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Changkhyun and Minhyuk were doing homework when Kihyun, Jooheon and Wonho showed up, Wonho yelling that they were home. "We're in the kitchen," called Changkhyun. Minhyuk shook his head and chuckled some. "Welcome back guys," he said when Kihyun, Jooheon and Wonho walked into the kitchen.

"What, no welcome party?" Asked Kihyun. "We're busy with homework it seems," said Changkhyun. "I see that," said Kihyun. "How's school going?" He asked. "Fine, fine," said Changkhyun. "My power activated," he said. "Really?" Asked Kihyun. "That's shocking, are you okay?" He asked. "Yeah," said Changkhyun.

"What'd you get as a power?" Asked Wonho. "Some sort of dark energy that vaporizes my targets," said Changkhyun. "Warn me to never piss you off," said Wonho. "Noted," Changkhyun said with a snicker. "If my alpha aura didn't affect you first then my power would," he said. Wonho scratched the back of his head.

"Let's go for a run," Kihyun said suddenly. Changkhyun blinked, looking up at Kihyun. "Miss the weather already?" He asked, grinning. Kihyun laughs softly as he scratched the back of his head. "We can go if you want," said Changkhyun. "Let me finish this math," he said. Minhyuk sighed. "I hate your school you know that?" He asked. Changkhyun chuckled some as he worked on the problem.

After finishing homework everyone left out the back door to go running, Kihyun's light brown wolf form running with Jooheon's dark brown wolf form ran with Changkhyun while Wonho's silver with a brown patch on his back's wolf form ran with Minhyuk. Minhyuk kept up the communication if they needed it but otherwise they all ran in silence.

After a bit Changkhyun let out a howl, the others soon joining him with their own howls. They were all standing by the cliff by that point, in view of her bedroom window. As far as they were aware no one was home but they didn't care if there was.
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The pair probably thought she was the most boring creature on the planet. Alice swears softly to herself grasping their numbers between her fingers and watching them go. The rest of the school day drags. She watches them from a distance laugh with their friends as she packs her things away in her locker. Shoving her bag onto her shoulder heavy with homework she wonders if she’ll ever have a group of friends like that. Friends that would clog the hallway just to talk to her. Changkhyun’s and Minhyuk’s numbers were tucked away safely in the front pocket of her jeans. Push a stray strand of hair behind her ear, she starts toward the student parking lot. Thankfully it wasn’t raining, though the clouds promised that it would. Rain was something she expected. Sunshine would surprise her, though Emma said that sun did eventually come out. It was a wonder that they didn’t shut the school down on those days. That thought made her smile as she climbed into the driver seat of her car. The drive home was short.

The empty house envelopes her easily. Shadows and imaginary sounds threaten to unnerve her. She couldn’t let an empty house scare her. Rolling her shoulders, she hunts for something to snack on before changing to go for a run. She refused to let the wolves she’d seen scare her away from her dream either. Maybe she would keep closer to the house this time? As she chews an apple slowly, she sends out a text to Changkhyun’s phone. Her slumped backpack taunts her as she walks by and upstairs. Tossing the apple core in her bedroom trash can.

A light breeze pulls at her yellow shorts and her t-shirt. The weather was cool, almost cold. Gripping her phone in one hand, shoving her headphones into her ears with the other, she readies herself. There was so much she should be doing, but her own mind wouldn’t let her. There was still a lot she had to figure out, had to plan if everything was going to go right. First was the voice, she still wasn’t sure where it came from or why it would be Minhyuk’s voice she heard. How could she even hear his voice before she met him? How could she be so sure? The idea that the wolf was Minhyuk was impossible, but completely undeniable. Alice was a hundred percent sure it was him. Then there was the party. What should she wear? Was it going to be casual? Formal? She couldn’t even begin to have a clue and she didn’t want to ask. Asking meant she would look stupid in front of possible new friends. For a moment she wished that she hadn’t decided to do this. That she was content with being the quiet bookish girl. That girl that people ignored. Lastly there was the project. She wanted to do well, really well, but she didn’t want to monopolize the entire thing. Taking over the project would make her look like a know-it-all. Changkhyun and Minhyuk would think she thought they were stupid and couldn’t handle it. Even though she knew they probably could, at least to do well, she didn’t trust them.

Stopping beside a white oak, she catches her breath. Sweat dripping from her jaw and cheeks she felt like her thoughts were escaping through her pores. A painful stitch had started in her side forcing her to walk the rest of the way home. She found peace in her breathlessness. Inside once again she trudges upstairs to rinse off and do her homework. She’s surprised by how heavy her backpack is when she lifts it.
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Changkhyun blinked. "Oh really?" Asked Minhyuk. "Never been to a party huh?" He asked. "Well," said Changkhyun as he wrote his and Minhyuk's numbers down before handing the paper to her. "I'm pretty sure your father wouldn't like me going over due to my reputation but," he said, chuckling some. "My adopted father's reputation is better but he's on a business trip right now," he said, shrugging.

[i I swear to god if I get dragged to this party] thought Changkhyun, earning a small snicker from Minhyuk as he scratched the back of his head. "We'll see you around then," said Minhyuk as he grabbed his things, dragging Changkhyun out of the classroom and down the hall after Changkhyun grabbed the rest of his things.

"The party might be good for you, you know," said Minhyuk. "You know the reason why I don't want to go," said Changkhyun as he combed his hands through his hair. "Well, we're going to have to figure out something," said Minhyuk. "I'll be there with you, how about that," he said. "Sure, whatever," said Changkhyun. "We'll figure it out," said Minhyuk as he offered a reassuring smile.

They decided to skip the last class, going straight home after getting food. Their packmates were waiting after all, and Changkhyun did miss his betas. He also had school to worry about but that would come later. After he got to relax around the familiar faces and scents that were of his pack.
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Alice stands as the bell signals the end of class. Having the pair over sounded odd to her; considering that she wasn’t a hundred percent sure on if her father was going to be there or not. Changkhyun and Minhyuk would be the first “friends” she would have over. Changkhyun had a reputation for being a partier and Minhyuk was still a mystery to be unraveled. Though rumors said that he was a little bit of a troublemaker. Either way her father wouldn’t be pleased with either. Together they nearly warranted parental supervision. The thought made her smile. Alice’s spotless reputation and her new reckless agenda would eventually run into each other. Eventually she would lose her father’s trust and she was prepared for that, but it was too early in the game for that to happen. She could easily tell her father that they were harmlessly working on a project together. The project being the perfect excuse for her to go to the mentioned party, but it didn’t sound like either one was going; even though they were expected. If they weren’t going there wasn’t a reason as to why she would be there. Shoving her things in her folder and tucking everything neatly against her side, she chews over her options. She could quiz Emma to see if she was going, though she didn’t seem like the time. She could also wait and see if Changkhyun or Minhyuk was going, if they were there was a possibility that they would invite her just to be polite. Chewing the inside of her lip, her interjects: “I’ve never been to an actual party before.”

The words left her suddenly, as though there was a secret part of her that was made to be popular and part of the crowd. That part of her was locked away in a closet back in Cali, now that she was in Maine the key had been found and the door unlocked. The idea of a hidden part of her excited her. It was like having another personality trait that she never even considered existed.

“Anyway, either house is fine with me. My dad works at the courthouse so there is a good chance it would be just us if you came over to my place. We have fast internet and a huge kitchen table we could work at. It’s whatever you guys want though. Do you wanna exchange numbers so we can text each other?” She questioned, watching their faces carefully and shifting her weight from one foot to the other. She didn’t want to be rude and just leave, but she didn’t want to risk being late for her next class. Even though she wanted to rebrand herself and be apart of the ‘in’ crowd, she didn’t want to damage her chances of getting into the college of her dreams. The idea of building a great future and going to college had been hammered in her head since she could read. Failing any of her classes scared her like a monster under her bed. Not that she still believed that monster lived under her bed, just the creepy-crawly feeling that there was someone or something there.
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Changkhyun glanced at Minhyuk as Alice agreed with the topic while Minhyuk got a read on her mind. [i Is she figuring it out?] He thought, his head tilting slightly. Minhyuk nodded once. Sometimes being a mind reader had its disadvantages, and him being able to project his thoughts was now going to be a problem. They couldn't communicate like before, so now it was going to be one sided thought conversations with yes or no answers in the form of short nods.

"So erm," said Minhyuk as they realized there was an awkward silence between the three of them. "We can meet at your place or our place after school?" He asked. "We're going to be slightly busy the next couple days because of family coming over and whatnot," he said.

"It'd be nice to have people over again, when there isn't a party going on," said Changkhyun as he chuckled slightly. Minhyuk laughs. "Heard there was going to be another party over the weekend from some people, you going to go this time?" He asked. "...Probably not," said Changkhyun. [i I don't want an accident happening], he added in his thoughts, which caused Minhyuk to widen his eyes slightly in response before nodding. "Funny, they were talking like they were expecting you," said Minhyuk as he gasped. Changkhyun shook his head in amusement.
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Alice shrugged his question away. She didn’t know anything about wolves let along werewolves. In fact everything she knew about them came from stories she read as a child or hollywood movies. Both of which had questionable sources. She allows for a thin smile to pull at her lips. The voice from the woods and how close it was to Minhyuk’s kept eating away her mind, completely distracting her from his words. Even in her distracted state she managed to catch the tail end of what he was saying.

“Either way it sounds like a really interesting topic. I’m kinda excited.” She admitted, staring a hole into her notebook. Alice remains pale as she listens closely to Minhyuk’s voice. Carefully she notes the similarities between it and the voice she heard. With confidence she gave the voice a name and it was Minhyuk. But it didn’t make any sense. Why would she hear Minkhyuk’s voice in the woods staring at two wolves? Maybe she was losing her mind, that seemed like a more likely option than meeting a talking wolf.
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"Oh come on," Changkhyun said, almost exasperatedly as he sighed. "Okay, wolf attacks in Europe it is then," he said, earning a triumphant grin from Minhyuk. "We could do all of Europe," said Minhyuk. "I think if we can dig up some old legends and stuff about it we could pull this off greatly," he said.

[i Yeah, and you just want an excuse to scare her], thought Changkhyun, earning a small chuckle from Minhyuk. "Some say that those wolf attacks weren't caused by regular wolves," said Minhyuk. "Like the beast of Gevaudan for example," he said. "People speculated that werewolves were the cause of it," he said. "But alas, werewolves aren't real," he said, earning a snort from Changkhyun.

Keeping up appearances was easy for Changkhyun, he wasn't alive for as long as everyone else. Hell, Shownu was around since the early 1800's when he was still human then was turned. He was their youngest, having still aging and being in high school. After a certain age though, he knew he would stop aging, at least from what Minhyuk and Hyungwon had said.

"It's still odd though," said Minhyuk, bringing Changkhyun out of his thoughts. "Especially since most of the time, wolves don't go near humans unless they are desperately searching for food," he said. "What would cause these attacks?" He asked.
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Alice glances up as she hears about the week long project. She couldn’t help the smile that pulled at her lips as she hears her name coupled with Changkhyun and Minhyuk. She picks up her notebook and textbook and goes to their table, following the rest of the class. As she gets closer she hears the pair talking about the history of wolf attacks in Europe. For some reason the idea of wolves sent a shiver down her spine. As they talk she notices how close Minhyuk’s voice was to the voice she heard in the woods. She could feel the color drain from her face as she pauses, staring at them for a moment. Pursing her lips together tightly, she fights the wave of nausea climbing her throat. Swallowing thickly, she pulls a chair up to the edge of the table and joins them. Catching something about Minhyuk being the youngest.

“Hi guys,” she smiles, returning Minhyuk’s smile from earlier. She opens her notebook to an empty page and starts taking notes of what would be required of them. The teacher was looking for information gathering skills rather than anything specific. They were supposed to be learning how to work with a group, write about historical events, and how to cite sources properly. The fact they could pick the topic, as long as it was approved, themselves was a blessing.

“Are we going to focus on a specific part of Europe or just Europe in general?” She asks them, trying to get a conversation going between them and hopefully break the ice a little. Before she would have never been the first one to speak. It was hard being in a group when two of the members already knew each other. She half-heartedly expected to be third-wheeled the entire time. Something told her that the pair would share the work equally, they didn’t seem like the type that would make her do all of it. As she waits for them to decide she notes how many sources they would need and how long the essay was supposed to be.
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Changkhyun rushed to his 4th period with Minhyuk in tow. They had stopped to get Minhyuk a few extra things from the office and managed to make it to class just behind the teacher.

Changkhyun went to sit at his usual table with Minhyuk getting assigned another seat on the other end of the room near Alice. Minhyuk gave her a friendly smile before sitting down and facing the teacher, getting a read on everyone's thoughts. He immediately figured out that they'd be assigned a group project and used his power, pretending to write something down in his notebook and changed the lineup for the groups slightly, putting himself in a group with Changkhyun and Alice.

"We'll be having everyone in groups for a week long project, here's the groups," said the teacher as he named off the groups. Changkhyun raised an eyebrow and turned his head to look over at Minhyuk with a "really?" look when he heard who's group he'd be in. Minhyuk chuckled some as he looked at his notebook.

"This should be interesting," said Minhyuk as Changkhyun went to switch seats with the person sitting beside Minhyuk. "God damn it Minhyuk," Changkhyun said with a sigh. "Causing trouble on your first day of school too," he said with a shake of his head. Minhyuk could only snicker in response as he shook his head.

"Well, since we'll be seeing each other for a while for the next week or so what should we do the project on?" Asked Changkhyun. "Oh! Oh I know!" Said Minhyuk. "How about the history of wolf attacks throughout Europe," he said. "This is history, not science," said Changkhyun as he deadpanned. "It's [i in] history though," said Minhyuk. Changkhyun sighed. "And I'm supposed to be the youngest in the family?" He asked. Minhyuk just grinned.
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Alice snaps her attention back to Emma. She nods simply before taking a small bite of pizza. She uses a napkin to mop up the grease left behind. Alice’s old school let the students have a choice between several different lunches. The lunches themselves were healthy and local. There were also several different vegan and vegetarian options. Here you had a choice of a hot lunch or a salad in a plastic container. Looking down at her mushy broccoli made her miss the other lunches.

“It seems like partying is the only thing to do around here.” she whines, pushing a sad excuse for cheesy-bread around her tray. Chewing the inside of her lip, she decides she’s had enough and that she would start to pack a lunch from now on. Feeling slightly betrayed by the school system, she takes care of her tray and returns to Emma. Just as she was going to ask Emma more questions about Changkhyun, the bell signalling the end of lunch sounds and the cafeteria starts to clear out. Gathering her things, Alice waits for Emma, walking with her as far as she can before splitting to head to her next class. The crowded halls threaten to bounce her small frame around like a ping-pong ball. Thankfully her fourth hour isn’t too far from the cafeteria. Quickly finding her seat, Alice pulls out her notebook and starts to doodle on the cover. As her pencil traces lazy circles, she wonders how Changkhyun is able to party like that. If the stories were true he should spend most of his day in the boy’s bathroom praying to the porcelain throne. Alice watches the door to see who would wander in. A few students cling to the hallway, telling a few more jokes before rushing off to their next class. A couple swap spit before brushing each other one more time. The boy jogging to his next class as she saunters in, flipping her hair over shoulder. The usual high school drama unfolds as the girl of the pair walks in and another glares at her. Clearly someone took someone’s boyfriend, or someone took someone’s crush.

That kind of pettiness never interested Alice before. She never cared about what she looked like or what people thought. Now it seemed like everything that didn’t matter before was now of the utmost importance. Who she hung around and who she talked to was everything. The fact that Addison was a small town didn’t help matters either. Everyone knew everyone. Worse than that was that people’s reputations didn’t just go away. People’s mistakes soaked into their skin and hair, hung around them like a bad smell. All of a sudden everything Alice did had to be carefully planned and executed.
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Lunch wasn't that eventful, though Minhyuk was overwhelmed by everyone's thoughts about him. He was new and all but he was trying to keep to himself, something he wasn't known for doing but since his power had been activated he kept to himself, gauging people's thoughts before getting to know them.

Changkhyun's friends were welcoming to him, and didn't ask many questions, something that Changkhyun was proud for. He mostly kept away from the other humans, but after knowing Jake and Cole for three years he learned to trust them with everything concerning the human side of his life, when he wasn't out partying every other weekend anyway. Those two could give his two betas, Jooheon and Kihyun, a run for their money in terms of their... Beta like tendencies.

Emma studied Alice with a small tilt of her head as she ate her lunch. "I see you've been studying the school's resident party-goer," she said. "Changkhyun's known for getting almost black out drunk and then going to school the next day with no issue," she said. "He's friendly enough though, he's known around town for never breaking the law and things," she said.

"I've never seen the new kid around though, rumor has it that he was sent to live here because he got into a lot of trouble," she said. "If it were anyone else he'd've been sent to military school," she said. "Changkhyun's adopted father is very understanding though," she said.

It was during this conversation that Changkhyun caught her eye, his head tilting to the side slightly before returning to the conversation and laughing about something Cole had said. Minhyuk was laughing slightly at Emma's little rant though he pretended to laugh along to whatever Cole had said.

A text had been sent to Changkhyun's phone and he looked at it briefly before shaking his head in amusement. His betas were due to come home today with another pack member of theirs, Wonho, and they expected a welcoming party. They were also expected to go greet the neighbors but Changkhyun figured that since they already did, sort of, it could work for now.
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For Alice, the night dragged on. Her mind raced like a runaway train. Endless questions berated her over and over. A few stray tears dripped down her cheeks as she considered her situation and the weight of it laid on her. Gradually she found sleep in her tear soaked pillow. That morning she wakes, showers, and then dresses. Downstairs her father stands with a gallon of milk in his hand. She makes her way around him and pop bread into the toaster and fetch peanut butter from the cabinet. James makes small talk as she makes her breakfast. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t force herself to pay attention to him. James prattled on about what his plans were, and his last case. What she hoped was thoughtfully, she chewed her toast and peanut butter and made sure to nod in all of the right places. It wasn’t long before it was time to leave, the goodbyes are short. As he watches her leave, James wonders how she’d grown so fast.

Outside she pulled the door open to her Honda and froze. There, sitting lopsided in her cup holder was her phone. Doubt filled her immediately. Had her trip into the woods even happened? She was sure she lost her phone out there. No, she remembered the soft fur of the wolf with surprising clarity. Even now she could feel the fur between her fingers, smell the earth, and feel the rain on her skin. Alice slides in her car and picks up her phone. Pressing the home buttons she quickly discovers that it’s dead. If it would have been completely charged she might have lost her mind. Plugging in her car charger, she starts toward the school. Questioning the events of yesterday constantly.

Alice drifted through her day, barely noticing those around her or hearing her teachers’ drone. She takes notes automatically, her mind repeating the voice she’d heard. Around lunch she finally pulls herself out of her dull slump. Picking a seat next to a mousy looking girl. Alice found herself drawn to the girl because she carried Ernest Hemingway’s East of Eden in her hands, a well worn bookmark stuck somewhere in the middle. Sliding her tray into the spot across from the girl, she questions if the seat was taken. Timidly the girl shakes her head, introduces herself as Emma, and tucks a long strand of hair behind her ear. Emma had large green eyes and hair the color of Georgia mud. Alice quickly glanced over her and her fandom t-shirt. Emma fills the silence between them with idle chatter and Alice is thankful for it. Something about Emma pulled her in, making her instantly like the girl. It was probably the book she was reading or the way she used a large vocabulary perfectly. Laughter from a corner table makes Alice glance in that direction. Changkhyun sat with a boy she didn’t recognize. Not that she recognized many, but she could tell a fellow “new kid” when she saw one. There was a certain nervous energy at the table. Nervous in the way that the other two established members of the friend group effortlessly joked with each other, but tiptoed around the other. Changkhyun was different too, he appeared to be more comfortable with the new member than the other two. Maybe he knew the new one before he knew the other two. As she watched them, an unsettling sense of the familiar fills her. The same sense that pumped through her veins when she looked that wolves. The feeling was completely impossible. She talked to Changkhyun briefly and once. The other person she’d never seen before. Why would she feel like she knew them, and on a personal level. Looking at them felt like watching a movie she’d seen a hundred times. Ice runs down her spine and she shivers, snapping her attention back to Emma. A frown pulls at her lips, but she forces herself to remain neutral. She didn’t want to hurt the girl’s feelings.
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Changkhyun and Minhyuk found the phone on the way home, Minhyuk picking it up gently in his jaws before continuing to walk home, stopping by her house to check on her, though they stayed out of view this time.

After making sure she was safe and inside they headed back to the house, going in through the doggy door that Shownu had installed for situations like this. The both of them were exhausted, but had enough energy to change back and go clean up and bandage up their wounds before putting on some new clothes. Her phone laid on the kitchen counter, forgotten for now.

"I was not aware of a new wolf pack moving in," said Changkhyun as they sat at the kitchen table. "I know," said Minhyuk. "Luckily they were normal wolves or else we'd have even bigger problems," he said. "If they were werewolves we wouldn't've gotten out of that so easily," said Changkhyun as he sighed a bit.

"One would think that you're more experienced with your power than just discovering it," Minhyuk said with a fond smile. Changkhyun snorts. "I was trying not to get her in the fray," he said. "I know," said Minhyuk. "Do you think you'll need to leave?" He asked. "We'll see," said Changkhyun as he leaned back in his chair, sighing.

"You know," said Minhyuk once they finally got some energy back to work on some dinner. "We may need to return her phone back," he said. "And have her question why we had it in the first place?" Asked Changkhyun. "We can lie," said Minhyuk. "You saw how she acted around us both," Changkhyun said with a shake of his head. "She'll put two and two together and figure out that we were those wolves," he said.

"I think it'll take longer than you think it will," said Minhyuk as he grinned. "Humans are slow, I think you know that," he said. Changkhyun snorts. "If my two human friends are any indication, they haven't caught onto my living a double life yet," he said.

During the night Changkhyun had snuck out to her car, seeing that it was surprisingly unlocked and put her phone in the cupholder before closing the door and sprinting back to his house in the cover of darkness. It had been Minhyuk's idea, and it kept them from being under suspicion with how things were.

The next morning came the biggest hurdle. Convincing the principal that Minhyuk was joining the school as a new student. And getting into all the same classes that Changkhyun had. It seemed to work, so far. It was all thanks to Minhyuk and manipulating people's thoughts that had him as a new student in no time.

Minhyuk was introduced as a cousin to Changkhyun's human friends and they accepted him into their small circle of friends though not without Jake questioning him about everything prior to joining the school.

The story went as follows: Minhyuk was sent to live with Shownu and Changkhyun due to being kicked out of his parent's house and traveled all the way from Boston to stay in their little town. Shownu had been the one to give the offer and Minhyuk accepted, coming to live with them and get settled in during the weekend. The only reason he didn't come to school on the first day was because he was still getting a feel of the area.
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The silver wolf’s fur is soft against her. With a tenderness she hadn’t expected he bumps her with his shoulder. The gesture unfreezes her muscles and unclogs her mind. Alice allows herself to put a hand between the shoulder blades of the silver wolf steadying herself before she bolts behind the black one. The opening made possible by the two fighting together. As her feet slap the wet earth, she can still hear the fighting going on behind her. In her determination to get away, Alice’s phone bounces to the ground, her headphones still wrapped tightly around it. The large stretch of green lawn greets her like an old friend. As she sprints across her new backyard and up the massive porch, she can hear her father’s car in the driveway.

“Fuck!” She hisses as her hands find the sliding door handle. Of course it would be locked. From inside she can hear her father’s weary voice calling out her. Taking a deep breath, she calms her nerves. She couldn’t tell him she’d seen wolves in the woods behind the house, or that she was hearing voices. The latter getting her locked in a loony bin faster than she could make eggs and toast. With another sigh, she cups her hands around her face and peers inside. The blinds to the slider were pulled shut, but between them she could see her father’s dark figure floating from room to room. For a moment she had the sense of watching a burglar invade her home, one that was looking for something valuable to take.

“Dad! I’m locked outside!” She knocks on the glass. For several minutes there’s nothing. The house is complete quiet. When she begins to knock again, her father’s pale face appears into view. Jumping back, she places her right hand over her heart and lets a smile pull at her lips. Within a few seconds her father has the door open for her and she’s bounding inside. Alice enters the kitchen, shaking her hair free of it’s tieback, and absently chasing a few drops of rain from her forehead.

“What the hell?” James questions, watching her as she opens the fridge for the hundredth time that day. She lets his words hang in the space between them while she pulls a purified gallon of water from the back of the fridge. Pouring herself a glass, she wordlessly shakes the gallon at James who holds up a hand in response. Replacing the gallon and downing half of her glass, she gives her heart time to return to a normal rhythm. Impatiently James watches her, his right hand supporting him as he leans against the kitchen table. His long features are shaped into a stern look. His juvenile-detention look. James once told her that raising her had helped him make “the look”. That he used his hard brown eyes to put the fear of god into kids that thought they were untouchable. Thinking about that now made her smile even though she knew her smile stroked her father’s anger. James opens his mouth to question her further, but she stops him. Alice moves to lean against the counter, avoiding the discussion as long as she can by taking a moment to study the new calendar stuck to the fridge with a magnet. Or the bird feeders hanging from a hook just outside the kitchen window.

“I went outside to sit on the porch, I didn’t notice the slider was locked when I shut it. It was an accident, Dad.” She finally speaks, her mind reeling at how believable she sounded. James narrowed his eyes at her. Alice had never been one to lie, she never had a reason to. Her spotless reputation for being a good girl, at least in her father’s eyes, made her lies even more credible. The carefully crafted lie detector was ringing in his head, but Alice’s reputation made him ignore it. A wide grin splits James’ stone features.

“Silly Bug.” He shakes his head. James saved his voice when he was at home. Work required lengthy scolding of children all shapes, sizes, and ages. James believed that being an adult meant obeying the law, respecting the government, and being a libertarian. All three he tried to install in Alice. With the great white shark that is her father sated, Alice scampers upstairs to her room. James had retreated to the living room where he flips through the channels just as she had; neither finding anything to interest. Upstairs Alice pats at her hips and bra. The two places she would had hidden her phone. Flopping down on her bed, she hangs her head in her hands. A soft breeze ruffles her curtains and brings fresh air in from her open window.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” She kicks at her bed skirt and pushes her fingers into her temples. Naturally she would lose her phone. While it’s raining. While there were wolves in the area. She’d have to wait to go back and look for it. She didn’t have a choice. The phone was brand new, her father would be furious with her for losing it. Also, she would be caught if she didn’t find it.
  shesmorethanamemory / 1y 248d 5h 55m 19s
Changkhyun was careful but even then the fight was taking its toll on him and Minhyuk. They were too focused on keeping them from getting to her, at least so she could have a chance to get away.

A lull in the fight pushed Minhyuk to go and bump into her, pushing her towards home before returning to the fight. Changkhyun put all his focus into the fight once he knew she was out of harms way, letting the pulse go through his mind as he used his power to bring down the enemy. Once he was sure the enemy was dead Minhyuk let out a deep sigh as he let himself collapse. Changkhyun let out a sigh in relief, letting himself sit down.

[i Go check on her], said Changkhyun. [i We'll swing by on the way home], said Minhyuk as he got to his feet, stumbling a bit. Changkhyun nodded and got to his feet, looking around at the ashes that used to be wolf bodies. He shook his head and headed home with Minhyuk following behind him without any arguments. They were both battered and exhausted from the fighting.
  Changkhyun |I.M.| / AkiraInu / 1y 251d 3h 16m 5s

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