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Pinkamena looked at her, and carefully sat down ok a table, that way her companion could take a look at her leg, which was just sprained .after she was done wrapping her leg, she slowly stood up again. “Thanks... she said, and when Pinkamena looked at the table she was sitting on, she found a key and a couple knives
  Pinkamena Diane Pie / DoomGuy123 / 2d 15h 15m 40s
[center Aria stared at her leg and bit the inside of her cheek. [b "Why don't you let me take a look at that real quick. If it's sprained or something, I may be able to wrap it up."] She hoped she wasn't hurt too bad. It was already difficult enough getting around without knowing where they were going. It could possibly make it harder on her new friend to get around or run if she was injured too badly.]
  Aria / Burning_Heart / 2d 19h 50m 7s
Pinkamena slowly got up, pain wracking her entire body, and her leg hurt the most, making her have to limp while she walked. “I...I’m going alright...I guess...” she rasped, slowly taking the lamp and lighting it so they had some form of light.
  Pinkamena Diane Pie / DoomGuy123 / 6d 4h 25m 42s
[center Aria cried out in surprise and covered her face, screaming the whole way down. She didn't know what to expect when they got to the bottom, but she wasn't sure she wanted to find out.]

[center After landing, she finally opened her eyes, screaming again at the sight of the fabric beneath her. She quickly scrambled off of it, looking at Pinkamena.]
  Aria / Burning_Heart / 6d 4h 30m 5s
“I don’t know, but I don’t want to be caught by it!” She shouted, and they ended up slipping down a slope and fell through a chute into a large basement room, Pinkamena landing in an empty coal bin, and Aria landing on a pile of bloodstained fabric. “Son of...a bitch...that hurt a lot...” Pinkamena said, her back hurting from the landing
  Pinkamena Diane Pie / DoomGuy123 / 11d 6h 37m 13s
[center Aria nearly froze in fear at the sound, slowly glancing behind them. Her eyes widening, she cried out, allowing the girl to pull her along. [b "What is that thing?!"] And how were they going to escape it? They didn't know where they were going! Or at least she didn't.]
  Aria / Burning_Heart / 11d 6h 39m 14s
“It’s nice to meet you...” she said, holding the lantern out so they could see, but the first thing they heard was a disgusting sounding growl, and when she turned around, she froze in fear, swing a disfigured monster coming right for them. “Run!” She shouted, grabbing the girl’s arm and took off running, the lantern creaking in her hand.
  Pinkamena Diane Pie / DoomGuy123 / 11d 16h 6m 12s
[center Aria frowned at her words. That was a strange thing to leave behind. Perhaps it was a warning for other's that were around? She could only guess.]

[center Looking at the girl, she gave her a small smile. [b "My name is Aria."] she said softly.]
  Aria / Burning_Heart / 13d 2h 52m 53s
“I think they talk about the past...about something someone had I don’t know who wrote them...” she said, the lantern illuminating a small area around them. “What’s your name?” She asked, hoping to get to know her companion for the time they’ll have to spend together to escape.
  Pinkamena Diane Pie / DoomGuy123 / 14d 6h 44m 24s
[center Aria looked away, hesitant. She didn't know who this girl was, and she definitely wasn't sure if she should follow her. But she didn't know what other choice she had. Sighing, she stood and nodded. [b "I'll keep an eye out. Do you think they're useful?"]]
  Aria / Burning_Heart / 14d 7h 49m 56s
“My name’s Pinkamena...sorry if I scared you, but I don’t like being alone or in the dark...and this is exactly what I’m in, but at least we can try to Donald a way out together...right?” She asked, hoping that could be the case for them both. “I also seem to find these strange journal or diary entries in random places...if you see one, pleas tell me.”
  Pinkamena Diane Pie / DoomGuy123 / 19d 3h 48m 47s
[center Aria was hesitant to take her hand but did so anyway. She had no idea where she was or how she had ended up there, but she was already freaked out enough and didn't want to wander around on her own. [b "I'll...I'll be fine. I apologize for freaking out. You startled me..."] She'd done more than startle her. She'd scared her almost to death. But Aria wasn't going to put it that way.]
  Aria / Burning_Heart / 19d 3h 53m 13s
“I don’t know...and I don’t really want to know...but we need to get out of here...” she said, holding the lantern close to her, and offered a hand to help the female up from the floor. “Are you going to be okay?” She asked sweetly, but also very nervous at the same time
  Pinkamena Diane Pie / DoomGuy123 / 19d 4h 2m 15s
[center Aria groaned, slowly opening her eyes. She cried out in surprise and quickly stood, stumbling away from the girl. Breathing heavily, she looked around, immediately placing a hand on her head. For some reason, it was throbbing.]

[center [b "Where am I?"] she managed to get out, her voice cracking from her throat being dry.]
  Aria / Burning_Heart / 19d 4h 3m 33s
Pinkamena has woken up in the middle of the night, the candle on her desk almost out, and an old lantern on the desk by her arm, and a note on the desk under her arms. “What the...?” She said, and picked it up, reading to herself [i It’s been watching me...always making sure I’m here, as if it doesn’t want me to leave...but I have to, or I’ll die in this god forsaken hellhole...I want to start a new life, but I can’t rid myself of what I used to do in my past...] she read in her mind. Once she put the note down, she ventured out into the hallway and looked around, trying every door she came across, until one finally opened, which was a storage room. “H-hello...?” She whimpered, and found a young woman slumped against the wall. Quickly hurrying to her side, she gently gripped her shoulder and shook her, trying to wake her up
  Pinkamena Diane Pie / DoomGuy123 / 19d 4h 9m 29s

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