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[center [size20 [b [font "PMingLiU-ExtB" The Prophecy of The Realm.]]]]

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[center [size14 [font "PMingLiU-ExtB" This is a universe in which many different realities are aware of each other and interact through portals and interdimensional communication methods. There are many undiscovered dimensions, however the ones that are known have more or less lived in harmony.

That is to say, they haven’t destroyed each other. Not that they haven’t tried. War often breaks out between [Your Dimension] and [ The Realm], to the point where they have become rivals. Nobody from [Your Dimension] has an easy time getting along with a witch from The Realm.

Understand that [Your Dimensions] hatred for The Realm is deep seeded and constant. However despite [Your Dimensions] best efforts, they couldn’t so much as enter The Realm without it’s residents full knowledge, let alone attempt to wage war on it.

After a few centuries of attempts, [Your Dimension] had given up the attack on The Realm, and agreed on a peace treaty that they didn’t quite have the fullest say in. When the peace finally began, Witches from The Realm began to reveal themselves and offer assistance with technology enhancements and medicine; [Your Dimension] had no interest in it. They stubbornly refused any help from The Realm, it’s residents were abused on the streets of [Your Dimension] and being unable to use their magics as part of the peace treaty, they had no choice but to avoid [Your Dimension] all together.

Throughout the years, The Realm has been this looming figure over [Your Dimension] that everyone hated and feared. Countless rumors about the witches were created and told as truth.

“I hear the Witches can split mountains and destroy anything in their paths - that’s why the war ended so quickly.. They tried to destroy everything!”

“I hear their hair color explains what kind of terrifying power they have..”

“Witches with blue hair can read your mind, it happened to a friend of mine!”
“Forget blue hair.. The redheads can burn your skin from the inside out!”

The entire Dimension feared The Realm, and prophecies said that one day a Witch would infiltrate [Your Dimension] and change your world as it was known. Of course, everyone decided that would be the end of the world.

In a sense, that prophecy was about to come true.]]

bleep. workin progress.


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