High School Rivals Rumble!*CLOSED*

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[font "Times New Roman" There have been reports of strange animal attacks in the area during the past week and a half. Multiple people found with their bodies mutilated so severely that they are unrecognizable. In each of their wounds, matted fur clung to dried blood. What kind of creature could be capable of this, however, has not been determined...]

[font "Times New Roman" You're a high school junior, and too busy to focus on some gory news story you're parents saw on the TV. The bulk of you're time is spent trying to thwart you're long time rival. As silly as it sounds, the two of you have been at odds ever since preschool. He'd snatched you're animal crackers at snack time, and you'd retaliated by knocking over his cup of milk. Since that day its been a never ending back and forth between the two of you.]

[font "Times New Roman" On this particular day, you had planned to squirt some glue on his desk chair before he showed up to class. juvenile, sure, but you're revenge schemes just aren't as inspired as they used to be. You're fishing around in you're bag for the bottle of Elmers when you hear a deep growling followed by an ear splitting scream.]

[font "Times New Roman" The school explodes. Well, not literally, but its chaotic as hell in there. A teacher down the hall is screaming something about an attack, and keeps repeating a word that sounds suspiciously like monster. Everyone is bolting toward the exits, and you blindly follow suit. But you don't make it out. In the panic, you've somehow managed to get locked in.]

[font "Times New Roman" You're trying not to piss yourself, but being trapped in school with some sort of killer something has nearly caused and embarrassing accident. So, you head to the bathroom thinking that it might be best to just hide in a stall anyways. You don't know what else to do. When you go into the bathroom, you don't hesitate before throwing open the first stall door you come across.]

[font "Times New Roman" It isn't empty]

[font "Times New Roman" You're rival is cowering by the toilet. You know you should be relieved that you don't have to face whatever is out there alone. Instead, you're thinking about how doomed you are if survival means working together as a team.]

*[font "Times New Roman" This will eventually be romance.]*

*[font "Times New Roman" All ES rules apply]

*[font "Times New Roman" Quality over quantity, but i expect you to write at a literate level. Nothing below 1,000 characters, please.]

*[font "Times New Roman" I encourage you to take time when posting. You needn't do it everyday, as i most likely won't myself.]*

*[font "Times New Roman" If interested, PM with the title, Rival, and some information about you're character. If you have any ideas about where you'd want this to go, feel free to include them.]

* [font "Times New Roman" You may be whichever character you like. The one with the glue or the one in the bathroom. It's up to you.]

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