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[size15 [google-font][Handlee [center Kaoru is sweet young man in his mid-twenty. He has been in love many times. He dated quiet a few girls but it just didn't seem to work out. Something didn't feel right. Kaoru parents were very strict and religious when he was growing up. They told him a man could only love a woman. It was a sin to love another man. At the time Kaoru agreed with them. As he go older his views changed. He started to find men more attractive than women. What would he do if he started fall in love with another man? He didn't know what to do about these feelings. It wasn't like he could talk to his parents about this. Surely they would disown him?

[center ---------------------------------------]

That's the rough idea that I have. We can always add on twists.

I need someone who's willing to play a strong male.

I also want someone who can write a 1000+ characters

Anime or illustrated picture only.

Any Naughty scenes will be time skip!

I don't mind violence or cursing,


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[size18 [google-font] [Abel Roka's eye takes in the mess before him and shook his head in dismissal of the apology. [b [#411396 "It's fine. It's not too bad."]] He slips his shoes off before finding room on the couch where he could sit for now.

[tab] He takes a look around and mentally chuckled at the sound of him muttering about break-ups. If that was one thing he knew about, breakups usually were messy and more of a pain to deal with. He glances at Yuki, watching it move around. He never really had much interaction with animals but the ones he did have were in the positive. He rather be on the cautious side though. Last thing he needed was a cat to on guard and cause suspicion.

[tab] Roka looks up at Kaoru asked about where they could go and where he would like to go. He leans against his hand on the couch, thinking. [b [#411396 "I knew a few cafes around here that are nice and different options.I tend to switch it up or eat at home most of the time. So it's up to you really."]] He kept his smile from turning to a smirk at the eating at home comment. But that was another thought for later rather than here.]]
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[size15 [center [google-font][Kurale Kaoru smiled softly. [+Red "Thank you! It would of really sucked being locked out all night."] he said he lead they way back to his apartment complex. It really didn't take that long for them to get there. Kaoru open the door and flipped on the light switch.

His apartment was such a mess thanks to his ex. He heard the faint sound of a jingle bell. A small white cat step out of one of the rooms and let out a few meows. [+Red "Sorry for the mess..., hold on Yuki, I'll feed you in a little bit"] he said slipped off his shoes. [+red "Please make yourself at home. You can say anywhere you would like..."] he said as he started to pick up some of the clothes that had been scatter through out the room. He threw the most likely ruin clothes in the laundry basket.

He sighed softly and mumble to himself. [+Red "Why do break up have to be so messy..."] once he was back from his bedroom he went straight to the kitchen to make Roka some tea. When Roka said something about lunch he had to think about it for a minute. He shouldn't of had anything going on. Kaoru fill the kettle with water then placed it on the stove top.

[+red "Other than doing a little cleaning I shouldn't have anything going on so lunch sound great! Where should we meet? Where would you like to go?"] he said with a smiled as he looked toward Roka who hopefully wasn't disgusted by the mess his ex-girlfriend had made.

  Kaoru | / Catnip / 271d 23h 12m 54s
[tab][Abel Roka chuckled lightly and nodded in confirmation to Kaoru saying his name. He mentally curses his body's unnatural coldness when Kaoru touched his hands before retracting his statement when it gave him an opportunity to see Kaoru more. Although other drinks and human food doesn't bring him sustenance, it didn't affect him negatively and it helped with his whole human persona.

[b [#411396 "It's no problem at all. Least this way you wouldn't be locked out of your place. And if it's alright with you, I could go for a cup of tea and how about to make up for it, we hang out tomorrow for lunch. Of course if that's work for you?"]]

[tab]Slightly tilting his head to the side, Roka sends an innocent smile as he places his hands in his pockets. He didn't want to show his excitement at being invited and definitely wasn't going to waste it.

[tab] He starts walking with him as they head towards his place for the hot drinks. He looks at him as they walk. [b [#411396 "Of course you don't have to either if it's a bother."]] He stood on the left side, making it easier to look at the bi-color haired male.
  Roka Michiyo / Farideh3 / 278d 26m 12s
[size15 [center [google-font][Kurale Kaoru sighed softly as he continue to walk back. He then heard someone calling his name. He smiled softly when he seen Roka. [+Red "Yes.... I think they fell out of my pocket at the bar..."] he said as he approached Roka.

[+red "Thank you so much Roka!"] Kaoru then stop himself. [+Red your name is Roka right? I think I remember the bar tender calling you that..."] he said as he felt a little embarrassed that he never caught the males name. He reach to take the keys from Roka hand. When Kaoru touched Roka hand felt how cold it was. He felt kind of bad making him come all this way in the cold.

[+Red "Thank you again for finding these! Your hands feel really cold would you like to come in for a coffee or some tea? My house is just couple blocks away"] he said with a soft smile he rubbed the back of his neck as he stood there silently. He felt like such an idiot leaving his keys at the bar thank goodness Roka found them not some creeper. Kaoru didn't really know much about Roka but he felt comfortable around him.

[+Red "If you don't want to come in for a drink is there anything I can do to repay you?"] he said with a small smile. He felt he at leas own Roka something for wasting his time.
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[tab] [Abel Roka was a little bit disappointed to see Kaoru leaving already, but he could obviously why considering the young man looked like he was going to pass out there at the bar if continued drinking. While he did like to have fun with his partners, it was better when they are coherent of what's going on and give him permission to participate in it. He nods slightly, hoping that will get to see Kaoru again, since he wasn't able to introduce himself to him. [b [#411396 "Have a good night then, Kaoru."]] He called out to the seemingly shy male before watching the male leave.

[tab] The blond male turns back to the bar after watching him leave the club. Turning to the bar, he saw something glittering against one of the lights. He lifts the keys and frowns, realizing it could possibly be Kaoru's. [i [#411396 'Well that could be a problem for getting home.']] Rather not entertain the thought of seeing his new interest locked out, he stood up and nods to the bartender. [b [#411396 "Will be back shortly. Better make sure that guy gets in"]]

[tab] Earning a nod from the bartender, Roka chugs the rest of his drink, relaxing at the burn. He easily moves through the crowd, earning a wink or two from some of the regulars. He dismisses some offers to join, saying he has prior engagements and possibly another time. He chuckles slightly, hearing say the regular will hold him up to that raincheck.

[tab] As the night air greets him with a soft breeze, he looks at the keys in his hand before focusing the scent that he could connect to Kaoru. Taking in a breath, he looks before following the scent trail. [i [#411396 'Hopefully he hasn't reached home yet or this will be bothersome to explain.']] Sticking to the shadows, he saw Kaoru a couple blocks down. He steps out and calls out once close enough. [b [#411396 "Kaoru! Are these yours?"]] Running over at human speed, he stops in front of the male. [b [#411396 "I saw them at the bar and wasn't sure they were yours."]] He shows him the keys.
  Roka Michiyo / Farideh3 / 289d 12h 3m 10s
[size15 [center [google-font][Kurale Kaoru smiled softly as he sipped the drink. [+Red "Yes it is"] he said with a sweet smile. [+red " This bar seems really nice though, the atmosphere here is so lovely"] he said with a smile. Kaoru was happy to be around such positive people. After about 20 minutes of awkward and shy mingling Kaoru decided it was best he left. If only he had gotten to the bar a little later. Then maybe he could of spent more time with this blonde haired stranger.

Kaoru cheeks started to fill with a small crimson blush. He face was starting to get hot. He sighed softly, as he closed his eyes. The alcohol was starting to get to his head. Maybe he had to much already, he really wanted to forget about today. Kaoru sipped his drink, it didn't take long for him to finish it. Once he did he slowly stood up wobbling just a little bit. He reached for his wallet. He paid for his drinks, and left a tip on the counter.

[+red "Well it was nice meeting you? .... Oh I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Kaoru by the way... I hopefully I will see you around... "] he said with a sweet smile. Kaoru decided it would probably be best if he left. He was starting to get drunk, surely that wouldn't be a good thing since he had went to the bar alone. It wasn't like anyone would make sure he made it home safely. [+red "Goodbye"] he said with a soft smile.

Kaoru slowly made his way to the front of the bar. He pushed the heavy doors open and stepped out side into the cool night air. The moon was shining so brightly it was beautiful. It would be nice having some extra light on the way home. Kaoru blushed softly as his stomach growled, he was starting to get hungry. Luckily he had some left over Chinese food in the fridge calling his name.

Kaoru walked down the street and took a couple of turns. Finally he had made it back to apartment complex. He reached into his pocket to find his house keys which where not there. Kaoru heart started racing. He lost his keys somewhere. In his some-what hazy mind he tried to retrace his steps. The only place he could think of them being was at the bar. [+red "Damn it..."] he said as he turn around and headed back to the bar.
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[tab][Abel The taste of the fire-cider always reminded Roka of apple-pie with a burn that he welcomes every time he came to the bar. He watches the newbie ordering another drink that the bartender seems reluctant to give. He knows the bartender watches over his customers and can clearly tell this guy was feeling the alcohol.

[tab] He licked his lips of the remainder of the fire-cider and looks up when he heard a soft hi. If he hadn't have his hearing, he probably couldn't have heard it. He smiled and got up before moving to the open seat next to him. [#411396 "Hi there~Guessing this is your first time here?"] He smiles as he sips his drink.

[tab] It was evident that he was and it made Roka even more interested. It made him want to see what he could do to see him let loose and discover his own beat. When humans let loose to their beat, it makes it more fun for him to take part in.

[tab] He mentally counts down so his excitement won't show in his eye and show he was different from the rest. He rather not scare him away. [i [#411396 'Patience is a virtue is what they say isn't it?']] With that in mind, his smile turns more charming as he focuses on the man beside him.
  Roka Michiyo / Farideh3 / 296d 15h 25m 6s
[size15 [center [google-font][Kurale Kaoru took a sip of his drink. It was sweet so it went down like water before he knew it he had already drank two glasses. He loved peach schnapps mixed with orange juice it was the best. He smiled softly as he looked around the bar. He notice a handsome male had enter the bar.

Kaoru noticed the blonde when he winked at him he turn the other way and blushed slightly. He still didn't really know how to react to these feelings he was feeling. He felt embarrassed, he let out soft sigh. The alcohol was starting to get to his head slightly. He smiled softly as he turn back to facing the bar. He started at all the bottles of alcohol. There were so many. So many to try and taste someday he thought to himself.

He took another sip of his drink. Kaoru wasn't really sure if he should say hi or not. He chew his bottom lip and let the thought pass. He easily finished his drink. He smiled softly as the bar tender. [+red "H-Hey... can I get another one please? I swear this will be my last one"] he said with a soft but nervous smile.

The alcohol was already starting to get to him. His head was spinning slightly but it was a nice feeling. There were still the feeling of butterflies in his stomach. What if that man wasn't even winking at him? He could of been winking at someone behind him, or a cross the room. What does that mean? He sighed softly as the faint blush came across his cheek once more.

[+Red "...H-Hi"] he said shyly as he looked at the blonde hair male who was only sitting a few seats away. Kaoru never really had a problem with people but he was still really nervous. If his parents saw him here they probably kill him.
  Kaoru | / Catnip / 296d 16h 39m 56s
[tab][Abel Roka awoke that night with his throat parched slightly and stretches, releasing the tension in his body. He licks his lips with the thoughts of getting a drink that at his favorite bar. In all the years he has lived, that bar was his all time favorite because of the variety and loved it.

[tab] Ignoring the cold air, the blonde vampire walks across the wooden floor to his closet, picking out an outfit he knows to draw attention. Satisfied with his choice, he showers and gets ready, making sure to place an eye patch over his right eye. He didn't particularly care about showing it but it made his partners always more curious and always draws them in more. Ruffling his hair, he smirks with his reflection matching it. [I [#411396 'I feel like tonight will be a good night']]

[tab] Grabbing his keys from his counter, he walks out into the night, welcoming in the dark. His feet led him automatically to the bar with the bouncer nodding to him in greeting. [b "Is there a night you aren't here, Roka?"] He chuckled in response.

[b [#411396 "When hell freezes over. "]]

[tab] He walks in, basking in the music and seeing the dancing bodies of regulars and newcomers. He chuckled lightly and winks at a couple who see him. He goes over to his spot at the bar and smiled at the bartender. [b [#411396 "Could I get my regular, handsome?"]] Making the bartender chuckle as he slid the drink to the blonde.

[tab] He winks at the bartender and sees a newbie sitting a few seats down. His hair was different and it caught his eye. When the guy looked at him, he smiled at him and winks. He takes a drink and licks up some that spilled in the corner of his mouth.]
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[size15 [center [google-font][Kurale Kaoru had been in quiet a few relationships with girls. They never seemed to work out, they always ending with him feel lost. As a child his parents taught him many things but there was one thing in particular his parents were very strict about. His parents had always told him that liking the same sex was sin, that he go to hell if he did. That was very frightening to hear as a child so mindlessly agreed with his parents.

As time went on these feeling for the opposite sex dulled. He started to have these stronger feelings for the same sex. Unsure what to do about these feelings he decided to talk to one of his closest friends. The two had been friends for a long time, he was easy to talk to. Unlike his parents that seemed to smother him alway questioning him. He was 23 now yet they still treated him like a child. His friend was very supportive. He even offer to go out with Kaoru to potentially find him a match. Kaoru of corse declined it was probably best if he went out on his own. His friend always seem to understand he agreed with Kaoru.

Kaoru was lucky enough to be living on his own. He had moved out of his parents house about a year ago. It was time for him to start living. He decided that tonight he was going to try going to that new bar down town. He heard roomers that the place was a gay bar. The bar still sounded nice seem to welcome anyone who walked through the door.

Kaoru smiled softly as he got ready. He brushed his red and white streaked hair. He put on a nice pair of jean and a white sweater. It had been quiet chilly in the evenings. Butterflies filled his stomach as he left his apartment. Luckily the town was in walking distance. As he approached the bar this nervous feeling strengthen he almost turn around.

He just had to keep in mind that he might meet someone. Maybe he even meet someone who was confused at him. He gulped a little as open the door to the bar. The bar was buzzing with excitement. There were lots of people, Kaoru made his way to an empty seat. He sat down and order a drink to maybe helps his nerves. There were lot of good looking men.
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