The Avengers: Blitzkrieg

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With a snap of his fingers, half of the universe ceases to exist. Heroes, villains, innocent, guilty. Gone.
Thanos wielded the gauntlet, infinite power in his hands. And once he was done, he vanished. The stones broke the gauntlet, spread themselves over the galaxy again.
And the Avengers were left to pick up the pieces.

So spoiler alert: Infinity War may be discussed here. Tread at your own risk.

This happens 30 years after the events in Inifinity War. Thanos wins, half of all life everywhere is gone. The surviving Avengers continued the work they'd started, protecting humanity from itself and outside threats. In time, they retired, and their children, and the next generation of Avengers, stepped up to the mantle.
Original Characters are desired.
Real pics, please. We're set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, after all.
Mature Content is allowed, violence, cussing, etc.
Literate posts are appreciated.
Please brainstorm on plots, help me set up a story we can work with and elaborate on.
Group roleplay would be preferred.

If interested, please message me!


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