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[center [Calligraffitti [size20 “Concrete in front of glass, this is where we live.” ] ] ]

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[center [Calligraffitti [size20 “No trees, no sky, no ocean. This is where we [s [Calligraffitti[size20 live]]]].” ] ]

[center -•—•-]

[center [Neucha Open your eyes. What do you see? Do you see the stars? The sky? Do you see the trees? Or maybe a beautifully decorated room, with colorful walls and pictures of your own choosing? Do you see any of those things? If so, well, good for you...

We have never seen the sun. We have never felt the rain. We can only imagine what wind is from a small vent above our beds. Privacy is nonexistent, our walls made of a thick glass with people always peering in. Watching. We are poked. Ripped open. Tested. We have nothing, are nothing, or so [i they] thought.

We had each other. Although we couldn’t verbally speak to one another we would still talk. Using markers they allowed us to have, we wrote and drew on our walls. We would talk for hours, until [i they ] had enough.

[i They] took everything. Our books. Our pens. Our pictures of the people [i they] claimed birthed us. [i They] took everything but the mattress we slept on and the toilet they could watch us use. They didn’t care how much we cried. Sometimes they would even laugh. We were just experiments to them. Until, well, we weren’t.

Odd things started happening to us. We each started growing stronger but in different ways. This excited [i them, ] their experiments were turning into successes. What they didn’t think was that their successes would turn against them. That after everything they put into us, was for nothing. They couldn’t control us. Couldn’t harness our strength. Creating us became a mistake.

And now that mistake is free. We are free. We will walk this Earth, we will see it for its beauty, and all though they will try to stop us, we will thrive.]

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