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“It is very adorable!” She said, and the wisp happily flew around Iblis, having taken a liking to her, and it looked at Progeny, and it made a happy sound as it sat on Iblis’ shoulder. “I think I’ll call him Boomer.” She said with a smile, and the wisp made another happy sound, liking the name
  Iblis the hedgehog / DoomGuy123 / 243d 19h 57m 40s
Nodding in understanding, Progeny smiled a bit before chuckling at the sight of the burst Wisp snuggling against Iblis. "I must admit, I've never seen the Burst Wisps so loving before. They have explosive personalities, but perhaps their hearts are just as strong too. But that one right there...I think he [b really] likes you, it's quite adorable." She said happily.
  Progeny the Life-giver / AskTheStaff / 243d 20h 1m 2s
“I see...” she said, being more timid and curious than when she was crystalline. “I would like to meat Mother Wisp if I ever could do it.” She said gently, having a burst wisp snuggling her gently, and she gently held it close as it did so. “They’re really loving, aren’t they?” She said, giggling a little
  Iblis the hedgehog / DoomGuy123 / 243d 20h 6m 27s
"My color scheme is actually the same of Mother Wisp herself...since I'm made from her own energy it only makes sense that I'd look really close to how she does." The female said before standing up, moving Wisps out of the way gently to do so. "Now that you are organic, I do believe there are a few things you'll have to learn about. But we can get to those when the situations come upon us naturally." Progeny explained politely, with a gentler voice that was most likely due to her being pure now rather than having nega energy.
  Progeny the Life-giver / AskTheStaff / 243d 20h 8m 57s
“I am amazed by how it turned out to be, but it definitely confused me when I woke up...” she said with half a smile on her face. “You look beautiful as well, not to mention that I like the colors you are!” She said happily, her eyes lit up with joy
  Iblis the hedgehog / DoomGuy123 / 243d 20h 13m 43s
"Hello, Iblis...I must say your transformation has made you beautiful." Progeny stated, looking at the hedgehog's features and observing them. "I wanted to return the favor for what you did a while back, so I thought making you organic was the least I could do to help you out." She explained, snuggling her head against a Wisp or two, but not in a way that would make the little things uncomfortable at all.
  Progeny the Life-giver / AskTheStaff / 243d 20h 15m 55s
The hedgehog had came inside, a bit shaken, but slightly smiling a little when she saw her friend, who looked really pretty. “Hi...” she said a bit sheepishly, nervous about how her friend would react to her new body after she woke up that morning. Soon she was in full view of Progeny, who was still being cuddled by her wisps.
  Iblis the hedgehog / DoomGuy123 / 243d 20h 19m 17s
Eventually, the pink female woke up as well, rubbing around her three eyes and realizing a few Wisps had been cuddling right up on her still. "W-well...good morning, little guys." She had said with a chuckle, smiling a bit. Progeny then slowly sat up, stretching for a few moments before relaxing once more. [i I wonder what Iblis looks like now that I did what I did last night.] She thought to herself.
  Progeny the Life-giver / AskTheStaff / 243d 20h 22m 16s
Iblis had felt odd for the entire night, but it wasn’t odd enough to cause her to wake up in the middle of the night, but she stirred in her sleep frequently, but the wisps came to her and made her calm, and soon she was completely asleep, her body changing with each passing hour. Iblis woke up the next morning, yawning, which confused her. [i did...did I feel air go in a part of my face...?] she thought, and sure enough, when she put her hand up to her face, she now had a mouth, and teeth. “What in the world...?” She asked herself, and slowly got up, not feeling as heavy from her old body, and soon she went outside and found a puddle of water. What she saw startled her, yet it thrilled her. “I’m...I’m not crystalline?” She asked herself, looking at her reflection in the surface of said puddle, admiring herself and smiling a little. [i But how did this happen...? I dont remember being like this when I went to sleep last night...] she thought before heading back into the temple.
  Iblis (Mobian) / DoomGuy123 / 244d 20h 47m 46s
The presence of the Wisps and Iblis around Progeny made herself feel more calmed and relaxed. With the nega energy removed from her, she was now pure...and free from any limitations that it had put upon her. She gently opened her eyes an hour or two later, reaching her hand out slowly before letting out some strange flow of hyper-go-on power. This would go into the other female's body...unknowingly transforming her into a fully organic being throughout the rest of the night. Progeny's eyes soon closed again...and she was unconscious once more, her weakness being an effect that would result in Iblis waking up before her.
  Progeny the Life-giver / AskTheStaff / 244d 20h 55m 36s
She smiled sadly. “I’m just glad I could get you back in time...” she whispered, and she slowly let go of her hand, and she tried to calm down, and soon some of the wisps began to huddle around the two, and most of the red burst wisps huddled around Iblis, who began to joyfully cry herself to sleep, her energy spent from her anger.
  Iblis the Flame / DoomGuy123 / 244d 21h 37s
When Iblis had placed her hand upon the newly formed version of her friend, Progeny's hand gently squeezed back to show that she was there. The third eye on the pink girl's head opened, and telepathically sent a message saying "Do not worry...I am alive...and you're the reason for that." After the message had concluded, the third eye on Progeny's head closed once more.
  Progeny the Life-giver / AskTheStaff / 244d 21h 2m 58s
Iblis finally got herself together and came to where her friend was, but was shocked and amazed by the sight she saw. Every wisp of every color, shape, and size, has gathered around, fueling the contrawisp with their hyper-go-on power to keep her alive. [i is...is this what she was supposed to look like?] she thought, gently placing her hand on her friend’s, hoping she would feel her hand. “I’m sorry...I was late...” she said, tearing up again because she didn’t get there sooner.
  Iblis the Flame / DoomGuy123 / 244d 21h 7m 17s
When Iblis would turn around and come back for a few seconds, she'd see the wisps that had all gathered around Janus, and what was going on. The partly deformed body soon reshaped back to what it was, but still a little bit different. She appeared smoother, and not crystalline at all. Although still unconscious, Janus had soon been transformed into a pure being...and she looked quite beautiful.
  Progeny the Life-giver / AskTheStaff / 244d 21h 10m 58s
Suddenly an explosive blast of energy had blasted through the hick steel shutter door, and another crystalline form entered, and soon a large amount of wisps entered as well, but the first thing she did was go after the chubby doctor, who, as always, fled as quickly as he could, but not before the female latched onto his egg mobile and began to tear it apart with her crystal claws. “Let this be a lesson for you!” She shouted, and flung him and his pod across the room, and she immediately hurried to her friend and began to try to bust through the glass, eventually breaking it and soon she was kneeling beside her friend, crying as she gently picked her up, and soon all the wisps that wee freed were swarming around her, worried, sad, some even angry, but they dared not to come close to Iblis, who was slowly shuffling her way to the ruined temple, carrying her barely moving friend in her arms. When they got back to the temple, Iblis gently laid her unconscious friend on the patch of moss she had slept on earlier that day, and soon she walked away, too ashamed of not getting there in time to do anything. But when she had walked out of sight, the wisps all began to come to Janus, one of each combing to her and gently touching her arms, and began to give her their Hyper-go-on power, filling her with renewed energy.
  Iblis the Flame / DoomGuy123 / 244d 21h 15m 6s

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