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"If you're dreaming then so am I." Zoro watched as Owen checked herself over realizing that what was happening, was actually happening. "That would explain how you're able to hear." He went over to the sink and got her a glass a water, "You also have a tail."


"Because I didn't realize it until we got back." Ava wasn't exactly lying, she had felt the pain in her side but hadn't realized that she'd been shot until later. "Even if I had known, making sure you were okay was my priority."
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Sanji chuckled. "I promise I'm fine. A little shaken but I'm fine. I'll take it easy doctor's orders." He smiled as he put his hand over hers. "Now, why didn't you tell me you were shot?" He asked with a serious expression.


Owen went to take a step but staggered a bit so she fell into Zoro for support. She smiled softly up at him. "Sorry, guess that fruit packed a punch." But when he mentioned her needing a mirror her face turned red. "D-Do I have something on my face?"


Hime and Hattori were awe struck when they saw the ears grow out of Owen's head. "Well... now we know it wasn't the anti-deaf fruit."

Hattori pointed at Owen when Hime was looking away noticing a small ball like object forming underneath her dress. "Do you think--"

"That's gotta be a tail. I didn't think she could get any cuter. She had to go eat the Bun-bun fruit."

"Is that what we're calling it now?" Hattori laughed.


Owen happened to look towards the window when something caught her eye. "Wait..." She stumbled over a bit closer to the window seeing her reflection faintly. She saw something up on her head and she slowly reached up to feel what it was. "I-I-I have rabbit ears!?" She looked back at Zoro. "Do I really have rabbit ears?! This isn't a dream?!"
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"It's not really my style," Ava admitted before looking at Sanji. "Now are you sure you're okay?" She put her hands on either she of his neck and rested her thumbs on his jaw, a wave a relief washing over her face. "I should have paid more attention."


Zoro stood up when Owen did, opting to help her sturdy herself if needed. "You probably need a mirror." He didn't want to startle her but during their conversation, rabbit ears hard sprouted from her head.
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Sanji looked her over and smiled. "More dainty then anything else I've seen you wear but it looks good on you."


Owen looked up at him and smiled happily, relieved that he said he would still be her friend. She looked around the room. "Hmm." She gently let go of Zoro's hand and tried to push herself back up. Her body was still tingling a little bit but she needed to walk around and not just sit on the floor all day. "I do have to wonder though... Did the fruit really just give me my hearing back? Because if anyone else would have eaten it that would kind of be lame." She chuckled.
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Ava pulled out various outfits that had the be returned once Chopper rejected it. "Airtight fine," she huffed as she pulled out a short white off the shoulder dress with a flower on either sleeve and one near the bunched hem connecting pink ruffles. "What about this?"

"That wire," Chopper said with an approving nod. He turned his back so Ava could change, "That's brighter than the rest of your closet."

"The twins picked it out," Ava admitted as she slipped on a pair of flats and opened the door, "What do you think?"


"Why would I," Zoro was confused at Owen's question until he pieced it together, "I'll still be your friend."
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Sanji shrugged. "I'd rather stand in the room. But if that's what you want." He winked as he followed the two down the hall then waited outside the door as Chopper and Ava went inside.


Owen looked up at Zoro and shook her head. "I-I know...but... you had to put yourself in danger multiple times to save me while I couldn't do anything about it." She looked down for a moment when he asked what was really wrong. She chuckled softly. "Am I that easy to read?" She looked back up at him with her cheeks slightly pink. She looked at his eyes for a moment before looking away again embarrassed. "W-Will you still be my friend even though I can hear you now?" She asked in a small voice.


Hime peeked through the window and grinned when she saw Owen was blushing. "See Hori! I told you! She likes him!"

Hattori put her hand over her sisters mouth. "Shut up! You'll ruin their moment!"
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"You weren't a burden," Zoro reassured Owen, "I don't mind defending you." He saw the look of scepticism on her face and frowned. "Owen? What's really bothering you?"


Chopper was careful as he cleaned Ava up, using the fresh hot water Sanji had brought to help. "Show me your closet," he said as he helped the brunette sit up.

Ava was going to ask why but decided not to, knowing that it was too make sure she didn't wear anything tight. "You can stand outside the room if you'd like," she told Sanji as she led the two down the hall.
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Hime grabbed Hattori's wrist and smiled. "We're going to go tell everyone the good news."

Hattori was dragged out of the kitchen and sighed. "What are you doing?"

Hime smirked. "Giving them some time alone. Owen isn't crying because she can hear us. She's crying because she can finally hear him."

Hattori sighed once more. "How can you be so sure?"

Hime shook her head. "Hattori, you were sitting right next to her and she grabbed his hand."

Hattori thought for a moment then shrugged. "I suppose that can sort of work as an argument."


Owen looked up at Zoro and smiled. "I won't be as much of a burden anymore. I can at least hear when trouble is near now." She looked down and her cheeks turned slightly pink when she realized she was still holding onto his hand. But part of her just didn't want to let go. [i Will he still want to talk to me now that I can hear... He was the only one of the straw hats who learned sign language to talk to me.]


Sanji was hesitant but nodded. "Alright." He headed to the kitchen on the devil's damned ship and while he was on the deck he noticed the twins standing outside the Kitchen of the sunny. "What are you two doing?"

The girls saw him and just smiled. "Nothing."

Sanji was skeptical but he needed to get hot water. He filled the bucket with hot water and returned to Ava's side waiting for Chopper to finish up.
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"I'm sure I have something," Ava tried to laugh but flinched, "Probably."

Chopper looked between Sanji and Ava and shook his head. "Sanji," he handed a bucket to the chef, "Go fill this with hot water so we can start cleaning the blood off her."


Zoro grinned when Owen said she could hear him but quickly went back to his stoic expression. "You can hear," he repeated her words. He looked at his hand that she had Frances and smiled, "You can great," he repeated a bit quieter.
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Owen's vision went blurry for a moment but then she heard Zoro say her name. Her eyes widened and she started to cry.

Hime started to panic. "Zoro! What did you do?! You made her cry!"

Owen heard Hime's voice and looked over at her and smiled through her tears as she gently grabbed Zoro's hand and shook her head. "N-No. I-I can hear you. I-I can hear all of you." She felt more tears roll down her cheeks. "I can hear."

Hattori's eyes widened as a smile grew on her face. "No way! You got your hearing back?!"

Hime smiled widely as she walked over and sat beside her. "So its the Anti-deaf fruit?" To this Hime received a smack in the back of the head.

Hattori sighed as she put her hand back at her side. "Idiot."


Sanji shrugged. "I've been hit with worse than electricity. I'll be fine. I'm too stubborn to die anyways." He walked over and kissed her forehead. "As for clothes if you don't have any loose ones I can see if Robin or Nami have any dresses that you can borrow."
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Zoro heard the commotion in the kitchen and ran to see what was going on. He'd heard one of the twins say that Owen at the fruit so he pushed his way inside. When he got over to her he knelt down, "Owen." He could tell that she was looking at him but she also looked panicked.


"You noticed too," Ava winced as Chopper started cleaning up her wound. "I'll have to clean it up." She turned her head to look at Sanji, "You should really be resting."

"It looks like you already got the bullet out," Chopper said as he prepared to stitch up the wound. "But you'll need to take it easy for a least 10 days to let this heal."


"No buts," Chopper finished stitching, "And no tight cloths."

"Well there goes my wardrobe."
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Owen looked over the fruit in the box and rested her head on her hands as she stared at it. It looked like a strawberry that wasn't quite ripe yet and had swirls on the outside of it. She sighed softly as she took the fruit in her hands. [i I want to get strong too... I don't want to be a burden anymore... That's the second time Zoro has put himself in danger for me... Not to mention all the girls putting their lives on the line for me... I won't be a burden anymore.]

She was hesitant but she slowly brought the fruit to her lips and took a large bite out of it. It tasted like nothing. She was a little confused then she took another bite of the discolored strawberry and finished it off. She put the top back on the table then she felt something inside her changing. She winced slightly then the room started spinning. She went to stand up but fell to her knees. "Urck..." She leaned against the wall as she watched the room spin.


Hime had found a book about known devil fruits and was panning through it while Hattori opened doors for her. When they got back to the kitchen Hattori had pulled her attention away from the book.

"Owen!" Hattori rushed over to her friend who's eyes looked discolored.

Hime looked at the table and her eyes widened. "Hori! She ate the fruit!"


Sanji watched as Chopper stitched her up and looked around the room with a slight chuckle. "Jeez, you sure made a mess of the place." He spoke softly trying to lighten the mood.
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Ava didn't get a chance to stop Sanji before he was gone. Gripping the doorframe to try and remain upright, she looked around. There were bloody handprints on various surfaces in the room and she sighed, "I've sure made a mess."


"But she seemed fine earlier." Chopper wasted no time to follow Sanji back to the devil's damned ship. When he found her in the doorway he shuffled her back into the room. "You're losing too much blood," he said as he got the woman to lie down, "I'll finish up." He'd been to focused on making sure Sanji and the others were alright that he hadn't even thought to check on the other doctor.
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Sanji gritted his teeth. "I'm getting Chopper. You shouldn't be doing this yourself..." He quickly rushed back over to the Sunny and found Chopper. "Chopper, Ava was hurt. I need you fast."


The twins talked amongst themselves and decided to go look for a book in the library. Owen on the other hand stayed in the kitchen resting her head on the table. [i I wish I could fight... But not being able to hear the enemy would be a huge disadvantage... But when I'm there... They're already at a huge disadvantage.]

[i Robin is so strong....] She turned her head and looked at the devil fruit that was sitting on the table. [i I want to be helpful too. I want to be able to protect my friends...]
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Ava continued to struggle to stitch herself up between the amount of blood and her shaking. "Dammit!" After dropping the suture for the third time she grabbed the gauze next to her and held it over her wound. Around that time is when she also noticed Sanji in the doorway. She could see the shock on his face and looked away, "Shouldn't you be laying down?"
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