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Aedan rolled his eyes. "What ever bro, take my meat," He said before turning around to look into the warm flames of the bonfire, but once he caught sight of Freya and Blair out of the corner of his eye he seemed to suddenly become aware of his posture and straightened up. "Glad you made it," He said casually.

Blair's expression was still stern and watchful, always on edge around these people. "Wish I could say the same," She said dully.
  Astrea / 2y 29d 15h 47m 16s
"I know Blair.." Freya told her as she kept close to Blair. She didn't want to tell Blair ,but she was secretly nervous about the celebration. Not because of the people,but being around Aedan. She didn't know rather it was because she never met a guy who wasn't her kind or if it was the fact Aedan was cute.

Grayson nudge Aedan. "Dude you owe me your meat portions at dinner." He said watching the girls as they made their way through the crowd.
  Freya / Angel_love94 / 2y 29d 15h 50m 24s
Blair's attention moved to where Freya pointed, and her face seemed to set in a deeper scowl as they approached them. "Remember keep your cloak on," She whispered to Freya as they grew closer to the crowds of people.

Aedan had an ale in his hand, already half drunk, but he stared down at the amber liquid with disgust. "It's flat," He complained to Grayson and then turned to his drink. "Is yours flat?"
  Astrea / 2y 29d 16h 6m 29s
Freya shuffled beside Blair as they entered the common area. She glanced around taking in the sight of the people conversating with one another. "It's more of a gathering then a party." Freya mentioned to Blair looking at her. Then the sound of the music caught her attention and she whipped her head around finding a small group of males playing instruments. Next to the musicians she saw Grayson and Aedan. "Blair the guys are over there.." She said pointing to where they were.
  Freya / Angel_love94 / 2y 29d 16h 9m 1s
Blair rolled her eyes before helping Freya to get up and out of her bed. "I'm not the kind of person to just cut loose and have fun on the spot," She said with a frown.
  Astrea / 2y 30d 13h 39m 30s
"Okay.. come one let's get ready. It's been awhile since a party." Freya said as she got up. "Let's please try to have some fun. We deserve that after everything we been through." She added holding out her hand.
  Freya / Angel_love94 / 2y 30d 13h 43m 35s
Blair hissed to herself angrily as Grayson took off, and then she turned to Freya. "You do realize the less people we interact with, the better our chances are for not being figured out?" She shook her head. "Wear your cloak tonight and keep it wrapped around you...We don't need your wings to be seen."
  Astrea / 2y 30d 13h 47m 38s
"Sweet.. the party starts soon so get ready and I'll meet you two at the cafeteria area." Grayson said excitingly. "See you two soon." He said waving goodbye as he left.
  Freya / Angel_love94 / 2y 30d 13h 54m 45s
Blair slowly turned her head to look at Freya, eyes purposefully wide with silent incredulity. "I'm not carrying you," She stated simply as she got up from the bed to flash another glare at Grayson for undermining her. "Fine."
  Astrea / 2y 30d 14h 53s
"There are table where you can sit. Come on it's going to be fun. Aedan will be there and it will be a good chance for you to meet some of the people here." Grayson said trying his best to convince the girls. When Freya heard Aedan's name she felt happy. She looked at Blair. "I mean I guess we can go for a few minutes. " she said changing her mind.
  Freya / Angel_love94 / 2y 30d 14h 28m 8s
Blair nodded in agreement with Freya. "See...hurt ankle," She stated simply before turning back to Grayson with a fake smile. "Sorry. Can't do it."
  Astrea / 2y 30d 16h 24m 31s
Freya saw Blair's reaction to the celebration. "Umm it sounds fun, but I can't really party due to my ankle." She said. Freya loved parties and any chance she got to go to one back home she took. This celebration was different though and after the fight she and Blair had and learning that Blair's intentions were for the best she didn't want to jeopardize their secret.
  Freya / Angel_love94 / 2y 30d 16h 27m 25s
Blair silenced herself instantly when Grayson made his unwelcome appearance. Her sharp blue gaze instantly found his, almost shooting daggers at him for interrupting their conversation. "I'm hardly in the mood to celebrate," She said matter of factly before glancing now at Freya.
  Astrea / 2y 30d 16h 33m 45s
Grayson shook his hair after getting washed up and dressed. He gather his things and threw them in the laundry hamper. Walking out of the bathing area and through the tunnel he took a deep breath focusing on Blair's scent. He smiled following her scent to the common area. Grayson searched until he spotted the girls sitting down talking.

Grayson walked over to them. "Hey.. so tonight is a celebration about how we survived another week. And Aedan and I would like to know if you girls want to join us. It's really fun." Grayson said with a smile on his face.
  Freya / Angel_love94 / 2y 30d 16h 37m 49s
Aedan's brow now knit as he expected a familiar sting to hit him in his chest, and while that sensation began he noted that it felt much more dull now with the time that passed. He turned away from Grayson then to head back toward the living quarters. "Go wash up," He said gruffly before taking his separate way.
  Astrea / 2y 30d 16h 43m 57s

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