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Owen limped over to Clove's lifeless body and felt chills go down her spine. "N-No... No nono..." She clutched onto Zoro's sleeve as tears rolled down her cheeks. They started as a trickle but soon it became a stream." She turned to Zoro and cried into his chest.

Hattori sat there in disbelief. "S-Sis... come on... this isn't funny." Then she felt the tears begin falling. "Sis... please... you can't..." She doubled over and cried holding onto her sister's motionless hand. "C-Clove please..." Her voice cracked as she broke down even more.

Raea, Nami, Chopper and Luffy all finally made it to the battle field but what they saw was a nightmare.

"Clove?!" Raea rushed over and saw the bullet wounds through her chest and forehead. She felt tears coming to her eyes but she tried to stay strong for the twins. She placed her hand on Hime's back only for it to be shrugged off.

"CHopper! Do something! You- You can... You can save her right?" Her eyes began to water as if it had finally hit her. Her sister was gone. And she wasn't coming back. She felt the tears roll down her cheeks as she sniffed. "Clove... don't go." She grabbed Hori's hand then grabbed her sisters hand. "It's supposed to be three of us forever... Please... you can't go."

Nami couldn't believe what she was seeing.

Luffy took a step forward and took his hat off his head and put it over his chest. "I remember my promise Clove... I'm sorry that your nightmares came true... I'll keep my word like I promised."

Cydi was shaking in Usopp's arms. She was trying to stay standing but she just wanted to collapse and Usopp was the only reason she was still standing as she sobbed.

Raea heard a feint click in the distance and her eyes narrowed. "I don't think so." She murmured before standing up once again and stepped around the twins and her fallen comrade. She grabbed her hammer and clicked the button on the bottom which opened the head of the hammer revealing a bazooka. She looked in the two directions that she heard the clicks then swung her hammer once one way and once another way decimating the cliffs that the snipers were on and blowing them to pieces. "Sick bastards can't even let a family mourn."
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Ava and Sanji had finally rejoined the group, but they arrived too late, as Ava saw Clove fall to the ground. "Clove?!" She released Sanji's have and rushed over to join the twins, only to find out there was no way to save her. "No no no no."

Zoro quickly cut down the man with the ax while he was distracted by his commander's death. He sheathed his swords and helped Owen up, bringing her over to the twins and Ava. He wanted to say something, anything, but no words came out so he just watched but didn't release Owen.

"Ava do something," Hime ordered not wanting to admit that her sister was gone.

"I can't," Ava teared up, "I can't."

Usopp had stopped Cydi from rushing to Clove's side, knowing that there wasn't anything she could have done to help. He felt her struggle for a bit before she broke down in tears and held onto him.
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Sanji chuckled. "No, I like seeing all sides of you." When she suggested what to do later he smirked but shook his head. "How about you do whatever you want, love." He kissed her cheek. "But right now, we got some asses to kick."


Owen listened to his words and nodded. "I-I know." She stood back up and winced from the pain in her leg before she took a deep breath in. She looked at the battle field and spotted it. A spear. [i That will do the trick.] She inhaled once more then when she exhaled she darted for the spear that was in the fallen marines hand and grabbed it as she darted for the marine captain. She pushed herself much harder than she ever had before and was going a speed that she didn't know she could go. Her legs were burning but she raised the spear and jumped last second before driving the spear through the mans chest.

He coughed up blood instantly and she jumped back from him. "Heh... you twisted bitch... He slowly snapped his fingers again trying to hang onto his life long enough to see hers end. But then he remembered another woman that he wanted dead even more than her. He gestured his fingers to the twins.

Clove caught a glimpse of shining in the distance. And with that hand signal she knew what it meant. Snipers. She ran for the twins and pushed them out of the line of sight when she heard the gunshot fire and and she felt pain shoot through her body. "L-Luffy... remember the promise." She murmured softly only to hear another gunshot followed by a sharp pain in her head then the pain faded and everything turned white.

The twins felt their sister shove them but when they turned around their eyes widened in horror. "CLOVE!"

Blayke laughed wickedly only to cough up blood. "Stupid bitch... took her... long enough..." And his hand fell to the ground.
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"I'll hold you to that," Ava chuckled before shaking her head, "I'm sorry you had to see that." She sighed as she looked at the mangled bodies of the men that hurt her, "But I didn't expect to see them here." She heard the fighting off in the distance and part of her wanted to stay where she was but she knew that they had to join the others. "Tell you what," she ran a thumb over his bottom lip, "When this is over, I'll do anything you want."


"Don't get cocky," Zoro repeated the words Cydi had said earlier before charging the man. "You know what you have to do!"
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Sanji looked away making an ooo sound when he heard Gryce's spine shatter. "Yikes, remind me not to piss you off." He walked over to her and used his sleeve to wipe her neck where she was licked. "Maybe I should have taken that one... Man what creeps." He wrapped his arms around her body and kissed her lips softly. "I love you Ava... And I know you told me not to get jealous... but I wanted to filet every single one of those disgusting brutes and feed them to a sea king..."


Owen's vision was a little blurry but she heard Zoro's voice. "Z-Zoro...?" She murmured softly before coughing up blood again. She shook her head trying to clear her mind and slowly tried to stand back up. Her white fur stained red. [i I can't be protected anymore... I need to fight...] She thought to herself.
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"I can play rougher," Ava teased as she watched Sanji go after Glae and shielded her eyes from the dust created when he hit the ground. While her eyes were still shielded she felt arms wrap around her waist and a tongue trail up her neck.

"You taste sweeter," Gryce whispered in Ava's ear, "Especially when your guard is down."

"You're disgusting." Ava rolled her eyes as she slowly started to sink to the ground, still being held by Gryce.

"I never thanked you for taking my eye."

"You look better without it." Ava reached behind her, her fingers finding Gryce's ponytail and yanking it, causing him to loosen his grip.

"That man doesn't deserve you," Gryce gasped.

"See," Ava slid around him in the dirt until she was behind him, "Thats where you're wrong."

"Do tell, [i Sweetheart]."

"Because," she pulled him back until he was on the ground, looking up at her, "He sees my worth." She placed her palms on the ground then proceeded to lift her body up and straightened her legs out. "And to him," she smiled as she brought her body back down, knees bent and digging into his abdomen, crushing his ribs and spine in one, "I am priceless."


Zoro had been a split second too late and wasn't able to stop the ax man from attacking Owen. But that didn't mean he was too late to keep the man occupied. Rushing over he positioned himself between the man and Owen, a dark aura emanating from him. "Your opponent just change," he said thorough the sword in his mouth.
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Sanji rolled his eyes with a smirk. "So flirty at times like this. If there wasn't a chance of Usopp catching us again I'd start 'playtime' right now." When she mentioned the last two men and what they did he cracked his neck. "Well... you play pretty rough. So I'll let you hand one eye over there. As for Mr. Artsy... I'll kill him." He turned and kissed Ava passionately before letting her go and darting towards the man who scarred her. "Because anyone who touches the girl of my dreams, deserves no less punishment." He appeared underneath the man and kicked him straight up into the air by his crotch. "Now you won't be able to ever harm another woman again."

Glae cried out in pain but the pain wasn't over yet. Sanji spun up in the air and connected his heel to the back of the mans head sending him hurdling towards the ground so hard that it left a crater.


Owen was still trying to gain ground on the man but if she got too close and was too slow to get away it was over.

Usopp and Cydi reached the others first and saw the horde of men around the twins and Clove. "We need to help them!" Cydi ordered.

Usopp nodded as he ran towards the mob but in the distance he saw Owen. "She can't get any ground." He smirked. "Looks like its time for my special attack. GLITTER STAR!" He aimed at the marine Captain and waited for him to turn at just the right angle and when he did he let loose the glitter star and it exploded right into the Marine Captain's eyes.

"Augh! You imbicile!" Blayke shrieked. He tried to get the glitter from his eyes but rubbing his eyes only made it cut him more.

[i Now! Thank you Usopp!] Owen dashed in animal form and jumped into the air and dive kicked down straight into his nose. She backflipped off of him and stood a slight distance away watching him stagger.

"Augh you stupid bitch." He snapped his fingers once again but this time he did it once slow and twice rapidly.

Owen got ready to fight more men but what came next she wasn't expecting. A large man wielding an axe was running at her and before she could jump out of the way the blade of the axe gashed her thigh before the man body slammed her into a nearby stone wall.

"Ack!" Owen was trying to catch her breath as she coughed up blood but the wind had been completely knocked out of her.

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"Anything you ask," Ava replied with a wink before noticing one man trying to sneak up on Sanji. She broke into a run and once she was close enough she jumped, placed her hands on Sanji's shoulders and flipped herself over, her heels digging into the man's chest. "If I remember correctly," she pulled herself free from the man's chest, "his name was Rupert."

"You bitch," one of the remaining two men shouted.

"Now now," Ava snaked one arm around Sanji's abdomen with a smile while resting her chin on her shoulder. "It looks like there are only two left. Gryce is the one with the eye patch, he likes it rough. Then there is Glae, he likes to carve and is responsible for my scars." She took a moment to kiss his jaw before speaking again, "Which one do you want?"
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Sanji watched everything that was happening and when Ava snapped the man's neck something inside Sanji snapped him back to reality. "I've had about enough of your fat ass pinning me down." He pushed his hands up just enough to give him a chance to swing his legs around and knock Raol off balance. And as soon as he lost his balance Sanji sprung up and drove his foot straight into the mans face once more but he didn't stop at one kick this time. He beat the man until he couldn't speak anymore. He had very few teeth left after Sanji's beating.

He took a puff of his cigarette and breathed out. "Ava... I may need some reassurance after we get through this."


Hattori glanced back and saw that Owen wasn't gaining any ground on the marine. "Dammit... We need to help her!"


Franky looked around the piles of rubble and saw no survivors. Cydi and Usopp ran back over to him. "Anything?" Cydi asked.

Franky shook his head. "Nothing... it's as if he made sure the buildings would collapse on top of them..."

Cydi gritted her teeth. "Sick bastard." She heard feint yelling in the distance. "I think the others may have found the fight. We should help."

As they ran past another house. Robin saw a small hand. She walked over and tried to move the rubble.

Franky noticed that she stopped and went back to help her. When the rubble was removed Robin's eyes widened.

The boy had raven black hair and blue eyes that were faded. She clenched her fist as she held the boy close to her. "That sick bastard will pay for taking so many innocent lives." She laid the boy back down carefully and ran her fingers over his eyelids to shut them. "Rest in piece. I'm so sorry you lost your life so young..." She looked up at Franky and nodded. "Let's go get this son of a bitch."
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"On the contrary Raol," Ava replied when she heard his statement about Sanji, "He gives me more than enough." She leaned back, causing Taki to let go of her, and the moment he did, her hands were on the ground and her legs were around his neck. "Let him up or I snap his neck."

"You wouldn't dare," Raol hissed.

"A-ava," Taki whimpered but he knew it was in vein. He'd known that what he had done to her was wrong and she was right to take revenge on him.

When it was obvious that Raol wasn't going to let Sanji up, Ava twisted her body just enough to snap Taki's neck and lift him off the ground at the same time. Letting Taki's lifeless body she stood up, once again running her tongue over her lower lip, "Does anyone else want a taste?"

"Take her down," Raol shouted as the remaining three men charged Ava. "We're going to make you watch."

Ava looked over to Sanji and she could see what she was doing was eating away at him. She wanted to remind him that she was still his and that he didn't have to worry, but at that moment she couldn't. When she heard that Raol was going to make him watch, something in her snapped and her playfulness faded away. "I am not your toy!"
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Sanji chuckled slightly. "You tell me not to worry about you. But then I hear you scream. Of course I'm going to come running."

When the man stood up and retorted whilst spitting out blood Sanji shrugged. "Huh, tough guy to stand right after that kick. Looks like I'll have to go all out for this." But when he started saying sick things about Ava his eyes narrowed and he was getting ready to kick his ass when he heard Ava growl and watched her slide down the rubble towards the men. [i What is she doing?] He let down his guard long enough for the man he kicked to run over and punch him in the stomach. He let out a grunt before the man pinned him to the ground facing Ava.

"Well well... Looks like the kitten missed us. You probably don't give her enough pleasure, blondie."

Sanji watched as she walked up to the man and felt his blood boil even more. [i She doesn't have to do this... She doesn't have to resort to this... this depreciation.] He gritted his teeth and did as she asked and tried his best not to react but it was eating him inside.


Owen saw the man dart for her and she dashed off and went into her animal form.

"Come on little rabbit. You wanted a fight didn't you?"

Clove gritted her teeth. [i She's no match for him... I could never beat him in a sparring match...]

Hime and Hattori focused on fighting the men surrounding them. "Dammit where are the others? I wonder if they're surrounded too." Hattori muttered as she shot another man between the eyes.
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Ava looked up when she heard Sanji then shook her head, bringing herself back to reality. She wasn't in the past anymore, she wasn't helpless, and she wasn't going to let them treat her like an object again. Carefully setting the boy down she stood up, "You must have an internal GPS locked on me lover." She winked then looked towards the group of men, each one causing a brief memory to flash in her mind.

"Does he pay for it too Sweetheart," the man grinned as he stood up and spit out some blood, "Or does he force himself on you?"

"Call me sweetheart one more time," Ava growled.

"Looks like our kitten got her claws," one man laughed. He looked at Sanji with a sick grin, "Does she cry for you?"

Ava slid down the rubble towards the group of men, coming to a stop in front of one of them. [i They can't hurt you anymore Ava.] She reached out to him, "Taki was it?"

"Y-you remember my name," Taki asked a bit surprised, especially seeing how she reached for him.

"Of course," Ava gripped his shirt lightly and stepped forward, "You were always so sweet to me." She could see the red slowly tint his cheeks as she leaned forward, running her tongue over her lower lip, "Call me sweetheart like you used to? Please?"

Taki swallowed hard, Ava's voice was like honey and he couldn't help himself. "Just relax Sweetheart," he replied, the sick grin appearing, "I'm going to take my time." He carefully put his hands on either side of Ava's waist and pulled her closer, his eyes on her lips.
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Sanji heard Ava's voice and on instinct he ran. And what he saw made his blood boil. Without saying a word he ran as fast as he could and kicked the man as hard as he could sending him into a nearby tree. "Don't you ever lay your hands on her again." He had fire in his eyes and for a brief second he looked down and saw Ava holding the child who's life was lost before it really got to begin. He sighed softly. "You men are disgusting. Treating a lady like she's just an object for pleasure. And ending the lives of those who barely got to even live." He took out a cigarette and lit it. "Now... I'm going to have to avenge all those lives that you've taken."


Blayke snapped a few times more and five men ran at her. She took them down with ease as well. But five was cutting it close.

Clove was biting on her lip hard. "Owen..." She murmured softly. Blayke smirked as he took a few steps closer to her. "Don't worry sweetheart I didn't forget about you."

Clove got in position to fight.

"Oh Clove. You really think you can beat me?" Then he noticed the two girls standing behind her. "Oh, these must be the sisters I never got to meet. They look a lot like you." His mouth turned into a twisted grin. "I wonder if they feel like you too." He snapped once more but this time in a different direction and had his men closing in on the twins.

"Marine! Weren't you looking for me?" Owen shouted.

Blayke laughed. "Oh my darling child. Yes. I was looking for you. Because you know my face. But now... see you had to drag so many people into this little disaster of an adventure and now... I have to kill every one of you." He turned to face Owen. "Well... if you are so eager for an early grave. Who am I to deny you?" He snapped his fingers rapidly and about fifteen men darted for Owen.

Owen looked around her and saw men in every direction. She gritted her teeth before going into hybrid form and jumping up before kicking a few of the men in the face then backflipping off one of the men and grabbed the face of another with her feet and another with her hands and clashed their heads together.

Blayke let out a hearty laugh. "Well... the mouse isn't a mouse after all... She's a rabbit. Today is just full of surprises. Oh how I do enjoy surprises. Looks like I'll be handling Hoppy. You boys take care of the traitor and her family."
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Ava continued to dig through the rubble until she found a small arm reaching out, but it was cold and stiff. [i That sick bastard.] Even though she knew the child was dead, she still dug him out and wiped the soot from his face. "You poor thing," she whispered as she held him in her arms, "I'm sorry we didn't get here soon enough."

"I always wondered if you had that motherly instinct," a voice chuckled from right behind Ava. "Looking as lovely as ever, aren't we, Sweetheart?"

Ava swallowed hard at the voice, it was one of many she remembered because it haunted her dreams. She felt the presence get closer but couldn't move, even after she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you!" The man's grip tightened on Ava's shoulder as his other hand moved to grip her jaw and force her to look at him. "You may have gotten away but the boys still miss you," he looked behind him, "Don't you lads?"

"Y-you were working with him," Ava spat, still unmoving, clutching the dead child to her, "How many others were there?"

"Lost count but you were always our favorite."

[i Don't touch me.]

"Let the child go," he whispered in her ear while the hand from he had on her shoulder started to move downwards, "Let us have our fun with you one last time."

"Don't touch me!"
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Sanji listened to what Ava had to say and he smiled softly. "I can't promise I won't get jealous. But baby... do what you have to do to get out of here alive. After that we can have some steamy sessions, alright?" He smiled before kissing her cheek then went to help everyone look for survivors.

Owen however was in hybrid form smelling the air for the strongest area of gunpowder. [i There.] She headed in the direction of the gunpowder with Clove and the twins right behind her.

That's when something caught Clove's eye. She grabbed the twins and pushed their heads to the ground as she ducked as well. "Ambush!" She yelled so that the others could hear as well.

"Well well. It's been a long time... Hasn't it Clove?"

Clove's eyes widened when she saw the man. "B-Blayke... it's... it's been you this whole damn time..."

Blayke smirked when he saw her reaction. "Sure has. And you didn't even think it could be me. The thought never crossed your mind. Nor did I want it to."

Clove let go of the twins but stood in front of them. "So... you're the sick bastard who goes around razing villages for fun."

Blayke grinned wickedly. "Yes. Oh but don't worry sweetheart... I was doing this long before you broke up with me. So it's not your fault. Don't be too hard on yourself."


Clove's eyes widened when she saw Owen standing in her fighting stance. "Owen no!"

Blayke turned in the direction of where the voice came from and his eyes widened slightly. "Oh! So the mouse does have a voice. And she thinks she can fight. How quaint." He snapped his fingers and two men dashed at Owen.

Owen however took them down with ease and had taken them down in her original form.

Blayke snickered. "Well, well. Aren't we full of surprises."
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