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The female robot nodded and walked with her, nervous about what would happen to her if something were to happen, but she shook it off after they were led into a different part of the building with the Sergeant Major .
  BR-W9 aka “Brownie” / DoomGuy123 / 249d 22h 7m 10s
The sergeant major emerged from the curtains and all bodies within the room assumed position of Parade-Rest. Silence followed momentarily until granted permission to carry on. In turn, Annette didn't have to move an inch for the two automatons were confronted first. They were not met with a open welcome but more of another escort. His gesture directed toward the exit and Annette nodded.

The woman pressed herself from the counter. "Are you able to walk?"
  Annette / Katataka / 249d 23h 40m 8s
She nodded to her robotic escort, who surprisingly was as close to human as she could be. “I would not mind being nicknamed Brownie, as my model name is close to spelling that.” She said, tilting her head to the side in curiosity, then she looked around, getting strange looks from the humans.
"I'm unit-KF1, a product of the government funding years past. I'm...similar to a human as you know." She hissed pleasantly before averting her eyes back to the stranger.

Chatter could be heard from outside the operation area. It was fair to assume Annette's superior was near and was most curious about the next course of action for our new friend. "I suggest making a label for yourself..that is unless you cared to stick with your model. I only suggest in respects to the ranks..so one or the other..o-or both. Haha" The automation stammered almost sounding nervous.
  Annette / Katataka / 250d 2h 13m 8s
“While my body was inactive, I somehow connected with your earth system you call the World Wide Web.” She explained, her weapon deactivated unless necessary, which hopefully would not need to be activated unless the time arises. “May I ask, what model are you? You look to be human, but you are a machine.” She said, having analyzed the female automaton.
  BR-W9 aka “Brownie” / DoomGuy123 / 250d 19h 23m 27s
Annette was accompanied by four select few individuals that would assist in escorting the foreigner to the holding facility. The party consisted of one primary operator, one surgeon, an infantry unit and Annette. All that remain was the Sergeant major.
The woman contemplating, breaking eye engagement and allowing her eyes and thoughts to wander.
The automaton's weapon now rested at her hip. It was a good gesture given the circumstance.

"One more thing..How do you know how to understand and speak english?"
  Katataka / 250d 2h 12m 42s
“It is a pleasure to meet you as well, and as for past experiences, I have none, I was constructed only a matter of ten hours ago, fleeing from being torn apart took up most of that time frame.” She explained, now standing up, but still not eye level with the tall female, even though BR-W9 was standing on the table
  BR-W9 aka “Brownie” / DoomGuy123 / 250d 21h 12m 53s
"Earth. Welcome. I must advise you to settle yourself. You'll be questioned further but I am pleased I was privileged enough to make your acquaintance before the future, unknown."
The woman eventually averted her eyes slightly, mindful that staring could be frowned upon. "And would it be rude to ask about your past experiences?"
  Katataka / 250d 21h 16m 18s
“I am here by accident, my creators found that I am a defect of a militaristic war machine, as for how I got here, I believe that I crash landed in an escape pod.” She mentioned, sitting up. “As for what my name is, it is BR-W9.” She told the female that was speaking with her. BR-W9 looked around. “What planet have I landed on?” She asked bluntly.
  BR-W9 aka “Brownie” / DoomGuy123 / 250d 22h 17m 16s
Annette retracted her hand and leaned on the operating table, at the stranger's shoulder. "You're on a military installation; Arizona state to be more specific. I've been named Annette but I am an AF unit. Now.." she began, processing important details before continuing. "Explain your presence and why you're here."
  Annette / Katataka / 250d 22h 51m 1s
BR-W9 looked around as if confused. “Where am I? And who are you?” It asked in a very strange voice. It sounded like a child mixed with a woman. But it was clear the foreign machine was being honest when asking the questions it did, as it did not know where it was or who the automaton speaking was. The proton cannon on the end of her right arm didn’t move, a sign that she did not want to fight or cause any harm.
  BR-W9 aka “Brownie” / DoomGuy123 / 250d 23h 15m 59s
The foreign mechanism captured the surprise of the surgeons, scientist and a few of the lingering lesser who have yet to be shoo'd from the operation room. Annette clenched her teeth but didn't bare a troubling face. Her grip slid down onto the handle at the sudden change from the stranger. Taking a moment to look around, everyone was silent and still. Mere moments passed before the woman inched forward with her awkward left hand.. strange. For an automaton, the user wasn't ambidextrous. And with a seemingly safe distance between the two, she extended a hand toward the being.

"Hi." She chided clearly in a passive tone. Annette focus her eyes between hands, feet, and face in rotation. In her right hand, she still wielded her primary arms but it was tilted slightly to the ground. All actions influenced by passive neutrality best suited for various circumstances; molding it to appease the Primary Objective Parameters.
  Annette / Katataka / 250d 23h 21m 19s
Soon enough, the feminine modeled defect was being scanned and inspected, since the human scientists have never seen anything like it, it had strange wiring that acted like a nervous system inside the body, and the circuitry was self repairing rather quickly, which was unheard of for a machine. As for the weapon it wielded, the weapon was a powerful proton cannon, capable of converting to six different firing modes. As time went on, the robot’s circuits finished self repairing, and Brownie soon started her initial reboot, which startled the scientists and any personnel nearby.
  BR-W9 aka “Brownie” / DoomGuy123 / 250d 23h 45m 14s
The chatter of boot and dirt chimed throughout and Annette could only assume they'd received information on the situation already. It only made since to follow suit. The small group jogged about 40 meters southeast of their position only to find an assorted bunch of privates and lieutenants alike corralling around the scene with some on radios and others blocking sight of the phenomena. Annette casually crept forward, gently forcing through the crowd by threading her way between people until emerging before a foreign presence.

All Annette could deduct from this was damaged equipment, and a possible casualty. Disrupting her thoughts, a squad of medical aid appeared in a timely manner to retrieve the body and begin a full reading on the subject. The woman knew that she'd have to report to her superior soon enough but for now, feeding curiosity was more important than documenting a daily action report.
  Annette / Katataka / 250d 23h 50m 59s
The pod had ejected the damaged defect, launching her closer to the base that Annette was located. By the looks of her chassis, she was not of earthly origins. As for Brownie’s size, she was only 3 feet and 7 inches tall, about the size of a fourth grader. When the alien robot landed on the ground, it didn’t budge or twitch once, meaning it was inactive.

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