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Grayson paused and turned around looking at Aiden. "It's the face you had when you met my sister." He softly said knowing that it was a touchy subject.
  Freya / Angel_love94 / 2y 23d 9h 22m 32s
Aedan bobbed his head in surprise at Grayson's assumption. "Look at her in what way," He said, following after him. "I was just helping the girl. Are you trying to insinuate something?"
  Astrea / 2y 23d 9h 27m 29s
Grayson lifted his arm and smelled his armpits. "Damn your right. Also I saw the way you looked at Freya. So you might want to freshen up yourself too." He said as he grabbed some clothes and his towel. "I'll be back." Grayson left to the springs to wash up.
  Freya / Angel_love94 / 2y 23d 9h 29m 25s
Aedan stared back silently at Grayson for what seemed like an entire minute. "Fine," He now got up from his bed, standing on his feet. "But you better go bath before asking the girls. Nobody would want to go to a party with a smelly dog," He joked with a half grin.
  Astrea / 2y 23d 9h 33m 41s
Grayson thought a few seconds. " Your right but it doesn't hurt to ask. It might surprise the both of us and they will join us." He said getting up and putting on his shoes. " Come on. I'll make you a deal... If they come I get your meat portion at dinner tonight and if you win I won't drag you to another "surviving another week" celebration." Grayson said feeling like it was a pretty good deal.
  Freya / Angel_love94 / 2y 23d 9h 38m 45s
Aedan let out a long sigh before closing his book and sitting up to face Grayson. "That Blair girl hardly seems like the partying type, and I doubt she'd let Freya out of that bedroom of theirs."
  Astrea / 2y 23d 9h 44m 44s
"We got to show the girls a good time. They are probably board out of their minds." Grayson said as he sat up in bed. "Come on.. it will be fun you need to let loose some and not be robot." He said chuckling a bit.
  Freya / Angel_love94 / 2y 23d 9h 49m 29s
Aedan was laying back in his bed, holding a book steadily above him as Grayson interrupted his reading. He turned his head, eyes hardened with incredibly. "You do remember I never go to those stupid, we survived another week, celebrations right?"
  Astrea / 2y 23d 9h 55m 18s

Grayson laid in his bed as a thought came to mind. "Dude tonight is the celebration. We should invite the Freya and Blair to come with us." Grayson said as he turned his head over to Aiden.
  Freya / Angel_love94 / 2y 23d 10h 2m 16s
Blair groaned angrily as Freya made her way out of the room. As she fumed she began to pace back and forth in the room. "Fine! Go get caught," She shouted out to Freya, but then realized she was letting her anger get the best of her. She then let out a slow steadying breath. "This princess is going to be the death of me," She mumbled under her breath before she too made her leave out of the living quarters. She quickly caught up to Freya, seeing her struggle as she limped. With a roll of her eyes she took her place alongside Freya. "Put your arm over my shoulders," She grumbled. "I'll take you to the damn spring," She said through her teeth.
  Astrea / 2y 23d 10h 8m 21s
Freya felt the anger again kicking the bucket little the water spill ever. She lifted her hand and made the water steam up. Freya limped over to the door way opening the curtain. Freya turned her head looking at Blair "If you think I'm such a spoiled brat then why are you still here.. Just leave and go to your home.. I'm perfectly fine taking care of my self." Freya responded with hurt and anger in her voice. She made her way out into the tunnel halls keeping her head down so no one would noticed her change of eye color. Freya shuffled her feet through the halls hoping to find some place to cool down.
  Freya / Angel_love94 / 2y 23d 10h 13m 44s
Blair's lips parted in astonishment as Freya continued to suggest they go to the spring. "No," Her voice was sharp and shrill. "Damn it Freya...you're such a spoiled brat," She stomped over now to the pail and took it up in her arms to present it to her. "You are not getting any kind of stupid royal treatment today, so suck it up buttercup before I decide to throw this water on you."
  Astrea / 2y 23d 10h 31m 22s
Freya saw what happened when their powers collided. "That's it... Steam... Blair we can use our powers to make steam so that I can take a bath." she said calming down a bit as she thought of the idea. She was determined to win this agreement.
  Freya / Angel_love94 / 2y 23d 10h 34m 46s
Suddenly a burst of flames shot toward her, but Blair was quick to summon a shield of water that fizzled into a plume of steam as their elements collided. "Freya, stop this," She hissed sternly. "I'm trying to keep us safe."
  Astrea / 2y 23d 10h 47m 11s
Freya stood up forgetting about her painful ankle and opened her eyes showing her amber eyes. " No one will find out if you would just keep guard at the entrance of the spring." She raising her voice as a spark of fire went across the room. Freya tilted her head glancing at where the fire went then her eyes focused back at Blair. She didn't understand what the big deal was. She felt that if Blair would keep an eye out she could take a bath and relax, something she hasn't down in months.
  Freya / Angel_love94 / 2y 23d 10h 51m 21s

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