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One of the many Spartans from the UNSC has disappeared after being sent on a recon mission at a promethean installment, some day she died, others say she was captured, but one thing is for certain...she hasn’t reported back to HQ for three days, and the superiors are beginning to worry. One of the best Spartans they have has been sent to locate and recover Teressa from the promethean forces. Little do they know, Teressa has become half promethean, half human.


This is a fandom rp, not canon, and master chief takes no part in this.
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To join me, please send a pm titled [b Promethean] and a basic skelly of your spartan oc


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Knight took a few seconds to think about it her ability could be useful but she was an unknown to him and his crew. “Fine but you must do anything and everything I say as it will put too many people off if you don’t.” He said his Blue eyes looking her up and down.
  Knight / Mended / 49d 19h 8m 44s
Ash’Ni looked towards Knight. “I heard you are one of the most acclaimed soldiers of this place...so I would find it wise to fight beside you.” She told him, hoping he would be understanding of the request
  Ash’Ni / DoomGuy123 / 55d 20h 7m 29s
He didn’t understand most of what she meant but he did understand that they had been attacked and most didn’t make it. They were more crafty then most would thing and anyone that thought they were above them would die. Over estimating your enermy was a faital mistake.
  Knight / Mended / 56d 1h 37m 26s
One thing the female did not do was take off her helmet, but She seemed to not mind that whatsoever. “I was sent here to claim my rightful place among the hunters, but my entire group was slaughtered by those things...” she explained
  Ash’Ni / DoomGuy123 / 56d 1h 58m 17s
“Yes sir.” Knight said. “Another one of your friends work for me.” He explained the first meeting between them. However he did let them do most the talking and everything as he was mostly to watch her and make sure she didn’t cause trouble.
  Knight / Mended / 56d 2h 16m 53s
The Yautja sighed a bit, her disguise fading as she put in a code into her gauntlet. “It has been a while Arbiter.” The female said “Quite...” the Arbiter replies, and the female looked at him. “You look quite familiar...have we met before this planet?” She asked Knight
  Ash’Ni / DoomGuy123 / 60d 10h 40m 33s
As the landed he took her off and led the way to a privet room. He had motioned the Arbiter to move with them so they could talk without prying ears. He closed the door behind them and said. "It should be safe now." He said removing his helmet showing his face for the first time to her.
  Knight / Mended / 60d 11h 4s
She smiled and chuckled a bit. “Been there before, it’s fun if you ask me.” She said with a smile, then she nodded to him when they got back to the base, where he Arbiter was waiting for his unknown guest.
"Well have you ever had that feeling of jumping from a really high spot or try skydiving?" He asked. "It kinda like that but you just feel like jumping from space to the plant. So take the craziest people in the world throw them into a ten can and wish them luck."
  Knight / Mended / 61d 14h 10m 40s
The female sat back, having her blade out and sharpening it, a ritual for her after each day had been done, or in between battles. “So, what exactly is it like being a helljumper...?” She asked, trying to sound normal, and actually pulling it off.
  Ash’Ni (human disguise) / DoomGuy123 / 62d 14h 44m 52s
Moving onto the birds he took a few second clearing an area for her to sit as he stood close by. Watching as the bird took off and head back to the stars to regroup with the other men. As the headed he sent a message to the arbiter about a meeting.
  Knight / Mended / 62d 15h 13m 15s
“That works for me, I guess.” She said, and crossed her arms, then she looked at the others, knowing they would be a bit suspicious of her presence, meaning that there could be more people who know of the location.
  Ash’Ni (human disguise) / DoomGuy123 / 66d 20h 42m 8s
"We had back to my ship and find you a ride back to the rear." He said putting an act for his men. "However that may take a while as we dont have the ships to do so. So for now we will find you a room and let you stay there for the time."
  Knight / Mended / 66d 20h 51m 57s
She looked at them, and sighed. “So...what now?” She asked, faking not knowing the layout of the area. She made sure to remain calm because if she lost her cool, then her cover would be blown and she’d most likely end up dead.
  Ash’Ni (human disguise) / DoomGuy123 / 69d 23h 29m 25s
He knew that the lie would hold up as mersanay used both unfc and there own gear. “Don’t worry I check out her background and my AI can confirm that so she legitimate.” He explained to them. They would listen to him he never lead them wrong before.
  Knight / Mended / 69d 23h 33m 41s

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