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She quietly listens to the conversation, not wanting to seem like a snoop but wanting to gather more information on the man. As she waits for a moment to return to her living room, she starts to set up her teapot, pouring lavender, vanilla beans, and some orange zest in a steeper. Then she takes her pot and runs some faucet water into it, leaving the handle in reach after the brew is done.

She hums softly, wondering if the men had walked out due to some silence, then hearing them speak again relieved her. She then poured some into three separate cups. ready to serve to her and the guests.
  Hikari Nondo / Stale_Cigarettes / 153d 17h 2m 16s
There was a silence between the two as she offered stuff. Alex waiting for the other to talk, yet he just kind of stared at her. "Not exactly one for the sweet stuff." He gruffly says. Alexander on the other hand slaps the man on the shoulder. "nonsense nonsense! You haven't lived until you've had some of her homemade stuff" He says giving a wink over to her.

With a huff Gregg pushed Alexander back again pointing a finger at him. "I ain't got time to play games, those cops flipped our place upside down and then let them 'loyalist' raid the place afterwards"

Alexander sighs and gives a shrug. "A bad timing on all our parts" He steps aside thinking something over. "I won't let what happen tonight stop folks like us from doing what we can to be free" He begins to actually pace around the room. Stuck in thought over what to do now.

Meanwhile the other man checks his pocket watch grumbling something about 'his gal' before shutting it. At the moment of him shutting it there this slight spark that came from the pocket watch. It vanished as quickly as it appeared. His eye then darts to where she had once stood. Now in the kitchen he glances over at Alexander, who catches his eyes.

There was this odd silence as finally Gregg lets out a short quick laugh.

"What?" Alexandar said with some annoyance growing in his voice, yet the man said nothing.
  Sonicspeedx13 / 221d 14h 52m 29s
She smiled softly, enjoying their banter. She raises a brow as he states their "relation", a smirk crossing her face. As he continues, she keeps a calm composure.

[i "I tend to be very cautious only because the government here... Isn't as splendid as others may see. Which I bet you yourself have witnessed. We all are trying to yes, make our own paradises."]

She looks to Alexander, a faint look of hope in her eyes gone as soon as it had been there. She looks quickly to the shorter man, smiling.

[i "Would you like some tea? Some treats or anything? I tend to need very little rest so if anything is needed, you may stay here for a while if wanted or needed."]

She bows curtsies slightly, her nightgown swaying some as she does.
  Hikari Nondo / Stale_Cigarettes / 228d 5h 40m 58s
Alexander finds himself pulled out. That sly smile of his never leaving his face. "Well, did tell you I had a thing" He says as his eyes dart to the side. Swiftly he gets up on his feet. Straightening out his clothing and steps on out.

"Greg!" He speaks in an upbeat tone. "I couldn't suspect for a moment that anyone got out of that alive"

The man glares at Alexander before grumbling. "It wasn't easy, me and Ven, 'bout the only ones who did." His eyes look over to the hostess of the house. "My apology to having to barge in here, but your-" He pauses, now realized he doesn't know the relation of the two, and thought it best not to. "...Friend here was makin' deals and promises left and right before all went to hell. Need to make sure he can make good on them even with the eyes of the-" He pauses as he hears a far of siren...but it drifts off into the night. "Well, y'know" He growls.

"Greg, Greg! Come on, you know me. We got out of that. Just a few days and we can be up in the sky away from it all!" Alexander says slapping the short man on his shoulder, much to Greg's annoyance to this situation.

"I don't like this whole thing one bit" He admitted.

Alexander just continues to pat him on the shoulder laughing. His attention draws upon Hikari. "I suppose I should be sorry too, I didn't think all this trouble could get back here but I guess I got a bit of a 'following' as it were." He pauses and draws away from Greg frowning some to say. "Some of us need to find some hope and an exit from this cruel place. Some got gardens" He speaks, hinting at her own get away. "Others...must find creative means to get out and be free"
  Alexander Haze / Sonicspeedx13 / 230d 14h 10m 44s
She blinks a little, unsure of what to do. She simply raises an eyebrow, keeping her composure.

[i "Fine..."]

She walks to her cabinet, seeing the things around her kitchen floating around. She pulls him close, whispering.

[i Want to deal with this? Because I can't tell if he's friend or foe...]

She huffs softly, walking back out to the entryway.
  Hikari Nondo / Stale_Cigarettes / 235d 14h 27m 10s
He seemed like he was about to say something, but every time she made some movement to get him into someplace. In the end Alexander stands where she put him. Awkwardly just being put in the place of the cupboard. "This isn't the most comfortable of places" He mutters but then sits back, a slightly coy smile spreading on his lips once they suddenly are separated.

The door swings open and there stands a short, but older human-looking male. A large beard hanging down his chin. Got a few scratches on his body of some kind of recent wounds.

"Dontcha play with me lil' lady" He speaks in a rather gruff voice. No time for hellos it seems.

Having no time for her as there were a dozen things on the brain. "Haze, he's still alive right? That boy went and made some promising words come from his lips. It be a right shame if he- y'know..did die from that raid." The man says trying to get a better look leaning this way and that in a rather obvious way, he was not a subtle sort.

Meanwhile Alexander drums his fingers together. Swaying his head left and right. Humming an old tune, one built with the charges of ancient magic. As the melody continues That smile spreads a bit more as suddenly from behind his most generous and protective hosts various items started to float and dance around to the humming in clear view of this odd angry little man.
  Sonicspeedx13 / 235d 14h 33m 44s
She smiled as he spoke, her eyes suddenly affixed to the front door. She sensed the presence creeping closer to her home. She gently pats his shoulder, motioning for the kitchen. She silently mouths to hide there, waving a finger a cupboard opens showing a secret passage to under her shop. She smiles softly, looking back at the door. She waves her other hand, masking her emotions and changing her form to look more tired as if just awoken from a slumber.

[i [b I'll be there. Don't move until I come for you... Please...]]

She opens the door, seeing a short, dark figure in her doorway.

[i "Is there..."] she yawns. [i "...something I can do for you?"]
  Hikari Nondo / Stale_Cigarettes / 235d 14h 29m 34s
He swiftly snaps the book shut as she speaks up. As if just now realizing where he was. "I suppose I was" He says looking the book over. "An interesting collection, ones I don't tend to find too far on this corner of the world" He says "History, magic, various stories that seem too fantastic to be true but..." His voice fades off and has a knowing smile.

"Got little treats did you?" He asks keeping the book close to him. His eyes settled upon her face. For a few seconds of silence he just watched her, studying something intensely before breaking eye contact and looking to the book he had picked up and then walked past her just to nab something off the tray.

Munching on it he mumbles to himself, it was almost hard to make out the words but he ended up saying them loud enough "Someones here..."
  Alexander Haze / Sonicspeedx13 / 244d 13h 52m 7s
She went to the cupboards, finding some sweets and cookies to enjoy the tea. After a moment of silence, she felt his essence calm and curiosity overtake him. She smiled softly, seeing him digging his head into a book. She set the tray of delicacies down, walking slowly to him.

[i "Enjoying the read?"]
  Hikari Nondo / Stale_Cigarettes / 251d 7h 58m 17s
Alexander gave a nod in her talking about being a moment. He would not stop his curious wondering about. His eyes glow slightly as as he presses his hands upon a shelf that was filled with books. Muttering something to himself he just runs his hands over the spines. Taking in the feeling and possible knowledge or stories they held within. Finally he pulled one out and flipped it open.

He read silently yet his eyes slowly would drift back to the path leading outside. He curiously watched as shadows shifted off the windows outside. Were there still people out at this time, after all that chaos?

More curious thoughts came to him but he decided not to give them any notice for now. His eyes lowering to the book, his mind on so many different topics he was uncertain if he was even taking in what was in these pages.
  Alexander Haze / Sonicspeedx13 / 251d 15h 3m 8s
She smiled, shrugging at his teasing comment. She looked over her shoulder, sticking her tongue out a little. She giggled, turning back to her tea. After brewing, she heads back to her lounge sofa, setting the hot tea kettle on the side table close by. She poured them both a cup, humming a tune somewhat similar to his, pitch a bit higher and faster than his own. She swayed her head back and forth, her lips silently mouthing the words to the lullaby. She walked away for a moment, calling out to him.

[i "I'll be right back. I'm actually going to grab something to eat with the tea. One moment..." ]
  Hikari Nondo / Stale_Cigarettes / 258d 8h 52m 59s
He notices that blush of hers and tries to hide his growing smirk by drinking some more until he had indeed took it all. Parting lips with the cup he offers her to take it. "That would be lovely, thank you" He says leaning back some as he took in the kitchen once more. "So this your life hm? Making tea, enjoying the day, running a shop?" He chuckles. "I know others who are much worse off. Namely me" He grins to her.

As she was no doubt making the tea he moves behind her, at first to watch her as she worked but then passed by her feeling that might be slightly weird. Instead curiosity took hold and he walked around the place, making sure not to get too far from the kitchen as he couldn't wait to get another batch of her sweet, lovely tea. To make sure his presence was known he would whistle a tune, it wasn't familiar, but it had a feeling of something old, of a bittersweet quality to it.
  Alexander Haze / Sonicspeedx13 / 261d 13h 4m 41s
She watches him as he downs the tea, a smile on her face. As he speaks, she leans towards him some, showing interest in his words. When he mentions leaving sooner, complimenting her tea she blushes deeply. She shyly looks away, her pointed elf ears turning red under her long hair. She sighs softly, tying her hair up, pinning it in place. She drinks her tea and pours herself another cup. She motions to his cup, smiling.

[i "Would you like... some more?"]
  Hikari Nondo / Stale_Cigarettes / 264d 2h 9m 25s
"Clever girl" He turns his gaze back to her with a half smile. Reaching over he takes the cup and raises it slightly Alexander drinks it slowly. Letting out a hum of approval he lowers it from his lips a little. "Can't even remember the last time I was in a home that wasn't showing the signs of battle from it in one way or another. Its a strange change" He raises the cup again to drink from it. Eyes close slightly in delight he raises his head some.

"Not bad at all. If only we had this where I came from I might not have left so soon, though if I knew this was here waiting for me I may have left even sooner!" He speaks playfully with a smirk.
  Alexander Haze / Sonicspeedx13 / 269d 15h 16m 53s
She senses his anxiety spike, a few familiars she sent to guard the place while they rest there. She hears him quietly walk to the kitchen, looking around. She smiles a little, glancing over at him.

[i "Yeah... My place isn't too far from here but it's hidden under a spell. I don't like leaving my essence behind except here in case someone needs to look for me."]

She adds some lavender and chamomile oil to the tea, mixing in some pure honey from a honeycomb in a jar. She pours the tea mixture over a tincture, sifting the herbs from the brew she made. She then hands him his mug, taking one for herself.

[i "Cheers."]
  Hikari Nondo / Stale_Cigarettes / 273d 22h 10m 47s

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