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[i "I hope they remember you..."]

With a snap of his fingers, half of the universe ceases to exist. Heroes, villains, innocent, guilty. Gone.
Thanos wielded the gauntlet, infinite power in his hands. And once he was done, he vanished. The stones broke the gauntlet, spread themselves over the galaxy again.
And the Avengers were left to pick up the pieces.

So spoiler alert: Infinity War may be discussed here. Tread at your own risk.

This happens 30 years after the events in Inifinity War. Thanos wins, half of all life everywhere is gone. The surviving Avengers continued the work they'd started, protecting humanity from itself and outside threats. In time, they retired, and their children, and the next generation of Avengers, stepped up to the mantle.
Original Characters are desired.
Real pics, please. We're set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, after all.
Mature Content is allowed, violence, cussing, etc.
Literate posts are appreciated.
Please brainstorm on plots, help me set up a story we can work with and elaborate on.
Group roleplay would be preferred.

If interested, please message me!

Accepted Characters:

Username: TheHangedMan
Name: Emma Stark
Age: 21
Parent: Tony Stark, Pepper Potts
Powers: Who needs those? Emma has the full inheritance of Iron Man's legacy.... And then some. In the past 10 years, Emma has modified and upgraded her suits to maximum performance. New tools, new features, the full 9 yards. Plus genius level ntelligence to boot.
Shy, Driven, Spoiled, High-Class, Determined

User: QueenCarstairs
Name: Amari
Age: 24
Parent: T'Challa, unknown mother
Title: Queen of Wakanda and Black Panther
History: Amari had a brother. Ekon. However, he was cruel, rude, manipulative and an overall monster. Amari defeated him at his trial, murdering him and taking his place. She became the first female Black Panther then and there... but the pressure became too much and she ran away. 4 years she ran, didn't look back, changing her story to suit. It was only at her father's death bed that she returned and took her rightful place
Abilities: Through the heart shaped herb, Amari is like her father an enhanced warrior, she has enhanced senses, strength and speed. There is very little Amari cannot do.
Gear: her own black panther suit hidden when not in use as a simple ring she wears.
Fears: disappointing her people and her ancestors
Personality: reserved, cold, much like her father's unrelenting and unmoving. Only in times of vulnerability does one realize she is kind, soft spoken and a listener.

User: QueenCarstairs
Parents unknown. Suspicion: Scarlett Witch. Not confirmed
Name: Chloe Stevens
Age: 22
Reckless, Intelligent, Manipulative
Has the ability to manipulate matter with corrosive energy which flares up with tints of blue flames this however is a rarity and is only used in extreme conditions otherwise Chloe will make use of her Karate, her swords, her rifles, and has a rather vast knowledge of narcotics, poisons, venom, toxin etc

Username: burningsxn
Name: Lillian Thor
Age: 21
Parent: Thor Odinson - Unknown
Daughter of Thor, Granddaughter of Odin, Lillian wields thunder like her father and has the strength of an Asgardian. Although he did not pass Stormbreaker to her, she wields her own weapon, a gift from the gods on her eighteenth birthday, a golden staff that she carries by her side. Unlike Stormbreaker and Mjölnir, anyone can hold the staff yet only a true queen can harness its power.
Sweet nature, innocent, thinks shes above humans but doesn't say this out loud. A true Asgardian Queen...

Username: TheHangedMan
Name: Gabriel Mason
Age: 23
Parent: Unknown
Powers: Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Reflexes
Cautious, Loyal, Witty, Energetic, Proud

Username: LordDalgros
Name: James Yashida
Age: 36
Parents: His mother, Mariko, was a Japanese-born woman with heavy ties to the Yakuza underworld; his father was supposedly a drifter from America, but he had never had the luxury of meeting the man. His mother claimed that James was named after him.
Powers and Gear: James is the current holder of an infamous titled gained only through a deal with the devil: the Ghost Rider; the spirit of vengeance given form in the physical world.
In the presence of evil the Riders true form can be assumed; his skin searing away to reveal a burning skull. While transformed, James possesses supernatural strength and durability as well as an immunity to most afflictions, being a skeleton and all; he retains a high level of resistance to magic both in and out of the Ghost Rider form as well.
Mastery of the magical hellfire is his primary power: fires that burn into the souls of its victims. He can manipulate this fire in a multitude of ways including augmenting weapons and vehicles to suit his purposes.
James also possesses the dreaded Penance Stare, the key tool of the Ghost Rider, and carries with him an heirloom sword gifted from his mother, and a pair of kusarigama (chain-sickle) all of which he often augments with hellfire.

Username: d1gn17y
Name: Stefanie Strange
Age: 30
Parents: Stephen Vincent Strange and Clea Lake
Powers: Like her father, Stefanie Strange is one of the most powerful sorcerers in existence. Strange's magical repertoire includes energy projection and manipulation, matter transformation, animation of inanimate objects, teleportation, illusion-casting, mesmerism, thought projection, astral projection, dimensional travel, time travel and mental possession, to name a few.


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Roleplay Responses

Stefanie looked over towards the Asgardian and smiled at her confusion towards her words. While she knew that such traditions were not likely followed by someone who was not from this world, but it was a personality trait of hers to lace most situations with her sarcasm and humour, even if others did not understand it or find humour in it themselves. Stefanie laughed quietly to herself as the woman replied to her with seriousness.

“Well it’s not every day that I get to meet a god. Forgive me if I don’t bow down to you. I’m afraid that there are much more pressing matters.” She said as she indicated towards her relative who was causing so much destruction around them. When it was clear that the woman was on board with her plan she nodded and took a step back as she pressed her staff into the ground, now dressing her body in an armour that was certainly fit for a god. Stefani raised her eyebrow for a moment, taking in the appearance of the woman before her. She looked strong and ready to fight and Stefani nodded her head once more before clearing her throat and began to prepare herself to open a portal.

“Wizard girl? I like it…I’ll get right on it Aphrodite.”

Within a matter of minutes there were conversations that had taken place and actions that seemed to spur a series of fighting. Stefani looked on as people were thrown about. She muttered to herself as she tried to focus on opening to portal as previously agreed however there was a significant level of noise around them and lots of distractions that were hindering her from clearing her mind appropriately. “This would be a lot easier if you guys could keep the noise down.” While she was speaking to the crowd that had begun to form, it was obvious that no one would have been paying attention and the words were more for herself.

Stefanie sighed and closed her eyes and blurred out all the noise and commotion around them until suddenly it was quiet and when she opened her eyes again it was as though she was watching a silent movie in slow motion. “Much better.” She whispered to herself and she raised her hands, holding them at a distance to each other and concentrated extremely hard on the dimension that she would open a portal to; a dimension that would not offer Hela an army or an opportunity to cause destruction much like this. Soon enough the space in front of her began to open up and her hands started to shake. It took a lot of energy to open this and it would only dispense the rest of her energy to keep it open.

“This has to happen now! The portal will not remain open long.” She shouted towards the rest of the group.
  Stefanie Strange / d1gn17y / 183d 14h 2m 7s
In a very short period of time a great many things had transpired: with Hela's attention locked onto the Rider; [i the Iron Woman] let out a barrage of close-range guided missiles from various launch points across her armor; [i a Feline Warrior] entered the fray; [i the Asgardian] denies a gift given in desperation. None of these things mattered to the Rider. It is fair to assume that the burning, raging creature didn't even bother to give them notice.

Speechlessly it simply continued to tug and pull and taunt Hela with the searing pain of hellfire. The missiles pelted against her armor and momentarily threw the momentum off of her initial lunge toward the Rider. Frustrated, she instead settled with slicing through the hellfire chains with a single stroke of her ebony blade and ripping the burning blades from her sides with her free hand.

[i "Wizard girl is going to create a portal. I need you to help me get Hela into it and fast."] [i the Asgardian] spoke aloud for both [i the Iron Woman] and the Rider to hear.
Its eyes still ablaze with searing, soul-piercing, fire, the Rider turns its gaze toward her for but a moment to process her words.
[size20 [Akronim "Lillian Thordóttir."]] As it was the Riders' work to cast judgement on souls, her true name did not elude it, [size20 [Akronim "Your soul is not yet stained in sin..."]] the Rider turned a passing glance toward [i the Iron Woman], [i the Feline Warrior], then finally the [i Young Sorceress] before fixing its gaze onto Hela, who was in the midst of preparing for another lunge toward them!
[size20 [Akronim "I will help you!"]]

As Helas' form lunged toward them the Rider and Lillian both stepped forward to meet her!

The initial maneuver of the fight was simple: Hela swung her arm forward and manifested yet another blade that parried Lillians incoming blow and sent her off-balance while the Rider went for a low lunge with newly manifested blades of its own and was met with a jaw-shattering knee into its skull!

The both of them taken aback by her masterful response to the both of them, the [i Iron Woman] and the [i Feline Warrior] had been presented with their own opportunities to strike: amidst a turning leap, her claws aimed for the Goddess' throat, [i the Feline Warrior] was found wanting as Hela sidestepped her swipe and took hold of her forearm to send her flying back into rubble nearby. A ranged assault conducted by the [i Iron Woman] and her arsenal was met with a mixture of annoyance and anger as the missiles themselves did little more than annoy her, though the repulsor blasts managed to build enough stopping power to buckle her stance!

In the moment of Helas' falter Lillian and the Rider went at their own assaults once more but even in her moment of recovery her skill easily outclasses the both of them: with a powerful kick to Lillians chest Hela sends herself flipping into the air above the Rider and with a deft swing of her arms two large ebony spikes launch downward and pin the skeletal monster through the shoulders and anchor it to the ground!

The [i Feline Warrior] recovered from her landing and swept in for an attack at her legs as she began to land but was met just a swiftly in response with a blade toward her throat! The Vibranium of her suit, far stronger than any other metals of Earth, protected the skin from the initial swing but it was clear from even one attack that prolonged assault from the Goddesses magic blades would break even her invincible armor.

Another barrage of missiles came from the [i Iron Woman] as she strafed across the battlefield but the smoke that the impacts caused gave Hela the cover she'd needed to launch a retort: ebony speaks launched from the smoke toward the armored woman with deadly aim! One thrown aside by the intervention of Lillians lighting power but the other finding its mark just above her left knee!

It was very clear that while the lightning and hellfire caused her some considerable pain, none of the heroes matched Hela even remotely on martial skill:
Aeons of practice in the art of war made outsmarting even a Stark mind a simple feat; millions of battles against millions of foes made adapting to the Wakandan fighting style of the [i Feline Warrior] as second nature to her as breathing; the structured, practiced but inexperienced fighting of the [i Asgardian] was cut to ribbons with her own mastery of improvised and free flowing combat and the reckless lunges and grapples from the Rider were countered with superior agility and battlefield awareness...

It was clear from the sidelines that none of them stood a chance. But the [i Young Sorceress] would have the time she needed.

OOC: I don't believe there are any spelling mistakes, if I find them I will correct them later - I wanted to kinda move the flow of combat along but I imagine none of us are going to be able to do too much against her and we're mostly buying time. If anyone wants me to change something feel free to let me know - I imagine what I've described in my post taking place in the first few moments of the fight as well as giving a general sense of how the fight is going; I'm not trying to prevent anyone else from posting about the fight and I encourage you to bring flavor to your characters actions in your posts too!
  James Yashida / LordDalgros / 188d 10h 20m 43s
Lillian groaned, lights swimming in front of her brown eyes. She had never felt real pain before. Her life had in no way been sheltered, trained by one of the most powerful fighters in Asgard and raised by the God of Thunder, she had had her fair share of cuts and bruises. When Helas hand slammed into her stomach it was unlike anything she had ever felt before. Fire surged through her ribs and the impact of her head hitting the rubble caused her eyes to water.

The blonde who had been stood beside the burning skeleton was now at her side, offering a hand, which despite her pride, Lillian took. It took a few moments for her mind to settle, taking in what was happening around her. The burning man now had sickles buried in Helas side, the Goddess of Death now seething with anger. Stark had somehow completed a costume change, typical. Aura was on the floor, too far for Lillian to get to her without drawing attention to herself again.

[b “Christmas?” ] Lillian turned to look at the blonde girl who had helped her. [b “I am a god, we do not celebrate your strange winter ritual. This is my first time meeting Hela too, she has not attended any of my family’s celebrations.” ] She said, shaking her head with confusion. The woman was strange, surely she could see Hela and her were not on good terms. Why would they celebrate Midgard’s festivals? When it came to humour and irony Lillian drew a blank slate. The woman did have a point though, killing Hela was currently not an option, not the way the group was currently fighting. They were a mess and there was little synchronisation between them. Nothing like how she had imagined the Avengers had fought together.

[b “I’ll get her into the portal.” ] She said simply, brushing off her now ruined dress. Lillian rolled her eyes at the state of her. There was no reason to hide who she was now, they had seen enough. Summoning her staff to her hand, she slammed it on the ground, sending lightning showering over her body. Her dress had been replaced with armour, golden with royal blue accents. It was every bit Asgardian and made her look exactly like the goddess she was. Before Lillian could advance on Hela, who was now being pummelled with Starks beams, another woman approached them. In her hand she held a case, containing a sword she had only read about in books.

[b “I can not… All-black is not a sword that should be used lightly.” ] She said, taking a step back in fear. The sword was a divine slaying item, it’s main purpose to pierce a god of their immortality. Lillian shook her head and closed the case, thrusting it into the arms of the blonde wizard. [b “Do not let Hela get this.” ] She said, her voice expressing how dire it would be If she did. Without saying another word, Lillian moved, circling the group until she came to stand by the burning skeleton and Stark.
[b “Wizard girl is going to create a portal. I need you to help me get Hela into it and fast.” ] She said simply.
  Lillian Thor / Burningsxn / 193d 17h 40m 43s
"[+red Not bad.]" Emma continued to blast at Hela, though she knew none of the repulsor beams were doing any damage. "[+red You're pretty tough for an old lady.]" Throwing both hands together, the suit responded in perfect timing, arm panels opening as a dozen missles popped out, encircling her arms suspended in midair for a brief second before descending down to strike Hela, now held in place by the burning hooks of the fiery skeleton.

Though she was still standing, the older Asgardian seemed rattled by the missles. "[+red Jarvis, did dad have any suits for fighting Asgardians?]" For a brief moment, there was no response. Hela flung a hand up, and a massive, obsidian chunk of steel hurtled toward her. She flew to the side, charging up another repulsor blast in return.
"[i Ms. Stark, your father did have one suit. The Mark III Epsilon suit. Its on the way. Oh, and I've found a bit of information on your 'friends' down below.]" Video clips and data files appeared on the helmet's screen.

As the ensemble below sparred with Hela, the new suit arrived. A pod torpedoed by, coming to a stop by her. Individual pieces of armor deposited off and clicked to her suit like a puzzle. The finished product resembeled her father's Hulkbuster suit, save for a few slight differences - this suit was smaller, quicker, and the left hand was replaced with a blade. Dropping down to the fight below, she took stance next to the sorcerer, in time to see the younger Asgardian get knocked back. Hovering over, she offered a hand. "[+red Are you okay?!]"
  Emma Stark / TheHangedMan / 193d 22h 52m 2s
The undead soldiers were coming full force. The tired Gabe's punches were coming more sluggish, and more than a few times he found himself narrowly avoiding being skewered. The battle was taking a heavy toll on him, as he'd been non-stop fighting for nearly fifteen minutes, and the longest fight he'd ever had prior lasted closer to 15 seconds. Stumbling, he threw his fist up into an uppercut that sailed right past his target's face. Before he could recover, he felt a shield slam into his back, throwing him down. Skeletal warriors quickly swarmed around, eager to strike. Gabe curled up into a ball, bracing for the strikes.

Before any blows rained down, a strike of lightning ripped through their bodies, tossing them aside with ease. As he pushed himself up, he dashed away to catch his breath, finding temporary refuge a few blocks away. Sinking down into a squat, he took a deep breath, and braced himself to get back into the fray of the battle. As he darted back, he noticed that the rest of the "heroes" that he was fighting alongside seemed to be focused on the green lady. He had no problem with that, better them fight her than him, but that left a lot of skeletons coming out with very little damage conteol to prevent the swarming mob. "[+blue No rest for the wicked...]" He sighed, tenderly stepping around a few of the dead (again?) skeleton bodies, stretching his sore legs out. In the blink of an eye, he was back in action, swinging and kicking away.
  Gabriel Mason / TheHangedMan / 194d 12m 43s
Had she meant for the craft to crash? Had she meant to put her people in danger or the fact they now dealt with the dead? Well not really. But what she needed was on board and it was safe. Still in its case. She told the others to contact home, let them know what was happening before joining the battle. She saw what had happened to them all and it was not pretty. Not pretty at all. Amari recalled a memory.

[+Purple "What's that aunty?"]
[+Orange "This? This sword. Can kill living gods."]
[+Purple "Gods do not exist."]
[+Orange "Find them. Find him or her. Have them use it. They know what this is and what it can do. No one else but another god can use this to harm another. It will come in handy one day, although I pray you need never use it."]

She turned herself to the woman who had just had the wind knocked out of her. An Asgardian, similar to the green lady. She took her mask off.

[+Purple "I have something for you, are you still able to fight? This may help us turn the tables on the lady whose causing this mess."]

Amari offered this woman the unlocked case, who closely resembled Thor, her father's friend. She hoped this woman would take it and know how to use it. Hopefully it would help them win this fight. Placing her helmet back on. She rejoined the battle...
  Amari / QueenCarstairs / 194d 10h 2s
[Center [B 30 years ago]]
[Center [I Location: Wakanda]]

[I The catastrophic disappearance of their loved ones, their friends... their family. It had been all too much, the universe itself was in mourning and with some of them missing presumed dead. The remaining looked at themselves, they had not however known of one tiny miracle. Whilst she had died, whilst she had disappeared like the rest of them, she had not told anyone not anyone except Vision of the toddler who was asleep in their apartment still. Unaware of her parents and their death.]

[I The world, trying to recover trying to heal. Survivors banding together most wondering how they were meant to go about repopulating the Earth? Continue the work of those who had disappeared suspiciously. Many wanted answers and there were none that scientists could give. The Avengers themselves or those who managed to make their way out alive sat there in the throne room. T'Challa had not yet made himself know for he was heartbroken, his children Amari and Ekon were safe, he knew that much but he could not bring himself the burden to look at the sunken faces of the heroes that had protected Earth up till this very moment only to fail in it's more dire hour, in its hour of need. They had failed and they would not soon recover...]

[I The baby girl was taken by the authorities once they heard her cries, she wanted her mama. her papa, she wanted them, did they come for her? No. A miracle they had found her alive and well, she hadn't been taken care of five days ~> this was however due to the fact that she was like her mother not human. Chloe was quick to learn this at the orphanage... was her name even Chloe? Or was it just a name they gave her because they could not find her own... the one that her parents had given her once upon a time.]

[I First it had taken five years, for the world to stop mourning, ten to rebuild, fifteen to learn to move on, twenty to erase the past, twenty-five years to realise the Heroes of old were gone and they were never coming back. Now the world has reached thirty, and not was the time for the new heroes to arise and the people hoped that these heroes who would show up would do their predecessors proud, if not better than they did and not fail in the hour of need. The people of Earth and various other planets knew, full well that Thanos was not done he had disappeared however he was still watching and he was waiting to take away what they had managed to gain in three short decades all over again.]

[I Communication became a rare occurrence, those who did survive amongst the Avengers soon forgot their purpose, some drowned themselves in alcohol, others went back to their lives before they chose to be heroes. Some disappeared off the face of the universe and were never heard from again. The pain was overwhelming...]

[I There was, however, factions, factions that blamed them. Others supported them still. Factions who wanted to find them and unite them, factions that wanted to hunt them down and kill them. Then there was the law, the government and their opinions on the matter. The U.N had declared the whole thing an "accident", businesses that were already in contempt of Stark Industries wanted Tony's empire to fall, not that it would. Others wanted to cull the Wakandan's for not stepping in sooner and revealing their gifts to their world, some wanted to hunt Thor down who had as the aforementioned disappeared off the face of the universe. Some pitied the state of individuals like Captain America, who was arrested and placed on a permanent life sentence, his location? Unknown. Those who were stuck in space at the time of the whole incident did not return, for they had no way home.]

[Center [Pic]]

Chloe's eyes fluttered open, she was burning all over... the pain made it impossible to move, did she want to move? No, not really. Her eyes teared up and she wondered why was it she had been cursed with what she had? Why hadn't her parents come to find her? Why hadn't they chosen to love her? Was she that much of a burden? Chloe didn't know. Her eyes were the only moving aspect of her, and she had noticed the inhuman blur of brown hair... why did he seem so familiar? Chloe didn't know but there was a pull... a strong one. She attempted to open her mouth but found no strength within her body anymore. So she laid there silent unable to assist any longer. Her mind wondered again maybe that blur she saw knew her mother or her father... she had always been told regardless of Hela's comments that she did resemble a hero from long ago... and she had a name, she was part of the movement the group known as the Avengers... what was the woman's name Chloe pondered, she knew it had something to do with a witch...
  Chloe Stevens / QueenCarstairs / 217d 12h 48m 30s
It took Stefanie a minute to figure out exactly what was going on here. It seemed unnecessary for so many people to face off against one being but upon realising who she was, she was beginning to understand how necessary the numbers were. Stefanie had learned much about Hela as she learned about the Asgardian race and she knew how dangerous she was. Which is exactly why she didn’t seem to understand why the only other Asgardian taunted her so. She grit her teeth when the woman’s fit collided with her stomach, sending her flying backwards and hitting the wall next to Stefanie. If only she had time to react she could have made that landing much more comfortable for her but it was too late now. Instead she offered her hand so that she could help her to her feet, all the while keeping one eye on the being who had sent thrust her into the air in the first place.

Another being addressed Hela now and while she was ready to fight, she couldn’t quite figure out whose side the flaming skeleton appeared to be on until she heard Hela cry out in pain. He seemed to be one of the first to have her stop in her tracks. Stefanie’s adrenaline had reached an all-time high and a thousand thoughts raced through her mind all at once as she tried to figure out what to do. She could so easily trap her in another dimension, one where she could never escape but then did any other dimension deserve her presence. Although she had been told of a dimension that was simply a void of all space and time, no beings existed there, nor had anyone ever returned if they were banished there.

Stefanie looked down at Lillian and started to voice her idea. “I think I can trap her in another dimension. I don’t think it’s possible to kill her but I can banish her from this world and stop her that way but I will need your help. The portal to this world, it only stays open for thirty seconds and once it is closed there is no way to reopen it, at least not in the same place. We [I have] to draw her in to it and keep her there long enough so that she does not escape but we need to make sure that none of us get trapped there. It’s a risk but I am not seeing many other solutions here.” She said as she looked between Hela and Lillian, finally realising who they were. “I will not do anything without your say so, especially since she is a relative of yours. Although, I must say if all your relatives are this bad I feel sorry for your Christmas celebrations. What must they be like?” She asked, humour lacing her voice. Stefanie was often humorous and satirical in situations like this just to ease some of the pressure on herself, whether someone else found it funny did not matter to her, she laughed all the same.
  Stefanie Strange / d1gn17y / 229d 15h 24m 40s

Wrapped across either shoulder and down the length of its arms the ropes of hellfire began to solidify into black-iron chains; molten rods forming into its skeletal grips and finally ejecting burning blades! Kursarigama: chain-sickles.

As the skeletal figure begins to walk toward Hela and the others, leaving burning footsteps in its wake, it releases the blades with a simple flourish; the chains of hellfire reach out ten feet on either side of it and as they fly the air ignites around them.
In tandem with its pace, with masterful practice, it begins to spin its arms to and fro; the chains and sickles, now entirely covered in blazing hellfire, begin to spin in circles. The blades begin to rip and tear through the terrain around it; clearing its path and ripping apart any of the undead unlucky enough to be in its path!

While it had been obvious to anyone looking in its direction, Hela had been distracted by the bout against her Niece: the bladestorm of hellfire tore across the landscape and the skeletal [i thing] quickly closed the gap between itself and the band of heroes.
[size20 [Akronim "HELA OF ASGARD!"]] Its rattling, ragged voice shook the will of all those who heard it and its empty sockets begin to flare into fiery life as it stares down its prey, [size20 [Akronim "YOUR SOUL IS STAINED WITH THE BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT!"]] Almost as if to punctuate its words, it stops mid-pace and throws both arms forward; the chains reach out an entirely impractical distance and both sickles find themselves stabbing into Helas' sides!

[+blue "Aaagh!"] She winces; pain and surprise overcoming her as the attack takes the advantage that Lillian had intended to create. Searing hellfire boils at the wounds and she turns to face the monster, [+blue "Insolent little-"] her words are cut short as her gaze meets the creatures; she could immediately feel the demonic nature of it and with the sickle blades still burning into her sides she draws out another blade of ebony and prepares to lunge!

No doubt providing more opportunity for the others to attack, the skeletal being begins to almost eagerly pull the chains back; helping Hela close the gap between them!
  James Yashida / LordDalgros / 229d 16h 37m 11s
Lillian sucked in a breath, almost a gasp, as the skeletons disappeared from in front of her. She blinked and whipped her head around to look at the others. Had Hela commanded them to stop? Did she want to save her niece from the same pain she inflicted on her brother – Thor? The blue aura girl looked hurt but was alive, that was more than Lillian could say for most people that came into contact with her lightning. The missile had knocked Hela but upon resurfacing she had a wicked anger in her eyes and was now aiming for the Stark girl, who appeared to be able to handle herself.

Two more had joined them, two more that she could see anyway, a girl wrapped in a cloak that didn’t seem to fit in this time or dimension. It was almost Asgardian style, she had seen a few women with similar evening cloaks, but Lillian could feel a strange power that surrounded her, she was not one of her people. Still human maybe? The second was less than human. He looked like he was on fire and Lillian couldn’t quite look away from him, like staring at a burning building. The did not look like friends of Hela’s but one could never be so sure. Before she could shout over to either of them, Stark was on the floor, Hela looming over her with a sword raised, like she was about to sacrifice a lamb.

Lillian glanced back at the skeletons that seemed to be crawling out of the cracks and rubble around them. The three of them, Aura, Stark and Lillian… they would be able to defeat the skeletons if Hela wasn’t there. But even if the two newcomers were allies, they were still outnumbered.
[b “ Touch her and I’ll gouge your eyes out, Hela.” ] Lillian said, trying to put as much power in her voice as possible. [b “She is not yours to touch. None of them, are yours to touch.” ] It was a long shot, Hela had cut down her people with the flick of her wrist.

Lillian strode forward until she could reach out and touch her Aunt. If she hadn’t been so concerned with Tony's successor, who had been a split second away from death, she would have tried to grab the sword. But the first death could not be by her hand or rushed responses.
[b “If you want to hurt someone, why not start with me.” ] Lillian rested her staff on the floor but tightened her grip, ready to strike.
[b “Unless….unless, you’re scared of me?” ] She said and giggled, the noise causing Hela to grind her teeth together. Hela looked at Lillian with a look that no family member should ever give their own blood. Lillian took a step back, trying to guide Hela away from the Stark
[+blue “I had hoped you would inherit some of my intelligence, child. It looks like you only have your fathers arrogance.” ] Hela was up on her feet in a flash. Her eyes burning into Lillian as though they had the power to kill her with just a look.

Lillian hoped, she prayed silently, that the others knew what she was doing. They had tried fighting fair and it had almost gotten the Stark girl almost killed. She had Hela distracted, her back was to Aura – as she was now named in Lillian’s head – and the two newcomers.
[b “It could be worse.” ] Lillian said, her voice deadly serious. [b “I could have inherited your looks.” ] And with that comment, Hela struck her. She didn’t have a sword or a hammer, it was just her closed fist and it slammed into Lillian’s stomach with a cracking noise that caused bile to rise in her throat.
[I Bad idea Lils. ] She thought just as her back slammed into something hard, knocking the wind out of her.
  Lillian Thor / Burningsxn / 229d 17h 34m 23s
The blonder of the Asgardians smiled and spoke, and Emma was so infatuated with the way her curls bounced that she almost missed everything she said. The way she tilted her head....and that smile.... "[+red Hela? Isn't that Norse mythology?]" [i Like Thor, or Loki. Way to state the obvious, idiot!] "[+red So you brought down the Tower, huh? You know, that's basically a sin in these parts. We're going to have to punish you. Plus that was my house. So, you know, fuck you.]" It wasn't the same type of snark and one-liners Tony had brought to every fight, but Emma was still trying.

The zombies, however, that was different, and she had no witty lines for that. Skeletal figures, readings also showed Asgardian, being summoned from the earth by this 'Hela'. How was she summoning Asgardian? From the [i Earth]? Were graves on Asgard just emptying?
Emma shook the thought out of her head. She'd have time later to ask the blonde angel about it, as well as a few other things she wanted to know about her. She watched, fascinated, as she blasted the wreckage being held by the other stranger with lightning, and hopped to fight off the zombies. [i Reanimated corpses. Even if they're just skeletons now, they're still technically zombies! .....again, getting distracted.] The wreckage sailed out of her hands, and just demolished Hela. She disappeared beneath the sparks and rubble. Was the fight already over, that qui-
Ah. Nope. There she was, pushing her way out. It looked like it [i definitely] did some damage, however. Her leg was sliced to ribbons, and the rest of her looked hurt, bleeding and bruised. In her hands, a massive ebony sword. Before she had the time to take a breath, Emma watched Hela hurl it toward her, the tip mere inches from her face as she winced, ready for impact. However, it seemed go be off-target, as it narrowly veered to the side last second, as a brown haze overtook her vision, before the haze vanished. Hela seemed just as confused, but was already pulling more ebony swords and knives, tossing them.
Raising her blasters, Emma began to fire shot after shot, hoping to pummel this Asgardian bitch into the ground. A sonic blaster slid out of a panel on her forearm, and she began to pound Hela with the waves of pure sound. "[+red You're one tough.... Who is that?]" More odd figures. A portal opened, and it reminded her of another person that her dad had told her about, though she wasn't so sure that the Stephen Strange of her dad's days was this tiny woman here. Beyond that, a skeleton with a firy head stepped into the square, and a very dark feeling followed him. Were they friends? Enemies?

Emma continued to blast Hela, soaring over her, and set a reminder with Jarvis. "[+red [i Note to self. Need to learn how dad came up with cool nicknames for people. Also, after killing Hela, get everyone into the same room. Find out what's going on. And get the name of the other Asgardian. Maybe everyone's names. How did dad do this without getting distracted so much?]]" Losing focus for a second, she felt Hela's hand wrap around her ankle too late. She felt herself get pulled down, slammed into the ground. Hela raised a sword over her, ready to strike. Was this it? Was her stupid brain going to get her killed? As quickly as she could, she blasted into the ground, tearing through the ground, a little pit for her to slide into. Narrowly, Hela's blade missed, and Emma rocketed up again. "[+red [i Note to self: Pay more attention]]".
  Emma Stark / TheHangedMan / 229d 21h 26m 28s
Gabe was getting a little overwhelmed.
Normal days involved putting out fires, stopping any burglar within a 3 block radius of his apartment, and maybe interfering with the occasional bank robbery. Simple stuff, really. But this was something new.
Skeletal warriors, from another time, and maybe not even from the same planet, were on a different level. Not the norm. Luckily, when you can move quicker than a bullet, the learning curve for doing, well, [i anything] was very quick. Most things didn't hold up well to a fist thrown at 80 miles per hour, and whatever ancient tempered steel these bony fighters had was no different. He couldn't punch through it, but it dented inward, far enough to pound through whatever was behind, bones or muscle. And the punches to the face?
Well, he was learning quick how to deal with this.

Dodge, punch, kick. It turned into a pattern, as he weaved through the streets. [i What is happening?!] He darted past several others fighting the dead. A figure in a cat suit, who actually boarded some sort of spaceship, though he was already onto the next block before he could see more. A skeleton that was different from the others, skull ablaze with a fire that seemed to emanate more heat than it should. Some lady with a strange cape stepping out of a portal, sending a large group of the undead into another portal, buzzing with a macabre energy. A female Iron Man impersonator. He darted through the fights, taking the few precious seconds he could spare to study them, before he ran off, leaving only a blur, [i if] they even noticed that. They all seemed to congregate by the ruins of Stark Tower, where the standoff between the fighters was still building up. He watched as the girl with the wreckage tossed it toward the evil woman. In the second it took for it to leave her hands, he saw the lightning that the blonde one had zapped it with spark through it, and an aftershock of it reaching the end and blasting her.
She lifted up, being tossed through the air. At the rate he was watching it, however, she was gliding through, face reflecting to show the pain. Quick as the electricity that had struck her, he darted behind, catching her body as it flew back. Not stopping to check on her, he zapped away, fist slamming through the skull of a skeleton that was about to strike the lightning-staff lady. He zipped through, darting forward to strike an enemy, dashing away. Any observor would report a brown haze, as he ran through, trying to keep moving to avoid being seen.
When was this fight going to end? As long as she stood, the dead would keep coming.
  Gabriel Mason / TheHangedMan / 229d 22h 19s
She noticed that all of them had surrounded the one opponent. She pressed her bracelet. Speaking softly

[+Purple "It is time to go. The Americans have sufficient backup."]

As the hovercraft landed above the rubble, she jumped onto the platform helping each of her guards before watching the door shut, as soon as the aircraft was up and above. She had them fly over in a stealth mode and named each of the members she recognized.

[+Purple "Stark. Odinson. Strange. Some girl, some guys"]

In terms of international involvement, no one but Stark would know that she was here. She watched as her suit return to her ring. Plugging in her earphones she sat down, they were headed back home, back to her people and the safety of the dome that surrounded Wakanda. Wakanda was her responsibility and her duty, if the threats didn't immediately concern her people then it shouldn't matter to her that was her thoughts. She swiveled her chair and picked her tablet up. The screen lit up and her heart warmed. Photos of papa, brother and herself. Amari wondered a lot of thoughts but most of all... [I [+Purple Why did I leave? Why did I run away? Poor papa... causing him so much distress.]]

Did she feel guilt? Leaving her father's friends? No, not really. This was not her fight. She had her people to protect and they came first, she turned her music up louder to drown out the machine beneath her feet. Shutting her eyes, she resumed her nap.

[I "Amari!!"]
[+Purple "Stay down brother. I don't want to kill you"]

The crowds were silent. She held the dagger to her brother. He was covered in blood. As was she. Her body was screaming in pain. She watched as her brother reach for his own weapon.

[B "Kill him."]

That was all she needed, she prayed for her brother's soul as she decapitated him. The instant reaction the cheering the bowing down to her. Her father with his staff approached with the heart shaped herb. She took it in both of her hands. She calmed her nerves and swallowed the nectar down. The burn, the change, the sudden enhancements. It made her fall to her knees. Was this her punishment?

Amari woke with a startle.

[+Purple "Turn this craft around. I think I know how to beat that green woman and her army."]
  Amari / QueenCarstairs / 231d 2h 32m 33s
A normal life. That is what Stefanie thought she had several weeks before now. That was until she was sought out by The Order. What was once a normal life had suddenly become complicated and tied to destiny; one that she did not yet fully understand but one she was beginning to learn.

Her parents were not who she thought they were and it seemed they were just as oblivious to the fact that they were not her biological parents. Apparently, it was entirely possible to distort reality and in [I theirs] they were a family. She couldn’t not begrudge them for that but she couldn’t quite understand why her real parents were not in the picture. There were things she was yet to discover and until she had completely honed her skills and abilities she would not discover much more.

The order taught her everything they had taught her father, from the most complex of martial arts to the ability to manipulate universe’s ambient magical energy to distort reality and even travel to other dimensions and times. Who would have thought that all of this was possible?

A natural is what they called her. It seemed to come to her just as easily as it had with her father so they said and when she had proven herself worthy they handed her the very cloak that had protected him all those years ago. Especially now she was being sent out to put her skills to the test. She would go to a city where chaos was beginning to unfold and she would help fight along-side those who were already beginning to fight.

Stefanie took a deep breath and raised her right hand next to her face, spreading the palm of her hand as widely and as steadily as she could while she used her other to draw a circle in the air. Within a matter of seconds, a burst of green energy began to follow her fingers, permanently ingraining itself as an imprint where her hand had been and when she felt the pull of energy strengthen, she lifted her hand and pushed the energy forth where it tripled in size and began to form some sort of portal. It still amazing that she had the ability to do that and she had to smile to herself as she took a step through the portal, her trusty cloak following her and attaching itself to her collar before she disappeared into the city where dead seemed to roam in their numbers. Stefanie would have no time to think in this instance. Luckily her instincts seemed to work nicely.

Her eyes scanned the scene. An Asgardian facing off against the skeletons that marched towards her and others facing off against another who seemed to control them. The familiar hand motions came in to play as she manipulated reality to open up a grave in the ground for those marching towards the being with a staff, each taking their turn to fall into the ground before she reserved her hand gesture and closed the hole she had opened into the dimension the dead [I should] belong in. Her adrenaline kept her heart beating and even though she had her first success she guessed there would be lots more to come her way. She let out a sigh and looked towards the Asgardian who seemed prepared to fight. She had never met one in person but she did not disappoint. She radiated beauty as the texts suggested and her strength was not only in her composure but in her eyes and Stefanie could not help but allow her lips to turn into a smile as she took in the sight of her.

"I'm here to help. Although you look like you have plenty of that anyway." She said gesturing towards the others.
  Stefanie Strange / d1gn17y / 231d 9h 23m 11s

A clap of thunder led a harrowing silence in the air in the moments following the explosion at the base of Stark Tower; the ominous silence turned to blood curdling screams that had been cut off before reaching their heights.

James Yashida had been standing in the lobby of a bank two buildings from the Tower when it fell. The concussive forces of the collapse and the falling debris tore through the neighboring buildings with little resistance. Before anyone in the building could fully comprehend what had happened the destruction settled into smoke and fire: cries of fear and pain echoed out through the ashes - survivors calling for friends and loved ones and the adrenaline damning their own fatal wounds. Car alarms rang in the distance and dozens of secondary blasts erupted across the landscape... No one could have even guess that this was the work of a few crazed souls; it didn't seem like a possibility. How could any person cause this much horror?

That was when the Dead began to rise: pseudo-human skeletons in alien armor sprouted from tufts of green fire that flickered across the fiery landscape and with them rose the recently fallen as well. The Dead stirred; making victims of family members who had only made the foolish mistake of believing their loved ones had somehow survived...

So many souls lost... So much evil... So much chaos...

Among the death and destruction another fire began; a small simmer below the wreckage of the bank that quickly grew in size and power. A crackling fire far brighter than the natural element and with a searing white core! A hand, skeletal, pulled its way through the rubble and bony claws ripped and tore to pull a figure upward; blasts of ruinous hellfire spat forth from the figure as it staggered to its feet! The bolts of fire leapt across the nearby battlefield and struck out at the arisen dead that let out heart stopping death rattles as the hellfire seared into the lifeless energies that replaced the automatons souls!

Amid the collapsed ruins of the bank now stood a lone figure: bits of flesh still burning off a skeletal head wreathed in hellfire; dressed in black leathers and covered in still-manifesting chains of hellfire, the figure lifted a bony finger in the direction of the battle nearby: three heroes facing off against the monster who'd cause this destruction. Though this thing could not see them it knew the where the demon who caused this chaos stood and with power rising it held only one goal in mind.
With a gnarled and graveled voice a single word emitted from the skeletal figure:
[size30 [Akronim "VENGENCE!"]]
  James Yashida / LordDalgros / 231d 18h 1m 23s

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