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She was sleeping then looked around as she coughed some
Eventually the boy woke up, and the medic had to remove the tube from his throat
  Samuel Hiragana / DoomGuy123 / 207d 1h 6m 58s
She had scars from all the attacks from the demons and ghosts that have been terrorizing her
After a few days, smauel began to shift a bit, finally almost out of his coma
  Samuel Hiragana / DoomGuy123 / 207d 1h 54m 11s
She drank it then cent the welts from the scratches on her neck and winced
One of the staff brought her a cup of coffee, and then left
  Samuel Hiragana / DoomGuy123 / 207d 2h 9m 57s
She nods as she smiled, looking around then coughed again
They asked Amy to stay with Samuel until he was able to move on his own, which might take a while
  Samuel Hiragana / DoomGuy123 / 207d 2h 14m 0s
She waited and coufhed into her hand, seeing blood and wiped it away quickly
The boy was found to have multiple cracked and broken ribs, a skull fracture, and a cracked femur
  Samuel Hiragana / DoomGuy123 / 207d 2h 20m 28s
She took him to the med bay and winced as she leaned back
The person explained that they found him like that, and he wasn’t waking up as if I’m a coma.
  Samuel Hiragana / DoomGuy123 / 207d 2h 25m 17s
"What the hell happened?",she asks as she helped him on the bed and called for a medic, her neck and back covered in scratches that were blood red and some were even bleeding.
Samuel was on the floor unconscious and bleeding horrifically, having multiple cut and stab wounds
  Samuel Hiragana / DoomGuy123 / 207d 2h 33m 25s
She fell back asleep and woke up to somebody shaking jet then groaned slightly

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