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She finished eating as well.and started to wash the dishes
After about 5 minutes, Samuel had finished eating and set his place on the counter by the sink
  Samuel Hiragana / DoomGuy123 / 18d 3h 48m 17s
She soon finished her food as she drank the juice from the ramen
He smiled and ate his curry, being very hungry since he hadn’t eaten for most of the day
  Samuel Hiragana / DoomGuy123 / 18d 4h 13m 20s
She nodded as she ate her Pot Noodle instant ramen, it bring sticky rib flavor
He smiled a bit and looked at her . “You need to show me how to make curry.” He said
  Samuel Hiragana / DoomGuy123 / 18d 4h 22m 48s
She finally called down and ate some instant rahmen
He nodded again, and sat down with a plate of curry
  Samuel Hiragana / DoomGuy123 / 18d 4h 32m 59s
She downed half the water Bottle and thanked him quietly
Sam nodded in response and tossed her a water bottle, hoping it would help
  Samuel Hiragana / DoomGuy123 / 18d 4h 39m 6s
She waved out of breath and smiled slightly as she coughed
“Hey.” Sam said, walking into her home, and Blue was following right behind
  Samuel Hiragana / DoomGuy123 / 18d 14h 49m 48s
She was in her hammock coated in sweat and was breathing heavily
Sam finished the book and soon he was heading to Amy’s home
  Samuel Hiragana / DoomGuy123 / 18d 14h 53m 43s
She climbed one of the trees and flipped out of it and started to run again

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