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One of the many Spartans from the UNSC has disappeared after being sent on a recon mission at a promethean installment, some day she died, others say she was captured, but one thing is for certain...she hasn’t reported back to HQ for three days, and the superiors are beginning to worry. One of the best Spartans they have has been sent to locate and recover Teressa from the promethean forces. Little do they know, Teressa has become half promethean, half human.


This is a fandom rp, not canon, and master chief takes no part in this.
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To join me, please send a pm titled [b Promethean] and a basic skelly of your spartan oc


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Right next to his head, a couple of watchers were picked off, and soon she was taking out the bigger enemies. “Keep your ass moving, I’ll cover you!” She shouted over the comms, and kept taking them out, occasionally getting lucky and sniping two with one shot.
  Teressa Wescott / DoomGuy123 / 3d 18h 26m 43s
Knight just nodded as he changed in to the middle of the enemy ground using his assault right and sword to quickly take out his target as he was coved. He would only dive into cover when he need to reload. Only spending a few seconds behind it befor poping back out to take on another few enemy.
  Knight / Mended / 3d 18h 30m 31s
“You got it big guy!” Theta said cheerfully, and Teressa smiled, readying her light rifle to snipe off any forces she needed to to keep her friend from being shot dead. “I can see a group of ten...I’m going to take out the watchers...that way they can’t come back!” She said via their comm systems
  Teressa Wescott / DoomGuy123 / 6d 1h 28m 53s
Knight nodded and patted her head. “Okay but still be carful and if you run into too much trouble call me.” He said to the both of them. “Also don’t worry about armmo to much the ship can launch pad with guns and armmo if need.” He grabbed his normal weapons and ready himself.
  Knight / Mended / 6d 2h 44m 23s
“You know I can handle myself...trust me.” She said, and Theta popped into view of them both. “If she runs outta ammo, I’ll be able to use the barrier shield to keep em out.” Theta told him. “Thanks Theta.” Teressa told her AI
  Teressa Wescott / DoomGuy123 / 23d 3h 52m 47s
Rolling his eye he also jumped and with his ai hep landed gently on the ground with his booster pack. “Just stay close I don’t want you to get hurt.” He then moved to the front of the ground. “I’ll take point.”
  Knight / Mended / 23d 3h 54m 57s
“I need a little action in the field...it wouldn’t hurt to have some fun...” she said with a smirk, and soon she jumped out of the transport right above the entry point, and landed like Superman. “Come on, its time to kick some metal ass!” She shouted to him
  Teressa Wescott / DoomGuy123 / 23d 4h 9m 28s
That seemed quite amazing to him. “Cleaver girl arnt we.” He said rubbing her hair like father praising a daughter. You seemed to got use to it quickly it seemed. “Still you sure you up to this. I don’t mind doing it myself.” He asked.
  Knight / Mended / 23d 4h 10m 59s
“I just found out before we got briefed, it actually is a mental detach, I just want it to come off and it will.” She said, and to prove her point, she thought about the weapon coming off and it did, and she immediately reattached it
  Teressa Wescott / DoomGuy123 / 24d 3h 40m 29s
“Wait what.” He asked. “You can just change your arm?” He asked as he finshed placement his helmet on. “That seems kinda wired just rip your arm off and put a new one on it.” He then plugged his ai into his helmet and smiled as everything shimmered as she got adjusted.
  Knight / Mended / 24d 3h 42m 0s
She was sitting next to him and she finally detached the bruteshot from her arm and replaced it with a scattershot she found in the armory. “This should work nicely...” she said, inspecting the promethean shotgun closely
  Teressa Wescott / DoomGuy123 / 24d 3h 45m 27s
Knight looked up from his weapon request sheet and nodded. “Right sneak in.” He said taking the several dozen explosions he had wanted and the rockets launcher. “I will go in quitely not drive a tank thought the front door.”
  Knight / Mended / 24d 3h 52m 13s
“You better be careful, and you might want to use that ability soon, it would be best to use it to sneak in, grab the AI, plant a bomb, and head out.” She said, being strategic. “It’s best to strategize this stuff first, then act.”
  Teressa Wescott / DoomGuy123 / 24d 19h 29m 36s
Well that would have been nice to know early.” He looked at his own AI. “She doesn’t tell me anything and that sounds very useful. You maybe about to help some of the other men hold down and area better with that.”
  Knight / Mended / 24d 19h 34m 17s
“I ask because if you don’t, Lambda’s ability allows you to use it, and as for for Theta, he has an ability that produces a shield around me, but it can’t be shot through unless he makes a single panel disappear from it.” She told him, and Theta showed up. “What is is?” He asked, and Teressa smiled. “I was just telling my friend about your ability.” She replied
  Teressa Wescott / DoomGuy123 / 24d 19h 40m 5s

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