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Life in College can be Fun, Exciting, Sad, Hard, Impossible, Life changing, and even bitter to some but it can also be...Romantic? Lets hope romance won't get in the way of education.

Your a student at Kyōiku geijutsu University and spend all your time with your face stuffed in a book. One day you meet someone who you can't relate to. He/she was your complete opposite but you felt so...attracted in a way. You tried to focus but you couldn't get him/her out of invading your thoughts. You felt so happy and focused in his/her presence that you wanted to spend all your time with him/her. This was a new strange feeling that you can't control. Will you finally come out? Or will you hold it back?

This choice is up to you!

This is a MXM, FXF, and MXF whatever you prefer to do.

Role play is for multiple users not just 2. There can be more than 1 relationships throughout this story.

Nekos and other creature Characters can be used.

Characters needed:
-At least 2 males
-At least 2 Females

-There may be sensual related content so please 15 or older to participate in this role play
-Time skips may be used

Please Enjoy yourself!~

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