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It has been years since the blights and Calamity Ganon’s demise at the hands of Link, the Champion Of Hyrule. But after the hero’s son came of the age of 15, disaster struck...Ganon had returned and slayed the hero, not knowing his zora son had been elsewhere to visit the other domains of Hyrule.


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The Goron turned to the pair and bowed politely, then went back to work, knowing that they had to keep their production up. “They May look menacing, but most Gorons are very kindhearted when they meet people...especially females.” The Zora Prince said, and he led her to the main city. “My ancestor has once visited this city...saving it from a man named Ganondorf...possibly a past incarnation of the Calamity itself before this time...” he said, and he sighed a bit
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[center Thia's eyes widened at the size of them, hardly believing it wasn't some kind of illusion. She couldn't remember a time when she'd ever seen someone or something so big. [b "Woah..."] she said softly. Hearing the hiss, she covered her ears, wincing just a little at the sound. Maybe it was because they were so much bigger, but the sound was a little louder than she had expected.
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He smiled a bit, and soon they delved deeper into the heart of the mountain, were they saw gorons standing up to 100 meters tall forging weapons and other items from molten steel. “They are the forge gorons, the tallest and most durable kind of gorons that ever existed in He land of Hyrule.” He stated, and he looked up to see one remove a great sword out of the magma and put it into a vat of water, making it hiss loudly.
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[center Thia suddenly felt small standing beside him. She couldn't imagine what it was like to be descended from not one, but two incredible beings. Not to mention, he had a lot to live up to. At least, in her eyes he did. She couldn't imagine it would be easy.]

[center Pushing the feeling away, she smiled at him and shook her head. [b "I'll be okay. But thank you for the warning."]]
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He nodded, and he said one thing that made her realize that he was not the son of a normal zora. “My mother was the zora champion, Princess Mipha, but my uncle raised me to help keep the bokoblins out of the Zora’s domain while my father was fighting the Calamity.” He said, and led her to the forges. “I am giving you a warning...it is very warm down this way, since we are heading to the forges.”
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[center Thia pouted slightly at his words. [b "I'm sorry to hear that. That's really sad..."] Turning her attention in the direction he was looking, she shrugged a little. [b "Perhaps..."] she said softly. It would definitely be interesting.]

[center She turned back to him and frowned a little, biting her lower lip. [b "I can't honestly say. I've never been here before."]]
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He smiled and looked down towards the forges, and sighed. “Too bad the champions died 120 years ago...they were the strongest and most noble of their races.” He said, and looked up towards the upper parts of the city. “Maybe one day we will talk to their spirits...” he said, hoping to speak to the spirits of the fallen champions. “Now, where would you like to go in the city?” He asked Thia in a slightly cheerful tone
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[center Thia straightened up at his words. [i Exploding arrows?] She couldn't even imagine how could that would be to have. She quickly made a mental note to somehow obtain some before they left.]

[center As they walked, she couldn't help but smile for him. The gorons were so sweet to him and he seemed so comfortable to be around them. She couldn't possibly imagine being so comfortable around so many other beings.]
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“Well, we will need to make sure that we can get help...they also make explosive arrows...which are good for taking out groups of enemies, as my dad said.” He mentioned, looking around, and some of the gorons that passed them either waved or greeted the zora Prince verbally, as he had gotten to know some of them quite well. “Hello!” He said back, smiling ever brightly
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[center Thia nodded slowly, still staring at the glowing triforce. She was still amazed at the fact that he was the Hero's son. She couldn't say it was a dream. She was never creative enough for anything this exciting.]

[center Looking around, she smiled at him. [b "It's definitely an interesting place. I can't say I've ever been here."] Then again, she'd never traveled far outside of home.]
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“No...I just now have seen this...it means that I’m a part of the hylian family, but because of my heritage, I’m half descended from the hylian family.” The young Prince Arar told her, and soon they entered Goron City. “Welcome to Goron City, my friend...the gorons are known for their strength and their unrelenting power...as well as their forges.” He said, and he walked around, eventually greeting the Goron Leader.
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[center Thia quickly followed him, keeping close to him so she wouldn't get confused or lost. She was glad he knew where he was going, to be honest. She knew that if she had been by herself, she would probably never find her way back home. She frowned at that thought. [i Some kind of collector you are,] she thought to herself.]

[center Her eyes landed on the back of his hand, widening a little bit. [b "Has it been doing that this whole time and I just didn't notice?"] She looked up at him.]
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“This way to Goron City.” He said, and he immediately went inside, and he waited for Thia. “To the left is the city, to the right is dodongo’s cavern.” He said, and soon they were walking across the bridge headed to the left onto Goron city. “It hasn’t changed all that much, but it’s still a nice place to be in the shade of you’re overheating in armor.” He said, and he looked at the back of his left hand, which had a glowing triforce on it
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[center Thia felt bad for him. Losing a parent wasn't easy. And now he had lost both of them... Her heart hurt for him, but he didn't dare let it show. She didn't want to let him keep thinking about it.]

[center [b "I'm really sorry,"] she finally said, unable to stay quiet. It felt even worse to not say anything.]

[center Following behind him, she glanced up at the cave, already dreading whatever lay inside.]
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“We can ally with the spirits of the champions...my mother was a champion before the Waterblight claimed her life one hundred and twenty years ago...the day after I was born.” He said, and he sighed. “My father avenged her without any mercy on the creature, as if didn’t show any for my mother.” He said, looking at Rudinia, them they continued up the mountain, and eventually came to a cave.
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