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“You don’t look like you’re from around here, are you?” He asked curiously, wondering where she was from, as she was literally spotless in terms of being dust covered, and he pulled down his hood, that way she could see his hair, which was short and black
  Jason Ramirez / DoomGuy123 / 246d 19h 24m 30s
Upon hearing the male's voice, Nova turned around towards him. "Oh, hello." She said with a polite voice, before continuing. "I must admit that I am not very well acquainted with the layout of this city and its outer towns yet, so yes...I would say I'm a bit lost." She admitted, tilting her head just a little bit since she wondered what the human's reaction would be.
  Nova (female gijinka) / AskTheStaff / 247d 4h 59m 36s
Jason had arrived into the city near a large oasis, and it was all just the same old noises, people talking, vehicles honking constantly, people shouting, and he didn’t care, but one lady stood out from everyone, her dress was more of an upper class style and she didn’t have a single speck of dust on her at all. He hesistated for a moment, then he sighed and calmly approached her. “Excuse me...but I don’t believe I’ve seen you before...are you lost?” He asked politely
  Jason Ramirez / DoomGuy123 / 247d 21h 19m 12s
People in the streets looked at her with awkward expressions. Perhaps it was due to her attire? Or maybe how she wasn't covered in dust at all...but most likely it was both. Nova strolled through the area nonetheless, not caring about any of the glances she got from anyone.
  Nova (female gijinka) / AskTheStaff / 247d 21h 26m 37s
The human boy dusted himself off and put up his hood. “I’ll be back in an hour...” he said, and soon Jason headed out, his mind set on the tools he had to get for his parents so they’d finally have some air conditioning in their house for when it got hot out. Along the way, he waved hello to some of his friends, who were put to have fun, while he was busy.
  Jason Ramirez / DoomGuy123 / 247d 21h 33m 1s
A female in the attire of someone who looked somewhat high-class or just strange was walking on the dusty planet, using an ability that kept a tiny invisible forcefield upon her skin and clothing to keep dust out/off. "This planet is peculiar. Not by its physical features, but...the inhabitants." She told herself, having been disguised as one to fit in and observe them.
  Nova (female gijinka) / AskTheStaff / 247d 21h 37m 31s
Jason had just gotten home from high school, his hair and clothes coated with dust and sand. “I’m home!” He shouted, and his parents greeted him. “Don’t forget that I need you to go out and get some tools for your father so he can finally fix that air conditioner that we have.” His mother said, and he sighed. “Yeah mom, I’ll do that in a few minutes...” he said, not being happy with how his life was going so far
  Jason Ramirez / DoomGuy123 / 247d 21h 42m 41s

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