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The kingdom's are at fault. At least that is what is murmured among the few survivors of the deadly storm. While the commoners and outcasts screamed in agony from the down pour of the vicious plague, the Fae remained in their palaces, gates closed, and protected against the pungent smell of mass slaughter. It is unknown why this world was so unfortunate to befall such a vicious curse, but luckily some creatures and humans were able to escape the torrential downpour. The storm still comes and goes, but with time few people have learned to survive the infectious rains. Food however is now in short supply, as well as any kind of civilization. Only the smart and cunning can survive in a world plagued like this one, unless of course you are one of the privileged Fae locked away safely with no regard to the helpless souls outside your castle walls.


Sabiya (Air)
Naida (Water)
Enya (Fire)
Terra (Earth)


[Fea/Fairy:] Protectors of the earth, and it’s elements. Created to lead the human race in a direction of conservation and protection of the land. There are 4 different clans all possessing their own elemental power. They are immortal, and can only be killed by removing and burning their heart. Fea have pointed ears and large iridescent wings. They’re able to fly great distances.
- Water: soft tan skin, icy blonde hair, deep blue eyes.
- Fire: Fair skin, bright red hair, blue green eyes.
- Air: Medium skin tone, Silver eyes, dark brown hair.
- Earth: Deep skin tone, black hair, jade green eyes.

[Human:] Once ruled the earth in peaceful colonies. Now they’re under control of the Fea.

[Werewolf:] Decent from Fea having relations with wolves. Most live in packs deep in the woods. Change into their beastly form at the full moon where they have no control over themselves. They have impressive agility and strength.

[Vampire:] Lore is told a Fea loved a woman so much that when she died in a battle to protect her love, that Fairy brought her back from the dead unknowingly cursing her with a thirst for blood and an immortal life. Most vampires venture the world alone, seeking shelter during the day from the sun that would desimate them to ash. Their abilities include incredible speed and the ability to compel their victims as well as erase their memory. The only way to defeat a vampire is if it is staked with silver and then buried face down.

[Elf:] Part human and part Fea. They have pointed ears like the Fea, but no wings. They’re outcasted by both humans and Fea and have fleed to a hidden location in the mountains. Elves are very intelligent and are quick to learn new skills. Their powers, however, are limited to healing. Elves have a resistance to illness and injury, but are not immortal like the Fea.



Aedan Norton Harrell (Male) - created by Astrea
- Age: 25 years old
- Race: Human
- Personality: Charismatic when he wants to be, doesn't take well to rules, doesn't care what anyone thinks of him, opportunistic, has a temper
- Characteristics: Hazel eyes, sandy light brown hair, tanned skin, muscular build
- Powers/Abilities: Hunter and scavenger, agile and skilled with knives

Priscilla Blair Driscoll (Female) - created by Astrea
- Age: hundreds of years old
- Race: Fae
- Personality: Defensive, closed off, inquisitive, hot headed, strong willed
- Characteristics: Icy blonde hair, bright blue eyes, fair skin, scarred back and ears
- Powers/Abilities: element is water/ice

Grayson Alaric Welyn (Male) - created by Angel_love94
- Age: 24 years old
- Race: Werewolf
- Personality: human: Keeps to himself, Athletic, patient at times, gets annoyed quickly.
- Characteristics: short brown hair, light brown eyes, tan, built,
- Abilities/Powers: his sense are heighten as a human. On a full moon transforms into a wolf with no control.

Freya Kinly (Female) - created by Angel_love94
- Age: hundreds of years old
- Race: Fae
- Personality: loyal, shy, sweet, open to new ideas, when upset or mad she doesn't have control over her power, adventurous
- Characteristics: Red hair, Green eyes, Pale skin,
- Power: Element of fire


-Blair loses her wings and is kicked out of the palace. Freya flees the palace to help Blair. Both are unable to reenter the palace.


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Roleplay Responses

"We just won't tell him. And if he finds out well he will just have to deal with it. I think you and Freya needs to leave soon though, it has been getting harder for me to keep my identity with more and more being saved by the scouts. " Grayson said softly. It really didn't bother him knowing the truth about the girls due to the fact that he has been hiding for a while. On the other hand knowing the truth about who started the deadly rain made him a little mad.
  Grayson Alaric / Angel_love94 / 1d 21h 35m 3s
Blair's brows slowly rose. "Do you not realize that myself and Freya are both fae," She exclaimed in a hushed tone. "I might get away with not being discovered because I don't have my wings, but Freya does and-" Blair cut herself off, unsure if she would be over sharing, but if Grayson already knew what they were she decided he should know exactly who they were.

"Freya is the princess of Enya...first in line for the throne. It was her father who started this curse. Maybe not just himself, but it is Freya's people who started this curse," She shifted nervously where she stood. "Do you really think Aedan would entrust the both of you in our travel after finding out that sick truth? And further more, do you really think he would want to accompany us to Naida where there will be even more fae?"
  Astrea / 24d 23h 45m 27s
Grayson snapped out of his thoughts. “Well he doesn’t take to lightly to the Fae. Especially the pure fae who unleashed the deadly rain.” He said as he looked down at his hands. Till this day he could feel the blood of his victims dripping from his hands. He shivered a bit pushing his memories back deep into his mind.
  Angel_love94 / 24d 23h 55m 0s
Blair narrowed her eyes again. "So you're saying he is not the kind of mortal to persecute a fairy for what has happened," She questioned slowly and methodically.
  Astrea / 25d 58m 33s
Grayson paused and turned around. "Most likely he would. He protects me from people finding out as well as there safety and mine." He said. He stood there motionless as he remember a time where is lost control and almost killed an entire village on full moon.
  Grayson Alaric / Angel_love94 / 26d 19h 9m 48s
Blair shook her head disapprovingly as she started to pull the cloak back over her shoulders, but then something occurred to her. "Would Aedan be joining you too?"
  Astrea / 27d 21h 10m 14s
“You should really trust others.. I’m an asset to you.. you could use my help.” Grayson said. He let go of her hand. “Have fun getting out and when your ready to leave this place let me know.” He added as she started to walk towards the exit
  Angel_love94 / 28d 1h 15m 23s
Blair continued to gawk, not fully understanding why this werewolf would feel more at home facing the poisoned rain instead of being safe in this caves. She grit her teeth in frustration. "I will not have you slow us down," She said sternly. "And my priority is keeping Freya safe and getting home. Do not rely on me to do anything for you," She then leaned in for a moment, her voice cold and vindictive. "You are not a priority to me."
  Astrea / 28d 3h 34m 54s
“It’s a chance I’ll take. I keep wanted to leave but Aedan keeps saying we need to say here. I can’t stay here cooped up. I feel so caged in here.” He said.
  Angel_love94 / 28d 17h 21m 51s
Blair’s mouth was agape with incredability. “You can’t do that,” she exclaimed. “I mean...you could, but why would you want to? For all you know my people would’ve been the Fae who started this damn apocalypse.”
  Aedan Norton Harrell / Astrea / 28d 17h 25m 53s
Grayson felt the tension relax a bit. “Then when you leave I’m coming with you.” He softly said. “So since there is no one here but us, what kingdom are you from?” Grayson asked wanting to get to know her more.
  Angel_love94 / 28d 19h 28m 6s
As he pulled her back close to him, she noted the unusual strength he had in comparison to a human's, so now she knew he wasn't lying. She searched for him in the dark, his outline only visible to her, unable to meet his eyes, but she could sense their closeness and she could feel his breath. "I won't say anything so long as you do the same," She was whispering now, and forgetting to remove his hand from her arm. "But I can not stay here. It is too dangerous, and I have a family to return to."
  Astrea / 28d 20h 45m 52s
Grayson gently touched her hand pulling her a little towards him . "Blair I promise to keep your secret and what ever Freya is hiding too. Just keep mine. These people don't take lightly to any type of Fae rather its a pure or halflings fae. But I have kept my identity a secret this long and you can too.. you don't have to leave."
  Angel_love94 / 28d 20h 57m 9s
"On the same boat," Blair gawked as if she were offended. "I'm sure these humans were would have some leniency for someone who is only part Fea. I on the other hand-" She then cut herself off and hissed bitterly before trying to turn from him. "Just forget about any of this. Freya and I will be gone in the morning, I assure you."
  Astrea / 28d 21h 2m 33s
"The truth is your the second person that knows about me. Now that I told you my secret you could possible tell someone and who knows what the people here would do to me if they knew my true self. So clearly we are on the same boat." Grayson said.
  Angel_love94 / 28d 21h 5m 55s

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