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“But that was years ago...” he told her, and he found a can of pineapple chunks, and carefully opened it. “But as long as the girl doesn’t feel threatened by us...we are safe...” he told her truthfully, and handed her some pork and beans.
  Samuel Hiragana / DoomGuy123 / 160d 37m 6s
[center Lilith placed a hand over her mouth and trembled, swallowing the bile that climbed up her throat. There was no way... But she couldn't doubt anything at the moment. Shuddering, she leaned against the wall. [b "My God..."] What kind of place was this?]
  Lilith / Burning_Heart / 160d 43m 27s
“With the darkness out, no way...” he told her, shuddering a bit, and he told her what happened to the last person who was caught by pyramid head, who ripped the woman’s skin off her body and then split her in two like a butcher.
  Samuel Hiragana / DoomGuy123 / 169d 9h 17m 36s
[center Lilith nodded slowly as she looked around the kitchen, her stomach already growling at the sight of food. Turning to him, she looked a little concerned. [b "What should we do in the meantime? Explore everything outside?"] She really didn't like the idea behind that. She had no idea what else would be on the other side of the door.]
  Lilith / Burning_Heart / 169d 10h 50m 45s
The boy looked at her, and he nodded. “People used to use this place before a woman called Rose allowed hem to be judged for their evil deeds...” he told her, and found an entire kitchen, which was stocked with food and medical supplies. “We should always hurry back here when the siren goes off...” he told her, reminding her of what had chased her earlier.
  Samuel Hiragana / DoomGuy123 / 170d 14h 11m 8s
[center Lilith took the saw and gulped. She had never used a weapon against anybody or anything before. She wasn't sure if she'd be able to start now. But it was probably her only way of having a chance of getting out of...wherever they were.]

[center She stood and looked at him. [b "Do you think there with be anything around?"] The church looked pretty abandoned and run down. She couldn't imagine what kind of supplies, if any, they'd find.]
  Lilith / Burning_Heart / 170d 15h 50m 4s
He sighed and sat down. “No I don’t...and if I did...I’d have been gone...” he said, and handed her his bonesaw. “Take this, it’ll be safer if you’re armed...” he told her, and grabbed a rusted pipe. “We should look for supplies while we can
  Samuel Hiragana / DoomGuy123 / 174d 1h 3m 16s
[center Lilith reached out and took his hand, shaking it gently before pulling away. She felt much better now than she had a second ago, since they didn't have to worry about running at the moment. She nodded at his words. [b "That's true, at least..."] She looked around. [b "Do you know how you got here?"]]
  Lilith / Burning_Heart / 174d 1h 7m 48s
Samuel nodded in agreement. “My name is Samuel...but you may call me Sam.” He told her, dropping the bonesaw and holding out his hand to shake hers. “It’s a always nice to be able to talk to someone new.” He replied
  Samuel Hiragana / DoomGuy123 / 179d 22h 19m 21s
[center Lilith thought his question over in her head before slowly relaxing. [b "I...suppose you're right."] Sitting down, she wrapped her arms around herself, glancing around. [b "I'm Lilith. It's...nice to meet you? Well, it is, but I wish it were under different circumstances..."]]
  Lilith / Burning_Heart / 180d 3h 29s
He slumped against the wall, his body in pain. “Why the hell would I harm you...if I’m the guy who just saved you?” He asked, groaning a bit, and he looked at her with a bloodstained face, “I’m...I’m Samuel...who are you?” He asked
  Samuel Hiragana / DoomGuy123 / 183d 11h 36m 50s
[center Lilith panted as she leaned against the wall, placing a hand over her racing heart. She couldn't believe this was happening. She had to believe it was a nightmare, but the number of times she'd tripped and hurt herself was proof enough that she was wide awake.]

[center Looking up at him, she took a few steps away. [b "You're not going to hurt me, too, are you?"]]
  Lilith / Burning_Heart / 183d 11h 48m 27s
“I don’t know where we are or how we got here, but all I can tell you is that this is a literal living nightmare!” He shouted, and when she entered the building, he pushed the doors closed and bolted them shut, lights all around hem turning on so that the darkness wouldn’t get inside
  Samuel Hiragana / DoomGuy123 / 188d 13h 45m 28s
[center Though she didn't know him, Lilith felt like this stranger was the best chance she had of surviving. Groaning, she hurried after him, still glancing behind her. [b "Do you know where we are? Or at least what's going on?"] she asked over the siren.]
  Lilith / Burning_Heart / 188d 13h 57m 33s
He scrambled to his feet, grabbing the bonesaw again. “Get up and follow me if you want to survive!” He told her, hurrying towards the church, where they heard am air raid siren coming upto warn them about the next wave of darkness
  Samuel Hiragana / DoomGuy123 / 190d 8h 22m 22s

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