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A lone girl who’s family was killed by a group of the queen’s soldiers is found by an airship pirate captain in a local tavern, after a bottle of rum, the captain takes her under his wing and helps her become one of the most feared crew members he has aboard his ship


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As soon as she finished up her work on cleaning the guns, she found a broken bolt action. “Odd...” she told herself, and took it with her to the engine room, where she had set up her quarters in. Evangeline set the broken rifle on a workbench and started to get to work, making a custom integrated magazine and a special clip to put inside of it. “Let’s see here...” she told herself, bending the barrel back in a straight line, knowing she could get the rifle to work when she wanted it to. After an hour, she finally got the rifle fixed and upgraded to her liking, a 14 round integrated magazine installed as well as a custom clip of rounds to push in when it was empty. Soon she walked out onto the deck, looking around at the skies around her, wondering how long until the ship was going to have to dock before she had to leave. [i Let’s hope something changes the captain’s mind...] she thought, sighing a bit.
  Evangeline Rose / DoomGuy123 / 358d 23h 4m 46s
Gabe watched her walk away, feeling slightly bad that he had sent her to the crew. He had told her not to get into fights and yet he had sent her to the lions den. His second came up beside him.
“Did you get the thing we need?” He asked, looking towards the captains pocket. Gabe nodded and without a word headed below deck to the room that contained a single table and blueprints. Their war room.

Gabe pressed his finger to the blueprints and frowned.
“We strike here. If we fly above I can drop down and disable this part. They won’t be able to attack us with it gone.” He said, looking at the prints of the queens new airship.
“They run the land with their mindless soldiers, the heavens belong to us.”
  Gabe Ainsworth / Burningsxn / 359d 7h 19m 19s
She nodded, and looked at the crew, who were not very keen on her being on the ship, but a small few did not mind. “Yes sir.” She stated, and she walked to one of the crew members, who had told her where to find the armory, where all their weapons were stored for the time being. “Alright, thank you.” She said, and she quickly went below deckto find the armory so she could get the weapons cleaned and ready
  Evangeline Rose / DoomGuy123 / 360d 15h 52s
Gabe's eyes slid to her hand. He almost asked her, had she lost it or chosen to modify her body herself. It wasn't unusual for pirates to modify their bodies. He had a rule however, he did not ask questions about personal lives and so he just looked back to her face.
[b "It's a big ship, there are always jobs to do." ]

He paused a moment and looked around the deck. The engine was fixed but there were a few things that needed looking at. Weapons that needed cleaning and such, however, she was an engineer.
[b "Your job is the engine. If it is working then you maybe ask to assist the crew." ]
  Gabe Ainsworth / Burningsxn / 360d 15h 40m 47s
“I’m fine, thank you captain.” She said respectfully, and she explained that she had set up in the engine room. “Is there anything that needs repairs or needs replaced around the ship?” Evangeline asked, hoping that there was, since she was fond of fixing things, since it kept her busy and working. As she waited for an answer, she took off her right glove and made sure her right hand was working correctly, then she placed the glove back over her hand
  Evangeline Rose / DoomGuy123 / 361d 12h 45m 32s
His crew started to whisper amongst themselves when she came on deck. He should have warned them really. It was his ship, however. He could do what he wanted and he didn't pay these men to argue with him over the company he kept. Looking the girl over he dropped his hands from the wheel, letting his second take over.

[b "I trust you had no trouble when we took off? Some land folk tend to get a little sick." ] His voice was serious but the corner of his mouth turned up in a mocking smile. It was just like him to make fun of people who kept their feet on solid ground.
  Gabe Ainsworth / Burningsxn / 361d 13h 48m 20s
Evangeline smiled when she felt the ship rise into the air, and she let a smile on her face as she knew that the Queen’s men couldn’t do anything to her in the sky, or at least not that she knew of. Soon she put on her right hand glove to hide her mechanical hand, and she headed out to the deck, getting strange looks from the crew, but otherwise wasn’t minded all that much. “I’m here captain.” She stated in a respectful manner
  Evangeline Rose / DoomGuy123 / 361d 14h 31m 2s
Gabe looked over the control panel and breathed out a sigh of relief when everything looked normal. He didn't want to regret bringing this girl aboard his ship and providing she didn't cause trouble and kept his ship alive and well, he wouldn't.

[b "I'll prepare the crew to set off, someone will be down to start the engines shortly. Once we're in the air you are welcome to join us on deck." ] He said and turned to leave.

Once on deck, stood at the helm he bellowed out his commands to his crew, each one working in sync with each other. In moments the ship took off and they were in the air, high and steady. Gabe tilted his face to the wind and breathed in. His place was in the sky and being on land for too long made him nervous.
  Gabe Ainsworth / Burningsxn / 361d 14h 35m 1s
Evangeline nodded, and followed the captain back to the engine room once more, and soon she had gotten a hammock set up near the engine, And she began to run any last minute checks on the engine and the other things that made the ship run. [i I hope that the ship can actually fly...] she said, remembering that her head was on the line for the repair work she had done just yesterday. “Everything is running smoothly, no problems with the engine or with anything else in it.” She said
  Evangeline Rose / DoomGuy123 / 361d 16h 11m 6s
It did make him feel more comfortable. He wasn't sure that having her around the crew when she was vulnerable was a good idea.
[b "As you are not a member of my crew, it would make sense for you to stay in the engine room." ] He said, his words coming out harsher than he intended.

The Captain turned towards the door and opened it, checking the pathways for any of the Queen's men, the last thing he needed was to get in a fight with them, especially as the girl seemed to have made an enemy of Her Royal Highness. Once he was sure the coast was clear he motioned for the girl to follow him.
[b "We'll be flying in less than an hour, you can get settled and do any last checks on my ship before we take off." ]
  Gabe Ainsworth / Burningsxn / 361d 21h 15s
“I’m ready captain, as for my things, I don’t have much.” She said, and she grabbed her things, including her great great grandfather’s sword. “If it makes you more comfortable, I could stay in the engine room in case something happens to go wrong.” She told the captain, hoping he would be alright with that option, as she wouldn’t be comfortable with sleeping in the same quarters as the crew just yet.
  Evangeline Rose / DoomGuy123 / 361d 21h 17m 40s
Gabe looked the girl over for a split second, wondering if he was a fool for bringing her with him. His ship needed an engineer and until he could dock again to hire one, she would have to do.
[b "Pirate or not, I keep my word, Lass." ]

He looked at her stuff and was surprised she wasn't bringing more with her. Not wanting to pry into her life, he tried to keep distant from most of his crews past lives, he took a step towards her.
[b "Are you ready to leave now? We won't be back for a month, maybe longer." ]
  Gabe Ainsworth / Burningsxn / 361d 21h 26m 3s
The girl was tinkering with her hand, which was a replacement for when she lost it in the attack the queen’s men caused to her family. When she looked up, she saw Captain Ainsworth approaching the table. “Good morning captain.” She said politely, finishing up her hand, and put her glove back on, knowing she was going to have a rough few first days because of the crew not liking new people. “I believe you’re here to take me with you?” She asked, hoping that was correct
  Evangeline Rose / DoomGuy123 / 361d 21h 46m 0s
Gabe woke up just before dawn. It wasn't the best sleep but it would do, once they were in the air he would be able to relax. Picking up his knife, spyglass and a little more protection than he would normally use on land, his cutlass, modified with a four-shot trigger gun.

Once back on land he went to a local merchant, from the outside it looked nothing more than a trinket shop but inside the owner discreetly handed Gabe a parcel, the Captain turning over a few coins and he left. It wasn't normally the kind of deal he would make, but if they were to pull off their next attack, it would be necessary.

Gabe met his men at the market stalls and quickly stocked up a few things before sending them back to the ship.
[b "There's one more thing I need to pick up." ] He said to them, not explaining about their new engineer and headed inside the pub.
  Gabe Ainsworth / Burningsxn / 361d 21h 53m 48s
The girl had stayed up all night, working on a revolver for protection if something were to happen, the chamber able to hold at least ten rounds. “There...” she said, pushing the barrel downwards to reload the chamber, then she stuck it in her boot, soon she fell asleep, waking up at around 9:00 in the morning, and she began to quickly get her things ready to go aboard the ship. But not before she grabbed her great-great grandfather’s old cutlass, which looked like something only a pirate would use. “Now I have to wait for about three more hours...” she said, only having a satchel, and a few other small items. While she waited at the table, she took off her right hand glove and revealed her mechanical hand, and began to tinker with it to make it stronger and more durable than it was before. It took her one hour to do so due to the small parts incorporated into it.
  Evangeline Rose / DoomGuy123 / 362d 9h 15m 9s

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