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Changkhyun and Minhyuk found the phone on the way home, Minhyuk picking it up gently in his jaws before continuing to walk home, stopping by her house to check on her, though they stayed out of view this time.

After making sure she was safe and inside they headed back to the house, going in through the doggy door that Shownu had installed for situations like this. The both of them were exhausted, but had enough energy to change back and go clean up and bandage up their wounds before putting on some new clothes. Her phone laid on the kitchen counter, forgotten for now.

"I was not aware of a new wolf pack moving in," said Changkhyun as they sat at the kitchen table. "I know," said Minhyuk. "Luckily they were normal wolves or else we'd have even bigger problems," he said. "If they were werewolves we wouldn't've gotten out of that so easily," said Changkhyun as he sighed a bit.

"One would think that you're more experienced with your power than just discovering it," Minhyuk said with a fond smile. Changkhyun snorts. "I was trying not to get her in the fray," he said. "I know," said Minhyuk. "Do you think you'll need to leave?" He asked. "We'll see," said Changkhyun as he leaned back in his chair, sighing.

"You know," said Minhyuk once they finally got some energy back to work on some dinner. "We may need to return her phone back," he said. "And have her question why we had it in the first place?" Asked Changkhyun. "We can lie," said Minhyuk. "You saw how she acted around us both," Changkhyun said with a shake of his head. "She'll put two and two together and figure out that we were those wolves," he said.

"I think it'll take longer than you think it will," said Minhyuk as he grinned. "Humans are slow, I think you know that," he said. Changkhyun snorts. "If my two human friends are any indication, they haven't caught onto my living a double life yet," he said.

During the night Changkhyun had snuck out to her car, seeing that it was surprisingly unlocked and put her phone in the cupholder before closing the door and sprinting back to his house in the cover of darkness. It had been Minhyuk's idea, and it kept them from being under suspicion with how things were.

The next morning came the biggest hurdle. Convincing the principal that Minhyuk was joining the school as a new student. And getting into all the same classes that Changkhyun had. It seemed to work, so far. It was all thanks to Minhyuk and manipulating people's thoughts that had him as a new student in no time.

Minhyuk was introduced as a cousin to Changkhyun's human friends and they accepted him into their small circle of friends though not without Jake questioning him about everything prior to joining the school.

The story went as follows: Minhyuk was sent to live with Shownu and Changkhyun due to being kicked out of his parent's house and traveled all the way from Boston to stay in their little town. Shownu had been the one to give the offer and Minhyuk accepted, coming to live with them and get settled in during the weekend. The only reason he didn't come to school on the first day was because he was still getting a feel of the area.
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The silver wolf’s fur is soft against her. With a tenderness she hadn’t expected he bumps her with his shoulder. The gesture unfreezes her muscles and unclogs her mind. Alice allows herself to put a hand between the shoulder blades of the silver wolf steadying herself before she bolts behind the black one. The opening made possible by the two fighting together. As her feet slap the wet earth, she can still hear the fighting going on behind her. In her determination to get away, Alice’s phone bounces to the ground, her headphones still wrapped tightly around it. The large stretch of green lawn greets her like an old friend. As she sprints across her new backyard and up the massive porch, she can hear her father’s car in the driveway.

“Fuck!” She hisses as her hands find the sliding door handle. Of course it would be locked. From inside she can hear her father’s weary voice calling out her. Taking a deep breath, she calms her nerves. She couldn’t tell him she’d seen wolves in the woods behind the house, or that she was hearing voices. The latter getting her locked in a loony bin faster than she could make eggs and toast. With another sigh, she cups her hands around her face and peers inside. The blinds to the slider were pulled shut, but between them she could see her father’s dark figure floating from room to room. For a moment she had the sense of watching a burglar invade her home, one that was looking for something valuable to take.

“Dad! I’m locked outside!” She knocks on the glass. For several minutes there’s nothing. The house is complete quiet. When she begins to knock again, her father’s pale face appears into view. Jumping back, she places her right hand over her heart and lets a smile pull at her lips. Within a few seconds her father has the door open for her and she’s bounding inside. Alice enters the kitchen, shaking her hair free of it’s tieback, and absently chasing a few drops of rain from her forehead.

“What the hell?” James questions, watching her as she opens the fridge for the hundredth time that day. She lets his words hang in the space between them while she pulls a purified gallon of water from the back of the fridge. Pouring herself a glass, she wordlessly shakes the gallon at James who holds up a hand in response. Replacing the gallon and downing half of her glass, she gives her heart time to return to a normal rhythm. Impatiently James watches her, his right hand supporting him as he leans against the kitchen table. His long features are shaped into a stern look. His juvenile-detention look. James once told her that raising her had helped him make “the look”. That he used his hard brown eyes to put the fear of god into kids that thought they were untouchable. Thinking about that now made her smile even though she knew her smile stroked her father’s anger. James opens his mouth to question her further, but she stops him. Alice moves to lean against the counter, avoiding the discussion as long as she can by taking a moment to study the new calendar stuck to the fridge with a magnet. Or the bird feeders hanging from a hook just outside the kitchen window.

“I went outside to sit on the porch, I didn’t notice the slider was locked when I shut it. It was an accident, Dad.” She finally speaks, her mind reeling at how believable she sounded. James narrowed his eyes at her. Alice had never been one to lie, she never had a reason to. Her spotless reputation for being a good girl, at least in her father’s eyes, made her lies even more credible. The carefully crafted lie detector was ringing in his head, but Alice’s reputation made him ignore it. A wide grin splits James’ stone features.

“Silly Bug.” He shakes his head. James saved his voice when he was at home. Work required lengthy scolding of children all shapes, sizes, and ages. James believed that being an adult meant obeying the law, respecting the government, and being a libertarian. All three he tried to install in Alice. With the great white shark that is her father sated, Alice scampers upstairs to her room. James had retreated to the living room where he flips through the channels just as she had; neither finding anything to interest. Upstairs Alice pats at her hips and bra. The two places she would had hidden her phone. Flopping down on her bed, she hangs her head in her hands. A soft breeze ruffles her curtains and brings fresh air in from her open window.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” She kicks at her bed skirt and pushes her fingers into her temples. Naturally she would lose her phone. While it’s raining. While there were wolves in the area. She’d have to wait to go back and look for it. She didn’t have a choice. The phone was brand new, her father would be furious with her for losing it. Also, she would be caught if she didn’t find it.
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Changkhyun was careful but even then the fight was taking its toll on him and Minhyuk. They were too focused on keeping them from getting to her, at least so she could have a chance to get away.

A lull in the fight pushed Minhyuk to go and bump into her, pushing her towards home before returning to the fight. Changkhyun put all his focus into the fight once he knew she was out of harms way, letting the pulse go through his mind as he used his power to bring down the enemy. Once he was sure the enemy was dead Minhyuk let out a deep sigh as he let himself collapse. Changkhyun let out a sigh in relief, letting himself sit down.

[i Go check on her], said Changkhyun. [i We'll swing by on the way home], said Minhyuk as he got to his feet, stumbling a bit. Changkhyun nodded and got to his feet, looking around at the ashes that used to be wolf bodies. He shook his head and headed home with Minhyuk following behind him without any arguments. They were both battered and exhausted from the fighting.
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Alice expected more wolves in the area so the sudden howl wasn’t a surprise, but the feeling that ran through her was. Whereas the black and silver wolves filled her with thought, the sudden howl drove a shiver down her spine. The muscles in her legs tensed as she heard it. She waited to see how the other wolves reacted before making a decision. When the wolves growled low in their throats she felt the first spikes of fear. Maybe she had spent enough time in the forest for one day. Alice wasn’t sure how she was going to get around them, but standing she decided to try.

“Who is that?” The voice was clear. It sounded as though it came from behind her. Immediately she spun to see if someone had snuck up on her. Of course no one had, or the wolves would have growled long before that. Even though she had just met the pair, she felt as though she was close to them, especially the black one. Before she could find the origins of the voice, the black wolf gets closer to her. Both howl back at the others. The air around them had changed from light hearted curiosity to cold apprehension.

“Watch out!” The shout startled her, her eyes sprang open as jumped to her feet and took a few steps back. Alice’s eyes scanned the treeline, landing on the raised haunches of strange wolves. In a blink of an eyes one had lunged from the bushes and spun the black wolf to the ground. Letting out a surprised yelp, Alice backed away farther watching the snapping jaws of the pair. She prayed for the safety of the wolf, clearly standing his ground to protect her. The silver stood with his own haunches raised, his black lips pulled away from his razor sharp teeth. Everything in her body told her bolt passed them. It was stupid for her to wander into the forest without a weapon. Adrenaline floods her veins as she watches, waiting for an opening to run passed the fighting wolves.
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A howl brought them out of their reverie, Changkhyun turning his head to look towards the sound. Minhyuk growled lightly at being interrupted, but realized this wasn't any of their pack members. No one was supposed to be home this early, Shownu having just left yesterday and the others still out of state doing work. Changkhyun soon realized this and turned to Minhyuk.

[i Who is that]? Asked Changkhyun. Minhyuk shrugged before noticing the rainfall as he looked up. Another howl resounded through the surrounding woods and it got Changkhyun and Minhyuk to move, Changkhyun standing up and Minhyuk moving to stand near Alice. Growls resounded through the both of them, the both of them staying on guard as they both howled, answering the call and marking their territory.

[i Watch out]! Shouted Minhyuk as a wolf came out of the woods and tackled Changkhyun. Changkhyun snarled as he fought off the wolf, keeping an eye on the pulse in his mind. He didn't want anything to happen to the human, so he would fight them off. Minhyuk was forced to join the fight as more wolves came into view and attacked him, forcing him to keep his attention divided, making sure they wouldn't go after Alice.
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As she sits and listens to the forest around her a soft breeze sturrs the hair around her ears causing her to itch slightly. Tilting her head to the side, she listens to the forest breath with life. Soft steps alert her to movement. Scanning her surrounds her eyes land on a pair of wolves, one silver and the other black. Alice’s eyes widen in a combination of surprise and awe. The black one sitting while the silver remained standing. With her heart hammering against her ribs she watches them both, the black wolf yawning. The black wolf’s broad chest rose and fell with every breath, his ears pointed forward. Gazing at him gave Alice a sense of knowing. Even though she knew she should be terrified of the wolves, she couldn’t bring herself to be afraid. Looking at the black wolf she felt like she was looking at a friend. Someone she had known for a long time. The overcast clouds began to spit rain lightly, dampening her hair and clothes to her skin.
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Changkhyun and Minhyuk were in the middle of their run when they came upon a [i very] human scent. It was Minhyuk who picked up on it first, his ears perking up as he stopped. Changkhyun stopped, turning to Minhyuk when Minhyuk yelled for him to wait.

[i I smelled a human], said Minhyuk when Changkhyun tilted his head to the side. [i They aren't exactly rare here], said Changkhyun as he snorts. [i It maybe the neighbors, let's scare them]! Said Minhyuk. Changkhyun snorts before nodding, letting Minhyuk lead the way.

[i Here human, human, human], said Minhyuk as he went towards the scent. He was projecting his own thoughts, something that only worked on what thoughts he let loose. Something that had evolved over time. Changkhyun could only snicker in his thoughts as he followed after Minhyuk.

It didn't take long for them to come upon the human, Changkhyun recognizing her immediately. It was the new student, Alice he remembered her saying. Minhyuk watched the human with a tilt of his head, getting a read on her own thoughts as Changkhyun sat down, yawning.
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The soaked ground is soft under her tennis shoes. As she jogs sweat breaks out across her skin and her headphone cord slaps against her chest and cheek. The air is perfectly cool, just enough for a sweater if she wasn't jogging. Rain drips from leaves landing on vibrant blades of grass. Ferns and low tangles of brush sparkle with moisture. The sky is still heavily overcast, promising more rain, but holding off for now. Fresh cool air fills Alice's lungs one breath at a time. She picks a clear path that winds away from her new home and down the safer side of the cliff. She's sure if she keeps on this trail she'll find the beach eventually. The sand and sea spray would feel good against her skin, even though their cold sticky nature would be foregin to her. Alice assumed the beach sand would be different because of the fact that it's always wet. In California the sand farthest from the water was as dry as the sun. When she dipped her feet or hands into it the particles didn't stick to her skin, just fell between her toes or fingers. The dry sand in California easily rubbed off. Maine beach sand would be the complete opposite; annoyingly so. Nevertheless she still wanted to be near it. Wanted to feel its healing properties first hand.

Slowing, she reaches the peak of her endurance. With chest heaving and a sharp knife stab in her side, she uses the back of her hand to wipe sweat from her forehead. She takes a moment to check her surroundings. Everything is still in the afternoon light. Tugging one headphone free of her ear, she listens to the thicket russling and birds chirping. Various evening peepers call to each other, either looking for a mate or claiming territory. Taken by the beauty around her, she pauses her music and picks a downed hemlock to sit on. The trunk is green with moss and spotted by a few white species of mushrooms. Crossing one leg over the other, she listens and breathes deep tasting pollution-free air for the first time.
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Once they got home Changkhyun went to work on homework while Minhyuk raided the fridge and made some snacks, stopping by the coffee table and putting a plate in front of Changkhyun who accepted it with a small thank you. Minhyuk sat on the couch and watched some TV, keeping the volume low for background noise while Changkhyun worked on homework.

"You know," Minhyuk said suddenly. "Hm?" Asked Changkhyun. "I think after this I wanna go for a run, get a feel of the old territory again," said Minhyuk. "How long has it been since you were last here?" Asked Changkhyun as he looked back at Minhyuk. "A few months at least," said Minhyuk. "Been busy doing out of state work with your betas," he said, shrugging. Changkhyun hummed in response as he turned back to finish his homework.

"How are they anyway?" He asked after a few minutes. "Fine, fine," said Minhyuk. "Should be returning soon though, I know you miss them," he said with a chuckle, earning a slap on the leg from Changkhyun as he shook his head in amusement. "How will you ever survive without Hyungwon then?" He asked. "I'll manage," said Minhyuk as he shrugged. "Don't come to me begging to leave then, I'm by myself until Shownu comes back," said Changkhyun. Minhyuk hummed in response.

After finishing homework Changkhyun got up and went to wash the dishes from their snack and went to get ready for a run with Minhyuk following him around like an excited puppy. "If I didn't know any better I'd think you're the youngest in the pack," Changkhyun said with a snicker. Minhyuk slapped him over the head. "I'm not [i always] like this," he said with a pout, earning chuckles from Changkhyun before they headed out the backdoor to stand on the back deck.

"Well here goes," said Changkhyun. Minhyuk nodded before they leaped over the guardrail on the deck and changing in midair, landing on four feet in wolf form. They both shake out their fur before Changkhyun ran off, leading the way with Minhyuk's silver colored wolf running beside him, keeping pace.
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At home, Alice danced around the kitchen. A brightly colored rubber band held her short back away from her face as she dipped her hands into soapy dish water. Singing along to every word of the song, she tries to make the mundane task of washing dishes a little more interesting. James was still at the office, claiming that he had a mountain of paperwork and new cases to study before he could come home. For the first time in her life, Alice found herself home alone. As she pushed a plate into the warm water she could hear her mother’s voice scolding her father. A thin smile pulls at her lips as an ache settles in her chest. She missed the nights when her parents would cook together, laughing as James burnt himself. She missed the nights when James would rush home from work just to watch NCIS with them. How the popcorn smelled when the bowl was laid in her lap, she small figure sandwiched between them. After some consideration, Alice guessed that she missed the good times. The times when her parents still loved each other and didn’t fight constantly. Part of her hated James for ripping their family apart, but not all of it was his fault. Both Sharon and James shared the blame; Sharon for not being able to forgive him and James for making the mistake in the first place.

Laying the plate down on a drying rack, she leans against the countertop for a moment. The black marble sparkling in the kitchen lights. Did she regret her decision? Had she made a terrible mistake? Shoving those thoughts away, she forced a smile back on her face and continued washing the dishes. The task was quickly finished before she moved into the living room to check on the cyclone that is her father. The living room was only in need of being picked up before it was presentable. Things are going to be different. She was going to be someone here. Next she found herself sitting on the big white couch, flipping through channels looking for anything of interest. Alice flipped through her snaps, facebook messages, and texts. These only confirmed how little she meant to her friends in Cali.

Fighting boredom with every fiber of her being she stood suddenly and drifted her room. There she changed into a pair of black leggings and an old t-shirt. She pulled her new running shoes from their place in her closet. The decision to start track training now was a quick one, one that held a lot of promise. Grabbing her phone and headphones, she locked the house on her way out.
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Minhyuk was waiting for Changkhyun, leaning against the front of the jeep when Changkhyun walked over after school let out. "Man your school days take hours," he said with a snort. "Welcome back," Changkhyun said with a grin, fist bumping with Minhyuk.

"Man, I need to act like a high schooler again?" Whined Minhyuk, causing Changkhyun to laugh. "Hey, you set yourself up for this one," he said, moving to throw his bag into the trunk of the jeep before closing the door and climbing into the driver's seat. Minhyuk got into the passenger seat and closed the door, huffing as he looked out the window to observe the students getting to their cars.

"Thanks for getting me out of detention by the way," said Changkhyun as he looked through the group chat. "How'd you know it was me?!" Exclaimed Minhyuk. "What other person do I know that can manipulate people's thoughts to get us out of situations?" Asked Changkhyun.

There was laughter coming from the Honda next to them, and Changkhyun turned to it. "Oh, the new girl," he said. "She seems... Rather interested in you," said Minhyuk as he tilted his head slightly. "Hm," said Changkhyun. "You know how dangerous that can get," he said. Minhyuk flinched. "Yeah, of course," he mumbled, his attention suddenly focused on a spot on the ceiling of the jeep.

"Hey, that wasn't your fault alright?" Asked Changkhyun as he put his phone on the dock before turning and putting a hand on Minhyuk's shoulder. "I know," said Minhyuk as he sighed a bit. Changkhyun took a minute to fiddle with his keys before starting the jeep and driving out of the parking spot after the person in front of him backed out of their parking spot. He waited until traffic was clear before moving into oncoming traffic and headed home.

"So we got new neighbors huh?" Asked Minhyuk. "Yeah," said Changkhyun. "That limits our nightly runs a bit then," Minhyuk said with a pout, causing Changkhyun to chuckle some. "No worries," he said. "We just have to be careful to not be seen," he said. "I like you," said Minhyuk. "Why didn't Shownu make you alpha sooner?" He asked, causing Changkhyun to laugh again.
  Changkhyun |I.M.| / AkiraInu / 1y 122d 6h 26m 13s
Alice stood dumbfounded after Changkhyun’s abrupt departure. She watches his figure disappear into the boy’s bathroom. Perhaps it was something he ate? At least she hoped it was and not her. Alice floats through the rest of the day. Changkhyun shared one other class with her, and thankfully it was at the end of the day. She avoided looking at him as though his features would turn her to stone. Maybe he was just shy and didn’t know what to say. She questioned the universe why silently as her pen scratched lazy loops in the margins of her syllabus. Like all of her other classes, this one was spent going over what they would learning and doing for the trimester. The teacher was a thin woman with greying, also thin, hair. Something told Alice that the white blonde color was her natural color. Thick wired glasses sat high on the woman’s beak nose and crow’s feet stamped her eyes. Her smile was wide and welcoming, promising a great trimester. Of course the happiest woman alive would teach hardest subject. Alice sighed into her bangs and started another string of loops. This times sketching an eye in one, adding an eyebrow, and then a few freckles matching her own.

The ringing of a bell, brings Alice back to reality. The day was finally over. Track would start tomorrow, so there was that. All she had to do was bring in a physical and she could start running and being apart of the team. Gathering her things in a haze, she barely notices Changkhyun. So far she hadn’t made any friends or really met anyone, but it was only the first day. A rebranding doesn’t happen overnight; at least that’s what she repeated to herself. Her fifteen minutes of fame as the new girl would only last so long, she had to make those fifteen minutes count. Her Honda made it’s sweet dinging sounds as she opened the car door and tossed her bag into the passenger seat. Finally her phone buzzes with the sound of life for the first time in hours. One of the girls she used to hang around with snapped her a picture of her dog. The poor thing was wearing tutu, and some sort of sparkly color. The black and white bulldog couldn’t have looked less pleased even if it tried. The sight sent Alice into a fit of hysterical laughter.
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At first he wasn't aware of someone walking beside him til he heard a voice. "Ah, yeah," he said, scratching the back of his head. "Don't worry though, teacher's always been a douche bag from what all the people that had him last year said," he said. "No worries though, it's only the first day of school, how much worse could it get?" He asked.

"Changkhyun, though you probably know that now," he said, offering a friendly smile. He wasn't used to having people approach him like she did. He [i was] known for being a party goer but his circle of friends only consisted of Jake and Cole, two of the most popular kids in the school. Those two didn't judge him for being different, though they didn't suspect him living a double life.

He stopped rather suddenly, feeling another pulse go through his mind, blinking in surprise. "Oh," he said suddenly. "I have to go," he said, turning and running the other direction and heading towards the bathrooms.

Once in the bathroom he locked himself in a stall, leaning against the wall as he rubbed his face with his hands. "What the hell?" He asked, reaching for his bag and finding his phone. He checked it, seeing a message from Shownu.

[i Continue the day like normal, I'll send Minhyuk back to see how things are] was the message he had been sent. "Oh good, send the mind reader," he mumbled as he left the stall after grabbing his bag. He splashed his face with water from the sink before leaving the bathroom, more calm now as he headed to his next class.
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Alice watched as the strange boy from class rushed to leave. With the same sense of urgency she scooped her things into her arms and followed. The teacher had said his name was Changkhyun. His name was foreign on her lips and she as she jogged lightly to catch up with him, she quickly decided that she didn’t mind the feeling. Reaching his side, she looked up to him. Alice’s thin boyish frame made her at least two inches smaller than him in every direction. Unfortunately her mother had not blessed her with any short of chest. In an attempt to make her feel better, her parents always praised her for having the perfect model’s body, long and thin.

“That was utter bullshit…” She started, hoping to get his attention with her soft melodic voice. Another change she had hoped to make when moving from Oakland to Addison. Before her voice was always called flat, a step away from being nasally. Now she thought carefully about how she sounded, trying to remain pleasant in a singsong way. As she eagerly awaited his response, she focused on where they were going, quietly committing room numbers to memory.

“I’m Alice, by the way. Alice Parker.” She said, once again looking up into his face, searching for any emotion that would encourage or discourage her boldness.
  Alice Parker / shesmorethanamemory / 1y 122d 18h 3m 38s
Changkhyun was only half listening to the teacher as he found himself twirling a pen in his hand. He kept his gaze at the front of the room but he found himself glancing around, spotting a new face. He tilted his head slightly, feeling a sudden pulse in his mind. He blinked before looking quickly at the blackboard when asked a question.

"Ah..." He said, caught off guard. "Detention Changkhyun," said the teacher. "God damn it," Changkhyun said under his breath as he sighed. The students around him started to whisper, saying how weird it was for one of the top students in the school to suddenly get detention. Class continued on as normal as Changkhyun crossed his arms, now paying attention to the class.

Changkhyun let out a sigh as class was dismissed, getting up and grabbing his things before leaving the room in a hurry. This pulse thing would have to wait it seemed, as he texted Shownu about it. He was curious as to what this was. Maybe it had to do with his pure blood power. He would have to wait until Shownu returned from his business trip to be sure.
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