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Alice stacks her books in a neat pile on the corner of her desk. With nervous energy she twists her ballpoint pen around in her hands. She could feel the curious stares of the students around her. A tall girl with hair the color of a damp tree trunk was leaning against another student’s desk. The girl’s voice floated over the rest of the chatter that filled the room. After some consideration, she figured it would be safer to remain in her seat rather than try to introduce herself to anyone. The last thing she wanted was to come off as desperate. The last students jog through the door followed by a man with a receding hairline. In his hands he carried a tote bag that was the same color of the sky. Clearly he was the teacher, his dark skin shining with sweat as though he had run up the stairs. A small smile pulls at Alice’s lips as she imagines the portly science teacher tripping over his own feet to make it on time. As the man starts to prattle on about the syllabus and the various projects of the upcoming semester, Alice scans the room again.

Alice’s hazel eyes sparkle like the sun crawling through the forest. She settles on a boy with raven black hair and pale skin. Without staring too long, she makes note of all of his prominent features: almost slanted eyes, angular nose, thin upper lip and fuller lower. If she didn’t know any better she would say the boy was the male version of herself. As she loosely returns her attention to the front of the room, she notices a burning desire catch inside of her. The desire urging her to talk to the strange boy before anyone else. It was if her instincts were pointing to her to the most popular person in school. Though she doubted that it was true. The urge was probably some teenaged hormonal response to his looks. Regardless, she would have to wait until after class to talk to him.
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Changkhyun was aware of a new presence as he arrived at school a bit behind the others due to being stuck in traffic. He pulled into his parking spot and turning off the jeep, next to a new-ish looking Honda. He glanced at it, tilting his head to the side slightly before grabbing his things and getting out, closing the door and locking up the jeep before heading into the school.

He immediately spotted his best friend and captain of the football team Jake, who looked no worse for wear than he did. "Hey Jake," he called, catching Jake's attention. "Yo puppy," Jake said with a grin. "Some mess of a party last night eh? Glad to see you made it back home safe," he said. "Yeah," Changkhyun said, scratching the back of his head.

"Hey did you hear, we're getting a new student," said Jake as they headed to where their friend Cole was waiting. "Really now?" Asked Changkhyun. "Yeah, Samantha spotted her leaving the office as she went to get the list of the people signing up for the track team," said Jake. "Hm," said Changkhyun.

"No sports this year?" Asked Jake as they reached where their friend Cole was. "No," said Changkhyun. "I see no reason to be in any this year, I'm going to be rather busy with things," he said, shrugging. "Family trips and what not," he said, shrugging.

"Ah, your adopted father wanted more family trips? Man how can he afford these things?" Asked Cole. "Easy, he owns a lot of stock share," said Changkhyun as he chuckled some.

It was rather hard, living a double life. But things were only going to go on like this for another year, since he was a Junior in high school. Next year was finally graduation and he hoped that it went by with no issues.

He got a text from Shownu, quickly looking down at his phone to see what it was about.

[i Apparently we got new neighbors. Keep your runs to a smaller perimeter. The house by the cliff was bought and they moved in just before the weekend] was the text he had been sent. "Well then," he said. "We finally got new neighbors," he said. "Oh, cool," said Jake. "Surprised anyone bought the house since that wolf pack has been occupying the area," he said. "[i I'm] surprised you haven't moved yet," said Cole. Changkhyun could only chuckle as he scratched the back of his head.

"Well, I'll see you guys around then," he said as the bell rang for the first class. "See you," said Jake and Cole as everyone separated to go to their first classes.
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The divorce was a nasty one starting with Sharon Parker standing on the porch screaming at her husband James. Tousled black hair stood up in every direction on his head as he retreated to his mercedes benz. Sharon, with fists at her side, finally said that four word phrase that would forever change her family’s life. Next came the equally disgusting custody battle for Alice. Sharon and James fought with each other bitterly, the only thing they could agree on was they way they raised their daughter. James continued to advance in his career, going from a local judge to state in a few short years, prompting his move from Oakland, California to small town Addison, Maine. James had saved enough to buy a house on the coast overlooking the ocean he loved. A job offering as a local judge turned out to be the perfect, paid, hobby. Even though the move was a demotion rather than a promotion, he felt it necessary to get closer to Alice. The move also made joint custody impossible. Sharon, having Alice every weekend and every other holiday, found herself backed in a corner. James was leaving and planned to take Alice with him. Being apart of the legal system also gave him the connections he needed to get full legal custody of Alice, but none of that would be necessary. In the months leading to the big move three important things happened: Alice turned seventeen, got her driver’s license, and decided to change her life. Life offered Alice an opportunity she couldn’t afford to pass on. Maine was a new and alien planet. It had plants she’d never seen before, clouds, and a new coastline with new beaches. An ocean she’d never been in. Not only did Maine sound like an exciting adventure, it sounded like a place where she could finally be who she wanted. She no longer had to be the kind and humble girl her parents raised her to be. Alice decided, faster than her mother would like, that she was going with her father. James was delighted to hear his little girl was going home with him. Sharon was crushed and had no choice, but to watch Alice pack her things while excitedly detailing her new room. She threw anything old out, or too childish. The final month flew by with her parents arguing and her determination to rebrand herself driving her forward in a frenzy. James gave Alice anything she wanted including, but not limited to, the latest smartphone, a entire new wardrobe, and a new car of which they would pull behind the Uhaul. Sharon, being a high school counselor, couldn’t keep up. Sadly, Sharon waved to her daughter and ex-husband on the very porch that changed their entire lives.

Addison, Maine proved to be everything Alice expected. Complete with the smell of salt from the ocean that quickly soaked into everything they owned. Thankfully they arrived a few days before school started so she had time to unpack. Light blue walls now surrounded her with with black carpeting under her feet. She brought her white dresser and writing desk with her, other than that everything else was abandoned. Unlike her old room, this one had a flat screen T.V mounted on the wall with a shelf holding a DVD player. The setup was simple enough, just how she wanted it. Alice’s new life would be built carefully on the idea that even though her father had money, she refused to be spoiled. A new white bookshelf leaned against the wall next to her bed, which was opposite the massive window. She considered this view of the bluffs overlooking the coast to be the best in the house. The house itself not being modest by any means. With three floors in total it was a beautiful monument topping the cliff that her father now owned. The surrounding acres being blanketed by Maine’s forest.

Alice slowly opened her eyes to her screaming alarm clock. Finally the day had arrived: the first day of school. Swinging her legs over the side of her bed, more excited than tired, she made her way into her bathroom. There she washed her face and applied a light layer of makeup. Her black short hair was straightened to the side and the shorter ends at the nape of her neck were spiked up slightly with her fingers. She changed from her pjs to a pair of skinny jeans and a graphic t-shirt. Both from a label. Alice’s heart hammered against her chest as she made her way downstairs to grab her bag, jacket, and keys. Already she had signed up for the track team and planned to join student council, both of which she hadn’t been apart of in California. The sudden change in extracurricular activities was a way for her to make friends and join the athletic crowd. In Cali, and everywhere else it seemed, all the popular people were involved in at least one sport. Getting in her older Honda, she starts the rainy and magical drive to the high school. Here she planned on being popular, the complete opposite of who she used to be. In Cali, she was a shy, bookish, girl who had a small group of friends. That group of friends would meet up after school to go to the beach or a local hideaway for teenagers. Most of them wore classic rock tees, smoked cigarettes, and talked about what they wanted to do with their lives. More than half of them one failing grade away from dropping out. Alice, fortunately, wasn’t like them. She clung to their presence because they weren’t mean to her. She knew they invited her along on their hangout sessions because otherwise she wouldn’t do anything, but read. It was a sympathetic friendship she had and moving across the country away from them was easy.

Soon Alice found herself surrounded by cars clearly bought for teenagers. Rust decorated their bodies and a few windshields were cracked. One dark blue truck in particular had a silver spatula shoved between the door cover and the actual window. Probably holding the window up. Her car was easily one of the newest ones there. The pavement which everyone was parked on was divided by long cracks and in need of serious repair. The school itself looked to be an old asylum built with red brick, dozens of windows, and stone sidewalks. Overall the sheer mass of the building was intimidating and a little unnecessary. For a school that housed less than a thousand students it was too big. Walking, what she hoped looked confidently, up to the school she quickly decided that a lot of the rooms were probably used as storage, or were forgotten about. Immediately through the doors to her right was the glass office. There she could see the middle-aged, overweight, secretary clacking away at her keyboard. The woman had long red hair the color of dying leaves during the fall and short pug fingers. Her feet looked to be either swollen in her sandals or shoved. She wore a peach colored skirt that bulged at her hips and a low-cut blouse that showed her concerning cleavage, also peach but in a lighter shade. Inside she was instructed to sit and wait while the secretary gathered everything she would need after giving the woman some required information. Alice is handed a map, course schedule, and lose instructions to her classes. The woman had an air of indifference that hung around her like perfume. The woman either didn’t want to be here, or she wasn’t well liked among the students. Either way, Alice left the office with a heavy heart. Her hopeful demeanor easily crushed by the woman’s attitude. She manages to regain some of her excitement on the walk up to her first class.
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An entire night of partying to bring in the new school year was something Changkhyun immediately regretted as he woke up with a hangover the next morning. Groaning as he rolled off the bed, he reached up to grab his phone and turn off his alarm. He looked at his phone to see if he had any messages from the rest of his pack as he got up, going to grab a change of clothes and headed into the bathroom to take a shower.

He was glad he was alone this morning, but that meant that he'd be alone for the next couple days considering that Shownu was called out on a "business trip." He knew better though, there was more to it than that but he was okay with it as long as they brought in money so he could finish high school.

It didn't mean he didn't like being alone. No it was quite the opposite. He was the youngest in their pack after all, but despite the cold front he put up, he craved the company of his [http://kprofiles.com/monsta-x-members-profile/ pack].

Once out of the shower and dressed he went to grab his shoes and backpack before heading out to his jeep, getting in it and putting his bag in the passenger seat. After checking his phone for any messages he put the phone on the dashboard dock before starting the jeep and backing out of the driveway before heading to school.
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