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Changkhyun is your typical teenager. He loves sneaking out to parties, getting drunk, the usual. He never sleeps around though, that was something he just refused to do no matter how drunk he got. No one knew the real him. He built up this image of himself because he secretly was an alpha of a pack of werewolves. Being a pure blooded werewolf meant that he didn't get to choose his mate. His mate would find him, and his pure blood powers would finally awaken.

___ is new to town, and new to the school. They are instantly drawn to Changkhyun, but Chankhyun takes no notice of them. ___ suspects that something is up with Changkhyun when something in Changkhyun changes and suddenly he stops going to parties and gets his act together. Little did they know that they were actually Changkhyun's mate, and Chankhyun's pure blood power finally awakens.

What is Changkhyun's pure blood power you ask? He isn't quite sure himself. He just felt a click in his mind and he instantly knew. A dark energy that could destroy everything in its path if not under control. Changkhyun actually left school for a week to get his powers in control before coming back to school with a more reserved personality. He was afraid to hurt anyone, but he wanted to find his mate. ___ notices this new change, and decides, regardless of their better judgment, to try and talk with Changkhyun, become friends even.

What happens when Changkhyun finally reveals to ___ about what they were after he realized they were his mate? Will ___ accept it and help Changkhyun get a grip on his powers? Or will they leave him and let Changkhyun deal with it himself?

A 1x1 roleplay between myself and AkiraInu


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Minhyuk went through the day in a daze, his power trained on all the people talking about what had happened. Jake and Cole seemed to understand that Minhyuk didn't want any of the attention on him, so they told everyone to back off. Minhyuk hadn't been around when the girls disappeared, and Changkhyun had an alibi with Cole's party and meeting Alice later to bring her home after the accident. Though the party had been planned, all the kids had been questioned by the police by that point, even Minhyuk. He had to manipulate people's thoughts a bit to make sure they knew Changkhyun was sick, but other than that he left them be.

The phone on the dashboard dock pinged with a text, startling Minhyuk out of his thoughts as he saw it was from Alice. He decided to text her back after stopping at a stoplight.

[i This is Minhyuk, Changkhyun disappeared after your talk. I don't know where he is, but he will come around. Eventually]. Minhyuk studied the message before pressing send and putting the phone on the dock and continuing the drive home after the light turned green.

"Did he come by today?" Asked Minhyuk as he got out of the jeep after parking it in the driveway. "No," said Jooheon as he sighed from his position on the front steps. "Hyungwon is back though, he went to make sure Changkhyun didn't destroy half the forest," he said. "Where's the others?" Asked Minhyuk as he blinked. "Kihyun is out running, Shownu is getting groceries with Wonho," said Jooheon. "I see," hummed Minhyuk as he grabbed his things and Changkhyun's phone before closing the door.

"How's the human?" Asked Jooheon. "Could be better, could be worse," said Minhyuk. "Only time will tell," he hummed, heading inside with Jooheon.
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Monday rolled around again and Alice found herself at the center of conversation. People knew that she was the last person that had seen the girls alive. She tried to keep her head down, shrug, and keep telling her side of the story. She repeated the bench story until it was the truth. She then said that Changkhyun had taken her home after taking her to the hospital. There was another round of questioning. It didn't seem to matter how far she sat away from people or how little eye contact she tried to make. Someone was always talking to her. Rather at her, but the difference was hard to find. During third hour she escaped to the girl's bathroom to get away from the eyes staring at her. She locked herself in a stall and just stood there. She felt mentally and physically sick. She wasn't sure if it was the mental stress of if she was coming down with something. Dread flooded her and she didn't know what to do about it. She hated that she had to lie to everyone, that she didn't have a choice in the matter. She wanted to run away and just be gone.

She stood there and stared at the toilet until the bell rang. She dragged herself back to her third hour where she collected her things, gave the teacher a lame excuse, and accepted the punishment for skipping. Her next class went by easier. The students were forced to pay attention to a lecture, leaving her free to doodle in peace. The rest of the day drifted by with her dodging people in the hall, repeating the same story, and hastily getting in her car to leave. Once she had told her story to the track team they didn't want anything to do with her. She shot another text to Changkhyun asking him where he was, if it was something she said or did to upset him.
Minhyuk knew something was up when Changkhyun didn't return from his talk an hour later. "We should go look for him," said Minhyuk as he turned to Shownu. "Go," said Shownu. "Be careful," he said. Minhyuk nodded and left to find Changkhyun, following after Changkhyun's scent.

He came back a few hours later, looking worried. "He'll be back," said Shownu. "Just wait on him," he said. "Right, that's all we can do," Minhyuk said, sighing.

[center ~]

Monday came back around and Changkhyun still wasn't back. Minhyuk had managed to find him the night before but he knew that Changkhyun wouldn't come back until he had a grip on things. The news of the girls deaths had reached newspapers that morning, and Minhyuk was told to go to school and try and see if there was any suspicions tied to the pack. He knew something would come up about them, but he could only guess as to what it would be specifically.
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Alice watched him go. There was more she wanted to talk about. Like what his favorite color was. What his favorite meal was. Even what it was like running in that form. She hugged herself and watched the waves and the sun dip below the horizon. The water turned a thousand shades of orange and red eventually fading into a deep purple. With the sun gone she stood and started back. Part of her felt empty. She wasn't going to tell anyone, or report it. She just wanted to know what happened.
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"It's weird that you say that," he hummed, not looking in her direction. "Because I have a feeling that deep down you want this to work," he said. "You forget that I have a mind reader in the pack, he knows," he said. "But you do you," he added. "It's not like I'm not going to be around for much longer," he said, shrugging as he looked down at the water.

"And here I was, thinking I'd have to explain my past to you," he said with a snort, shaking his head as he sighed. "Or how my kind works," he added. "We can stay friends, but for how long?" He asked. "Part of me will always want more from the relationship, but I guess being friendzoned is better than turning into an insane serial killer," he mumbled, more to himself.

"To answer your question," he said, turning to look at her. "We had to kill them," he said rather bluntly, deciding to be blunt about it. "Don't bother turning me into the police when that time comes, I'll be long gone before you know it," he said. "And, who would believe that werewolves exist?" He asked.

"I suppose this conversation is over," he said, turning back to the cliff one last time before closing his eyes and triggering the change. Once he was in wolf form he seemed to become more animal like than before as he turned and ran into the safety of the trees.
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Alice's heart sunk. She stared at him for a long moment watching his face. She leaned forward on her elbows and lanced her fingers together. Taking a deep breath she started.

"Changkhyun, I want to give back to you. I know I can't be your mate, I'm not cut out for it. I'm not strong enough to live in your world. However I want to let you know that I would have loved to have loved you. I was hoping that we could just hang out, spend time together like what we would have been. If that makes any sense." Her heart beat faster in her chest. She wasn't sure why she was apprehensive about the conversation.

"What do you mean by 'taken care of'?"
He sighed as he turned to face Alice before turning to look out at the water. "We're staying around for a bit longer," he said, shrugging. "At least until everything dies down," he said. "We managed to stay out of view of the cameras," he said. "I don't think they record sound but," he said, shrugging.

"They um... They had to be taken care of," he mumbled, talking about the other girls. "But you have to understand," he said. "It was either let them turn, cause more deaths, and cause more mayhem, or kill them," he said. "Despite everything, we're protecting the town," he mumbled. "As for the girl in the hospital, well," he said, sighing. "According to Shownu she knew too much," he said. "Her mental state was not too good either," he said. "So he had to... Take care of her too," he said, sighing again.

"This is going to come back to us, somehow," he muttered. "I hope it doesn't, but," he said, shrugging. "I'm going to miss this town," he hummed, looking up at the sky.
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Alice had put on her running shoes and shorts. She had her hair pulled back into a short ponytail and an old t-shirt on. She picked her way along the path watching for roots and brambles. Every nerve in her body was tightly corded. She felt as though she was spring that was ready to snap. She knew she needed to keep her guard up now. That she couldn't let anything slip passed her. Her mind wandered to the other girls. She hadn't heard anything from them since that night. The only people that knew she was with them was her father and the wolves. Well, maybe the movie theater security cameras. She pushed those thoughts from her mind as the sound of waves entered her ears. The sun hadn't quite set. Golden rays of beauty filtered through the moss covered trees. The air was getting colder, but it was unbearable. Winter was coming and there wasn't anything they could do about it.

The cliff was empty, as far as she could see. She glanced around for a second. Stepping forward she took her usual seat on the log looking out over the ocean. The water was a black green churned like silk. She watched it for a long while. Movement next to her made her snap her head away. Changkhyun stood close. She put her hand over her heart and laughed a little.

"You scared the shit out of me." She admitted. She waited until her heart had returned to it's normal beat.

"So what's the verdict?" She asked. She knew, she didn't know how she knew, but she knew that the pack wouldn't take an incident like this lightly. That something would be done. She wondered if it all would somehow be swept under the rug and forgotten about.
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When Shownu got back everyone was on edge. Minhyuk was so nervous that he was projecting his own thoughts on it to everyone in the pack and no one could really blame him. Changkhyun was oddly calm about the situation, though everyone was sure he was nervous as hell about the situation.

"Here's what we can do," said Shownu as he joined everyone on the back deck. "No one is moving yet," he added. "But it doesn't mean we didn't come out of that completely clean," he said. "4 girls were killed last night, out of mercy more than anything," he said. "There's going to be people asking questions, but I know we all have an alibi," he said. "I was at a party, and everyone was here at home," said Changkhyun. Shownu nodded.

"On my way home we can say I ran into Alice when she got into a fight and I broke up the fight and left the others alone," said Changkhyun. "I don't want to move," he said, sighing. "We'll try and make it not a thing," said Shownu. "For right now, try and keep things on the low," he said. "Continue as before, no one leaves the state," he said.

"Do we have enough money to last us until then?" Asked Wonho. "Yeah, Hyungwon's still out," said Shownu. "I'll tell him to find an extra job or two to last us the next few months," he said. "For now, just enjoy the day," he said. "It's a rare sunny day," he added.

Changkhyun decided to spend the morning in his wolf form, running with Minhyuk. The both of them were going to miss having this much land to run around in, just letting their worries wash away with the wind. When they got back for lunch Changkhyun went to clean the jeep after getting something to eat, keeping his mind occupied the entire day. He didn't get to check his phone until later, around 5 pm.

"Oh," he hummed, seeing the text. He looked at the time and went to message her back, saying that he'd be there after 6:30. "You're having another talk?" Asked Shownu as he stood in the doorway to his room. "It seems so," hummed Changkhyun as he put his phone in his pocket.

"Try and talk some sense into the girl," said Shownu. "She may not [i want] to return the feelings but I have a feeling that deep inside she wants to," he said. "From what Minhyuk has said anyway," he added. "I'll do my best," Changkhyun said, nodding as he looked out the window to the setting sun. "It was a clear day all day, hm," he hummed.

"Come on," said Shownu. "Let's go get homework done," he said, earning a groan from Changkhyun. "I hate homework," whined Changkhyun, earning a chuckle from Shownu. "There's the old Changkhyun," said Shownu. "Oh hush," grumbled Changkhyun as he went to grab his bag before leaving the room. Shownu chuckled and followed after him, calling for Minhyuk who also whined about having to do schoolwork as he met them down in the kitchen.

6:30 rolled around and Changkhyun was annoyed with homework but had to go have a chat. He bid his goodbyes to his packmates and left, heading to the cliff. He was the first one there it seemed, as he looked out over the water.
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The sun was bright and warm against her skin. She sat on the steps of her back porch in pajama shorts and a tank top. Her hair stood in ever direction and she wiped sleep from her eyes. Her cheek was tender and sore. She was surprised it wasn't as bruised as it felt. She let the warmth wash over her. She missed the sun, but not too much. The lack of sun made driving easier, the air cooler, and chased away painful memories of California. She didn't think about California as much as she used to and for that she was grateful.

Alice's dad called her from the kitchen. Stiff she stood and made her way to him slowly. It felt like the sun was trying to pull her back outside. Inside her father had set the table for breakfast. A few slices of bacon sizzled in the pan, eggs steamed on her plate, and a stack of toast waited for her. Sitting down, she prepared her for a talk she couldn't run from.

"Are you going to tell me everything?" Her father asked. Part of her knew that eventually he would find out the truth. That someone's parents were going to call the police. Her mind flashed to the girl laying in the hospital bed fighting for her life. She hoped that she was surrounded by family and prayers.

"I already told you everything. I fell off a bench and hit another."

"If that was true more of your neck and side would be bruised Alice. Who hit you? Did you get in a fight with one of the other girls? Why did the neighbor boy bring you home?" Alice shut her eyes for a moment against her father's questions. She shook her head.

"The rest of me doesn't bruise as easy. He watched me fall, took me to the hospital, then home. It's simple as that." Her father chewed his bacon slowly. He wasn't satisfied with her answer, but knew her well enough to know that she wasn't going to tell him more.

"If you say so."

Alice sighed a breath and finished eating. The rest of their meal was a quiet tense one. After breakfast she helped clean up and then retreated to her room. She wanted to go for a run, but something told her that it was too dangerous right now. She sat at her desk drawing and listening to music waiting for time to pass. She wondered if Changkhyun would text her to let her know what was going on. Part of her knew he wouldn't that he would disappear like every other kid that moves away. If she was lucky she would have one more week with him. Tracing lazy circles on her binder she made up her mind. That no matter how much time she had left she would try her best to make up rejecting him. Make it where he could understand why she did, why they couldn't be together, but maybe show him what it would feel like if she could force herself to be with him.

Picking up her phone, she shot him a text.

"Hey, can we talk later? Meet me by the cliffside around 6:30 7?"
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Changkhyun just wanted to be left alone that night, so after telling everyone what had happened he went to change into some basketball shorts and went straight to bed. Minhyuk had basically told everyone to leave him alone, as they knew that in the morning when Shownu returned from the hospital there would be a huge discussion about what would happen next.

The next morning was a sunny one, the sun's rays shining into the room and hitting Changkhyun square in the face. Changkhyun groaned as he turned over before sitting up suddenly, blinking as he spotted a rare clear day. He went to put on a shirt before heading downstairs and onto the back deck to admire the sunny morning.

"It's a nice morning," said Minhyuk as he came outside. "Of course it is," hummed Changkhyun. "It won't last the entire day," he said. "No, it won't," said Minhyuk as he sighed.

"When is Shownu coming back?" Asked Changkhyun. "He uh... He had to take care of the girl," mumbled Minhyuk. "Oh," said Changkhyun as he sighed. "Well, we tried," he said. "Yeah," mumbled Minhyuk. "Let's get breakfast made hm?" He asked. "Sure," said Changkhyun as he looked up at the clear blue sky before heading back inside to start on breakfast with Minhyuk following after him.

Breakfast was made and everyone went to sit outside and enjoy the sunny morning, making small talk here and there. No one wanted to discuss what was happening next, but it was on everyone's mind. They were just waiting on Shownu now.
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The idea of him moving made her heartache. She knew it was her fault that they would be leaving their childhood home. Hugging herself she went inside. Luckily the swelling had subsided, but it still looked puffy and uncomfortable. When her father seen her he nearly shit.

"What the hell happened to your face?!" Alice gasped in surprise. Placing a hand on her heart, she cracked a smile and looked up.

"I just tripped Dad, we were screwing around on a bench outside the theater, I caught the railing on my way down." Her father's hand trembled as he reached out to her. Alice pulled her cheek away afraid of the pain that was sure to follow.

"You need to go to the doctors."

"I've already been. They said I'm fine. Got called an idiot and sent home with some anti-inflammatory. Keep ice on it and I should be fine. If I feel dizzy, sick, blah blah blah come back in." she rolled her eyes and stalked past her father.

"Alice please take this seriously. You could have been hurt."

"I was hurt Dad." The stairs took her directly to her room where she hugged her pillows and left her fear and anxiety seep out of her. She couldn't admit to anyone how scared she had been. How weak she felt and how guilt settled on her shoulders. She would take the time and look into some self-defense classes. Or maybe she could talk to Changkyun into teaching her a few things.
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"You mean come up with some story that doesn't sound like you're crazy? I don't know," said Changkhyun. "I wish I had an answer for you," he said. "But judging from how things would probably end up going from here, my pack and I are going to end up moving," he said.

"I don't want to end up moving," he confessed, sighing as he stopped at a stoplight. "I didn't grow up human here, but I grew up as a werewolf here," he said. "This place is home to me," he said. "You as an outsider wouldn't know but," he said, shrugging.

"Whatever happens will happen," he said, turning the truck when the light turned green. "Also, the other girls are fine," he said, in case she was curious. "I don't think they'll be returning to school but," he said.

About two hours later they finally arrived back to the familiar road that their houses were on. He stopped in her driveway first, parking the truck to let her get out. "Well, if we're still around after the weekend, see you at school on Monday," he said. He waited until she got into the house before backing out and driving the 30 feet over to the pack house and parked, getting out and heading inside with Kihyun.
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Alice followed meekly wanting the night to be over with. She wanted to be cuddled in her sweater with a good book and music playing. She focused her eyes at the trees blurring by. The nurses had drilled her. The doctors had poked at her. The others ignored her. She couldn't quite decide what was worse: the prodding or the waiting. Changkhun's voice sounded louder in the quiet cab. The truck wasn't roaring like she thought it would be.

"Yea, a really long night." She agreed. She didn't want to have a talk with him. There wasn't anything to talk about. She had already proved that she wouldn't say anything. That she was willing to stay away from him if that's what she wanted. She considered herself a neutral party. The tall girl getting hurt wasn't in the plan. Part of her felt like it was her fault, but how could she be expected to hide from everything the world has to offer?

"What do I tell everyone?" She wondered aloud. Her mind had finally gripped the idea that she was targeted, that she was to blame for the others getting hurt, but how did she explain that. She couldn't come up with a believable lie.

"I mean, how do I explain this?"
Kihyun was rather hesitant to answer all the questions they were asked, but he answered as truthfully as possible. He was glad they had let him clean the blood off, being able to change into new clothes thanks to finding some in the jeep and bringing it into the hospital with him. After checking on the girl with the head wound he went to check on Alice, shrugging at her question.

"I don't know," he said. "I'm waiting on orders myself," he said. "Changkhyun and Shownu should be coming by soon," he said. "If anything he'll take you home," he said. "You two really need to have a talk," he said. "And before you say you don't, you do," he added. "I know one thing, I'm going to get yelled at for getting blood all over the seats," he grumbled to himself, like it was a normal occurrence.

Changkhyun and Shownu finally showed up about half an hour later, the both of them wondering about the news. When they inquired to the nurse, the nurse said that Alice was free to go and the other girl would be staying overnight. Shownu would keep an eye on the girl to see if she knew anything concerning them, so Kihyun would be heading back with Changkhyun and Alice. "Take the truck back, I'll take care of the jeep," said Shownu as he gave Changkhyun the keys. "Keys are still in the ignition," said Kihyun. Shownu nodded.

"Well, let's go then," said Changkhyun. They headed out to the truck, which was just one that had two doors so Kihyun opted to sit in the truck bed so that Alice and Changkhyun could have a talk. After making sure everyone was comfortable Changkhyun started the truck and backed out of the parking spot before beginning the long drive home.

"So..." Started Changkhyun. "It's been a long night," he said, keeping one hand on the wheel while his other arm was slightly hanging out the open window.
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