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An entire night of partying to bring in the new school year was something Changkhyun immediately regretted as he woke up with a hangover the next morning. Groaning as he rolled off the bed, he reached up to grab his phone and turn off his alarm. He looked at his phone to see if he had any messages from the rest of his pack as he got up, going to grab a change of clothes and headed into the bathroom to take a shower.

He was glad he was alone this morning, but that meant that he'd be alone for the next couple days considering that Shownu was called out on a "business trip." He knew better though, there was more to it than that but he was okay with it as long as they brought in money so he could finish high school.

It didn't mean he didn't like being alone. No it was quite the opposite. He was the youngest in their pack after all, but despite the cold front he put up, he craved the company of his [http://kprofiles.com/monsta-x-members-profile/ pack].

Once out of the shower and dressed he went to grab his shoes and backpack before heading out to his jeep, getting in it and putting his bag in the passenger seat. After checking his phone for any messages he put the phone on the dashboard dock before starting the jeep and backing out of the driveway before heading to school.
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