A World In Ruins

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Blair nodded in agreement before turning to assist Freya as they started their trek up the mountain.

Aedan now shared a grim glance with Grayson, concerned if this was the right people to be following. "Are you sure about this," He asked under his breath so the fae wouldn't hear him.
  astrea / 292d 12h 37m 25s
Freya caught a glimpse of Aedan’s gorgeous hazel eyes peering over at her. She quickly looked away not wanting to have eye contact with him. After finding out his true feeling about the Fae, Freya was uncertain about being around him. She felt once he really knew her identity he would want to burn her at the stake. Shaking off the horrific thoughts Freya stood up and started walking trying not to show the discomfort from her ankle. "Lets go, we should find some sort of shelter and food before the next wave of storms come." Freya said eagerly wanting just to keep going.
  Angel_love94 / 292d 12h 51m 51s
"Or to brew up a special curse for the both of us," Aedan muttered under his breath.

Blair's cold blue eyes now shot over to Aedan. "Ah...I see you are a fae hating mortal," She said inquisitively. "Ask yourself this Aedan. Are you sure all fae wished such a thing to befall this world? Or is it just easier for your small minds to comprehend that all of one kind are mortal hating enough to destroy this beautiful planet?"

Aedan's eyes widened as he now looked between the two fairies, his gaze lingering over to Freya who he had actually grew fond of while oblivious to what she actually was. Still though he remained shamefully silent.
  Astrea / 1y 34d 16h 36m 56s
Grayson starred at Blair backing off a bit. He felt a little confused from their conversation earlier. He quickly shrugged it off and nodded. " Fine, But remember we need each other. I can smell and hear things that you can't, And you have a your magic abilities to protect us." he pointed out.
  Grayson Alaric / Angel_love94 / 1y 34d 18h 53m 30s
Blair also stood up, but pointedly took a position between the two men and Freya. "Excuse you Grayson, but you don't even know where you are going," She said with narrowed blue eyes. "Don't come marching in her, getting off on the idea that you are going to lead us anywhere. I am your only means of survival from this point forward. You understand?"

"Someone's acting all kinds of high and mighty," Aedan snickered in the background.

"Yes, Aedan. I am." Blair stated firmly, showing she wouldn't back down. "I am in charge here, and I get to decide if the both you survive this travel with us."

Aedan furrowed his brow and crossed his arms over his chest. "What makes you say that," He hissed threateningly.

"Without my power, the both of you will succumb to the rains," She stated plainly. "So I am the only protection the both of you have, and as of right now, you're not giving me much reason to protect the both of you."
  Astrea / 1y 34d 19h 34m 28s
"Nope." Grayson said as he looked at Blair. "We should get a move on. the wind is picking up which can mean only one things plus its getting dark." He said trying to take charge like an alpha.

Freya didn't even acknowledge or look at Aedan. She sat back down just wanting to rest, but when Grayson made the comment about moving on she sighed and slowly stood up.
  Grayson Alaric / Angel_love94 / 1y 34d 19h 43m 6s
Blair turned at the sound as well, on edge as if they were being followed by raiders, but when Grayson made his appearance a snarl escaped through her gritted teeth. "I just can't be rid of you can I," She spat in annoyance.

Aedan soon revealed himself, also not looking happy to be there. "Hardly had a choice," He sneered. "Grayson here said you'd help us...why your kind would want to, I don't understand. But here we are."
  Astrea / 1y 34d 19h 58m 34s
Freya nodded as she closed her eyes taking a few deep breathes. She opened her eyes and glanced around not sure where they were. "So do we know how to get Naida---" Freya said then stopped when she heard the sound of leaves crackling. She turned her head and noticed two figured walking in their direction. She peered at Blair as she stood up prepared to start running. Grayson appeared out from behind a huge tree "Its just us.." He called out walking around the tree.
  Angel_love94 / 1y 34d 20h 1m 18s
Blair frowned as Freya shared her anxieties over what happened. "There was nothing you could do. Don't beat yourself up over this," She said softly. "You can't save everyone."
  Astrea / 1y 34d 20h 12m 23s
"I'm sorry... I just couldn't see anymore people die in front me, I had to try something.. Then I had this burst of anger and started to use my powers." Freya said as she sat down on a broken down tree across from Blair. She lifted her ankle up and propped it on the tree starring at her swollen ankle.
  Grayson Alaric / Angel_love94 / 1y 34d 20h 14m 8s
Blair clenched her fists in response to Freya mentioning she would rather fly, but was able to push past that frustration. "Might as well," Blair said almost in defeat. "I think we are far enough away from the cave by now." Blair took this liberty then to find a boulder where she took a seat and then decided to shrug off the cloak she had been wearing to conceal her scars.
  Astrea / 1y 34d 20h 24m 4s
"I could just fly, then I would't have to hurt my ankle even more." Freya replied as she carefully watched where she placed her feet. "In fact can we please take a break. We been walking for hours." She said exaggerated some. It wasn't the walking that made her want to take a break, it was the weakness from using so much of her powers.
  Grayson Alaric / Angel_love94 / 1y 34d 20h 26m 47s
Aedan looked back over his shoulder, seething quietly as he watched all the innocent people being slaughtered, but he knew he couldn't do anything about it. Not without Grayson being in danger. "Onward and upward," He groaned as he continued toward a path that would start a trek up the mountain.


"Be careful with your ankle," Blair barked at Freya. "You're going to break a bone walking as fast as you are," She glanced around at their surroundings, finding comfort that they had cover in the trees from any stray raiders that might try and follow them.
  Astrea / 1y 34d 20h 34m 18s
Grayson followed Aedan out of the caves and outside. A strong gust of wind blew letting Grayson pick up the girls scent. “The girls are heading North.” He commented as he picked up his pace passing Adean.
  Grayson Alaric / Angel_love94 / 1y 38d 1h 46m 28s
"If we follow them we're dead then too," Aedan exclaimed, but it was then that he heard a blood curdling scream. He peered around the pillar to see one of the raiders decapitating a defenseless woman and he shuddered. "Okay fine, lets get out of here," He said gravely before heading for the exit.
  Astrea / 1y 38d 16h 12m 43s

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