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Oh she was going to hear it from Jacob and her mother both later when they found out what had happened. Usually wolves did not imprint on another wolf's imprint. And usually they were "hetersexual" matches not "homosexual" so that was strike too. But they should both KNOW that wolves also couldn't help who it happened with. Her head and heart both were going a mile a minute and she really had to refocus.

[b "You look good in everything you try on Nessie! But I love watching the trying dresses and clothes. Plus like you said we have sooo much time to waste!"] The girl trilled as she was pulled into the shop and Renesmee had gathered a few dresses to try on. She would herself later but for not, Cara was content in watching her best friend dress up.

Her eyes trailed over Renesmee as she had the wait dress on. And god she reminded the girl of a princess from the old picture books they used to read and the movies they watched. It looked just perfect on her and her heart was in her throat so she could not speak right away. Her cheeks became dark red and she had to look away. [b "It fits you perfectly. You look so beautiful!"] Those were her words as she FINALLY managed to get ahold of herself. Yeah this was going to be a long day for sure.

[b "Oh do you mind if I try the red one there?"] The girl asked as she pointed to a dress behind the other girl. She was TRYING to distract herself. Plus she knew they both would try multiple dresses as it was.
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[size12 Nessie was in lala land as she was thinking about what kind of dress she wanted to wear tonight. Nessie had an idea what was going on, but she definitely wouldn't ruin the fun for Cara. It was just obvious on what was happening. Nessie got her dad's credit card to get her nails done and get a dress. And out of all days it was her birthday. Everything just kind of fit together, and Nessie finally understood.]

[size12 Nessie stopped speaking when she realized that Cara was staring at her intently. Nessie just kind of tilted her head. It was like Cara was in another world. Nessie stood there for a moment, and then Nessie knew EXACTLY what was happening. Nessie pursued her lips lightly. Nessie could feel her heart beating hard against her chest. Nessie knew Jake was going to knew what happened. And honestly, Nessie didn't want anything to happen to Cara. Nessie is going to have to pretend that she doesn't realize what is going on. Afterall, Nessie is with another wolf. So, she already knew all the signs. Nessie took in a deep breath and smiled at Cara when she realized that Cara was back.]

[size12 Nessie gently grabbed her hand and pulled her best friend into the dress shop. [b "We have still a lot of time! We can definitely try on some dresses and you can tell me which one you like best."]] [size12 Nessie start to feel her heart beat hard against her chest again. Nessie had a very good feeling. Like an attraction to Cara. Nessie realized that she wanted nothing more to be with her best friend. Nessie needed to talk to her mom, because her mom would understand. Nessie took in a deep breath, and then smiled when she grabbed a few dresses and went into the dressing room.]

[size12 The first dress that Nessie tried on was a white dress, and it was a bit fluffy at the bottom, otherwise, it was just pure white. Nessie really enjoyed how she looked in this dress. Nessie tucked some hair behind her ear, as her brown eyes glowed into Cara's as she smiles, [b "So what do you think?"]]
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Oh she was completely aware of Nessie's daydreaming and zoning out. It was why a long time ago she had learned to not talk to her as she drove. Though if she was to be honest, the wolf girl did worry and also wonder how she managed not to get into crashes. For the other was ALWAYS spacing out and at the WORST times at that. Only one time had she had to take the wheel and make sure nothing would happen. Never did she tell that to Edward, Bella or even Jacob. She managed to keep it from mind and so no one knew when this aort of thing happened. And to top it off, today of all days Cara was more excited that anything else. She knew exactly what the party would be for her bestie and prayed that she would not be asked. Sometimes she royally sucked with secrets. Especially when it came to things she was completely excited for or looking forward to. And this time it happened to be both so IF Ness had decied to ask her, Carissa would one dead wolf girl as she would "sing like a canary" so to speak.

As they walked towards the nail shop, Cara was more bouncy. ALMOST as bouncy as the Cullen Pixie, Alice. Honestly the wolf girl didn't get out much or get to go into the city rather. Much of the time she was confined to the reservation or following Jacob's lame orders or her mother's rules. So when she got out and got to go shopping with Nessie, she loved it and sometimes could seem the equivalent of a child or puppy. Which was funny considering she was fifteen. But hey, when locked away aside from doing certain things what could one expect?

[b "Hm sounds like something you would do, Ness. I was almost thinking manicure and then pink and black zebra stripes. It has been soooo long since I have had them and I miss it! Or maybe I shouldn't do anything fun because they'll just get ruined because of the big fluffy dog thing."] The girl huffed in a slight pout. She had to remember that as much as she loved getting her nails done, being a wolf and patrolling literally ruined them. So she would do whatever Nessie chose to do. Keep things simple.

And for a moment, crystal blue gaze fell on the other. She had always wondered how Renesmee had become her best friend in the first place. Not that she minded. Hell, Ness was her best friend and like her sister. It just always made her wonder as the girl at her side was always so special and here she was an overgrown puppy. The other could have chosen anyone else and yet had chosen Cara. Did she regret it? Honestly not at all. The other was the best thing to happen to her. She loved her so very much and would do anything with anything she needed her to be. And that thought right there was enough to make her freeze and stiffen. She. Had. Imprinted. On. Her. Bestfriend. And. Her. Alpha's. Imprint. She. Was. So. Fucking. Screwed.

Quickly she shook her head and fell into step once more with Renesmee. [b "You might want to go with something sassy that would go with a club...but as far as outfits that's all I'm telling you. I think it woll be soooo much fun to be trying things on."] Cara chirped as she was trying to hide the sinking feeling she had and to not ruin anything.
  Carissa Clearwater / SheDevil / 249d 19h 3m 22s
[size12 Nessie realized that she was daydreaming once more. Nessie was thinking about what could possibly be happening for her birthday today. Nessie kind of had an idea that something was happening. She rarely ever got her dad’s credit card, and her best friend was super excited for something. Sometimes, she wasn’t very good at keeping secrets. But Nessie knew not to ask, because what would be the point of even being told?]

[size12 Nessie blinked and realized that they were at the nail shop already. Nessie sometimes didn’t understand how she hasn’t been in an accident yet. She completely spaced off the whole road trip. Nessie was hoping that her best friend wasn’t speaking to her this entire time because the female would feel bad. She didn’t want Cara to think she was ignoring her. Nessie bit on her lip lightly, as she put the car in park, and then they walked into the nail salon together. Nessie told them what she wanted done for the two girls. Nessie had no idea what she was going to get done with her nails. Maybe something exotic or maybe just something pretty simple.]

[size12 Nessie saw how excited Cara was going and just with that, that would be the perfect birthday present. Nessie love seeing her best friend so happy. Especially since they are two completely different people and races. And lots of people wouldn’t condone their friendship. Nessie looked at her, and shrugged lightly. [b “Maybe a mixture of crazy and normal.”]] [size12 Nessie simply just laughed and decided that she would get a french manicure with a flower on both ring fingers. Nessie was going to be doing the exact same thing on her toes. After they were done here, the next step was to go and find an outfit. Nessie hated shopping so much. She only did it because it excites Cara a lot. Nessie would do absolutely anything for her best friend. All she cared about was seeing her happy.]
  тwιlιgнт / SweetSerendipity- / 250d 20h 28m 30s
Gently the girl tugged on her best friend's hair. [b "You are ALWAYS daydreaming, Ness. I think I'm more surprised when you are in the 'real' world."] The wolf girl teased. She had been able to notice the fall of the other girl's smile almost immediately and almost felt like it was her fault. Cara was more than aware that Renesmee was not a big fan of her birthday. Hell she had even TRIED to talk to the chipper fairy of the family to not make it such a big thing. But as it stood, Alice would not hear the girl out and had made all these plans. The Cullen house now looked and had the feel of a night club about it. Something she was sure her best friend would "love".

[b "Remember not that fast, vampire girl. Last time we had to literally bribe the cops. And not just with money either."] Carissa said as she got into the passanger seat and had her belt on almost immediately. She was expecting the other girl to drive fast even after her words. In a sense she was sure the other girl did think it a game. And in her own way, Cara did too. Though she honestly wasn't interested in anyone as it was. But didn't mean she didn't know how to flirt if or when she needed to.

It wasn't long before the girls were at the mall and Ness was parking the car. It was still a school day and so it was not very crowded. The less crowded the better as the wolf girl didn't like to be around too many people if she could really help it. The pack she had no choice..but she loved Renesmee's company. In fact she had since they had been little girls. [b "So what exactly do you plan to do to your nails? Not something completely wild I hope."] Cara teased the girl as she gave her a small nudge.
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[size12 It was that time of year again. The one time that the female tend to despise a lot. She really didn't understand why she hated it so much. Just the idea of someone throwing her a party wasn't her cup of tea. But every year there is some kind of birthday party for her. Nessie just learns to accept it, and pretend that she is having fun. Nessie realized that she kept eyeing the clock. She was ready to get out of school and see what people had planned this time. If they had anything planned. This year was a bit weird. Everyone knew it was Nessie birthday, or she thought they knew. But not one message or call wishing her a happy birthday. Renesmee was hoping that no one knew about how she truly felt about her birthday. She felt like she would break hearts if people actually found out. But then again, she felt like her parents knew. Nessie sighed lightly as the final bell of the day rang. She gathered up her things, and realized that her best friend, Cara, was picking her up today. Maybe things will be better than usual.]

[size12 Renesmee met Cara when she first got associated with Sam and Jacob. At first, she didn't understand very much. All Nessie knew is that she was a shifter. Nessie was never the one to judge anyone. She didn't really like how vampires shouldn't be with werewolves and vise versa. So Nessie was very thankful for the treaty, because Nessie was dating a werewolf. At first, when all of that happened, Bella was not happy at all. Eventually, they all got used to it. But ever since Cara started to show herself more and more, Nessie started to realized that she had a best friend. A best friend, a boyfriend, and a great family. What else could make this so perfect?]

[size12 Renesmee realized that she was thinking about things again, when in reality, she needed to get her butt into gear. She had a best friend to hang out with, and later on, see her boyfriend, Jacob. Hopefully. Nessie swung her bag over her shoulder and hurried outside when she saw Cara leaned against the vehicle, waiting on Nessie. Renesmee smiled, and ran over to her friend. [b "Sorry about the wait. You know me, when I start daydreaming, it takes me forever to go come back to reality."]] [size12 Nessie simply chuckled, and then smiled when she realized that Cara didn't forget about her birthday. In all honesty, she was kind of happy that her best friend didn't forget. Renesmee was listening to Cara talk, and thats when she realized that no one has forgot her birthday. She bit on her lip slightly. She was hoping it would be different this year - but she knew she was wrong on that assumption.]

[size12 Renesmee realized that had to snap out of her daydreaming mode and come back to reality. Nessie felt something in her back pocket. She chuckled, as she grabbed her dad's card and keys, and got into the drivers seat. She remembered when her dad taught her how to drive. She was still pretty young. It was her absolute favorite thing to do, though. She smiled, as she put her seat belt on, and took her and Cara to get there nails done, wondering what else was in store for the vampire.]
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The girl leaned on the black Sudan that the Cullens had told her she was to take to the high school to get Renesmee. It was the other girl's official sixteenth birthday and they were planning a surprise party for her. Well more like the little pixie woman, Alice was and was making everyone help. Carissa was ordered by the alpha, or rather Nessie's boyfriend Jacob to get the girl from school and to keep her busy. It kind of suited her as she was still getting used to being a shifter and Renesmee had always treated her more as an equal than anything else.

When she saw the girl, Cara put her sunglasses on her head and ran over to her. The girl could feel some of the boys at Renesmee's school watching as she came from the Reservation in La Push. [b "I think a day in Port Angeles would be nice, don't you? Remember there was new shipments of clothes you had said you wanted to look at when we were talking last weekend. We can even get our hair and nails done."] She said as she held out Edward's credit card. The man had said ANYTHING the girls wanted to do would be on him. Besides it would keep them busy. All she hoped was that Jacob wouldn't forget and kill her later for HIS order. The boy had a tendency to be super jealous and had even gone after her uncle Seth once for supposedly hitting on Ness.

[b "Well what are you waiting for, birthday girl? By the way you're driving."] She said as she stuck the key in the girl's back pocket and smirked.
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