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Hey, my name is DoomGuy123, or just Doom, but I’m a big horror fan, especially if there’s gore involved, so I have a love for Silent Hill, Saw , and other horror movies like that. If you’re still interested, here’s a list of what I want in the rp


At the least 200+ posts, but I am not a highly literate person, so I have trouble with posting very high number posts.

Post at least once a week

Let me know if you can’t post or if you’re tired of the roleplay

Have fun

Go into as much detail as you want with the gore


Ditch the rp
Be rude
Kill off my characters unless otherwise told, and I will be polite and ask if your character is allowed to die at all


That’s about it, if you’re still interested, send me a pm titled [b Blood And Guts] or post in the thread below

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