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As they stepped into dance Blair found it easy to do so, even in this casual setting, and she found it easy to look Grayson directly in the eye analyzing him carefully. "I don't typically like people," She said flatly, waiting to see his reaction to her closed off answer.
  Priscilla Blair Driscoll / Astrea / 1y 83d 17h 39m 10s
"Deal." Grayson smiled as he got up after her. He lead her over to the dance floor standing a few feet away from Freya and Aedan. He gently took her hand and spun her around before placing her hand on his shoulder, his right hand on her hip and took her left hand in his. Grayson began to dance. " So what are some interesting facts about you." He asked
  Grayson Alaric / Angel_love94 / 1y 83d 17h 45m 45s
Blair quirked her brow as she continued to stare at him until she glanced back out on the dance floor finding Freya still enjoying herself as she danced with the other human. Her blue gaze then fell back to Grayson before she rolled her eyes to stand up and accept his invitation to dance. "Don't step on my toes," She ordered him sternly. "And your hand will not go past my waist."
  Priscilla Blair Driscoll / Astrea / 1y 83d 17h 51m 28s
"Show me your not shy and that your actually fun to be around." Grayson said thinking that was a reasonable answer.
  Grayson Alaric / Angel_love94 / 1y 83d 18h 21m 39s
Blair narrowed her eyes. "Give me a reason to dance," She challenged smartly as she crossed her arms over her chest.
  Priscilla Blair Driscoll / Astrea / 1y 83d 18h 23m 15s
"In a way yes, you keep to yourself.." Grayson said. "Come on.. dance with me and tell me a few facts about yourself.." He said still having his hand out.
  Grayson Alaric / Angel_love94 / 1y 83d 18h 28m 40s
Blair glanced up from her stew with a hardened stare up at Grayson. "Is that how I come across," She questioned crudely. "Shy?"
  Priscilla Blair Driscoll / Astrea / 1y 83d 18h 30m 13s
Grayson walked up to Blair sitting down next to her. "The stew isn't my favorite either." He said looking at her bowl. "Hey lets go dance." Grayson suggested. He held out a hand for her to take. "Or are you too shy to dance?"
  Grayson Alaric / Angel_love94 / 1y 83d 18h 42m 56s
Aedan furrowed his brow as Freya left his side on the dance floor. He noticed his own heart aching slightly at the prospect that he could've scared her with how negatively he felt about the curse, but he couldn't help but wonder how she couldn't be thinking the same thing as him.


Blair had excused herself to go get herself a meal for the night, realizing that her aching stomach had been due to hunger, but even now as she ate the stew provided to her she found it hard to stomach it. Being in this place among many humans was almost unsettling, but she tried not to think too much about it. Tried not to think what would happen to her and Freya if they were found out.
  Aedan Norton Harrell / Astrea / 1y 83d 18h 45m 54s
Freya frowned as she let go of his neck and stepped off his feet forgetting about the throbbing pain in her ankle. She was speechless after hearing what Aedan said and didn't know how to respond to the hatefulness. "I-- I need to get some water." She said thinking of a way to leave him. Over the last few months she had encounter some negativity but nothing to this extreme.
  Freya / Angel_love94 / 1y 83d 18h 56m 24s
Aedan's lip twitched into that of a scowl at the mention of the curse. "If this world will recover," His voice hissed venomously. "Don't you find it heinous that the very divine creatures created for the purpose of saving this earth, has now destroyed it through mass genocide," He shook his head disapproving. "The fairies are selfish disgusting creatures, deciding that all races but their own deserve this kind of treacherous torment. If you ask me, the self righteous royalty should fix what they've done and then burn at the stake."
  Aedan Norton Harrell / Astrea / 1y 83d 19h 5m 52s
"Well maybe one of these days when this world rejuvenates from this horrific curse you can go and find your parents and get the true story." Freya said. She to wanted to find out why her parents did what they did. Goosebumps surfaced on her skin as she thoughts ran through her mind of the first day she found out about the rain.
  Freya / Angel_love94 / 1y 83d 19h 13m 54s
"Honestly I couldn't tell you," Aedan said with a shrug. "All I know is what the village folk told me, and the only thing they could tell me was I was left as an infant crying bloody murder on a hay stack. Not the best origin story, but certainly gives me a mysterious edge that worked wonders on the fine ladies of my village," He said with a proud chuckle.
  Aedan Norton Harrell / Astrea / 1y 83d 19h 24m 23s
" What happened to your parents?" Freya curiously asked as she looked at him. "I left my village.. so I really don't know what happened to mine." She added.
  Freya / Angel_love94 / 1y 83d 19h 36m 7s
"I suppose I'm fortunate than that I never had parents," He said casually and with indifference as he too let his gaze wonder.
  Aedan Norton Harrell / Astrea / 1y 83d 19h 38m 2s

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