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Bella held both William and Dakota in her lap, Sara still being in Seth's arms. Would it make her feel better? Yes..but would she ask him to do it? No.. [b "You're still recovering Seth.. I don't want you to phase unless you absolutely have to."] Bella said quietly.
  Bella_Swan / SheDevil / 9h 36m 31s
“Do you want me to phase so I can hear what’s going on?” Seth asked her seriously.
  Kane 5.0 / Polkadotrocker / 9h 39m 44s
A choked laugh slipped from the girl as Seth reminded her of that. And she nodded slowly. [b "I...I'm just worried."] Bella whispered and went to get the boys as they began to fuss
  Bella_Swan / SheDevil / 11h 50m 52s
Seth nodded, “Jacob is the most stubborn person in the world...remember when he was in that motorcycle accident and they said he should have died and the doctor said he was too stubborn to even die.”
  Kane 5.0 / Polkadotrocker / 12h 58m 17s
[b "I know you would never.. "] Bella said softly as she watched Seth with the sleeping Sara. And she bit her lip as she was watching the window. [b "Do you think they will be okay?"]
  Bella_Swan / SheDevil / 15h 7m 0s
“I would never challenge him Bella, but he needs to go or I would have stopped you.” He said holding a sleeping Sara.
  Kane 5.0 / Polkadotrocker / 17h 5m 58s
She hated to send him out there. But she knew he was needed. This wasn't just them at stake but the tribe as well. And it was his job as the chief and alpha to protect the tribe..and it was her job as his wife to make sure he was not distracted even if the distraction was her. [b "I love you too.."] Bella whispered as she kissed him back, her eyes burning with tears she refused to let fall as he whispered the words and Seth said what they meant. Slowly she stepped back from him and watched him go. [b "He wouldn't have gone otherwise...and I had to make sure the alpha knew you weren't challenging him.."] Bella said as she turned back to Seth
  Bella_Swan / SheDevil / 1d 2h 30m 30s
Jacob kissed her hard, “I love you.” He muttered a few words in quileute that he knew Bella would understand and Seth whispered,” That means Stay with me forever.” Jacob was one of the few in the pack that could still speak Quileute, Seth and the younger ones knew a few words and phrases.
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1d 2h 41m 21s
Bella moved to Jacob when she heard the alpha in his voice and her hands went to his cheeks. [b "Jacob..they need you out there. You are stronger and faster than the others. Please the kids and I will be okay here with Seth.."] She whispered as her eyes locked with his.
  Bella_Swan / SheDevil / 1d 2h 33m 52s
Seth nodded, "Jake go... I'm well enough and healed enough now that if anything comes here I'm here." Jacob looked to Seth, "I am your alpha, you do not order me." Anyone could tell Jacob was more alpha than not, letting it take over.
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1d 2h 51m 54s
[b "And it was this same nagging feeling that couldn't be escaped?"] Bella asked quietly and bit her lip. [b "Jake, you, Sam and Embry will be needed out there... Paul is going to send Collin back.."] The girl said and looked towards the window, a howl soon echoing.
  Bella_Swan / SheDevil / 1d 2h 54m 47s
This time Seth spoke, "My dad used to talk about that... its because your the alpha's mate... trying to help him. He used to tell me about Jacob's mother helping Billy... how she would know when there was danger coming and alert Billy and she was never wrong."
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1d 2h 58m 19s
Chocolate eyes met dark brown as he looked at her. [b "But you don't have the choice Jake...and like you said.. with at least Seth and one other we should be fine."] The girl said softly, eyes eyes never leaving his.. [b "Though...why am I the only one who feels this pull and can hear it? Everyday it gets stronger and stronger.."] She whispered, finally looking down. And it was getting harder to fight it.
  Bella_Swan / SheDevil / 1d 3h 13s
"Me." Jacob muttered looking to Bella. "Your safer with me... I don't even want to patrol and leave you and the kids here. If something happens and your hurt or one of the kids is hurt, I couldn't live with myself."
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1d 3h 5m 15s
Hearing those words did strike. And the fact that she could still feel that odd calling and pull deep down did not help either. [b "And they would be after the strongest wolves first...get them out of the way."] Bella said, a sigh slipping from her as well. How was she going to avoid the call as it almost seemed like a siren's song? And why was she the only one who heard it? Could feel it?
  Bella_Swan / SheDevil / 1d 3h 7m 57s

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