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[size15 [google-font][Handlee [center Kaoru is sweet young man in his mid-twenty. He has been in love many times. He dated quiet a few girls but it just didn't seem to work out. Something didn't feel right. Kaoru parents were very strict and religious when he was growing up. They told him a man could only love a woman. It was a sin to love another man. At the time Kaoru agreed with them. As he go older his views changed. He started to find men more attractive than women. What would he do if he started fall in love with another man? He didn't know what to do about these feelings. It wasn't like he could talk to his parents about this. Surely they would disown him?

[center ---------------------------------------]

That's the rough idea that I have. We can always add on twists.

I need someone who's willing to play a strong male.

I also want someone who can write a 1000+ characters

Anime or illustrated picture only.

Any Naughty scenes will be time skip!

I don't mind violence or cursing,


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[quicksand Axel was glad to hear that his advice wasn't unwanted. He didn't usually give advice to people he had just met, but it was good to know that Kaoru hadn't taken offense. A cheerful smile lit up his face when the other male called him handsome. He knew that he was attractive but it was always nice to hear it from someone else. [+green "Well, keep calling me handsome and you can vent to me anytime. I accept compliments as a payment for my services."] His tone was playful as was the wink he directed towards Kaoru.

The blonde was sure that Kaoru was going to turn down his offer. He could hardly blame him considering that he was a stranger and apparently had never been to a drag show. It wasn't everyone's cup of tea, though Axel preached that everyone should experience one drag show in their lifetime.

Axel clapped his hands giddily when Kaoru accepted his invitation. [+green "Ooh your first drag show~ How exciting! We'll have so much fun."] He slid a tip to the bartender and twirled out of his seat. He stretched his long limbs into a sassy pose. His dramatic actions stemmed mostly from excitement but the alcohol was definitely causing an effect now. Party mode Axel was almost upon the world. [+green "I'll get us an uber and then we'll be on our way!"]
[center ~~~~~~]

The ride to the club was no longer than ten minutes, but Axel still tipped the uber driver well. When he climbed out of the car the vibrant neon light above them made his hair look every color other than blonde. The sidewalk outside of Bootsie's was bustling with people that all looked slightly drunk. Some drag queens that were in the show stood around in their high heels and big wigs. Their makeup almost glowing underneath the neon lights.

A group of three saw Axel and immediately waved him over. Axel smiled and waved back. He led Kaoru over to the group and introduced him.[+green "Everyone this is Kaoru. Kaoru, these are my friends Glenn, Rico, and Mari."] Both men had glitter beards. One was wearing booty shorts with a bright tank top (Rico) while the other wore a nicely tailored suit (Glenn), as if he had just come from work. The girl, Mari, had bright pink hair and wore a tight black dress with fishnet stockings. All three of them greeted him excitedly, Rico loudly expressing his love of Kaoru's hair color.

Eventually the group shuffled inside and found a table close to the stage. A pop song boomed through the club and people danced wherever they were. It was noisy, but not to the point where you couldn't hear the person next to you. Glenn excused himself to by them all drinks. [+green "So, this is Kaoru's first drag show. We just met at the bar but I thought he could use some cheering up and I think being in the presence of queens is just the thing."] Rico gasped dramatically, [b "First drag show? Oh my goodness Axel, look at you spreading the 'gay agenda'."]

Glenn returned from the bar with five bright green shots. Axel downed his immediately and slid the glass towards his friend, insisting that he would buy the next round. A drag queen wearing a sequined dress and brown curly wig stopped at their table and Axel's three friends jumped into an excited conversation.

[+green "That's our friend, Owen. His stage name is Princess Gumballs though."] Axel explained, turning his attention to Kaoru. [+green "I hope my friends aren't too overwhelming. They're always like this."] He chuckled and rested his head in his hand.
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[size15 [center [google-font][Kurale Kaoru listen to Axel's views on love. Perhaps he was being a little bit bitter saying love was a lie. Kaoru nodded it was true he really need to start living his life. He was scared to take that step. [#ff310a "That is true your advice hasn't fallen on deaf ears. Just having someone to talk to is really all I need... I just need to vent sometimes..."] he said with a sigh.

He closed his golden colored eyes. He rubbed the back of his neck when he heard the male talk about going to a drag show. He had never been to one and he was bit nervous. What if he parents found out? They would probably beat, or yell at him. [#ff310a "Oh you really don't have to worry about me handsome"] he said with a small smile.

[#ff310a "I've never been to place such a place before...It really sound fun but... I..."] he looked off to the side. He was be to timid. [#ff310a "You know what I think I would love to go! If you don't mind a stranger coming with you..."] he said with a soft sigh. He just met this guy but it felt like they had been friends for years. Maybe it was just the alcohol making it so easy to say things. Kaoru pay for his drink after leaving a nice tip. He then jumped out of his seat and smiled. [#ff310a "Lead the way!"] he said with a soft smile. He was still a little nervous going with Axel but why not it sounded like it would be fun.
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[google-font][quicksand Axel definitely agreed that true love never seemed to last. In his opinion true love didn't even exist. They were all just bumbling humans obsessed with the idea that someone out there was their perfect match. [+green "I wouldn't call true love a lie. It's more of a...fantasy? Something we've come to strive for because of literature and films. Not to sound cynical, but that's just the conclusion I've come to."] Listening to Kaoru talk more made Axel feel bad for him. His parents were never overbearing. They always made it clear that they just wanted him to be happy and they never took an opinion on his love life or job choice. Even so, he realize that not everyone had parents like his.

[+green "Hey, I know they're your parents and have helped you but you've got to live your own life. They won't be the ones waking up next to your partner."] He ordered another mai tai and twirled the straw around absentmindedly. Why was he giving life advice to this stranger? He wasn't qualified in the slightest. [+green "I'm no therapist. I don't know why I'm giving advice. Its probably the booze but...I have a few friends that have parents who don't agree with their lifestyle. It seems difficult to deal with."] Axel downed the mai tai and pushed the empty glass away. Drink number four and now he was starting to feel good. He was ready to tear up the town.

The blonde's ears perked up at the word 'drag'. [+green "Nothing to apologize for. I really don't mind. Speaking of drag though, would you like to accompany me to a drag show? One of my friends is a drag queen so all of my friends are heading to Bootsie to cheer him on. I feel responsible for lifting your spirits! A cutie like you shouldn't be moping in some bar. The night is young! "] Axel barely knew the male but he wouldn't feel good leaving him all alone.
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[size15 [center [google-font][Kurale Karou blushed softly and nodded. [#ff310a "Yeah probably... I've lost count of all the shots I have had"] he said with a soft chuckle. He continue to sip at his drink. [#ff310a "Kind of embarrassing huh?] he mumbled.

[#ff310a "Yeah... I suppose that is true love never seems to last...It's all just a lie?"] he said as he tried to hold in his bitterness. He smiled softly as he heard the male apologize. It wasn't like he cared on how the male handled his relationships. This wasn't his first break up. He should of been able handled it but it just stung. He felt lost. [#ff310a "I suppose that is true but i've never bother to try a date app....My parents always find someone they think would be a perfect match... It's not like a have much choice to decline since they have help me so much...."] he said with a sigh.

[#ff310a "I'm sure my mother probably call me ten times already wanting to know what went wrong."] he said with a sigh. When the male came in close he couldn't help but to blush a little. He listen to the male whisper into his ear about how it didn't matter. He was right that was easier said than done. [#ff310a "You are so correct ! Sadly I feel like walk on shaky grounds with my parents and any minute I'll fall...."] he said with a sigh. He ran a hand thought this red color hair. He really need to change the subject. He was sounding so depressing.

[#ff310a "Please forgive I don't mean to be such a drag..."] he said as he looked down at his drink. Perhaps it was time he left to go home. Home to where his phone was probably blown up with multiple missed texts and messages. He seen the male glance at his phone. Maybe he was planning on leaving too.
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[google-font][quicksand The bartender slid Axel's third drink in front of him. He wasn't drunk in the slightest, perhaps mildly tipsy, but he could definitely drink more. He squinted his blue eyes at Kaoru and shook his head. [+green "No need to pay me back. It's on me. I'd buy another one, but you kind of seem like a lightweight."] Axel said the last statement in a joking way though the other male did seem way more drunk than him. His statement was confirmed when Kaoru mentioned that is was his first time out at a bar. Yup, definitely had to be a lightweight.

Axel swirled the straw around in his drink. He was trying to think of how to respond about Kaoru breaking up with his girlfriend. Relationship advice was not his strong suit. He couldn't even remember the last time he had been in a relationship that lasted longer than a couple months. Probably in college, though that felt so far in the past and surreal.

[+green "Six months is a pretty long time in this day and age. Dating apps have seeped into our lives making it convenient to find a quick fling. I'm guilty of it and so many others are as well. So kudos to your for surviving six months!"] Realizing that what he said probably didn't come out the right way, Axel bit one of his knuckles. [+green "Shit. Sorry that probably sounded terrible. I am the worst person to talk to about relationships."]

Usually Axel wouldn't feel the need to apologize, but he felt bad for Kaoru. It was his first time in a bar and he got stuck chatting it up with him. Axel wasn't exactly known for being empathetic. He was known for not caring and "living his best life", as his friends often said.

Axel leaned in closer to the red and white haired boy wearing a mischievous smile. [+green "Can I let you in on a secret?"] He downed the rest of his mai tai before speaking again. [+green "Don't worry about what other people think. I know its easier said than done, but at the end of the day your own happiness is what matters most. To hell with everyone who tries to impose their will upon you."]

Axel ordered a shot of tequila that he downed with a quickness before checking his phone. There were many responses in the group chat confirming that everyone was meeting at Bootsie, a local gay club, to watch a drag show and get drunk. It sounded like a plan to Axel. [i Maybe I should invite him? It seems cruel to leave him alone at a bar wallowing in his breakup.]
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[size15 [center [google-font][Kurale Kaoru was happy that the male was friendly enough to ask it was kind of nice to have someone to talk to about things even if they were a complete stranger. [#ff310a "I broke up with my girlfriend that I had for six months. "] he said with a faint sigh.

He was happy to have a change of subject. [#ff310a "Well that sounds lovely."] he said with a smile. When the male said he was going to buy him a drink he blushed. [#ff310a "You don't have to do such a thing for me..."] he said softly. It was to late for Kaoru to say much more. He reach into his pocket and pulled out his wallet. [#ff310a "Please let me at least pay you back for this!"] he said as he held his wallet tightly in his left hand. He seen the refreshing drink slide in front of him. It look so good his mouth began to water.

He smiled as he cheered with Axel. [#ff310a "Thank you so much!"] he said. Just as it looked the orange and yellow drink was very tasty and refreshing. Kaoru love sweet things, this just hit the spot. Kaoru smiled softly as he slurped and sipped from his straw. [#ff310a "That is a nice thing... Believe or not this is my first time out to a bar...I never just been to a bar so this is nice"] he said with a sweet smile. Kaoru golden colored eyes looked around the room but it didn't take long for them to land back on Aexl.

He smiled sweetly as he sipped at his drink. [#ff310a "It's nice coming to a place where you can just relax and not have to worry about what other people think"] he said as he glance back down at his drink. Between his girlfriend and his parents it was hard to be at ease. There was always something that he did that bothered them.
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Axel leaned his elbow onto the bar and sipped at his drink while he listened to the male who introduced himself as Kaoru. He could tell that he was a little more than buzzed. Not that Axel was one to judge. Especially after hearing that it had been a long day. He definitely handled his long days with one too many drinks as well. [+green "A long day...hmm what's got ya down? Work? Parents? Girlfriend? Boyfriend?"] Axel twirled a blonde curl around his finger and chuckled. [+green "Well, as my father would say 'A shot of whiskey can heal the soul'. So sure, drinking might help."]

Axel set his straw aside and tipped the rest of the bloody mary into his mouth. He slid the glass towards the bartender and went to work on the multiple olives stuck to his straw. Nibbling at each one with a satisfied smile.

His attention turned back to the male upon hearing the question of which drink was best. That was a hard one. There were so many things to recommend. The blonde rubbed his chin, deep in thought. When the answer came to him his blue eyes lit up and he smiled at Kaoru. [+green "The best drink here has to be the Mai Tai. The bartender, Jo, uses [i thee] best spiced rum and coconut rum. The combination is perfection. I'll buy you one."] Axel winked at the other and then slid his money across the bar.

It wasn't long before a beautiful orange and yellow drink was sitting in front of them both. A pineapple rested on the rim of the glass and a cherry floated in the middle. [+green "Cheers!"] Axel held out his glass to toast with Kaoru before taking a sip from the straw. The sweetness was so pleasant that Axel fluttered his eye lashes and pretended to faint.

[+green "This bar is pretty nice. Everyone is friendly and there are never drunk fraternity boys yelling at each other so that's a plus. I usually hang out at loud gay bars so it's nice to come here and just relax."] He finished the rest of his drink quickly and motioned to the bartender to bring him another.
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[size15 [center [google-font][Kurale Kaoru was starting to get a little light headed. He didn't notice that the blonde hair male had moved closer to him. He took the shot of cinnamon whisky. It tasted great but it burned a little. He sat the small glass down on the bar. He was starting to get a stomach ache. He was almost at his limit.

Kaoru heart skipped a beat when the blonde sitting next to him started speaking to him. [#ff310a "Um...Hi. I'm Kaoru...] he said with a soft smile. [#ff310a This is my first time coming here... I've had a really long day..."] he said nervously. [#ff310a "I was hoping a drink would help...."] he said with a chuckle. Kaoru glance at the male he had such beautiful blue eyes. His hair was a beautiful color too. Kaoru felt out of place, with his red colored hair. He try to streak it with blonde but it end up turning white. He didn't mind any more, sometimes he even got compliment on his hair.

Kaoru smiled softly as he he thought of what to say next. It wasn't like he was best friends with this guy. He knew nothing about him. Sometimes it was nice to meet new people to mingle with. Kaoru was surprised someone actually talked to him. This bar seemed to have a happy-cheery friendly atmosphere. [#ff310a "This bar seems nice"] he said with a faint smile.

Kaoru eyes went back to his empty shot glass. He thought a bout getting another shot. [#ff310a "So what is the best drink here"] he said as he looked over at Axel with a warm smile. He hope he didn't seem to much like a lush but told himself he wasn't leaving this bar until he forgot all about this day. Surely he would regret all of this tomorrow but what the hell. He had the couple more days off before he went back to work.
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There was nothing Axel loved better than a drink after a long day of work. That wasn't to say that his job was hard, creating comics was the job of his dreams, but sometimes the deadlines were a drag. He was the last out of the studio today. His perfectionist tendencies wouldn't let him leave his work unfinished. Axel shot off a quick text in his friend group chat asking if there were any exciting plans for the night before heading off to the closest bar.

Axel approached the bar relieved to see that he recognized the bartender. A new one had started recently and they didn't know his drink order yet. "I'll be having my usual," he said shooting the bartender a charming smile. The bartender nodded at the request and minutes later a bloody mary appeared in front of him. Axel slid a bill over the counter and settled onto a stool, happy to have alcohol in front of him.

As the blonde sipped at his drink he lazily stared at his phone, swiping right and sometimes swiping left. Dating apps weren't really his thing but surprisingly he had made some good friends because of them...well after sleeping with the guy first.

Axel sighed and set his phone down on the counter. He surveyed the rest of the bar patrons. Some faces were familiar and he gave a friendly wave at a few. That was when his eye caught a male at the opposite end of the bar. The hair was really what caught Axel's attention.

Never one to shy away from a conversation with a stranger Axel moved his drink and his body over to the unknown male. [+green "Howdy. I haven't seen you here before. I don't come here [i a lot] but it's close to my job so I come here a bit. I'm Axel. And you?"]
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[size15 [center [google-font][Kurale
Kaoru had just been dumped by his current girlfriend. This was the sixth time already. He was ready to just give up on dating. He sighed softly as he ran a hand through his red and white colored hair. The red head decide what better way to feel better than to drink. Walking into the nears bar he could find. He sat down at the counter and started drinking. Shot after shot.

The pain was still there. It was hard to forget about someone, that you been with for over six months. Deep down he was slightly relieved to be out of his girlfriends clutches. When he was with her he felt empty. Something just wasn't right.

Growing up with strict and religious parents to made things difficult to experience things. Kaoru had always wonder what it would be like to date a man. In the back his mind he could hear his parents cold remarks. He sighed softly as he looked at the bar tender.

[#ff310a "Hit me again"] he said with a soft smile. Kaoru was new to drinking but considering that he had already drank five shots of whisky. It was starting to get so his head. As least he had forgotten about her for the moment. His mind was elsewhere.
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