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Minhyuk was overwhelmed with everyone's thoughts for most of the morning, though he hung near Changkhyun for most of it. He was lucky to get some seats near Changkhyun for most of the morning classes but after lunch was a different story. Changkhyun and Minhyuk were separated after lunch, the both of them going to different classes.

"You going to be okay?" Asked Minhyuk as they stood outside the classroom Changkhyun had to go into. "Yeah," said Changkhyun. "I'll text you if I need to get out of class," he said. Minhyuk nodded and Changkhyun headed into class.

There was no sign of Kang yet, at least from their perspective but Minhyuk knew his scent so he kept a nose out. Everywhere he went he seemed to just catch Kang's scent but only fleetingly. Minhyuk headed into his class, to which he got to share with Lee apparently. He introduced himself before going to sit down, once again almost overwhelmed by everyone's thoughts about him. He didn't let it get to him as he looked forward, wondering what the teacher had in store with him.
  Changkhyun |I.M.| / AkiraInu / 270d 7h 58m 28s
Lee heard his alarm on his phone suddebly go off, making him jump suddenly and fall off of his couch, groaning as he checked the time, then remembered he was leaving early for something at the school going on and he was invited to help, obviously saying yes.

Lee started up the car, shivering at the cold as he turned the heat on and then pulled out if the driveway, slowly driving to school before going faster, warming up. Once he got to school, he quickly jumped out and grabbed a few things from the passenger side and walked into the school. Looking around slightly, he followed the signs and got to the classroom.

Lee started working on a few things and was sent to the office, following the signs again because he still wasn't quite used to the school. Sighing, he got to the office as he dropped off the papers and looked up at the clock, it showing it was near around time fir school to start and Lee turned his heels.

Walking down the hallways, Lee continued walking looking down before bumping into someone, making him look up [+springgreen[b "Ah! I am so sorry! "] he said and he saw that it was Kang, who grinned and clasped his hands together [+blueviolet "Ah! Lee what a pleasure to see you! "] he smiled and Lee leaned back slightly [+springgreen[b "Its... Nice to see you too, I need to get to class. I guess we can talk later"]] he said and he left, leaving Kang confused as Lee found his way to class.
  Lee Hyo-Jin / Grey_ / 271d 17m 3s
Changkhyun was running late the next morning, though Shownu and the others understood why. Their last 3 pack members were missing and two of them were his betas after all. He went to school like promised however, since it'd be what they'd want him to do.

Minhyuk drove to school, letting Changkhyun continue to be in his thoughts while keeping an eye on him. He was worried too, but didn't voice his worry too much when their youngest was going through a tough time, they had to be strong for him. Make sure Changkhyun didn't snap from the pressure.

"Hey," said Minhyuk, bringing Changkhyun out of his inner thoughts as he noticed they were parked in his usual parking spot. "Everything will be alright okay?" He asked. "Just hold out for a bit longer," he said. Changkhyun nodded, getting out and grabbing his bag with Minhyuk following after him. They headed to the office to get Minhyuk's schedule and locker number before going to Minhyuk's locker and hang out there before the bell rang.
  Changkhyun |I.M.| / AkiraInu / 274d 11h 58m 49s
Lee followed Changkhyun with hands behind his back, letting his mind trail off as he continued to listen to the male closely. Listening to a few things he was saying, chuckling softly as he said Minhyuk was normally hyper like he was just a few second ago.

Listening the facts and questions he was saying [+springgreen "Mmm, I'm sure i'll get used to it, nothing hard"] he smiled and chuckled softly. Listening to him more as he mentioned Kang. Which made him more confused as he stayed quiet. Listening to him talking about his beats and such, a with other packs.

'I wonder what its like being a werewolf... ' he thought as he looked up and said to be careful, giving a reassured nod as he watched him leave, Lee walk into his house. Sighing and stretching, Lee started processing stuff in his head. 'Werewolves, shaoeshifters' he thought and shook his head slightly before walking over to the couch, jumping onto it.

Lee felt rather tired after school due to a few things, but didn't care. Even though he took a nap, he felt tired again, being in a room with so many people usually made him worn out, so, letting out a soft huff. Lee closed his eyes and fell asleep quickly.
  Grey_ / 274d 23h 42m 31s
"I don't mind," said Changkhyun as he shrugged, before leaving with Lee. He walked with Lee to his house, with his hands in his pockets and his mind somewhere else.

"Sorry about the others," he said, scratching the back of his head. "Minhyuk's normally this.. Hyper," he said, shrugging. "You'll get used to his personality I'm sure," he said. "Just be careful around Kang alright?" He asked as they stopped in front of Lee's house. "If my betas and another pack member of ours haven't come back yet then something must've come up," he said. "I don't trust Kang," he said. "So just be careful," he said before leaving Lee to walk into his house. He headed back home himself, going to finish the other homework he had to do.

Changkhyun found himself going for a run that night, needing to clear his head. His wolf form went silently through the forest as he subconsciously ran the familiar route around their territory. He was more worried for his betas, having not seen them for a few months now. He just hoped they were doing alright, since their other pack member had gone through a bad rejection from his mate and was slowly dealing with his insanity that came with it.
  Changkhyun |I.M.| / AkiraInu / 276d 11h 23m 33s
Lee looked over at Minhyuk as he seemed kind if surprised and Lee sat back down, crossing his legs as he listened to them, grabbing a glass that was on the table next to his food and slowly took a drink, listening to them some more.

'So they know Kang.... Hmm' he thought and twitched his foot slightly. But, now that he knew who the cat was, he was curious on why the car started following him. Which made him think, maybe he had intentions on something? Maybe he was wanting something?

Shaking his head from so many questions, GE watched everyone sit down and start eating, Lee taking a few bites before finishing it, not knowing how hungry he was as he pushed the plate away slightly and looked down, trying not to make eye contact with anyone.

Once everyone was finished, Lee was a little sad he was going hime and he walked over to the door, about to say bye before he heard Changkhyun say he would walk him home and Lee thought for a moment [+springgreen[b "I mean.... If you want to, its only next door"]] he said and waited by the door, putting his hands behind his back.
  Lee Hyo-Jin / Grey_ / 276d 15h 52m 30s
"[i Him]?" Exclaimed Minhyuk. "What the hell is he doing tracking us here?" Asked Shownu. "If this is who I am thinking of, then he must've come with news," said Hyungwon. "Concerning my betas," Changkhyun said, though it didn't sound like a question.

"Though, why go through all the trouble and causing us to chase him around for ages is something I've been wondering," said Shownu. Changkhyun hummed in response as he nodded.

Dinner went without a problem afterwards, everyone making small talk. Changkhyun was debating on telling Lee more about himself but Minhyuk shook his head at him. There was no way they could see that Lee was Changkhyun's mate. But since Lee was involved they had to let him know of the situation.

After dinner Changkhyun offered to take Lee home, more out of his safety than anything. He wasn't sure about what Kang's intentions were but it was better to be safe than sorry.
  Changkhyun |I.M.| / AkiraInu / 277d 6h 40m 16s
Lee jumped at the sudden excitement from everyone and he looked around frantically as everyone started speaking and he calmed down, sitting in his knees again. [+springgreen[b "W-wow, umm.... Right, okay, I'll stay"]] he said under his breath as he looked around and clasped his hands together looking uo at everyone.

'There still so tall.. ' he thought and looked down slightly as he jumped a little and looked at the plate, leaning down very slightly to get a wiff of it and leaned back up, twitching his nose slightly [+springgreen[b "This smells nice"]] he smiled and tilted his head to the side slightly, his mouth watering.

He perked back up and looked at Minhyuk, hearing shapeshifter and he tilted his head slightly [+springgreen[b "I'm the newest student. But yes, someone was the newest before I came. I spoke to him today actually.... His name was...
Kang? He.... Had a weird scent on him... "]] he said and scratched the back if his neck, looking up at everyone again.
  Lee Hyo-Jin / Grey_ / 277d 9h 16m 34s
Changkhyun blinked. "Well, that was easier than we thought!" Said Minhyuk. "The wolf's out of the bag then," he said with a grin. "That cat is nothing but trouble," Changkhyun said with a sigh. "You can stay for dinner!" Said Minhyuk. "I think there's a lot more we need to discuss here," said Changkhyun as he nodded.

"Good, because dinner is ready," said Shownu as he walked into the livingroom with plates. Changkhyun went to get his share of dinner while Shownu gave Lee a plate and Minhyuk went to get his share of dinner with Hyungwon coming out and sitting on the couch next to Shownu. Changkhyun sat by the coffee table again and Minhyuk came over to sit beside Hyungwon.

"That cat is a shapeshifter of sorts," said Minhyuk. "At least, from what I could tell, no normal cat would be so [i friendly] unless they needed something," he said. "I did hear we got a new student," said Changkhyun. "Do you know who that student is?" He asked.
  Changkhyun |I.M.| / AkiraInu / 277d 9h 28m 27s
Lee looked uo at the ither males then looked back down, checking the homework himself by looking at it, they all seemeseemed correct after Minhyuk checked it, Lee decided to stay quiet again and crossed his arms. 'This is..... Awkward' he thought to himself for a moment and glanced up as he heard dinner would be done, which also made Lee aware he was going to need to go home soon to make himself something.

Watching Minhyuk leave, Lee tilted his head to one side, hearing a crack, then, tilted his head to the other side, hearing a crack which made Lee satisfied. He jumped slightly when he saw Changkhyun move and he calmed down quickly, letting himself relax as he stretched his arms slightly.

Listening to him, he looked up as he watched him stand, which automatically made Lee stand up and put his hands behind his back politely and froze slightly, hearing the word 'Werewolves' which he of course didn't care. To give him an answer, Lee shook his head. [+springgreen[b "No, I believe you actually.... "]] he spoke quietly and scratches chef the back of his neck slightly [+springgreen[b "And.... I don't mind"]] he said and looked up at him. [+springgreen[b "Its..... The cat I'm more worried about"]] he said softly.
  Lee Hyo-Jin / Grey_ / 277d 11h 22s
Changkhyun took a minute to check over his work with Minhyuk, who was semi aware of how the other problems worked and corrected what he had wrong.

"Dinner should be ready in a bit," said Shownu as he came out of the kitchen. "Okay," said Changkhyun he nodded. Minhyuk hummed in response as he got up and headed to the bathroom. Shownu went back into the kitchen and Changkhyun leaned back against the couch again, stretching his legs.

"Well," said Changkhyun as he stood, stretching. "You probably won't believe me if I said that these wolves were werewolves would you?" He asked. He decided to just be blunt about it, wondering if being blunt would help his case. Probably not as Minhyuk came out of the bathroom and walked back into the livingroom, his head tilting slightly.
  Changkhyun |I.M.| / AkiraInu / 277d 13h 22m 44s
Lee listened as the things he were saying were, actually, quite true. It was confusing to see wolves around here, but he didn't mind. They were beautiful and not scary to Lee at all. So he looked up at him slightly before glancing to the side, he was talking about the cat. 'A threat? ' he thought for a moment and looked down, how could a cat be a threat? Normally, cats would eat your food. But what did this cat want?

His head filling with questions, he shook his head slightly and looked back up at him, listening as he heard him talking about wolves and nodded a few times and sat uo straight as he heard a truck pull in. Once he heard footsteps he looked to the side, but kept his head facing Changkhyun then loomed at him again.

He saw the other male walk in, by the looks if it, his name was Minhyuk, who actually did the same exact solution that Lee was thinking about. Which made him confused, but didn't show it 'Hmm... ' he thought fir a moment and sort if skaced out, hearing talking, the sound of grocery bags and more talking. Which made clear his throat slightly and kept quiet, not wanting to interrupt anything or be rude. Looking around the house.
  Lee Hyo-Jin / Grey_ / 277d 21h 13m 57s
Changkhyun fought back a growl at the mention of the cat. "Yeah, that cat," he muttered, hearing a chuckle coming from the kitchen as he looked down at his work to think about what to say as he studied the problem he was working on.

"Well," he finally said after a few minutes of writing stuff down. "That cat might pose a bigger threat to us than you think," he said, leaning back against the couch again, sighing as he stared up at the ceiling. How the hell do you tell someone you're a werewolf? He wasn't sure.

"Those wolves aren't ordinary wolves," he said, looking towards the front door when he heard Shownu's truck pull up. "I'm sure you've run into them once or twice," he said. "Wolves don't normally come this close to the town so it's a bit odd," he said. He was avoiding the subject of the cat, wanting some help explaining the situation.

Minhyuk walked in, grinning at Changkhyun, giving a thumbs up in encouragement before going into the kitchen to put the bags of food away. Shownu came in with his own bags of food before closing the door.

"Got a tutor on homework?" Asked Shownu as he turned to Changkhyun. "Sort of," Changkhyun said with a sheepish look as he scratched the back of his head. "Wow, the smart one needs help?" Asked Minhyuk as he came out of the kitchen to sit next to Changkhyun. Shownu chuckled some before going into the kitchen to put the rest of their groceries away and help Hyungwon with dinner.

Minhyuk took a minute to help Changkhyun with the problem, getting the solution from Lee's mind as he pointed out what to do. [i Mind reading again]? Changkhyun thought with a small shake of his head. Minhyuk chuckled some. "And that's how that problem goes," he said. "Ah, I see now it makes sense," said Changkhyun as he wrote down the answer.
  Changkhyun |I.M.| / AkiraInu / 280d 4h 56m 10s
Lee waited until he was greeted by someone and he looked up at him, nodding once as he was allowed in. 'Ahh... Why us everyone so tall? ' Lee thought as he walked in furthur, but didn't quite know where to go until he jumped slightly and looked over to the waving male. 'Its him... ' Lee mumbled to himself and slowly walked over before gently sitting on the floor, his legs in a 'W' position.

Looking up at the male, then looking down, he looked at the homework the male was working on until he quickly looked up as Changkhyun started speaking, gently nodding [+springgreen[b "Yes, I got your note... "]] he said and tilted his head the slightest bit. 'He could have just asked me' Lee thought for a moment before he looked back at the homework again.

'He looks stuck... ' he thought and started doing the math in his head and then, looking up at Changkhyun again, listening closely. [+springgreen[b "Yes, I'm aware if the wolf pack here in the forest... I don't really mind them... I'm just confused about the [I cat]"]] he said and crossed his arms, that guy from school...Kang was his name? Lee started thinking before looking up at the male, wondering what he would say next.
  Lee Hyo-Jin / Grey_ / 281d 1h 30m 24s
There was a sudden knock on the door and Changkhyun looked towards it before yelling for someone to go get the door. He had been stuck with this one math problem for the passed half an hour so he was busy trying to figure out what the answer was. His mind had been somewhere else the entire math class so he missed the lesson.

Hyungwon went to the door and opened it, his head tilting slightly. "Come on in," he said after a few minutes, moving to let Lee in before closing the door behind him. "Neighbor's here," Hyungwon said, turning to his left to look at Changkhyun. "Okay," said Changkhyun as he looked up from his work. "Come on over," he said, waving Lee over before turning back to his work. Hyungwon went into the kitchen to work on dinner, leaving the two alone for now. Minhyuk and Shownu had gone out to do their weekly grocery shopping.

"I guess you got my note," said Changkhyun as he put his pencil behind his ear and leaned back against the couch. "I wanted to talk to you about something," he said, trying to approach the subject as carefully as possible. "You're aware of the wolf pack that has recently made their presence known right?" He finally decided to ask.
  Changkhyun |I.M.| / AkiraInu / 281d 13h 31m 49s

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