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This takes place years after Percy Jackson and his friends ended the reign of Kronos, but new threats emerge, and now three new Demigods must stop it. Pinkamena is the daughter of Thanatos (Death), and she is to be accompanied by two others to end the evil that’s brewing in the world.


Weapon of choice:
Special powers:


Name: Pinkamena Diane Pie
Age: 16
Parents: Thanatos and Rebecca
Weapon of choice: scythe
Special powers: able to drain a person of all their physical energy, making them weak

To join:
Please send me a pm titled [b Half-Blood] with the Skelly filled out.

All ES rules apply, anything sexual is not to happen with the roleplay, or t will be time skipped


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Grabbing his weapon Mattio stepped out to join up with his cabin mate and a few of the guards who were already engaged in with one of the Kveldulf beast. Dipping down under the thing as it swiped left and ran after a few of the guards Mattio dug one of his daggers into the creature's left leg and drove it into the ground after plunging his other dagger into the thing's center chest forcing the two heads to split even farther down and exposing its heart. Pulling his knife he dug his blade into the heart and cut off both heads to make sure it didn't come back.

As he drive his knife into the creature however it let out a yelp and several others showed up to try and defend it, however before they could get to the thing it had already been killed and its heads removed. Mattio spun his eyes on each new beast that had shown up. While he was a newby in comparison to some of the campers here at Half blood, he knew these creatures well. [b "You have to cut off both heads and be sure to pierce the heart."] he called out as he swung his blades from shoulder to side and had their blade length grow.
  Mattio Silvers / Colorful_insanity / 239d 3h 10m 45s
Pinkamena has looked up after strapping he device onto her arm, smirking a little as she grabbed her scythe, knowing she was about to send her father some new souls to collect. “Looks like my dad will have some new ones to deal with...” she said quietly, swinging her scythe with flair, and soon she was joining the guards in the fight.
  Pinkamena Diane Pie / DoomGuy123 / 243d 23h 6m 10s
Mattio had but a few years at camp. He had been posted at the greek camp for the demi-gods as the Norse god's were far and few for demi-gods as it was forbidden by the Norse god Odin, and even worse was the punishment if a god was caught having a child with a mortal and even worse to the mortal parent and the child itself.

Mattio's God parent to his own people was Cernunnos the God of fertility, life, animals, wealth, and the underworld. It was because of this he was placed in the greek cabin for hades or god of the underworld. It was here the had had far and few members to the house as many stayed in the underworld with their parents or stayed far away from camp as they were looked at in distain as Hades was almost like a warlike god who hated his brothers even if the greek gods themselves didn't think of it that way.

Mattio had just recently gotten a cabin mate, but she tended to stick to herself and this had caused her to have a lack of friendly faces. She had come here with a few people in the previous year, however they had sense passed away in months to come after their arrival. he had watched as each one had burned on the funeral pyre like the kings of old in honorable memory to them and the deeds they did.

Stepping up to the cabin Mattio reached the Iron door to the cabin covered in spikes and soot, Hearing the small clank clank of metal being turned over and over he glanced to his left to see the new girl was inspecting a weapon of sorts. He didn't say anything but stepped inside the black cabin to a series of dazzling gems and precious metals scattered like the night sky across the entire cabin. While Hades was god of the underworld, not many knew he was also the god of Precious metals and gems and the earth.

He was always seen as a scarry man even to his children most of the time, however those who got to know him in another light saw him as a man of great beauty in the things he could show them in. Shortly after stepping into the cabin Mattio had heard the Siren go off for the camp. It was meant as a warning signal sense the Barrier had come down around camp upon the defeat of Gaea. A monster was close to the camp and would likely be attracted to it sense the siren sound blasted all over the thing.

Guards of course stood by on watch, but Mattio was first to see it. A Kveldulf appeared at the northern ridge into camp its two heads looking around like it had found a big hunting ground full of little mice. They were spawns of Fenrir the norse wolf god, however where one was many would come. It was then the creature had let out a giant howl into the air and was answered back by many more.
  Mattio Silvers / Colorful_insanity / 243d 23h 9m 29s
Pinkamena had been in Camp Half-Blood for over a year now, but she was alone not only in terms of siblings, but in terms of friends, as every friend she had ended up dying. No one knows how or why they died, but they assumed that it had to do with her father, who was death itself. Most saw her as a tough girl who didn’t want any friends, but in all reality, she was very insecure and wanted to have a friend to be able to talk to. She didn’t like to show weakness, and instead kept it hidden from others, hoping they would find out for themselves. While she sat outside her cabin, she was examining the wrist mounted grappling hook that a deceased friend from the Hephastus cabin made for her about 4 months ago.
  Pinkamena Diane Pie / DoomGuy123 / 249d 18h 57m 9s

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