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[#8a8b8f Just a place for my thoughts to lie... Also a place to store things.


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I still can't find what a I have lost... and it has pissed people off. I've looked pretty much everywhere. I don't know where it could of gone... It's not like I purposely lost it....

I wish I lived alone then it would just be my own problem. I wouldn't have to tell anyone or say sorry. I'm sure I am going to have to pay for the house to get new locks and keys now. I just had to buy someone a birthday present. I was trying to save money for this trip I am taking.... I guess that not going to happen.

I honestly can't wait for this trip to be over. I need to start saving again so I can get the hell out of here. I am so tired of doing something wrong. I can't please anyone. All I seem to do is wrong....

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  |☽| / WiseWolf / 101d 1h 7m 56s
I'm glad you are having a better day. It sounds like you're having a hard time at home. I hope things get better. Have you talked to your mom? I hope your at least having a better day today!

I'm glad you had fun! We will have to try and do it again real soon. Work just makes it difficult.

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  |☽| / WiseWolf / 105d 11h 52m 58s
How many time must I offer my hand. You never reach for it! I told you I'm here to help and listen. I spill my guts to hardly do it...I know you hurt. I don't mean to hurt you. I really want you to be happy. I wish I knew how to help....

Don't fade away.... I won't let you! I'll find that room full of mirrors and smash them all until there nothing let but little pieces...

You're my closest friend. I know how it feels to lose yourself. To feel plagued by darkness from the inside out...It really suck having to pick up all the pieces only to shatter again and again... One day you learn to shove all that pain and darkness away. Sometimes it will break out you just have to push it back.... Here's something we both need to learn not to let out thoughts control us...

[ Breaking Down]
  |☽| / WiseWolf / 106d 9h 56m 22s
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