A World In Ruins

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The kingdom's are at fault. At least that is what is murmured among the few survivors of the deadly storm. While the commoners and outcasts screamed in agony from the down pour of the vicious plague, the Fae remained in their palaces, gates closed, and protected against the pungent smell of mass slaughter. It is unknown why this world was so unfortunate to befall such a vicious curse, but luckily some creatures and humans were able to escape the torrential downpour. The storm still comes and goes, but with time few people have learned to survive the infectious rains. Food however is now in short supply, as well as any kind of civilization. Only the smart and cunning can survive in a world plagued like this one, unless of course you are one of the privileged Fae locked away safely with no regard to the helpless souls outside your castle walls.


[Fea/Fairy:] Protectors of the earth, and it’s elements. Created to lead the human race in a direction of conservation and protection of the land. There are 4 different clans all possessing their own elemental power. They are immortal, and can only be killed by removing and burning their heart. Fea have pointed ears and large iridescent wings. They’re able to fly great distances.
- Water: soft tan skin, icy blonde hair, deep blue eyes.
- Fire: Fair skin, bright red hair, blue green eyes.
- Air: Medium skin tone, Silver eyes, dark brown hair.
- Earth: Deep skin tone, black hair, jade green eyes.

[Human:] Once ruled the earth in peaceful colonies. Now they’re under control of the Fea.

[Werewolf:] Decent from Fea having relations with wolves. Most live in packs deep in the woods. Change into their beastly form at the full moon where they have no control over themselves. They have impressive agility and strength.

[Vampire:] Lore is told a Fea loved a woman so much that when she died in a battle to protect her love, that Fairy brought her back from the dead unknowingly cursing her with a thirst for blood and an immortal life. Most vampires venture the world alone, seeking shelter during the day from the sun that would desimate them to ash. Their abilities include incredible speed and the ability to compel their victims as well as erase their memory. The only way to defeat a vampire is if it is staked with silver and then buried face down.

[Elf:] Part human and part Fea. They have pointed ears like the Fea, but no wings. They’re outcasted by both humans and Fea and have fleed to a hidden location in the mountains. Elves are very intelligent and are quick to learn new skills. Their powers, however, are limited to healing. Elves have a resistance to illness and injury, but are not immortal like the Fea.



Aedan Norton Harrell (Male) - created by Astrea
- Age: 25 years old
- Race: Human
- Personality: Charismatic when he wants to be, doesn't take well to rules, doesn't care what anyone thinks of him, opportunistic, has a temper
- Characteristics: Hazel eyes, sandy light brown hair, tanned skin, muscular build
- Powers/Abilities: Hunter and scavenger, agile and skilled with knives

Priscilla Blair Driscoll (Female) - created by Astrea
- Age: hundreds of years old
- Race: Fae
- Personality: Defensive, closed off, inquisitive, hot headed, strong willed
- Characteristics: Icy blonde hair, bright blue eyes, fair skin, scarred back and ears
- Powers/Abilities: element is water/ice

Grayson Alaric Welyn (Male) - created by Angel_love94
- Age: 24 years old
- Race: Werewolf
- Personality: human: Keeps to himself, Athletic, patient at times, gets annoyed quickly.
- Characteristics: short brown hair, light brown eyes, tan, built,
- Abilities/Powers: his sense are heighten as a human. On a full moon transforms into a wolf with no control.

Freya Kinly (Female) - created by Angel_love94
- Age: hundreds of years old
- Race: Fae
- Personality: loyal, shy, sweet, open to new ideas, when upset or mad she doesn't have control over her power, adventurous
- Characteristics: Red hair, Green eyes, Pale skin,
- Power: Element of fire


-Blair loses her wings and is kicked out of the palace. Freya flees the palace to help Blair. Both are unable to reenter the palace.


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"Oh umm a small village just outside Enya." Freya answered not sure what else to say. She couldn't actually say where she lived. "What about you?" She asked switching attention to him.
  Freya / Angel_love94 / 11d 46m 12s
Aedan’s mouth turned up at the corner with a smirk. “Don’t mention it,” he said watching her eyes flash occasionally down to their feet. When her eyes were away from his own he took those moments to admire how vibrant her hair was. “So Freya...where did you come from?”
  Aedan Norton Harrell / Astrea / 16d 18h 25m 2s
Freya smiled as she closed her eyes for a moment listening to the music remembering what it was like to dance at party's. She opened her eyes and happened to stare Aedan in the eyes. "Thank you. Helping me with my ankle and dancing. It was nice if you."
  Freya / Angel_love94 / 16d 18h 28m 50s
Aedan rolled his eyes. “Please,” he pulled her even closer now before stepping the both of them into the dance floor. He moved slowly careful not to lose their balance as he held her and swayed. “Now you’re dancing,” he said with a flashy grin.
  Aedan Norton Harrell / Astrea / 16d 18h 34m 57s
Freya felt his hand on her back making her shiver a bit. She looked at him before slowly stepping into his shoes still a bit unsure about this. "I'm not going to hurt you standing on your feet am I?" Freya wrapped her arms around his neck so she wouldn't fall.
  Freya / Angel_love94 / 16d 18h 40m 11s
Aedan chuckled as he gently put his hand against the small of her back and pulled her close. “Figured you needed to get away from your high strung friend for a bit. He then glanced down. “Alright, stand on my feet.”
  Aedan Norton Harrell / Astrea / 16d 18h 47m 41s
Freya hesitated for a second before she took his hand. She glanced into his eyes as her cheeks turned pink. With her pale skin it was noticeable. She followed him carefully walking on her injured foot. "Why do you want to dance with me.?" She asked.
  Freya / Angel_love94 / 22d 19h 42m 19s
Aedan smirked at Blair’s cold response before pointedly turningnhis back to her and reaching for Freya’s hand. “Let me show you,” he offered with a gleam in his hazel eyes.
  Aedan Norton Harrell / Astrea / 23d 2h 25m 4s
"If I can't dance how would help me?" Freya questioned. She was curious about what he had in mind. She looked at Blair giving her the "I got this" look.
  Freya / Angel_love94 / 30d 17h 24m 23s
Aedan furrowed his brow and tilted his head. "Let me help you," He offered.

Blair suddenly tensed where she stood. "And how would you do that," She asked with a cold stare.
  Astrea / 30d 19h 44m 30s
Freya snapped out of her thoughts and looked at Aedan. "Oh I would love to, but with my ankle still bothering me I don't think I can." She told him as she gazed back at the dancing.
  Freya / Angel_love94 / 30d 19h 58m 31s
Blair quirked a single brow in response to what Grayson had to say. It was then though that the musician with the violin picked up his instrument, and the excited notes of the fiddle filled the cave. The people around them began to cheer and clap their hands, beginning an intoxicating rhythm that caused everyone to join in dance around the fire.

Aedan watched with mild amusement as the community began to join hands and jump around gleefully. He then glanced at Freya, who seemed to be intrigued by the festivities. "Do you dance red head," He asked.
  Astrea / 30d 20h 1m 55s
"It's quiet a gathering.. I love the music." Freya mentioned as she smiled softly. She crossed her arms surveying more of the gathering. She thought for a moment about how her royal gatherings were so structured and formal and here its so informal and free going. She loved that everyone here was just talking about enjoying everyone's company. Freya's eyes then flashed to the group of people dancing. She stared in awed.

"Well you and Aedan will be great of friends then. You both are party poopers." Grayson joked as he chuckled.
  Freya / Angel_love94 / 30d 20h 29m 2s
Aedan rolled his eyes. "What ever bro, take my meat," He said before turning around to look into the warm flames of the bonfire, but once he caught sight of Freya and Blair out of the corner of his eye he seemed to suddenly become aware of his posture and straightened up. "Glad you made it," He said casually.

Blair's expression was still stern and watchful, always on edge around these people. "Wish I could say the same," She said dully.
  Astrea / 30d 20h 48m 10s
"I know Blair.." Freya told her as she kept close to Blair. She didn't want to tell Blair ,but she was secretly nervous about the celebration. Not because of the people,but being around Aedan. She didn't know rather it was because she never met a guy who wasn't her kind or if it was the fact Aedan was cute.

Grayson nudge Aedan. "Dude you owe me your meat portions at dinner." He said watching the girls as they made their way through the crowd.
  Freya / Angel_love94 / 30d 20h 51m 18s

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