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Lee listened as the things he were saying were, actually, quite true. It was confusing to see wolves around here, but he didn't mind. They were beautiful and not scary to Lee at all. So he looked up at him slightly before glancing to the side, he was talking about the cat. 'A threat? ' he thought for a moment and looked down, how could a cat be a threat? Normally, cats would eat your food. But what did this cat want?

His head filling with questions, he shook his head slightly and looked back up at him, listening as he heard him talking about wolves and nodded a few times and sat uo straight as he heard a truck pull in. Once he heard footsteps he looked to the side, but kept his head facing Changkhyun then loomed at him again.

He saw the other male walk in, by the looks if it, his name was Minhyuk, who actually did the same exact solution that Lee was thinking about. Which made him confused, but didn't show it 'Hmm... ' he thought fir a moment and sort if skaced out, hearing talking, the sound of grocery bags and more talking. Which made clear his throat slightly and kept quiet, not wanting to interrupt anything or be rude. Looking around the house.
  Lee Hyo-Jin / Grey_ / 1m 55s
Changkhyun fought back a growl at the mention of the cat. "Yeah, that cat," he muttered, hearing a chuckle coming from the kitchen as he looked down at his work to think about what to say as he studied the problem he was working on.

"Well," he finally said after a few minutes of writing stuff down. "That cat might pose a bigger threat to us than you think," he said, leaning back against the couch again, sighing as he stared up at the ceiling. How the hell do you tell someone you're a werewolf? He wasn't sure.

"Those wolves aren't ordinary wolves," he said, looking towards the front door when he heard Shownu's truck pull up. "I'm sure you've run into them once or twice," he said. "Wolves don't normally come this close to the town so it's a bit odd," he said. He was avoiding the subject of the cat, wanting some help explaining the situation.

Minhyuk walked in, grinning at Changkhyun, giving a thumbs up in encouragement before going into the kitchen to put the bags of food away. Shownu came in with his own bags of food before closing the door.

"Got a tutor on homework?" Asked Shownu as he turned to Changkhyun. "Sort of," Changkhyun said with a sheepish look as he scratched the back of his head. "Wow, the smart one needs help?" Asked Minhyuk as he came out of the kitchen to sit next to Changkhyun. Shownu chuckled some before going into the kitchen to put the rest of their groceries away and help Hyungwon with dinner.

Minhyuk took a minute to help Changkhyun with the problem, getting the solution from Lee's mind as he pointed out what to do. [i Mind reading again]? Changkhyun thought with a small shake of his head. Minhyuk chuckled some. "And that's how that problem goes," he said. "Ah, I see now it makes sense," said Changkhyun as he wrote down the answer.
  Changkhyun |I.M.| / AkiraInu / 2d 7h 44m 8s
Lee waited until he was greeted by someone and he looked up at him, nodding once as he was allowed in. 'Ahh... Why us everyone so tall? ' Lee thought as he walked in furthur, but didn't quite know where to go until he jumped slightly and looked over to the waving male. 'Its him... ' Lee mumbled to himself and slowly walked over before gently sitting on the floor, his legs in a 'W' position.

Looking up at the male, then looking down, he looked at the homework the male was working on until he quickly looked up as Changkhyun started speaking, gently nodding [+springgreen[b "Yes, I got your note... "]] he said and tilted his head the slightest bit. 'He could have just asked me' Lee thought for a moment before he looked back at the homework again.

'He looks stuck... ' he thought and started doing the math in his head and then, looking up at Changkhyun again, listening closely. [+springgreen[b "Yes, I'm aware if the wolf pack here in the forest... I don't really mind them... I'm just confused about the [I cat]"]] he said and crossed his arms, that guy from school...Kang was his name? Lee started thinking before looking up at the male, wondering what he would say next.
  Lee Hyo-Jin / Grey_ / 3d 4h 18m 22s
There was a sudden knock on the door and Changkhyun looked towards it before yelling for someone to go get the door. He had been stuck with this one math problem for the passed half an hour so he was busy trying to figure out what the answer was. His mind had been somewhere else the entire math class so he missed the lesson.

Hyungwon went to the door and opened it, his head tilting slightly. "Come on in," he said after a few minutes, moving to let Lee in before closing the door behind him. "Neighbor's here," Hyungwon said, turning to his left to look at Changkhyun. "Okay," said Changkhyun as he looked up from his work. "Come on over," he said, waving Lee over before turning back to his work. Hyungwon went into the kitchen to work on dinner, leaving the two alone for now. Minhyuk and Shownu had gone out to do their weekly grocery shopping.

"I guess you got my note," said Changkhyun as he put his pencil behind his ear and leaned back against the couch. "I wanted to talk to you about something," he said, trying to approach the subject as carefully as possible. "You're aware of the wolf pack that has recently made their presence known right?" He finally decided to ask.
  Changkhyun |I.M.| / AkiraInu / 3d 16h 19m 47s
'I'll have to pick Kiru up around 2 on Sunday...' Lee said to himself in his head and sat up, grabbing the T.V remote. It was only around 2:30ish, so he had time before he went to Changkhyun's or, whoever's house it is. He glanced up at the T.V and turned on youtube and sat there for a moment, watching the T.V before dozing off suddenly.

About an hour later, Lee woke up before he remembered he was going to Changkhyun's and took a small piece of paper out of his pocket. Reading it again, Lee sighed and put it back into his pocket. 'Maybe I should eat something first then take a quick shower...' he thought and nodded once, walking ver to the fridge and grabbing something before eating it quickly, have not eating lunch at school, so he was more hungry than normal.

After his shower, Lee walked down the stairs, his hair still wet as he was getting a shirt on. He grabbed his phone and stuck it in his back pocket and walked out the door ad walked next door. Being quite nervous, Lee made it to the doorstep and froze slightly before gently knocking on the door. Wondering who would answer, he didn't know how many people were in there, and hoped not that many.
  Lee Hyo-Jin / Grey_ / 3d 16h 53m 33s
Changkhyun got home after stopping for gas and getting some food for dinner. Minhyuk was tagging along the whole time, keeping an eye on Changkhyun. When they got home the others came out to greet them, Shownu smiling slightly.

"Welcome back," said Shownu. "How was the school day?" He asked. "I kept having this nagging feeling in the back of my head about that damned cat," said Changkhyun as he grabbed his bag and headed inside while Minhyuk took the bags of food inside. "I think he's there in school, I heard from the other students that there's someone new but I have yet to see him," he said. "He might be avoiding us on purpose," said Hyungwon. "Maybe," said Changkhyun as he went to sit down at the coffee table to work on homework.

"When do you think he's going to be here?" Asked Shownu. "I don't know," said Changkhyun as he didn't look up from his work. "I just asked if he could come over, not sure when that's going to be," he said. "When are the other three gonna be here?" He asked. "I heard sometime during the weekend," said Hyungwon as he looked to see what Changkhyun was working on. "Good, I do miss my betas," said Changkhyun. Shownu chuckled some.
  Changkhyun |I.M.| / AkiraInu / 5d 15h 40m 6s
Lee sighed as he opened his locker and slightly jumped when a piece of paper fell out of it. Huffing, he leaned down and took the paper and started reading it. 'Changkhyun.... Is he the one who's always being excused from class? ' he thought for a moment before he jumped at the sudden tap of someone behind him. [+springgreen[b "Ah... Hi? "]] he said to the male.

[+orange[b "Hi there! I'm Kang Chu"] ] the male said and Lee blinked a few times [+springgreen [b "Ah, I'm Lee"]] he said and shook the males hand. 'Something's off with him.... He looks like... Like he has cat eyes' Lee thought while glancing to the side. The g..... Well, Kang... Tilted his head [+orange[b "It was nice meeting you~ I hope we meet again, i was only saying Hi"]] he said he said and smiled before he turned around before he walked off, walking with long strides like a cat.

Being confused, Lee sighed and looked around for Changkhyun, but he wasn't there, which made him sigh and he grabbed his things and walk off to class, starting his day.

Once the day was done, Lee was tired as heck and walked over to his car. He had figured out Changkhyun was one of his neighbors along with everyone else. Sighing, he could go right after school since Kiru was at his grandmother's, so it was easier. He got home soon after and Lee walked inside the house and flopped onto the couch, groaning.
  Naki~ Suit / Grey_ / 6d 5h 45m 17s
Changkhyun had gotten to Lee's locker before he did, slipping a note asking if they could meet at his house after school. A lot of debating had been going on last night before Changkhyun went to bed and Changkhyun thought it'd be safer for Lee to be in the know, since he was planning on telling him about his... Wolf self anyway.

Once the note was dropped off he headed off to class like normal, wondering how he was going to explain [i everything] to Lee. He hadn't talked about his past to anyone really, well except his own pack. It was what had happened that had caused him to join them in the first place.

It was these inner thoughts that kept him distracted throughout the school day, which he thought was a good thing really, he didn't have to worry about his power yet. He needed to figure out what to do about Lee and the cat first. He had yet to catch its scent during the school day, but he was sure this cat, whoever it was, was a student in the school somewhere.

After school let out Minhyuk was waiting for him at the jeep, sitting on the hood with his arms crossed. "Ah, you're early," said Changkhyun. Minhyuk snorts. "I've been waiting for [i an hour]," he said with a pout. Changkhyun chuckled. "Got everything needed to join the school?" He asked. Minhyuk nodded. "I start tomorrow," he said. "Good," said Changkhyun before he went to put his bag in the trunk and closed the door before getting in the driver's seat. Minhyuk got in the passenger seat and after a bit Changkhyun started the jeep and backed out of his parking spot before driving home.
  Changkhyun |I.M.| / AkiraInu / 9d 8h 17s
[+Maroon[b "Lee! We have school"]] Lee heard a small familiar voice and groaned, curling up more before feeling small hands prod into his side before he jolted slightly. [+springgreen[b "Way, fine fine I'm up"]] he said as he swung his feet off the bed and looked at the smaller male who had whisps of hair going in all different directions as he chuckled and reached over, running his fingers down his hair as it laid flat but still a few whisps stayed up.

Standing up with slight wobble, Lee stretched and heard Kiru's footsteps run off down stairs and Lee followed soon after as he brushed his teeth and brushed his hair, walking down stairs behind him [+springgreen[b "What would you like this morning kiddo? "]] Lee said and tilted his head as he grabbed a few things from the fridge and turned the oven on. He heard a small groan from Kiru and looked over as the smaller boy was near asleep again and Lee gently put the food in front of his face and thetounger boy opened his eyes.

[+springgreen[b "I'll make breakfast, you go get dressed"]] Lee said and started cooking. After Lee was dine and Kiru came back down, Lee pushed the plate gently over to him and he sat down next to Kiru, starting to eat. Kiru finished first and he put his plate in the sink while Lee put his in the fridge for later and walked over tithe door, slipping his shoes on and they both went to the car. Kiru hopped in and Lee did the same and started up the car.

The same ol same ol. Lee dropped Kiru off and Lee was at school, putting the hair on the right side if his hair back with a few pins as he walked into the school and went to his locker.
  Grey~Fox Me~{Naki} / Grey_ / 11d 11h 6m 20s
Changkhyun woke up the next morning to his alarm clock, grunting as he rolled off his bed and onto the floor. He reached up and grabbed his phone, turning off the alarm. He felt a strange sense of deja vu as he got up, going to take a quick shower and get ready for school.

He headed into the kitchen after getting dressed, grabbing his bag and putting on his shoes. "Back to the old routine eh?" Asked Shownu as he walked into the kitchen. "I guess," said Changkhyun as he sighed. Shownu made some breakfast, giving Changkhyun a breakfast sandwich. "Have fun, Minhyuk should be joining you tomorrow," he said. Changkhyun nodded and left the house, getting in his jeep and sitting there for a few minutes. He let out a deep sigh and started the jeep, backing out of the driveway and driving off to school.

His thoughts were filled with the events of the night before. He was wary, wondering who this cat was in human form. He didn't know if it was someone he knew, but he was on the lookout. Once he got to school Changkhyun parked at his parking spot and turned off the ignition, getting out and heading into school.
  Changkhyun |I.M.| / AkiraInu / 17d 16h 16m 13s
Lee washed his hands and heard soft cries from the room upstairs and walked up, peeking into Kiru's room, he was whimpering and Lee walked in, gently placing his hand on the sleeping boys head before he calmed down and walked out of the room, gently closing the door behind him.

He sighed slightly as his stomach hurt and he sprawled out on the couch, taking in a few deep breaths and letting them out slowly. Pushing a small button on the remote, the T.V turned on and showed nothing but a blank screen and decided to watch some youtube to make him tired.

'Not sleepy' he thought for a moment and clicked the buttons a few times, turning to a horror animation which wasn't scary to him. Anything horror never scared him, he never cared about that stuff. But what did scare him was when he heard screams from the next door neighbors and he looked over to the window, looking over at the house.

'I wonder what's wrong...could it be nightmares?' he thought to himself and sighed, turning the T.V off. Guess the horror made him sleepy and he rubbed his eyes slightly, locking everything and turning off the lights, yawning slightly. He trotted upstairs into his room and flopped onto the bed and threw the blanket over him, snuggling under the blankets before closing his eyes, falling asleep quickly.
  Naki~ Suit / Grey_ / 19d 6h 30m 13s
When they got home Changkhyun changed, opening the door for his packmates before following them inside. "I think I'm going to need Minhyuk with me in school again," he said. Minhyuk hummed in response. "Alright," he said. "Just because of your problem," he said. "I haven't had time to learn to control it," said Changkhyun. "But maybe you being there will help," he said.

"Get some sleep, we'll go over this tomorrow," said Shownu. "Right," said Changkhyun before he headed into the bathroom to take a shower and go to bed. The others went to do the same thing.

Changkhyun was plagued with nightmares for the first time in a while during the night. He woke up to his own screams with Minhyuk running into the room to calm him down. "Pup, pup, it's okay, just a nightmare!" Said Minhyuk as he got Changkhyun out from the blankets and tried to calm him down.

"Wake up pup," said Minhyuk as he shook Changkhyun. Changkhyun jolted awake, groaning as he came to. "Sorry," he mumbled. "It's alright," said Minhyuk as he gave a soft smile. "You're okay," he said, patting Changkhyun on the shoulder before moving away and tucking Changkhyun in before leaving the room. Changkhyun soon fell back asleep.
  Changkhyun |I.M.| / AkiraInu / 19d 16h 58m 25s
'Crunch, crunch' Lee heard the small paw steps of the cat following, he glanced back once to see the cat following him, but there were other sounds...more steps as if something were following the two, but he didn't know if it were animal or human.

Sighing, Lee let his arms collide with his own as he looked up then around until he glanced at where the cat used to be. Seeing only it's tail before it bolted off and the paws followed it. Definitely animal. But what kind of animal would chase after a cat? A bigger cat? A dog? Maybe the wolves.

Of course, the cat got out of his mind and he continued to walk until he stopped and raised his hand up to his eye level and examined the bite mark, which seemed to be bleeding more. Sighing, he turned on his heels and noticed a wolf tail before it sprinted off.

'Were the wolves following me?' Lee thought and stood up on his tippy toes, gazing into the woods, hoping he could get a glance of he wolf again. But it was gone and he heard wolf howls. Multiple of them around the number of 3 by the sound of it. He slightly followed until he felt something wet on his hand and it dripped, small spots of blood on the grass as Lee brought his hand back up.

'I should probably get back home' he thought and looked around. Where was home? Remembering, he turned right and started walking, following the small scratches in the tree's from Kiru in case the two got lost when they were waling in the woods. A small trail of blood from his hand 'Damn cat' he thought and sighed, wrapping his hand up with a bandage in his pocket as he walked inside to get the wound dressed. As he was about to step into the house, he took one last look into the woods before walking inside.
  ~+~ / Grey_ / 21d 3h 52m 34s
Changkhyun and the others soon came upon Lee and that damn cat, Changkhyun growling at it while Shownu, Minhyuk and Hyungwon went to circle around them, effectively trapping Lee and the cat.

[i We're here for the cat, not for Lee], Changkhyun thought to Minhyuk who nodded and relayed it to Shownu and Hyungwon. The four of them slowly inch towards the cat, their fur standing on end. It didn't work out too well when the cat managed to slip passed them and Shownu, Minhyuk and Hyungwon quickly sprinted after it to try to catch it.

Changkhyun was left to look at Lee, his head tilting to the side slightly as he smelled blood. He wasn't sure how to approach this situation as he moved forward slowly, trying not to scare off the human in front of him. It wasn't like he could change right here and there. One, he'd have no clothes and two it'd be awkward as hell for him. His head whipped to the side when he heard the howls of his packmates and he soon ran off, rushing to find them.

[i This damned cat keeps slipping us] said Minhyuk as he looked around. Changkhyun growled lightly in annoyance. They'd have to leave the cat be for now and head back home. Channgkhyun snorts before beginning the journey home, with Shownu, Minhyuk and Hyungwon following after him.
  Changkhyun |I.M.| / AkiraInu / 21d 8h 52m 6s
Lee stayed asleep for awhile until he blinked his eyes open naturally. What time was it? Looking over at his alarm clock, it was near midnight. What a strange time to wake up. N9really he would wake around 3 or 5 in the morning. But not this time. Which only made him sigh, he wanted at least another hour of sleep but by the looks of it, that's wasn't going to happen so easily.

Soon, Lee gained his lack or drowsiness and woke up fully after he walked downstairs. He clearly didn't know what to do as he decided to walk outside. Maybe a midnight stroll would help. Grabbing his coat, he decided to use the sidewalks instead the woods at this time, so he went through the front door as the breeze made him smile just the slightest bit.

He stepped out if the house and closed the door behind him gently so that Kiru didn't know he was gone for awhile. As he walked over to the sidewalk, he put his hands into his pockets and decided to go left, his shoes making the slightest 'click' sound. He looked about the beautiful midnight sky and blinked his green eyes be for eye stopped.

Was that a howl just now? He looked into the woods as he then heard shuffling as if dog paws were walking before running. Now, this only made Lee's curiosity higher and Lee walked into the backyard as he saw three wolves jump and then bolt off. Now he was tempted.

Lee walked into the woods, the sound of his feet silent as he started walking after the crunching sound of leave a from the wolves. Following, following. It seemed to go deeper and deeper into the wois a until he stopped. He heard a gentle meow and looked back. Was was the cat.

Lee knelt down and the cat immediately padded over to Lee with a purr in its throat. Lee started to stroke the cat before it bit Lee again and he flinched slightly and slightly pushed the cats muzzle. Which the cat let go and Lee was slightly bleeding, but wiped it on his shirt slightly and the cat brushed up against him. Little did he know the cat was being followed by the wolves.
  Lee Hyo-Jin / Grey_ / 22d 8h 54m 59s

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