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The kingdom's are at fault. At least that is what is murmured among the few survivors of the deadly storm. While the commoners and outcasts screamed in agony from the down pour of the vicious plague, the Fae remained in their palaces, gates closed, and protected against the pungent smell of mass slaughter. It is unknown why this world was so unfortunate to befall such a vicious curse, but luckily some creatures and humans were able to escape the torrential downpour. The storm still comes and goes, but with time few people have learned to survive the infectious rains. Food however is now in short supply, as well as any kind of civilization. Only the smart and cunning can survive in a world plagued like this one, unless of course you are one of the privileged Fae locked away safely with no regard to the helpless souls outside your castle walls.


Sabiya (Air)
Naida (Water)
Enya (Fire)
Terra (Earth)


[Fea/Fairy:] Protectors of the earth, and it’s elements. Created to lead the human race in a direction of conservation and protection of the land. There are 4 different clans all possessing their own elemental power. They are immortal, and can only be killed by removing and burning their heart. Fea have pointed ears and large iridescent wings. They’re able to fly great distances.
- Water: soft tan skin, icy blonde hair, deep blue eyes.
- Fire: Fair skin, bright red hair, blue green eyes.
- Air: Medium skin tone, Silver eyes, dark brown hair.
- Earth: Deep skin tone, black hair, jade green eyes.

[Human:] Once ruled the earth in peaceful colonies. Now they’re under control of the Fea.

[Werewolf:] Decent from Fea having relations with wolves. Most live in packs deep in the woods. Change into their beastly form at the full moon where they have no control over themselves. They have impressive agility and strength.

[Vampire:] Lore is told a Fea loved a woman so much that when she died in a battle to protect her love, that Fairy brought her back from the dead unknowingly cursing her with a thirst for blood and an immortal life. Most vampires venture the world alone, seeking shelter during the day from the sun that would desimate them to ash. Their abilities include incredible speed and the ability to compel their victims as well as erase their memory. The only way to defeat a vampire is if it is staked with silver and then buried face down.

[Elf:] Part human and part Fea. They have pointed ears like the Fea, but no wings. They’re outcasted by both humans and Fea and have fleed to a hidden location in the mountains. Elves are very intelligent and are quick to learn new skills. Their powers, however, are limited to healing. Elves have a resistance to illness and injury, but are not immortal like the Fea.



Aedan Norton Harrell (Male) - created by Astrea
- Age: 25 years old
- Race: Human
- Personality: Charismatic when he wants to be, doesn't take well to rules, doesn't care what anyone thinks of him, opportunistic, has a temper
- Characteristics: Hazel eyes, sandy light brown hair, tanned skin, muscular build
- Powers/Abilities: Hunter and scavenger, agile and skilled with knives

Priscilla Blair Driscoll (Female) - created by Astrea
- Age: hundreds of years old
- Race: Fae
- Personality: Defensive, closed off, inquisitive, hot headed, strong willed
- Characteristics: Icy blonde hair, bright blue eyes, fair skin, scarred back and ears
- Powers/Abilities: element is water/ice

Grayson Alaric Welyn (Male) - created by Angel_love94
- Age: 24 years old
- Race: Werewolf
- Personality: human: Keeps to himself, Athletic, patient at times, gets annoyed quickly.
- Characteristics: short brown hair, light brown eyes, tan, built,
- Abilities/Powers: his sense are heighten as a human. On a full moon transforms into a wolf with no control.

Freya Kinly (Female) - created by Angel_love94
- Age: hundreds of years old
- Race: Fae
- Personality: loyal, shy, sweet, open to new ideas, when upset or mad she doesn't have control over her power, adventurous
- Characteristics: Red hair, Green eyes, Pale skin,
- Power: Element of fire


-Blair loses her wings and is kicked out of the palace. Freya flees the palace to help Blair. Both are unable to reenter the palace.


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Freya paused and turned her head to face him. "I don't want help from someone who wants to burn me at the stalk. In fact I don't want you here period just like you don't want to be here. so just leave." Her face was just straight as an arrow with no emotion as she talked to him. She felt safer when it was just Blair and her. Now having the boys around she felt at risk. At risk for what Aedan would do if he found out and at risk for her true identity to be know to other if the boys accidentally spilling the beans. The faster she got rid of the boys the better it was for her and Blair.
  Angel_love94 / 6h 14m 21s
Aedan frowned as Freya openly glared at him and then turned away to continue on her own. "Freya," He groaned in frustration. "You're going to hurt yourself more by being stubborn. Just bite the bullet and let me help you."
  astrea / 6h 38m 7s
"No I won't, and if you try to pick me up in any way, I'll make sure you can't ever hold anything again." Freya threaten as her eyes turned an amber color warning him. Freya took some steps having a little hard time up the rocky slope to the cave. "Once we get to that cave, you can go and help them find wood, I'll be fine by myself."
  Grayson Alaric / Angel_love94 / 6h 55m 12s
Blair rolled her eyes. "You're the only one who can warm us up genius," She said with a short laugh before turning away and following Grayson into the brush.

Aedan waved nonchalantly to Grayson before turning back to Freya. "So...you won't get on my back, huh?"
  astrea / 7h 1m 17s
Freya took a deep breath trying to control her power that was boiling up inside. "Fine, But I will not get on your back." She objected to that idea. Freya glanced over at Blair. "Please hurry, It's cold." she shivered a bit as she put her arm over Aedan's neck. All she wanted to do was ignore Aedan as possible.
  Grayson Alaric / Angel_love94 / 7h 6m 16s
Aedan let out a scoff at Freya's outburst. "Listen...it's obvious Blair is exhausted right now and there's a good ten more yards up to that cave, so stop being pissy and get on my back," Aedan was now standing in front of her with a stern expression of frustration. He didn't understand why yet, but despite these two women being fae, he felt sorry to see Blair struggling so much and to see Freya in pain.

Blair wanted to back Freya up, but Aedan was right. She was exhausted. Plus she didn't trust to leave just the men to find the right kind of wood for their campfire. "I won't be long," She offered Freya before leaving her side to accompany Grayson.
  astrea / 7h 20m 34s
" Why don't you let Aedan take Freya for you, and I can go find firewood myself." Grayson said as he paused and looked around. He could see the look on his friends face when Aedan looks at Freya and decided to try and help him out. Freya heard Grayson. "No I don't need his help." She immediately said snapped turning her head glaring at Grayson. "Was just trying to help I know Blair was helping you a majority of the way." Grayson replied.
  Grayson Alaric / Angel_love94 / 7h 28m 10s
Taking on the brunt of Freya's weight was becoming daunting for Blair now, but she allowed a breath of relief when she discovered the opening to a cave. Now that they had climbed much higher the air was starting the thin and become colder, which didn't bother her, but telling by how much Freya was shivering she knew they needed to have shelter soon, and as luck would have it, Freya could use her power to start a camp fire.

She turned over her shoulder to look to Grayson and Aedan. "There's a cave up ahead," She began. "Could you search around for some dry wood while I take Freya inside?"
  astrea / 7h 36m 29s
Aedan's nose scrunched up in a expression of disgust. "Stop talking like some kind of pervert," He hissed quietly to him before continue onward, trailing behind the fairies.
  astrea / 7h 40m 11s
Grayson peered over at Aedan nodding. "Yes I'm sure, sometime the predator has to relay on its pray for things. That's how i see this. There is something in this for all of us. " Grayson replied as he begin to walk following this girls. "If anything happens we can just leave okay." He added.
  Grayson Alaric / Angel_love94 / 7h 42m 21s
Blair nodded in agreement before turning to assist Freya as they started their trek up the mountain.

Aedan now shared a grim glance with Grayson, concerned if this was the right people to be following. "Are you sure about this," He asked under his breath so the fae wouldn't hear him.
  astrea / 7h 48m 41s
Freya caught a glimpse of Aedan’s gorgeous hazel eyes peering over at her. She quickly looked away not wanting to have eye contact with him. After finding out his true feeling about the Fae, Freya was uncertain about being around him. She felt once he really knew her identity he would want to burn her at the stake. Shaking off the horrific thoughts Freya stood up and started walking trying not to show the discomfort from her ankle. "Lets go, we should find some sort of shelter and food before the next wave of storms come." Freya said eagerly wanting just to keep going.
  Angel_love94 / 8h 3m 7s
"Or to brew up a special curse for the both of us," Aedan muttered under his breath.

Blair's cold blue eyes now shot over to Aedan. "Ah...I see you are a fae hating mortal," She said inquisitively. "Ask yourself this Aedan. Are you sure all fae wished such a thing to befall this world? Or is it just easier for your small minds to comprehend that all of one kind are mortal hating enough to destroy this beautiful planet?"

Aedan's eyes widened as he now looked between the two fairies, his gaze lingering over to Freya who he had actually grew fond of while oblivious to what she actually was. Still though he remained shamefully silent.
  Astrea / 107d 11h 48m 12s
Grayson starred at Blair backing off a bit. He felt a little confused from their conversation earlier. He quickly shrugged it off and nodded. " Fine, But remember we need each other. I can smell and hear things that you can't, And you have a your magic abilities to protect us." he pointed out.
  Grayson Alaric / Angel_love94 / 107d 14h 4m 46s
Blair also stood up, but pointedly took a position between the two men and Freya. "Excuse you Grayson, but you don't even know where you are going," She said with narrowed blue eyes. "Don't come marching in her, getting off on the idea that you are going to lead us anywhere. I am your only means of survival from this point forward. You understand?"

"Someone's acting all kinds of high and mighty," Aedan snickered in the background.

"Yes, Aedan. I am." Blair stated firmly, showing she wouldn't back down. "I am in charge here, and I get to decide if the both you survive this travel with us."

Aedan furrowed his brow and crossed his arms over his chest. "What makes you say that," He hissed threateningly.

"Without my power, the both of you will succumb to the rains," She stated plainly. "So I am the only protection the both of you have, and as of right now, you're not giving me much reason to protect the both of you."
  Astrea / 107d 14h 45m 44s

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