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[center [font "century gothic" Sighed softly as he stood up he kept his painting facing him until he got up to the front. Once he was at the front of the room he turn it around so everyone could see it. His canvas was filled with Vibrant fall colors. He had painted an autumn forest amongst that forest was a pack of wolves. Anri always had a passion for painting animals but wolves were his speciality.

No had any idea that Anri was a wolf himself. It was a secret that he only told one other person about. They only knew about it by accident. Anri smiled softly when the teacher praised him for using so many colors. It didn't take long for him to lose his smile. He could hear people whispering about him.

People didn't like how he dressed. Anri let out a faint growl. Humans always seem so disgusting how they judged people on their looks. It anger him. He was ready to go back to his seat. He didn't want to be close to anyone. It was bad enough that he was standing next to Dorian. Anri was so happy today was Friday. He was happy that he had the weekend off. He need to get way from all these humans.

Once the teacher got done talking to each of them she sent them back to their seat. She was happy to take their paintings. She would be entering them in her art show that would be coming up in couple of weeks. Anri was actually excited about that. He couldn't wait, he had summit quiet a few of his painting to her. Once she was done speaking to the few people who came up front to show off there work, she sent them back to their seats.

[i "This next assignment I want you guy to work in pairs. You will have two weeks before it is due but I want you both to come up with something together. Weather it be painting, sculpting, sketching or string art... I want you two to work together. "] Anri sighed as he chew his lip. There was no way he was going to work with anyone. [#991cf2 "Damn it..."] he mumble softly. He hated working with others. He found it hard to agree with people on things. There was no in this class that he really like talking too. He really wished he had art with Hika.
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Dorian noticed when Anri walked into the classroom. He never really paid too much attention to the students in his class but he was really confused since he had never noticed Anri. [i How the hell did I not recognize him? He has rainbow hair...there’s no way anyone could miss that.] He thought and pushed back his hair. For some reason Dorian was getting a really odd feeling for the colorful male. It was almost like the two had tension between them. [i Maybe he doesn’t like me. I mean I probably would respect it if I actually gave him a legitimate reason not to like me but I haven’t even had a conversation with the male.] Dorian decided to not think to much into it.

As the teacher began to pick out students to present their work Dorian was hoping to see some cool pieces from his class mates. “Let’s see two about Dorian and Anri. Why don’t you tow come here and join the other three students.” The teacher said. Dorian nods and pulls out a beautiful painting that he had done over the weekend. He takes his work of art and joins the rest of the students in the front of the classroom to share their works.
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[center [font "century gothic" It didn't take long for morning to arrive. Sighing softly as his alarm went off Anri rolled out of bed. He quickly got dressed in his normal dark attire, that consisted of black t-shirt with a cartoon wolf on it. His purple skinny jeans that he often wore and his black Chuck-Taylors. He brushed his rainbow colored hair. Once he was done messing with his hair he put all of his visible piercings. His earring, and his lip rings.

Anri said goodbye to Hika and then headed out the door after he grabbed his hoodie. Anri loved his cold weather they were having. He smiled softly as he walked to work. Ah was a beautiful day it seemed to be. He thought to himself. Once he got to the campus he walked up the stairs to get to his art room. He had been looking forward to this. Anri often sat in the back alone. He looked like a delinquent but he was actually quiet good at what he did. He work really hard in his classes.

Anri sighed softly as his lander eyes came across a somewhat familiar face. Anri looked back down to his beautiful painting of a grey wolf. His mind started to cloud with thoughts. How long had they been in the same class? Anri chew his bottom lip he was going to have to be careful around that male. Since they would most likely be seeing each other often. [#991cf2 "Ugh"] he said faintly. Anri didn't like the idea of being anywhere near Dorian.

It was bad enough that he was going to have to work with him. Now they had the same class. Anri closed his lavender eyes, they then snapped open when he heard the teacher begin speaking. Since it was Friday she often picked a few students to go up to the front of the class and share there art work with everyone. Anri had this gut feeling he was going to have to go up there. He wasn't shy he just hated being the social.
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Dorian didn’t live in the middle of the city. He lived away from the busy areas of the city in a large three bedroom condo. One of the bedrooms he turned into an art studio for his work and the other bedroom he used as a spare bedroom for friends to sleep in. Once he arrived home he parks his car and goes into his home. “Shower.” He mutters since he was getting tired. He just wanted tot ale a nice warm shower and go to bed.

The following morning he was up early making his tea and breakfast. He didn’t eat much in the morning since he was never really hungry but his mother had instilled in him that he should never miss breakfast. With a soft groan he eats his rice and two sunny side up eggs. Of course every now and then he went back to his traditional Asian cuisines but when it came around lunch and dinner time he didn’t mind a big burger or steak. Once he finished eating he got himself ready for the day. He had a couple of classes today, he was excited since his art class, photography class, and ceramic class began today and those three classes were the only ones he cared about really.

After throwing on a pair of dark grey skinnies and a form fitted black v neck he grabs his light leather jacket and back pack before leaving his home. The drive to school was a drag for Dorian since it was a bit longer than he would of liked but he didn’t dwell on the negatives. “Today is going to be a good day.” He mutters. When he gets to his college he parks his car and grass to his first class which was his art class that including painting and drawing. Dorian walks into the class room and takes a seat at one of the bigger tables that only had two chairs with it. He didn’t want a smaller individual table since he liked to have a lot of room when he worked. He looks around the classroom taking in his fellow classmates.
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[center [font "century gothic" Anri really didn't seem to care. That male was just another human. Annoying being always pestering and trying to get in his way. He wasn't going to let that males attitude falter his mood. He was to excited for the up coming full moon. When the male walked away Anri waked into the back room. He came out with a rag and a hot steaming bucket of soapy water. He began cleaning the counter down. Making sure there were no coffee stains left behind.

Once he was done with the counter he moved to wiping down all the other table. Tomorrow they would be mopping the sales floor. Luckily he was off for that but he still have to sweep before he could even think about going home. Once he had finished cleaning all the tables. He started sweeping the floor. Once the last bit of customers had left he clean the table of and swept under them.

After that he started to clean all the coffer makers making sure they were empty. Then refilled with fresh water for tomorrow. It took Anri about an hour and thirty minutes to get this all done but once he was done. He punched out and said goodbye to his manger was working on something. Before stepping out side he put on his jacket. The cold night air felt great. He then headed home. Luckily every was in walking distance.

Once his walk home he called Hikaru. [#991cf2 "Hika I'll be home in about 15 minutes."] he said softly. Hikaru always worried about Anri walking home alone at night. He was cable of taking care of himself or anyone that dare to cross his path the wrong way. Anri lavender eyes glance up at the sky. The moon was shining brightly, It was almost full. Anri heart started to race with excitement.

Anri walked up to the old apartment building. He used his key to get in once the was in side he walked to the stair case and walked up the stairs. One he was at room 408 he unlocked the door. Hikaru was already a sleeping. Of course he fell a sleep in the chair waiting for him to get home. Anri took the throw blanket off the sofa and place over Hika. Anri walked to the bathroom and showered. Once he was done he went straight to bed. Tomorrow he had to be up early to got to class. He was also studying art. Anri loved painting. Painting was one of his favorite things to do to pass his time. Luckily he really adore his art teacher. She was a very sweet woman. Always encouraging him, and giving him advice.
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When Dorian received his drink he noticed how the male kept smiling at him. It was almost like he was too nice. [i I guess he’s forced to be friendly.] He thought and takes his drink. He was a bit annoyed that the male didn’t even bother to try and talk with him since Hey would be coworkers, it was clear it didn’t matter to the male. Dorian didn’t look at the male’s name tag because he actually wanted to talk with him. The awkward moment between the two was left behind as Dorian returned to his group of friends.

“Did you get what you wanted?” One of his friends asked him and Dorian nods his head. He takes a seat and just talks with his friends for half an hour. His drink was gone by the time they had finished talking. “We should head out. It’s getting late.” Dorian said as he stood up with a yawn. “Besides I’m tired and I have class tomorrow.” Dorian was serious about his schooling. He knew when to party and when not to. He wanted his art to be seen throughout the world so he needed to get better and better at it.

Dorian walks over to his car and starts his drive back to his condo. He loved alone even though he didn’t like to be alone. His parents lived in another state, he came out here not to long ago just for school so he didn’t have any family in this city. He did have friends though, none that he would actually want to live with though. Dorian turned onto the pitch black one way road that was surrounded by trees. He had to turn on his high beams so he could see properly. “Damn there’s fog.” He mutters and focuses on the road.
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[center [font "century gothic" Anri eyes moved to the door when he seen a group of people scurry inside from the cold. It was getting quiet chilly. He was happy that he remember to bring his jacket with him to work. Anri fake a smile when the male approached the counter. [#991cf2 "What can I get for you"] he said sweetly.

He just nodded when the male said what he wanted. He quickly go to work on the male's drink. It didn't take him long to get it ready. He even remember to put the whip cream on top and a little extra caramel drizzle to make it look even more satisfying. He smiled softly as he closed the lid.[#991cf2 "Is that so..."] he said the handed the male the cup.

[#991cf2 "Well I'm off for the next couple days so I might forget but it was nice meeting you."] he said with another smile. Anri didn't bother to introduce himself. His name was visible on his name tag. It wasn't like he was going to be here for the next couple of days. He most likely forget, the males name. He smiled softly as his mind drift else where. He was getting excited the moon would be full soon.
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As night wind blew Dorian and a few of his friends rushed inside to a small coffee shop. The fall air was getting colder and colder as time went on and Dorian wasn’t a fan of the cold. The dark haired male zipped up his leather jacket once inside of the coffee shop. His friends were laughing with each other while he was just trying to warm up. Dorian Hiromei was a twenty two year old college student who often found himself in nature some where taking pictures or sketching so he could go home later to paint out the pictures or make a ceramic piece out of it. He was into the arts but also a bit of a party boy. He was young and in his early twenties, why wouldn’t he be about the parties. The half Japanese and half Caucasian male looked more Asian than anything else besides his bright gray blue eyes.

As he looked for the front counter of the small coffee shop he pushes back his dark hair. He noticed a male with colorful hair and the uniform of the coffee shop. “Perfect. I’m getting a drink guys.” He said to his friends and approached the counter. “Hey can I have a caramel macchiato with whipped cream please?” He knew the hot drink would kee him warm. Once he pulled out his card he looked the male directly in the eyes. [i Beautiful eyes.] He thought. “I’m Dorian. I’m going to be working here starting tomorrow.” He said simply. He just wanted to introduce himself so he didn’t have to tomorrow.
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[center [font "century gothic" Anri Murakami seemed just like an ordinary college student. He worked hard in his classes. He went out drinking with his closest friends. Had a part time job. He even lived on his own, in his own apartment. People often noticed him for his brightly colored hair and his beautiful lavender eyes. Anri never bothered to get close to anyone. People often tried to ask him out on dates. He would always heartlessly decline.

Anri didn't seem to care if he broke people hearts surely they rather have a broken heart than a broken neck. It wasn't hard for him to lose his temper. When he did get angry, the wolf inside would come out. It was never seemed to be satisfy until it tasted blood. There was only one person that knew about his dark secret. That was Hikaru, Hikaru had been his friend since freshman year of high school. The two were pretty close. Anri never been able to forgive himself for hurting Hikaru.

Anri sighed softly as he stood at the counter. Waiting for someone to come in and order something. Anri loved making people coffee it really seem to put his mind at ease. What he didn't like was he never got work the counter alone. Which was nice at times but on slow nights like tonight it really sucked. He rather just be working a lone. There was a lot on his mind. Especial since the full moon was coming. He could shift into a wolf without the moon being full. Full moon nights seem to be the worse, the call of the wild just seem to get to him. He couldn't resist it.

The thrill of chasing down another animals, or even a human just excited him. [#991cf2 "Could this night go any slower..."] he mumble to himself hoping that no was listen. Even if they were he didn't really care. He was a hard worker. His boss was very relaxed and gave him chances to redeem himself.
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