pulled up a picture on her phone about a team looking for members. It looked ruff like it was quickly made however she recognized the name of the leader. "I didn’t know Molly had a team." Darjeeling raised an eyebrow. "You know this girl?"

"Well kinda. We have a few classes together but we never really talked. She kinda known for being a ice queen around school not talking to anyone unless she needs something." She explained reading the poster again. "Well seems like you will have a high chance then with other groups? Just remember to stand tall and show them how a prober way a lady act and knock them dead." Lilly hugged Darjeeling with a grin. "Thank you so much for your help. I need to get going." Turning her chair around and rolling to parking area. "Good luck dear." Darjeeling waved as Lilly disappeared.

Rolling to her motorcycle that rested in the back of the parking lot she pulled out her keys. Her bike was a gift from a Bill and his father for her after she graduated high school. They had always been close as Jake had worked for them for so long. Bill was like a second brother to her and his father felt like her second father. They spent every holiday together since she was ten and she gotten to calling him uncle much to his amusement. The bike had and auto balance system for any time she stopped. Her wheeled chair would fold up into it and look like part of it for easy access.

Climbing onto is she locked her legs into the safely housing and started the bike. The location giving wasn’t to far from her school as he douched in and out traffic until she arrived at the large hangers.

Once arriving at the hanger, she quickly parked and dismounted. Trying to calm her nerves she rolled into the front door and looked around it was a nice place as she noticed a man sitting at the desk talking to another person. "Alright sir thank you for your application we should be in touch soon with dates about a seeing your skills." The man nodded cockily. "I show you I'm one of the best pilots in this school." Turning around he left bumming in to the side of Lilly wheel chair.

The man let out a have sigh. "I swear I'm not made for this." He laid his head on the table. "Long day?" Lilly asked as she moved to the desk. "Long week really." He shrugged. "A lot happened and none of it good and then I get put behind the desk and asked to interview for new pilot like I know what I'm looking for. Half the time it guys like him who think they are the hottest thing since sliced bread." He sat back up. "Hell, I barley been a pilot a year and yet my crazy boss wants me to pick but anyways I'm sorry to talk your ear off how I can help you?"

Lilly smiled politely. "It fine I had that kinda day too but I hear about interview for the pilot slot."

The man stood up a bit looking at her chair and opened his mouth as if to say something but then stopped. Closing his mouth and sitting back down and shrugged. "References and papers pleases." He asked holding out his hands. Lilly was shocked that it took her a second to hand him his papers. She been ready to fight for him at least look at her paper. Yet he had just gone with it. "Hmmm." He said looking over her paper. "New I see. That not bad easily to mold into the team. Also comes with your own mech even better as I don’t know if we have an extra." Has he got to Seraphim specs he stopped and looked confused. "I have no idea what most of this means." He finally said. "No power core yet his output is high then anything I ever seen. Would you mind waiting here for a minute I need to have a talk with someone."

Leaving Lilly in the room he went upstairs to his boss. "Hey crazy lady." He knocked being the only one to joke with her. "I got some crazy Gear here that I never seen before. I almost sound like it fake but I leave that up to you."
  Lilly / Mended / 357d 1h 10m 26s

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