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One of the many Spartans from the UNSC has disappeared after being sent on a recon mission at a promethean installment, some day she died, others say she was captured, but one thing is for certain...she hasn’t reported back to HQ for three days, and the superiors are beginning to worry. One of the best Spartans they have has been sent to locate and recover Teressa from the promethean forces. Little do they know, Teressa has become half promethean, half human.


This is a fandom rp, not canon, and master chief takes no part in this.
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To join me, please send a pm titled [b Promethean] and a basic skelly of your spartan oc


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“That works for me, I guess.” She said, and crossed her arms, then she looked at the others, knowing they would be a bit suspicious of her presence, meaning that there could be more people who know of the location.
"We had back to my ship and find you a ride back to the rear." He said putting an act for his men. "However that may take a while as we dont have the ships to do so. So for now we will find you a room and let you stay there for the time."
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She looked at them, and sighed. “So...what now?” She asked, faking not knowing the layout of the area. She made sure to remain calm because if she lost her cool, then her cover would be blown and she’d most likely end up dead.
He knew that the lie would hold up as mersanay used both unfc and there own gear. “Don’t worry I check out her background and my AI can confirm that so she legitimate.” He explained to them. They would listen to him he never lead them wrong before.
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Ash’Ni made sure to put her disguise in place, and climbed out of the nest hole, then met up with Knight. “Good thing you found me too...” She said, and looked at his team, who all looked a bit skeptical since she had bits and pieces of spartan armors on her
Crawling out of the rubble and then out of the factory he meet out side with his team and a awaiting pelican. “We got a problem.” He called out to them. “Got a person form a Merr group that was captured off world. Didn’t seem that they are hunting farther then we thought.” He said to his men
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She had no problem keeping up with the male, because her kind were known for their speed and strength in combat, bit most people are too afraid to try and communicate with them, because of how frightening they look
  Ash’Ni / DoomGuy123 / 3d 3h 24m 41s
He just shrugged walking out of the ruble. “ I see I will get a hold of him once we reach my ship.” He said waving her move with him. He send his message off about a pick up and needing to speak to the arbiter
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She sighed and reverted to her normal self. “He is a friend of the Yautja...and a better friend of mine.” She explained, looking over the male, noting she’s seen his armor in other ways. “The Arbiter has been a friend of mine for a few years” she continued
  Ash’Ni / DoomGuy123 / 3d 22h 5m 26s
He stopped and looked back at her. “I do. He close to our fleet why?” He asked. He was surprised that one knew him and odder that she would hide herself if she knew him. “I have a friend who can contact him if needed.”
  Knight / Mended / 3d 22h 8m 37s
The Yautja nodded, and I put a code into her gauntlet, and soon she was in a human disguise again, but she still had the large two handed elite blade. “You wouldn’t happen to know an Arbiter, would you?” She asked, hoping he did
Knight took a second to think about to as he lowered his hostility. “Then why not start with that next time.” He said “Hiw would I have helped you thinking you are human. Welll it dosnt matter I’ll come up with a better cover for you just you may wanna turn back.”
  Knight / Mended / 4d 4h 40m 4s
“Because...these things have slaughtered my brethren...and I must prove my worth to avenge them...besides, I know how to distract them.” She said, and kicked him off, and got to her feet, but showed no signs of hostility towards the human she was talking to. “I’d rather not have to harm you if necessary...”
  Ash’Ni / DoomGuy123 / 4d 20h 35m 43s
Lucky his face was covered by his helmet so he showed no experience to her. But on the inside he was confused. Just what the hell was she. She still didn’t look like anything he knew. However she looked young by still dangerous. “Why should I trust you. You tired to trick me before and I been doing well for myself so far.”
  Knight / Mended / 4d 20h 39m 29s
Ash’Ni let out a deep grunt, and her disguise flickered, and finally revealed her actual form, which was a surprise to the human, and her kind was normally secretive about their existence in the solar systems. But she appeared to be a young blood of her kind, having just gotten to the planet a day ago. “Trust me....I know you are in need of help to destroy these parasites....” she said in a growling sounding voice.
  Ash’Ni / DoomGuy123 / 5d 8h 10m 40s

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