A Town Called Salem

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After he had reported and shown the official the body, Caleb had gone home to his office/house, which was located on the outer edge of the town, and soon he was examining the silver pocket watch closely so he could find some kind of clue as to what the killer’s identity was, when that yielded nothing, he finally put the watch in his waistcoat pocket and removed his mask, putting it on the coat rack near his door.
  Caleb Juarez / DoomGuy123 / 248d 11h 21m 1s
Soon, Nikatu was strolling back into the very small town towards her house, which was located pretty close to the bridge she had been at. To her, the night had been and still was peaceful...although she didn't see the strange figure in the shadows behind her watch her go into her home.
  Nikatu Preece / AskTheStaff / 248d 11h 29m 47s
The plague doctor picked up the pocket watch and placed it in his waistcoat pocket, and then he went to report the death to a town official as it was a homicide. It took about ten minutes to get to the official’s office and report the death. “Sir, someone was murdered not even twenty moments ago.” He reported, and when the official spoke with him, it was of surprise. “A death? But no one here has a quarrel with another being!” But sir, I witnessed a person running away from the scene of the crime.” Caleb told him, and the official sighed. “Very well...lead me to the body.” The town official answered, and soon, Caleb took him to the dead corpse
  Caleb Juarez / DoomGuy123 / 248d 11h 32m 30s
A female in the attire of a jester yawned as she sat on the edge of a bridge. It was sturdily built over a simple river, with flowing water that could bring a feeling of peace in just a few moments right underneath the dark oak planks. Although her outfit said otherwise, Nikatu wasn't a jester at all. She just really loved the style of clothing...despite being a simple townsfolk who wasn't expected to have such interests.
  Nikatu Preece / AskTheStaff / 248d 11h 51m 45s
It had been a long day of curing diseases for the young adult Caleb Juarez, a local plague doctor that had been busy for the past week. Each day a new patient would come to him seeking a cure, and in return, he would relieve them of their illness. Caleb had started walking home when he heard a shout of pain from a nearby alley, and cautiously made his way over to the site of the sound, and when he peeked around the corner, he saw a male figure stabbing another with some sort of knife or dagger. When he shouted at the man, he quickly let go of the victim and ran off, dropping a pocket watch in the process.
  Caleb Juarez / DoomGuy123 / 248d 12h 15m 52s

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