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Samuel nodded in agreement. “My name is Samuel...but you may call me Sam.” He told her, dropping the bonesaw and holding out his hand to shake hers. “It’s a always nice to be able to talk to someone new.” He replied
  Samuel Hiragana / DoomGuy123 / 2d 15h 13m 23s
[center Lilith thought his question over in her head before slowly relaxing. [b "I...suppose you're right."] Sitting down, she wrapped her arms around herself, glancing around. [b "I'm Lilith. It's...nice to meet you? Well, it is, but I wish it were under different circumstances..."]]
  Lilith / Burning_Heart / 2d 19h 54m 31s
He slumped against the wall, his body in pain. “Why the hell would I harm you...if I’m the guy who just saved you?” He asked, groaning a bit, and he looked at her with a bloodstained face, “I’m...I’m Samuel...who are you?” He asked
  Samuel Hiragana / DoomGuy123 / 6d 4h 30m 52s
[center Lilith panted as she leaned against the wall, placing a hand over her racing heart. She couldn't believe this was happening. She had to believe it was a nightmare, but the number of times she'd tripped and hurt herself was proof enough that she was wide awake.]

[center Looking up at him, she took a few steps away. [b "You're not going to hurt me, too, are you?"]]
  Lilith / Burning_Heart / 6d 4h 42m 29s
“I don’t know where we are or how we got here, but all I can tell you is that this is a literal living nightmare!” He shouted, and when she entered the building, he pushed the doors closed and bolted them shut, lights all around hem turning on so that the darkness wouldn’t get inside
  Samuel Hiragana / DoomGuy123 / 11d 6h 39m 30s
[center Though she didn't know him, Lilith felt like this stranger was the best chance she had of surviving. Groaning, she hurried after him, still glancing behind her. [b "Do you know where we are? Or at least what's going on?"] she asked over the siren.]
  Lilith / Burning_Heart / 11d 6h 51m 35s
He scrambled to his feet, grabbing the bonesaw again. “Get up and follow me if you want to survive!” He told her, hurrying towards the church, where they heard am air raid siren coming upto warn them about the next wave of darkness
  Samuel Hiragana / DoomGuy123 / 13d 1h 16m 24s
[center Lilith cried out in surprise and fell to the floor, groaning as she rubbed her elbow. Looking up at the boy, her eyes widened and she stood, pulling him up with her. [b "No time to talk. We have to go now!"]]

[center She turned to look behind them, her heart pounding in her chest. She did her best to ignore the throbbing pain in her arm, but she had a feeling it wasn't going away fro a while.]
  Lilith / Burning_Heart / 13d 2h 46m 3s
The boy grabbed a nearby bonesaw, his body trembling with fear as he ran through the corridors, eventually finding the exit and almost running right into the girl. “Ow...” he said, falling down. When he saw the girl, he immediately looked surprised and extremely nervous. “What are you doing here?!” He asked
  Samuel Hiragana / DoomGuy123 / 14d 6h 46m 42s
[center Stumbling for a moment, Lilith glanced behind her, fear keeping her from screaming. She had no idea where she was or why this was happening, but no amount of her telling herself that this was all a bad dream was working.]

[center Regaining her balance, she kept running, trying to ignore the horrible thing chasing her. [b "Somebody please help me!"] she finally managed.]
  Lilith / Burning_Heart / 14d 6h 54m 32s
Samuel woke up with a start, his head pounding, and his mind swinging. “W-what the hell happened...?” He said, looking around, and saw the rusted and blood spattered walls of the hospital, which made him extremely uncomfortable and very nervous
  Samuel Hiragana / DoomGuy123 / 19d 3h 45m 57s

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