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[size12 Nessie watched as her best friend responded. Nessie raised a 'brow and then just watched her. She saw as she was having a hard time hearing what was being said to her. Nessie bit on her lip lightly, and then took in a deep breath. After all, Nessie is half vampire. She can sense these things.]

[size12 Nessie just simply nodded her head.] [size12 [b "Well yeah. I wasn't going to tell you because I wanted you to tell me when you were ready to tell me. And since you didn't tell me, at all, it means you weren't ready to tell me. Even if you were ordered, it's me Cara. You always tell me everything, no matter if you aren't supposed too."]]

[size12 Nessie wasn't trying to be mean towards her, but it was true. Usually Cara didn't care. Nessie watched her more as she saw her cheeks get super red, and then Nessie smiled softly at her.] [size12 [b "Yes, I chose wrong, Cara. Obviously. Even my own family knew how I felt about you. It was written all over my body. Jake acted the way he did cause he knew you were a threat. Jake also knew how I felt about you."]]

[size12 Nessie wasn't lying. Nessie just didn't tell Cara about the time her and Jake got into a huge fight because that was when she confessed her love for Cara. It seemed like she was slightly imprinting, even though she wasn't able to do that. But it still felt like that's what was happening. Nessie listened to her last words. She wasn't going to fight her on her request. But she wanted to heal a little bit more. Because she knew it was going to be another fight. Nessie has to keep her temper under control because if she don't then the vampire side comes out of her. Her parents always prevent that part.]

[size12 [b "Alright. But I still want you to heal a bit more. I know your a wolf and you can do it quickly, but I still want you to take your time. Because it will be another fight when I go get my stuff. And I don't know if I'll be able to keep my temper under control.]]
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She felt as if she were a deer in headlights or something. It wasn't that she did not want to tell Renesmee how she felt. Oh god she did..had for a very long time. Just she had had her orders not to and the fact that she and Jacob had ruined the girl's party made this the worst timing. The fact that she had NO idea just how it would be taken made her telling the girl, her best friend, and her world the hardest part.

Cara did end up answering the question asked of her. And she had been completely honest too. Stumbling on her words and even apologising because the more she spoke, the more freaked out she became. Part of her wondered if it had been a mistake to tell the other girl the truth. So silence fell and she waited to hear what would be said, her heart all but thundering in her chest.

[b "Y-you knew this whole time? And..and you never let me know?"] The girl breathed out, blue gaze locked on the other. Her next words shocked the wolf girl even further and her cheeks became a dark red. Her heart thundered even louder than it had been
Did she hear her right? [b " think you had chosen wrong?"] Those were the words that left her lips when she was able to find her voice again.

Silence. A silence had fallen and Cara studied the half vampire girl. It looked liked she was the one now put on the spot. [b "I...when you go and see Jacob to get your things back I am going with you. NO way are you going near an angry wolf."] And she meant her words too. She didn't care if it meant getting torn apart again. Nessie was as she had said..her world.
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Nessie just watched her reaction. She could tell that she didn't want to talk about it. It actually made Nessie heart hurt. She didn't want her to feel like she was forcing her to speak about it. Nessie watched her closely. The brunette had a good idea she knew what the answer was going to be, but she needed to know for sure. The question also, was Nessie going to express her feelings for her right now? Or wait?

Nessie nodded her head, as she listened to what Cara had to say. She bit on her lip slightly, and then fidgeted with her fingers. Nessie knew she needed to say something. She didn't want Cara to get all freaked out. Nessie knew that she was going to be nervous just telling her. For goodness sakes, Nessie would be nervous herself if she got put on the spot like that.

Nessie looked back at her, as she saw that Cara was starting to cry some. Nessie frowned and then she reached up and wiped her tears away. [b "I know Cara.."] Nessie pursed her lips lightly. [b "Sweetheart, I watch how you look at me constantly. And that's okay that you imprinted on me. I fell for the wrong person."] Nessie can feel herself getting super nervous at this point. Was this the moment she was going to tell her best friend that she was in love with her?

Nessie smiled sweetly at her. [b "Don't ever apologize. I'm part vampire, I knew you did and I knew Jacob did as well. I chose the wrong person."] Maybe Cara will understand what she was trying to say. Because at this point Nessie was having a really rough time telling her right now. Nessie didn't think that she could tell her right now. Not after the commotion that happened tonight. And she still had to go back out there to update everyone on how Cara was doing. Nessie had to face the fact that her home was with Jacob and she had to go get her stuff. Nessie knew there was going to be a big fight coming her way. A fight that she can handle on her own. She doesn't want Cara to get hurt again. She needed to protect her, now.
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Oh how she wanted to forget what had been said. What Jacob had let slip. Not because it wasn't true, but because she was NOT ready to talk about it or for it to be known. Cara had tried her best for over a year to hide the fact that she had imprinted on her best friend and her alpha had to out her. He HAD to during her birthday and to ruin the night for Renesmee. She was still fuming and still felt terrible it had all happened.

Blue eyes were on her hands that were clasped in her lap. The wolf girl was aware of where Renesmee was the whole time and could hear what she was doing. But she did not dare to look at the other girl until she felt the weight at her side on the bed again. Until she heard her name softly uttered. It was those two things that brought up a bowed head and had sparkling blue eyes on the hybrid.

Silence. There was a silence between them before Renesmee spoke again. And the words that Cara had been dreading since she had been saved earlier that night came out. The girl wanted to know the truth. She wanted to talk about what Jacob had said.

A soft sigh slipped from her and she nodded slowly. This couldn't be avoided forever and she knew that. [b "He...Ness...Jake wasn't lying. I did imprint on you. But it didn't just happen. I...I imprinted about a year ago. Just I couldn't tell you. I was ordered to keep my mouth shut...and I knew that Jake had on you too. I...Nessie I am so, so sorry."] She whispered, eyes sparkling with tears as she bit her lip. She was SO scared how Renesmee would take what she had just told her.
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[size12 Nessie was still wrapping the girl up and then she saw her moving some and then saw her wincing. Nessie eyes immediately went to Cara and she watched her open up her eyes. Nessie couldn't forget what was said. But at this point and time, she didn't think that needed to be talked about. Nessie just continued to watch her wince and then she frowned slightly.]

[size12 [b "Don't even apologize. I knew this was going to happen anyways. I guess that was one way to get out of the relationship. It was just too much for me."]] [size12 Nessie spoke with soft words, and then gave her some clothes that she could get some clothes. Nessie went into a different room, and took off her dress. Nessie looked at herself in the mirror, and then she threw her hair up in a ponytail. She was questioning if she should even should bring it up. Nessie can't help but to feel the same as her. But the question is she even let her know how she truly felt. Nessie chewed on her lip and she sighed, and then went back out to the room and sat next to Cara.]

[size12 Nessie looked at Cara, watching her just rest. It was that exact moment when the female can feel her heart beating hard against her chest. Nessie decided that they should probably should talk about what Jacob said. [b "Cara..."]]

[size12 The brown haired female found herself not being able to finish what she was going to say. She just looked down, and then gulped. [b "Cara.. I think we need to talk about what Jacob said.."]]
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Usually she could get out of Jacob's reach before too much damage was done. What had made it difficult tonight had been his taking her offguard with his attack. And he was mad tonight. MUCH angrier than all the other times they had gotten into it. But then all the other times she had not purposely tried to provoke him as she had. But what was she supposed to even have done? The man was treating Renesmee as if she were property and not a human being . He was making it seem like she was a piece of meat.. HIS piece of meat and it had pissed her off.

The white wolf was still struggling with the russet wolf. She didn't know how much time had passed but she knew she was hurting. The pain having her in and out. Only when the weight was quiet literally off did the white wolf slowly get back to her paws to see that the youngest Cullen was between her and Jacob, shouting at the man. If her head was more clear, Cara would have been able to better comprehend the words that passed between them. All that she really understood was that Ness was telling him off and that Jacob just exposed the fact that she HAD imprinted on Nessie as well...That was going to go over well she was sure.. And when that had been said and those deep chocolate eyes glanced back at her, the white wolf bowed her head. She and Nessie would REALLY need to talk about what Jacob had been an ass about and told her.

Maybe a couple minutes after her alpha stormed off the way he did, Carissa couldn't hold her wolf form any longer. And before she knew it, she was back to being the human her and blood was seeping from the wound she had been given. She was hurt and so much worse it seemed than she had been before. She did end up blacking out in Nessie's arms when the other girl had picked her up. All she was aware of was a sense of floating and Renesmee's sweet scent around her.

Only when she felt her wound being cleaned were her eyes slowly opening and bright blue gaze fell on her best friend. And she was whispering, telling her that she eas sorry. Cars shook her head slowly, the fuzzy feeling still there. [b "It...don't be. This was between me and him..I'm just sorry we ruined everything."] Came her whine of a whisper. She felt SO bad for what had even happened. And she was TRYING to avoid talking about what Jacob had said. Honestly she was scared how Renesmee would take it. Scared that the other girl would not return her feelings.
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Everything was going great that night. It was nothing but smiles and laughter. No one could barely hear the commotion that was going on outside. Until her father ran up to Nessie. “Sweetheart, I hate to do this but Cara is hurt. I think you need to help her.” Nessie looked at her father, and then had a confused look on her face. Nessie than looked outside and saw Cara and Jacob in there wolf forms. Nessie eyes got huge. She felt her heart banging against her chest. Nessie knew that they couldn’t do anything except her. This was the time that she had to make a choice. She looked at her dad, eyes forming in her eyes. [b “I love her dad..”] Her father smiled and nodded his head, “We all know that you love her. So go save her.” Nessie chewed on her lip, and then looked around as everyone was staring at her.

The brown haired female leaped off the stairs, and then she ran outside, stepping in front of them as Jacob tried to bite Cara again, and then she jumped back with Cara behind her. [b “Jacob! Stop this insanity right now!”] Nessie screamed at the top of her lungs. She looked at Cara as she can hear her whimpering. She was in pain, and Nessie needed to end all of this drama right now. If she didn’t it will forever be like this. The question is, does she confess her feelings for Cara or not?

Nessie glared right into Jacob’s eyes. [b “It’s my birthday and this is how it’s going to go?! You have overstepped, Jacob! I don’t care if I’m your imprint or not!!! This is not how you are going to treat me. I will rip you to shreds within seconds!”] Nessie can feel herself getting angry. So she kept looking back at Cara and then she would calm down instantly. She couldn’t stand the fact that she was hurt. Nessie sighed lightly. She watched as Jacob turn back into his human form. Nessie looked down. [b “You don’t get to treat me like this, Jacob. I know how imprinting works, but you don’t get to be a complete asshole to my best friend. Why, because you don’t like her?”]

Jacob shook his head, still super angry, but then he realized that Nessie was right. Could Jacob break the fact that Jacob knew that Cara imprinted on Nessie? Jacob didn’t care at this moment. “No, Renesmee. She imprinted on you. That’s why I’m mad.” Nessie stopped dead in her tracks, and then she looked down at Cara, and blinked lightly. Nessie didn’t know if it was true or not. Nessie shook her head. [b “So what? I’m pretty sure people imprint on people all the time. Still doesn’t give you the right to hurt her. And better yet. It doesn’t give you the okay to hurt me. I’m done with you Jacob.”] She watched as he stormed off, and then watched Cara turn back to her human form.

Nessie could now really see she is hurt really bad. Nessie felt the tears run down her face, as she picked up Cara, and took her to Nessie’s room. She set her down on the bed, put some of her own clothes on her, threw her hair up, and then cleaned her up while Cara was trying to sleep some. Nessie bit her lip lightly, as she moved the shirt over, exposing her bare skin, as Nessie cleaned up her wound, and then she looked at Cara as she opened her eyes. [b “I’m so sorry..”]
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The girl had wanted to say more. Had wanted to let her best friend know what was exactly in her head, but she couldn't. It was already bad enough she was head over heels in love with the girl, but for her to say ANYTHING more than calling her beautiful could make things messy. And truly that was the last thing she ever wanted for Renesmee. [b "Well I was only saying the truth. Though you look good in anything you choose to wear."] That comment had to be innocent enough, right? And it was JUST after she had managed to get her words out did Cara watch as Ness went to try and find a few other dresses that she was interested in.

Cara had chosen a [ two pieced jeweled black dress]. And when she saw Ness in the light blue, Cara literally felt her heart all but thudding in her chest. The other girl looked GORGEOUS and like the dress was made for her. [b "It...that one is perfect!"] She squeaked when she was able to gain her voice and smiled when Renesmee went back to change into her normal clothing.

Soon, the birthday girl had paid for both their dresses and they were heading back to the car. This time, it seemed that both Carissa and Renesmee were lost in thought and so a lot of talk wasn't happening. Blue eyes only came away from the window when the soft voice of the other girl managed to cut through her thoughts. [b "You know I'm not the one with the problem. And I will play nicely if he does...But I promise to try and not ruin things for you.. hardly like him at times and are starting to like someone else?"] Those words REALLY piqued her curiosity and she wanted to ask more. She had noticed that Ness' eyes lingered on her longer than was normal, BUT Cara could be dense to those sort of things. Especially since she had long convinced herself there was NO WAY someone as soecial as Renesmee could even have feelings like that for her. God did she want to ask the other girl more, but they had pulled up to the house and Nessie was getting out of the car and greeted by everyone.

She was slow to grab her own bag and get out, staying back. The girl knew her place, ESPECIALLY when her alpha was around. But she did give the Cullens a smile and thank them for letting her and Ness have the afternoon that they had had. And the moment Nessie was upstairs with her mother and aunts, Cara went with Esme to get help with her hair and dress for the party. It was just easier to ask the Cullen matriarch because her own mother was not girly and STILL seemed to have a thing against them.

When she was dressed and had her black heeled sandals on, Cara went to join the other Cullens and rest of the guests to wait for Renesmee. But as her luck was always so bad, Jacob grabbed her the moment he saw her and began to yell at her. "YOU KNOW SHE IS MY IMPRINT! AND SHE BELONGS TO ME! BACK OFF OR I WILL MAKE YOU!" His shouts did scare the wolf girl, but blue eyes did shoot up to lock with brown eyes. [b "BACK OFF JACOB! SHE MAY BE YOUR IMPRINT BUT SHE IS NOT A PIECE OF MEAT AND BELONGS TO NO ONE! DON'T DO THIS TONIGHT!"] Cara shouted back.

It was after her own shouted words did Jake quite literally shove the girl out the back door since that was where they were standing. And almost immediately he was the great russet wolf, which forced Cara to change too. It looked like he wanted to be doing this tonight. And she JUST managed to avoid his first lunge at her. The second she wasn't as lucky with and he had the white wolf pinned, biting into her shoulder, causing a holw to escape as she kicked and struggled to try and get the bigger wolf to let go and get off.
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Nessie was very eager to hear what she had to say. What came out of her best friend’s mouth was not what she was expecting it. Nessie let the word beautiful run through her head many times. Nessie realized she was doing her thing that she is good at. Being distracted. Nessie bit her lip, as her eyes looked over at Cara, and then she smiled. She had to act like that hearing those words coming from Cara’s mouth didn’t make her extremely happy.

[b “Thanks! I think it’s too fluffy to my liking. I’m going to try some others.”] Nessie smiled sweetly at her best friend, and then rushed off real quick to find other dresses. There was a dress that really caught Nessie’s eye. It was a light blue dress and honestly, the female thought it was perfect for her party. She tried it on and then she smiled big when she walked out to show Cara. [b “It’s perfect! I’m getting this one!”] Nessie smiled at her, and looked at her with sparkling eyes. Nessie smiled again as she walked back in, and changed into her normal clothes, and then paid for her and her best friend’s dress. Nessie inhaled deeply, as her head was in her thoughts as the girls headed back to the car.

Nessie was not looking forward to seeing, Jacob. She knew that Jacob was supposed to be her lover, but sometimes, Nessie just couldn’t handle it much. Nessie was hoping that Cara and Jacob could get along long enough for her party. But Nessie knew that was wishful thinking. Nessie got into the car and looked at Cara, [b “Ready?”]

Nessie gulped as she headed to the house. Nessie knew what was going to be at the house when she got there. Alice tend to do a big huge party and overdo it sometimes, but that was the biggest thing Nessie loved about Alice. Nessie knew that her dad would be greeting as soon as she gets out of the car. Nessie pulled up and saw everyone. She took a deep breath, and then she looked at Cara, [b “Play nice with him. I know you two don’t like one another. Cara.. I barely like him myself. In all honesty, I’m gaining feelings for someone else, but don’t want there to be a huge brawl.”] Nessie looked Cara up and down and smiled sweetly, hoping she would get the hint. Nessie wasn’t for sure if she could ever fully tell her best friend how she really felt.

Nessie smiled and grabbed her bag and her daddy’s card, and she closed the door behind her. Her eyes glistened towards her dad and her mom. In unison you hear her parents wish her a happy birthday. [b “Thanks mom and dad! Me and Cara had a blast. I’m gonna go get changed and then I’ll be right down.”] Nessie saw Jacob, and smiled sweetly at him. [b “My Love.”] Then she rushed off and she looked at her Alice and Rosalie with worrisome eyes. When Nessie always had an issue, they were always there for Nessie. Nessie told her aunts more things than her parents knew together.

Nessie was now in her room, as she let out a big breath and then she went over to her dresser and sat down, looking down. The female felt bad that she had feelings for another person. Nessie heard her door open, and then she looked up seeing her mom, Alice, and Rosalie. She bit her lip when she saw her mom. She walked over to her, and brushed her hair lightly. “Sweetheart, you can tell me what is going on. I kind of have an idea, but I want to know what’s on your mind. Today should be a happy day for you.” Nessie then let the tears fall, as her aunt Rosalie shut the door behind her. [b “It’s just not fair mom. Why can’t I choose who I fall in love with? He drives me crazy! And all he cares about is fighting with my best friend.”] Nessie whined at all three women, and then all three of them smiled, and then her mom nodded her head, and looked deep in her daughter's eyes. “Sweetie, it is your choice on who you fall in love with. And I think the person you are in love with feels the same way about you. Never hurts to try, but remember to always break up with Jacob before you try anything.” Nessie nodded her head, and then all three women were in agreeance as they all hugged Nessie, and helped her get ready.

Nessie smiled as she came out of her room and walked to the stairway as everyone is shouting happy birthday to her. She smiled greatly until she saw that Cara and Jacob were fighting. Nessie was gonna do her best to ignore it. This was her night, and she will be damn if she was going to let Jacob ruin this for her.
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Oh she was going to hear it from Jacob and her mother both later when they found out what had happened. Usually wolves did not imprint on another wolf's imprint. And usually they were "hetersexual" matches not "homosexual" so that was strike too. But they should both KNOW that wolves also couldn't help who it happened with. Her head and heart both were going a mile a minute and she really had to refocus.

[b "You look good in everything you try on Nessie! But I love watching the trying dresses and clothes. Plus like you said we have sooo much time to waste!"] The girl trilled as she was pulled into the shop and Renesmee had gathered a few dresses to try on. She would herself later but for not, Cara was content in watching her best friend dress up.

Her eyes trailed over Renesmee as she had the white dress on. And god she reminded the girl of a princess from the old picture books they used to read and the movies they watched. It looked just perfect on her and her heart was in her throat so she could not speak right away. Her cheeks became dark red and she had to look away. [b "It fits you perfectly. You look so beautiful!"] Those were her words as she FINALLY managed to get ahold of herself. Yeah this was going to be a long day for sure.

[b "Oh do you mind if I try the red one there?"] The girl asked as she pointed to a dress behind the other girl. She was TRYING to distract herself. Plus she knew they both would try multiple dresses as it was.
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[size12 Nessie was in lala land as she was thinking about what kind of dress she wanted to wear tonight. Nessie had an idea what was going on, but she definitely wouldn't ruin the fun for Cara. It was just obvious on what was happening. Nessie got her dad's credit card to get her nails done and get a dress. And out of all days it was her birthday. Everything just kind of fit together, and Nessie finally understood.]

[size12 Nessie stopped speaking when she realized that Cara was staring at her intently. Nessie just kind of tilted her head. It was like Cara was in another world. Nessie stood there for a moment, and then Nessie knew EXACTLY what was happening. Nessie pursued her lips lightly. Nessie could feel her heart beating hard against her chest. Nessie knew Jake was going to knew what happened. And honestly, Nessie didn't want anything to happen to Cara. Nessie is going to have to pretend that she doesn't realize what is going on. Afterall, Nessie is with another wolf. So, she already knew all the signs. Nessie took in a deep breath and smiled at Cara when she realized that Cara was back.]

[size12 Nessie gently grabbed her hand and pulled her best friend into the dress shop. [b "We have still a lot of time! We can definitely try on some dresses and you can tell me which one you like best."]] [size12 Nessie start to feel her heart beat hard against her chest again. Nessie had a very good feeling. Like an attraction to Cara. Nessie realized that she wanted nothing more to be with her best friend. Nessie needed to talk to her mom, because her mom would understand. Nessie took in a deep breath, and then smiled when she grabbed a few dresses and went into the dressing room.]

[size12 The first dress that Nessie tried on was a white dress, and it was a bit fluffy at the bottom, otherwise, it was just pure white. Nessie really enjoyed how she looked in this dress. Nessie tucked some hair behind her ear, as her brown eyes glowed into Cara's as she smiles, [b "So what do you think?"]]
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Oh she was completely aware of Nessie's daydreaming and zoning out. It was why a long time ago she had learned to not talk to her as she drove. Though if she was to be honest, the wolf girl did worry and also wonder how she managed not to get into crashes. For the other was ALWAYS spacing out and at the WORST times at that. Only one time had she had to take the wheel and make sure nothing would happen. Never did she tell that to Edward, Bella or even Jacob. She managed to keep it from mind and so no one knew when this aort of thing happened. And to top it off, today of all days Cara was more excited that anything else. She knew exactly what the party would be for her bestie and prayed that she would not be asked. Sometimes she royally sucked with secrets. Especially when it came to things she was completely excited for or looking forward to. And this time it happened to be both so IF Ness had decied to ask her, Carissa would one dead wolf girl as she would "sing like a canary" so to speak.

As they walked towards the nail shop, Cara was more bouncy. ALMOST as bouncy as the Cullen Pixie, Alice. Honestly the wolf girl didn't get out much or get to go into the city rather. Much of the time she was confined to the reservation or following Jacob's lame orders or her mother's rules. So when she got out and got to go shopping with Nessie, she loved it and sometimes could seem the equivalent of a child or puppy. Which was funny considering she was fifteen. But hey, when locked away aside from doing certain things what could one expect?

[b "Hm sounds like something you would do, Ness. I was almost thinking manicure and then pink and black zebra stripes. It has been soooo long since I have had them and I miss it! Or maybe I shouldn't do anything fun because they'll just get ruined because of the big fluffy dog thing."] The girl huffed in a slight pout. She had to remember that as much as she loved getting her nails done, being a wolf and patrolling literally ruined them. So she would do whatever Nessie chose to do. Keep things simple.

And for a moment, crystal blue gaze fell on the other. She had always wondered how Renesmee had become her best friend in the first place. Not that she minded. Hell, Ness was her best friend and like her sister. It just always made her wonder as the girl at her side was always so special and here she was an overgrown puppy. The other could have chosen anyone else and yet had chosen Cara. Did she regret it? Honestly not at all. The other was the best thing to happen to her. She loved her so very much and would do anything with anything she needed her to be. And that thought right there was enough to make her freeze and stiffen. She. Had. Imprinted. On. Her. Bestfriend. And. Her. Alpha's. Imprint. She. Was. So. Fucking. Screwed.

Quickly she shook her head and fell into step once more with Renesmee. [b "You might want to go with something sassy that would go with a club...but as far as outfits that's all I'm telling you. I think it woll be soooo much fun to be trying things on."] Cara chirped as she was trying to hide the sinking feeling she had and to not ruin anything.
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[size12 Nessie realized that she was daydreaming once more. Nessie was thinking about what could possibly be happening for her birthday today. Nessie kind of had an idea that something was happening. She rarely ever got her dad’s credit card, and her best friend was super excited for something. Sometimes, she wasn’t very good at keeping secrets. But Nessie knew not to ask, because what would be the point of even being told?]

[size12 Nessie blinked and realized that they were at the nail shop already. Nessie sometimes didn’t understand how she hasn’t been in an accident yet. She completely spaced off the whole road trip. Nessie was hoping that her best friend wasn’t speaking to her this entire time because the female would feel bad. She didn’t want Cara to think she was ignoring her. Nessie bit on her lip lightly, as she put the car in park, and then they walked into the nail salon together. Nessie told them what she wanted done for the two girls. Nessie had no idea what she was going to get done with her nails. Maybe something exotic or maybe just something pretty simple.]

[size12 Nessie saw how excited Cara was going and just with that, that would be the perfect birthday present. Nessie love seeing her best friend so happy. Especially since they are two completely different people and races. And lots of people wouldn’t condone their friendship. Nessie looked at her, and shrugged lightly. [b “Maybe a mixture of crazy and normal.”]] [size12 Nessie simply just laughed and decided that she would get a french manicure with a flower on both ring fingers. Nessie was going to be doing the exact same thing on her toes. After they were done here, the next step was to go and find an outfit. Nessie hated shopping so much. She only did it because it excites Cara a lot. Nessie would do absolutely anything for her best friend. All she cared about was seeing her happy.]
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Gently the girl tugged on her best friend's hair. [b "You are ALWAYS daydreaming, Ness. I think I'm more surprised when you are in the 'real' world."] The wolf girl teased. She had been able to notice the fall of the other girl's smile almost immediately and almost felt like it was her fault. Cara was more than aware that Renesmee was not a big fan of her birthday. Hell she had even TRIED to talk to the chipper fairy of the family to not make it such a big thing. But as it stood, Alice would not hear the girl out and had made all these plans. The Cullen house now looked and had the feel of a night club about it. Something she was sure her best friend would "love".

[b "Remember not that fast, vampire girl. Last time we had to literally bribe the cops. And not just with money either."] Carissa said as she got into the passanger seat and had her belt on almost immediately. She was expecting the other girl to drive fast even after her words. In a sense she was sure the other girl did think it a game. And in her own way, Cara did too. Though she honestly wasn't interested in anyone as it was. But didn't mean she didn't know how to flirt if or when she needed to.

It wasn't long before the girls were at the mall and Ness was parking the car. It was still a school day and so it was not very crowded. The less crowded the better as the wolf girl didn't like to be around too many people if she could really help it. The pack she had no choice..but she loved Renesmee's company. In fact she had since they had been little girls. [b "So what exactly do you plan to do to your nails? Not something completely wild I hope."] Cara teased the girl as she gave her a small nudge.
  Carissa Clearwater / SheDevil / 2y 20d 12h 27m 27s
[size12 It was that time of year again. The one time that the female tend to despise a lot. She really didn't understand why she hated it so much. Just the idea of someone throwing her a party wasn't her cup of tea. But every year there is some kind of birthday party for her. Nessie just learns to accept it, and pretend that she is having fun. Nessie realized that she kept eyeing the clock. She was ready to get out of school and see what people had planned this time. If they had anything planned. This year was a bit weird. Everyone knew it was Nessie birthday, or she thought they knew. But not one message or call wishing her a happy birthday. Renesmee was hoping that no one knew about how she truly felt about her birthday. She felt like she would break hearts if people actually found out. But then again, she felt like her parents knew. Nessie sighed lightly as the final bell of the day rang. She gathered up her things, and realized that her best friend, Cara, was picking her up today. Maybe things will be better than usual.]

[size12 Renesmee met Cara when she first got associated with Sam and Jacob. At first, she didn't understand very much. All Nessie knew is that she was a shifter. Nessie was never the one to judge anyone. She didn't really like how vampires shouldn't be with werewolves and vise versa. So Nessie was very thankful for the treaty, because Nessie was dating a werewolf. At first, when all of that happened, Bella was not happy at all. Eventually, they all got used to it. But ever since Cara started to show herself more and more, Nessie started to realized that she had a best friend. A best friend, a boyfriend, and a great family. What else could make this so perfect?]

[size12 Renesmee realized that she was thinking about things again, when in reality, she needed to get her butt into gear. She had a best friend to hang out with, and later on, see her boyfriend, Jacob. Hopefully. Nessie swung her bag over her shoulder and hurried outside when she saw Cara leaned against the vehicle, waiting on Nessie. Renesmee smiled, and ran over to her friend. [b "Sorry about the wait. You know me, when I start daydreaming, it takes me forever to go come back to reality."]] [size12 Nessie simply chuckled, and then smiled when she realized that Cara didn't forget about her birthday. In all honesty, she was kind of happy that her best friend didn't forget. Renesmee was listening to Cara talk, and thats when she realized that no one has forgot her birthday. She bit on her lip slightly. She was hoping it would be different this year - but she knew she was wrong on that assumption.]

[size12 Renesmee realized that had to snap out of her daydreaming mode and come back to reality. Nessie felt something in her back pocket. She chuckled, as she grabbed her dad's card and keys, and got into the drivers seat. She remembered when her dad taught her how to drive. She was still pretty young. It was her absolute favorite thing to do, though. She smiled, as she put her seat belt on, and took her and Cara to get there nails done, wondering what else was in store for the vampire.]
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