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“Dude I just found out.. and if we don’t go with them we are going to be dead.” Grayson said as he peaked out behind the pillar. “You don’t have to like the idea going but at least we have a chance of surviving this.” He added as noticed the raiders going in the opposite direction. “Let’s go they are heading to the spring.”
  Grayson Alaric / Angel_love94 / 1y 42d 7h 57m 39s
As Freya stepped outside of the cave, she said glanced over to Grayson assuming he would follow, but in this moment of panic it appeared Aedan held his attention. She figured it better for them anyway, she didn't want anyone else accompanying them to slow them down any further. "Let's hurry," She beckoned Freya as they escaped the now bloody smelling cave.

"What do you mean you knew she was fae!" Aedan shouted as they stayed against the cave walls hidden behind a pillar. "You mean to tell me you let them stay here knowing what they were...You do realize THEY are the reason we're in this apocalyptic shit show!"
  Astrea / 1y 42d 8h 17m 24s
Freya gazed at Blair taking a few seconds to take in what just happened. She glanced back at the cave feeling like no place is a safe place. Hearing the cry of the wounded,screams of the afraid and silence of the dead, Freya was ready to leave once again feeling helpless. Trying to put The blood shed in the past, Freya pulled away from Blair and started to walk out of the caves and into the warmth of the sun.
  Angel_love94 / 1y 54d 16h 5m 42s
Blair took Freya by the shoulders to hold her stare. "Freya...these people are beyond helping," More cries of terror sounded through out the cave, the raiders seemingly attacking like an army of ants. "And even if we did help them, this would be the end of us. We have to go."
  Astrea / 1y 55d 4h 37m 8s
Freya blinked a few times before her eyes turned back to her normal green color. She stumbled some as the pain of her ankle started throbbing. “Stop.. we can just leave these people here..” Freya said trying to pulled away.
  Angel_love94 / 1y 55d 4h 39m 40s
As Freya persisted with her power, attacking the raiders, Blair recognized the horror filled faces of the civilians as the flames flickered a little too close to them. With another motion of her arm more water appeared at her palms and she was quick to extinguish Freya's flames. "Freya, we need to go," She hissed through her gritted teeth as she took hold of her arm and began to drag her away from all the commotion.
  Astrea / 1y 55d 4h 45m 7s
Freya saw a raider about to killed a little girl who kept crawling backwards before she cornered herself. Freya snapped her finger together turning it into a flame. With a quick flick motion with her hand she sent the flame flying through the air. The flame caught on the raider clothes setting him on fire. He screamed as he ran into the hard wall of the caves instally galled backwards. The flames took over his body slowly burning the raiders. After not using her magic for months she had a hard time controlling and the more she used the magic the more the innocent member were at risk of being hurt.
  Grayson Alaric / Angel_love94 / 1y 55d 8h 37m 43s
With the bright flash of fire, everyone's attention turned to Freya now, and Blair gawked at her in horror.

"What the hell," Aedan was also gawking as Freya threw waves of flame at the raiders who had turned on her, and then also attacked the raiders that were slashing through the crowds of innocent civilians.

Blair let out a groan as Freya continued to display her powers shamelessly. "So stupid," She muttered before then throwing off her cloak and running for Freya. Without Freya realizing it a group of raiders had come around the backside of her to try and attack her, until Blair flexed her palms and summoned water at her command. With a sweep of her arms a rush of water sprayed the masked men back viciously to crash into the wall of the cave, and then Blair was alongside Freya now.

"You do realize you just blew our cover," Blair said harshly to Freya so she would know she was at her side with her own power to wield.
  Astrea / 1y 55d 8h 58m 20s
Freya came out of her little room walking into the bloodshed common room. She glanced around seeing all the dead scattered, She froze for a moment when she remember seeing death for the first time with the rain. She saw someone come at her and snapped out of her thoughts her eyes turned amber color as she thrust a fire ball from her hands at the man. She had been feeling so helpless over the past few months that she had to do something. Freya quickly rubbed her hands together creating a fire wipe and slashing through a few of the raiders keeping them away from someone the innocent members of the community. She turned around and thrust another fire ball at a raider approaching a member who was knocked on the ground.
  Grayson Alaric / Angel_love94 / 1y 55d 8h 58m 12s
Aedan's eyes were wide now with shock at the prospect that blood was being shed in this moment. "I-I don't know," He stumbled nervously.

Blair's heart dropped in her chest and without uttering a word of panic, she acted quickly, pushing past Aedan to run out to the community area. "Freya," She called out for her, but stopped suddenly to see a large group of masked raiders slashed through innocent people with their blades. Seeing the treacherous actions from these invaders made Blair bite her cheek in disgust, but she knew she couldn't do anything to protect these people. Not without revealing what she really was. "Freya!" She called again now rushing alongside the perimeter of the space, her blue eyes searching desperately for Freya.

Aedan and Grayson both were also quick to act. Aedan following Blair's actions to stay alongside the wall of the cave, wishing he had a weapon of his own. While Blair searched for Freya, he was searching for something to use in defense in case one of the raiders decided to turn on them.
  Astrea / 1y 55d 9h 19m 51s
"I hear screaming then smell blood and then nothing coming from several of the community members. We need to go now. These people are looking for something and killing anyone in there way." Grayson said looking at Blair with a concern look. After their conversation he knew they needed to get out in case these people were looking for fae "Hey Aedan where is Freya?" Grayson asked noticed she wasn't with him.
  Grayson Alaric / Angel_love94 / 1y 55d 9h 25m 45s
Blair was about to hiss disapprovingly at Aedan's insinuation, but when Grayson revealed they were under attack a nervous chill crawled up her spine. "What do you mean?" She asked.

Aedan's brow was furrowed now with confusion. "Do you hear something?"
  Astrea / 1y 55d 9h 43m 18s
"Blair was just showing me around some more." Grayson said looking at Aedan. "And it's none of your business." He added then paused when he heard screaming coming from the main common room. He focused his hearing on what was going on. "We are being attacked.." Grayson softy told them with an unsettle look on his face.
  Grayson Alaric / Angel_love94 / 1y 55d 9h 53m 33s
Blair slowly nodded in agreement and then turned over her shoulder to head back to the party alongside Grayson. She adjusted her blouse now to cover her gruesome scars, markings of disgrace.

"Well look here," Aedan's low presumptuous hum sounded. "I knew there was something between the two of you," His smile beamed mischievously.
  Astrea / 1y 55d 10h 21m 37s
"Lets hope there isn't a full moon while I'm there and we won't have problem. Now i can't talk for Aedan." Grayson replied as he looked down the tunnel hearing voices. " We should probably get back to the party before anyone gets the wrong idea about us." He added.
  Angel_love94 / 1y 55d 10h 27m 47s

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