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An alien machine has crashed onto earth, and a human soldier had taken her to Area 51 for testing, but the same soldier who brought her there has decided to take her to their own home so she could find out what normal life is like, even if she is meant for fighting. But what would she do if they tried to help? Would she try to hurt them, or would she be grateful?

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Upon arrival to the testing area, Annette dropped her firearm on the bare sand but kept the shield on her back. "Alright. Show me what you can do. Just..be careful." The automaton uttered lightly, stepping to the left side of Brownie all while doing her best to not stare too much.

A few thoughts ran wild while the body lay still; open to anything that might come.
  Annette / Katataka / 335d 12h 19m 58s
The robot looked around, not surprised at the size of the base, as it was a military installation that had most likely been constructed in the early 1900’s, but she was amazed at how many personnel the base itself could hold at one time
"We're going to the field then unto the...other field. I just have to take roll and gather a few things..b-but that's for later. Let's get moving. I guess along the way I can-.." Annette cut herself off and left the sentence to die right there. Instead she began walking and humming lowly. Every so often a squad of soldiers would jog down the long coal colored trail before them which led beyond the Communications Hub. Just beyond lye the testing field for heavy arms.
  Annette / Katataka / 339d 1h 4m 19s
Brownie made a weird sound out of surprise, being startled when she was picked up. “Where are we going?” She asked her ally, trying to keep herself from showing she was nervous about being that high off the ground. “Are you taking me to that testing field, or are you taking me wherever you are needed now?” She asked
  BR-W9 aka “Brownie” / DoomGuy123 / 339d 1h 14m 37s
Ripping away from the mundane display of bodies at work, Annette turned on a heel to face Brownie before trotting over. "On the contrary. You should be pleased to know that people expect more daring traits than you'd imagine. This is why we are treated differently." She mused, now taking initiative to grab Brownie and straddle the little one on her shoulders.
  Annette / Katataka / 339d 1h 17m 31s
“I understand, perhaps it would be safer.” She told her humanoid companion, having been sitting on the desk so she could be about eye level with the female automaton. “I do have one question for you...do you find it hard to take me serious due to how I am constructed?” She asked in a serious, but curious tone
  BR-W9 aka “Brownie” / DoomGuy123 / 339d 1h 25m 29s
"I'm not sure about the admittance for the alliance. However long it takes to legalize an alien machine to become american? I-I dunno really.. But as for your weapon; I do know I'll have you nowhere near the range. I'd rather take you to the testing field outdoors. F-for safety, might I add." Annette stammered.

At this time, the ground was trembling moderately as the full swing of Morning Regimen has begun. Annette took a break from being long winded and pushed herself from the chair to watch the lesser exercise from behind the window.
  Annette / Katataka / 339d 1h 28m 49s
“How long do you believe it will take to register my alliance with the personnel of this base?” She asked with curiosity, and she looked around as she talked, hoping it wouldn’t take longer than a week. “I also must ask if you have a shooting range. I do not know what my weapon is capable of as I have not used it yet.” She said, now looking at Annette
  BR-W9 aka “Brownie” / DoomGuy123 / 339d 1h 36m 24s
At the time Leo had just left and Annette was resting her head on her propped hand. "N-..Welllll-..Possibly...Likely. This is not like a corporation, leisure minds reside here. That is why there's need for machines like you and me." The automaton commented as it took a minute to monitor the time which was about 4AM. At this time the horns sounded throughout the compound and slowly you could feel the ground tremble as hundreds of soldiers from all ranks woke or just begin to lay for rest.
  Annette / Katataka / 339d 1h 39m 42s
The machine nodded in understanding, but she wasn’t exactly sure if she would be welcomed by the humans, but she just looked at her companion. “I suppose that this may take a while...” she said, sounding slightly nervous in tone, hoping that things would go well for her, but she also knew that humans can be bothersome on some occasions
  BR-W9 aka “Brownie” / DoomGuy123 / 339d 1h 47m 37s
The man stood and stretched before rubbing he back of his neck. A moment of silence passed before Leo and Annette Peered each other in the eye and it was Leo to break the silence. He kept his eyes on Annette on the first comment before confronting Brownie.

"Yes, all help is welcome. We'll be discuss enrollment and contracts but on another date. Your abrupt presence forces me to adhere to protocol..You're trespassing on federal grounds. I can promise a number of people in my position would have you detained and more but you claim to come in good graces. So..here's what i'll do. You and Annette are to remain at her side. Both of you will assume regulatory functions until I get things sorted out."

Leo and Annette slowly shifted in the room, the woman finally heading for her chair now that it was unoccupied.
  Annette / Katataka / 339d 1h 51m 27s
“I am not owned by anyone, I do not owe anyone any favors, nor do I belong to any groups. But if you require my help, I will gladly assist you.” She said calmly, turning to look at Annette, then back at Leo. “I am not sure what I would be useful for besides possible maintenance and information mining.”
  BR-W9 aka “Brownie” / DoomGuy123 / 339d 2h 9m 0s
Leo sat back and focused on Brownie. One could only imagine his thoughts on the matter though the demeanor seems stable. "Are you under obligation to anyone or any'thing'?" He added, shifting in his seat to get more comfortable. Annette all the while stood silent and wide eye'd alternating between the two.
  Annette / Katataka / 339d 2h 14m 52s
“I am defect BR-W9, but I will answer to Brownie if you wish.” She said, and after being asked to explain how she got into the base, she looked at Annette. “I crash landed in the field nearby, the other humans must have brought me inside while I was shut down so I could perform self maintenance.” She explained, them told her that she was originally hunted down by her otherworldly creators because she was a defect
  BR-W9 aka “Brownie” / DoomGuy123 / 339d 2h 23m 28s
After a short round-about, the three secluded themselves from prying ears. Led by Sergeant Major Leo, the lot took refuge in Annette's office quarters before taking a seat at her chair. The woman propped her firearm on the wall before placing a hand on Brownie's shoulder in an attempt to break the ice but the automaton's superior intercepted with a non verbal cease just by slightly raising his hand. Gesturing toward the stranger."Introduce yourself."
  Annette / Katataka / 339d 2h 28m 36s

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