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The kingdom's are at fault. At least that is what is murmured among the few survivors of the deadly storm. While the commoners and outcasts screamed in agony from the down pour of the vicious plague, the Fae remained in their palaces, gates closed, and protected against the pungent smell of mass slaughter. It is unknown why this world was so unfortunate to befall such a vicious curse, but luckily some creatures and humans were able to escape the torrential downpour. The storm still comes and goes, but with time few people have learned to survive the infectious rains. Food however is now in short supply, as well as any kind of civilization. Only the smart and cunning can survive in a world plagued like this one, unless of course you are one of the privileged Fae locked away safely with no regard to the helpless souls outside your castle walls.


[Fea/Fairy:] Protectors of the earth, and it’s elements. Created to lead the human race in a direction of conservation and protection of the land. There are 4 different clans all possessing their own elemental power. They are immortal, and can only be killed by removing and burning their heart. Fea have pointed ears and large iridescent wings. They’re able to fly great distances.
- Water: soft tan skin, icy blonde hair, deep blue eyes.
- Fire: Fair skin, bright red hair, blue green eyes.
- Air: Medium skin tone, Silver eyes, dark brown hair.
- Earth: Deep skin tone, black hair, jade green eyes.

[Human:] Once ruled the earth in peaceful colonies. Now they’re under control of the Fea.

[Werewolf:] Decent from Fea having relations with wolves. Most live in packs deep in the woods. Change into their beastly form at the full moon where they have no control over themselves. They have impressive agility and strength.

[Vampire:] Lore is told a Fea loved a woman so much that when she died in a battle to protect her love, that Fairy brought her back from the dead unknowingly cursing her with a thirst for blood and an immortal life. Most vampires venture the world alone, seeking shelter during the day from the sun that would desimate them to ash. Their abilities include incredible speed and the ability to compel their victims as well as erase their memory. The only way to defeat a vampire is if it is staked with silver and then buried face down.

[Elf:] Part human and part Fea. They have pointed ears like the Fea, but no wings. They’re outcasted by both humans and Fea and have fleed to a hidden location in the mountains. Elves are very intelligent and are quick to learn new skills. Their powers, however, are limited to healing. Elves have a resistance to illness and injury, but are not immortal like the Fea.



Aedan Norton Harrell (Male) - created by Astrea
- Age: 25 years old
- Race: Human
- Personality: Charismatic when he wants to be, doesn't take well to rules, doesn't care what anyone thinks of him, opportunistic, has a temper
- Characteristics: Hazel eyes, sandy light brown hair, tanned skin, muscular build
- Powers/Abilities: Hunter and scavenger, agile and skilled with knives

Priscilla Blair Driscoll (Female) - created by Astrea
- Age: hundreds of years old
- Race: Fae
- Personality: Defensive, closed off, inquisitive, hot headed, strong willed
- Characteristics: Icy blonde hair, bright blue eyes, fair skin, scarred back and ears
- Powers/Abilities: element is water/ice

Grayson Alaric Welyn (Male) - created by Angel_love94
- Age: 24 years old
- Race: Werewolf
- Personality: human: Keeps to himself, Athletic, patient at times, gets annoyed quickly.
- Characteristics: short brown hair, light brown eyes, tan, built,
- Abilities/Powers: his sense are heighten as a human. On a full moon transforms into a wolf with no control.

Freya Kinly (Female) - created by Angel_love94
- Age: hundreds of years old
- Race: Fae
- Personality: loyal, shy, sweet, open to new ideas, when upset or mad she doesn't have control over her power, adventurous
- Characteristics: Red hair, Green eyes, Pale skin,
- Power: Element of fire


-Blair loses her wings and is kicked out of the palace. Freya flees the palace to help Blair. Both are unable to reenter the palace.


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Blair continued to glare at Aedan before turning quickly to keep up with Freya. Aedan as well followed along, standing alongside Grayson. As they ventured deeper into the cave the walls seemed to continue to open up more and more until they came into a large open cavern. Within this cavern there were several tents pitched as well as areas where campfires were stationed in public areas. Above these specific public areas were openings in the rock above, no doubt for ventilation, but Blair took note that the humans were putting out the fires and some were pulling ropes to hoist up stone slabs to these vents due to the threat of the oncoming storm.

"Impressive strategy to keep the poisoned water out of these caves," Blair commented. "But what do your people do for water supply."

Aedan turned to look at Blair, finding it interesting that she actually had something positive to say. "We have an underground aquifer running just bellow our feet right now," He began to explain. "If we go further through the caves we'd come to a spring were the water comes up. All fresh, pure and uncontaminated water."
  Priscilla Blair Driscoll / Astrea / 2d 19h 46m 42s
"Blair please let them help me and then we can rest so that we can continue our trip." Freya said softly in Blair's ear. Freya really didn't like this any more then her friend. She knew that if she was discovered all hell would break lose and who knows what would happened then. "Can you just lead us to where ever I need to go to get my ankle fixed please." Freya said as she looked at the boys.

Grayson nodded. "Yes this way." He said as he began to walk through the hallway of stalagmite before the reach the center of the caves.
  Grayson Alaric / Angel_love94 / 2d 19h 58m 5s
Blair kept her fierce gaze now focused on Grayson. "You don't need to know my name," She said sternly. "And I am not leaving her side."

Aedan quirked another brow again and chuckled in amusement at how protective this girl was. "What, is she your girlfriend or something?"

Blair returned her harsh glare to Aedan. "What the hell is a girlfriend," She spat at him. "It sounds ridiculous, and uncivilized...much like your arrogant self."
  Aedan Norton Harrell / Astrea / 2d 20h 19m 29s
"Ya, and its's kind of sexy in a way." Grayson commented jokingly. HE turned to the girls looking at the red head. " Well then we should go get your ankle check. If that is alright with you." He said switching his gaze to the blonde. "By the way what are your names?" Grayson asked coming to a halt.

"My name is Freya and yes on my ankle it really hurts." She said not giving Blair the chance to answer her. Freya couldn't handle the pain any longer.
  Grayson Alaric / Angel_love94 / 2d 20h 31m 45s
With Freya's concerned comment, she knew what Freya was thinking. "We don't need to bathe," She said sternly.

Aedan quirked a brow and squinted his eyes. "You sure about that," He teased.

Blair shot a darting glance at Aedan's rude comment. "Positive."

Aedan then stepped back. "Whatever you say," He said as he fell back to be next to Grayson. He leaned in close to his friend and spoke softly enough that Blair and Freya wouldn't be able to hear him. "Blondie seems really uptight, don't you think?"
  Priscilla Blair Driscoll / Astrea / 2d 20h 37m 35s
Freya looked at Blair and then to the cave as the men rolled a huge stone away revealing the entrance to the cave. "You live in a cave?" Freya asked a little relaxed founding out these people were human.

Grayson chuckled. "Yes we do and it shelters us from the rain." He said to Freya. "Come on in like Aedan said we can get you some clean clothes and you can clean up in the community bath. And then we can get your ankle check. " He told the guys as he guide them inside.

Freya limped beside Blair as they followed the men inside. " Community Bath?" She questioned looking at Blair with concern
  Grayson Alaric / Angel_love94 / 2d 20h 49m 23s
As they were lead to the humans colony, Blair made sure to keep a weary eye out, remember all avenues of escape, but as they neared the base of a mountain with no buildings in sight, she grew suspicious. She was especially worried that they may not be able to take cover in time now that the dark storm clouds passed over the sunlight. She wanted to communicate with Freya, tell her she wasn't sure if they should trust these people...no...that they shouldn't have trusted these people. Until the whole group came to a stop.

Once the group came to a stop all the men of the group stepped up to what was seemingly a stone wall. That was until they all worked together to roll aside a large slab of stone revealing a cave just barely lit with a single torch bolted to the stone wall.

"Home sweet home," Aedan said as he dusted the palms of his hands after touching the stone and then looking to the two girls. "Are colony is just inside," He said trying to sound more encouraging that usual. If these two ran off, he and Grayson would have nothing to show the Sachem.
  Aedan Norton Harrell / Astrea / 2d 21h 5m 51s
John had just about to proclaim that the village was empty until Grayson approached him. He scowled down at Grayson, caring not of his attitude. "I was just about to call the search mission off anyway," He said sternly before addressing the rest of the group and announcing they were heading back.

Aedan, Blair and Freya all there joined the group then, but nobody seemed too interested in the survivors. "When we get back we have clean water and clothes if you'd like to wash up and change," He began to explain as they came back alongside Aedan. "As far as food goes, the community all eat together, and that will be including the both of you as well."

Blair wasn't in the mood to talk to these people she hardly knew, so she remained silent and continued onward with the far too many humans around them. She hoped that both her and Freya wouldn't be recognized as the Fea, because even though they seemed hospitable now, if they knew who they really were, then their hospitality may be far more hostile.
  Aedan Norton Harrell / Astrea / 3d 1h 27m 27s
"Aedan why don't you and the girls start walking back and I'll notify the others." Grayson said wanting to give them a head start due to the red head's injury. He left the three of them and strolled around until he found the group. "Aedan and I found two girl, One of the girls was injuried and I gave them a head start. The storm is coming so we need to get back." He said knowing he was over stepping the leader. He didn't care knowing he saved two lives today.
  Grayson Alaric / Angel_love94 / 3d 1h 39m 42s
Blair clenched her jaw in frustration. At this point there were no other options, but living among humans she knew would be dangerous. After all, the last humans they came across that saw Freya's wings almost killed the both of them. But still...there was no other option. "Fine," She lowered her weapon and put it back into her sheath.

Aedan's lips turned up into a half smile. "Great," He said now slowly getting closer to the both of them. "Let's get back to the search group and get out of here, shall we," His hazel eyes looked to the injured red head. "If you prefer I could carry you."

"No," Blair said quickly as she took her side by Freya holding her arm protectively. "You're not allowed to touch her," She spat as she had Freya put her arm around her shoulder.
  Priscilla Blair Driscoll / Astrea / 3d 1h 46m 7s
Grayson turned around when he heard the distant thunder. "Listen we can protect you from that." He said pointing to the sky. Time was the over all enemy. "We need to leave now to make it back to the cravens." Grayson looked at Aedan with concern.

Freya flinched at the sound of the thunder and turned her head to Blair wondering if it was smart for them to go with Aedan and Grayson. "I think we need to go with them Blair. We are both so tired especially you.. " Freya said to her friend.
  Grayson Alaric / Angel_love94 / 3d 1h 51m 24s
Aedan now brought his hands to his hips and peered curiously at the girls. "Where to? If you don't mind me asking," He paused and then his eyes widened. "Oh, my name is Aedan by the way."

Blair was now glancing between both of the men after they had introduced themselves, but she wasn't about to do the same. "It's none of your business," She said sternly. Just then there was a roll of thunder in the distance, the first sign of a poisonous storm heading their way. Fear reflected in her blue eyes. "Please...just let us go."
  Aedan Norton Harrell / Astrea / 3d 2h 14s
"Can you please put that knife down.. I'm unarmed so it's not a fair fight." Grayson said with a grin to his face feeling a little amused by this. But by the look on both of the girls they were both frighten. "My name is Grayson." He introduced himself being friendly.

By the clothes the guys were wearing, Freya knew they weren't part of her family's royal guard. She caught eye with the light brown haired man and turned her head hoping he would stop looking at her. "Blair we need need to keep going." She whispered not wanting her injury to put a damper on where they were heading too.
  Grayson Alaric / Angel_love94 / 3d 2h 4m 36s
After Blair had Freya back on her feet, she heard another man's voice. She quick then to reach to her holster and take out her blade, pointing it directly at the stranger. "Stay back," She shouted at him.

"Geeze," Aedan had caught up to the girls and was almost out of breath himself. "She's a feisty one isn't she," He said chuckling softly as he ran his fingers quickly through his hair to compose himself. His gaze then fell on the frightened red head and he frowned to see just how unnerved she was. "Hey...no need to be afraid. We were just wondering if we could help you guys out is all," He noticed the red head was favoring a foot to keep her weight on and suspected she hurt herself when she fell. "It's dangerous to be out here with how quickly the storms come and go," His eyes flashed to her ankle. "Hard to run away from a storm too if you're injured right?"
  Priscilla Blair Whelan / Astrea / 3d 2h 23m 24s
Freya slowly got up with the aid of Blair. She tried step on her bad foot but couldn't. "My foot it hurt really bad Blair.. I can't even wa----" She said then paused when she saw someone standing in front of them. Freya hopped back some scared that it was a royal guard.

Grayson stood there in front of the two girls. "Need help?" He asked noticed that one of the girls was hurt. He whistled letting Aedan know he had found the girls.
  Grayson Alaric / Angel_love94 / 3d 2h 28m 14s

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