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"Not my fault," Zoro replied.

"No, you're just that bad with direction." Ava sighed, "We need someone to stay with Minny whole we go look for Owen. I don't feel comfortable taking her out on a search."

"That isn't your call Ava," Zoro argued.

"Does it look like I care? Your wife is missing. Sanji and I ran into the asshole that killed our baby. You really think talking Minny with us when we could run into danger us a good idea?"

"I was walking around with her just fine," Zoro replied.

The more Zoro argued, the more irate Ava became until she punched him. "Listen you moron! You can't fight if you are carrying Minny! None of us can because we will be more focused on protecting her than ourselves. What kind of father would knowingly put their child in danger?!"
  Embrea / 205d 7h 16m 52s
Sanji nodded before heading down to their room to go switch out his shirt.

While Sanji was changing Hattori had returned to the ship looking a little puzzled and worried at the same time.

Chopper look at the young girl warily. "Is everything okay Hori?"

Hattori nodded then folded her arms across her chest. "Yeah... just ran into a total weirdo at the market. He was flailing his arms and mumbling 'Run away run away'." She sighed softly. "I'm worried something might be happening on this island..."

Sanji returned with a fresh shirt and was straightening his tie when he saw Hattori on the ship looking puzzled. "Everything alright? What did I miss?"

Hattori nodded. "Yeah, everythings fine for now. Just ran into a weirdo at the market. He was mumbling run away as he ran with his arms flailing. If I didn't move out of the way fast enough he probably would have ran into me."

Sanji thought for a moment and sighed. "What did he look like?"

Hattori raised an eyebrow. "Red hair... a little darker than Nami's. Eyepatch. Red shirt I think?"

Sanji chuckled. "I wouldn't worry about him. He was running from me."

This made Hattori even more confused and Sanji just shook his head. "Don't worry about it." He turned to the rest of the group and his expression turned to serious. "So are we going looking for Owen?"

Hattori's eyes widened. "Owen's missing?"

Sanji sighed softly. "Her wonderful husband here got separated from her."
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 205d 8h 16m 27s
"Now that our, [I endeavour] has been made obvious, apparently Owen is missing," Ava placed her hands on her hips. "How do you lose your wife?"

"Can we just go find her," Zoro grumbled.

"Yeah yeah," Ava sighed then looked at Sanji, "Go change your shirt."
  Avalon / Embrea / 205d 8h 31m 58s
Sanji snickered when Chopper asked if the same animal got him. "No, we got 'attacked' by different animals." He winked at Ava then heard what Zoro said and sighed. "Buzzkill..." He muttered.

Hime's eyes widened when she heard Zoro's words. "Look, I get it. If you two wanna bang each others brains out in the forest thats fine. But why did you have to get blood on that dress. I worked so hard... Now you can't even tell it was pink..." She pouted as she hugged the dress to herself.

Sanji noticed the blood from Ava's dress starting to seep into Hime's clothes. "Hime, if you keep hugging that dress you're going to get more blood on your outfit too."

Hime gasped and held the dress away from her. "Noooo! Two dresses ruined! I need to wash them immediately!" She rushed off to get the cleaning stuff she would need to make the dresses decent again.
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 205d 8h 46m 22s
"Do you [I want] to get caught," Ava giggled before looking at Zoro, "What are you doing out here? Where is Owen?"

"We got separated," Zoro shrugged.

"Of course you did." Ava looked down at her bloodied dress and the blood on her hands, "Come with us while we go get cleaned up and we'll go look for her after."

"I can keep looking."

Ava pulled away from Sanji and walked up to the swordsman, glaring. "No, you're going to come with us. Minny probably needs changed and is likely hungry. If it were just you, don't and dandy, get yourself lost more, but you have a infant with you." She watched as he contemplated what she said then nodded in acceptance.

The trio made there way back to the Sunny where some of the crew had already returned. "Ava! What did you do to the dress," Hime cried as she saw the blood stained dress.

"Don't want to talk about it," Ava replied as she removed the dress and handed it over, "Loved the design though." She went into the kitchen to wash her hands them when she was done she went before deck to change into something else. When the returned to the rest of the crew she was in a pair of shorts and a cropped tank top, "Shall we?"

"You have leaves in your hair," Hime deadpanned, still mourning over the dress.

"W-what," Ava went to touch her hair and sure enough, there were leaves, "Oops."

Chopper finished patching up Sanji's back and finally looked at Ava, noticing the bite marks. "Did the same animal that get Sanji get you too Ava?!"

"If by animal you mean Eyebrows," Zoro muttered under his breath, forgetting that Hime was next to him.
  Avalon / Embrea / 205d 8h 52m 53s
Sanji nodded as he wrapped his arm around Ava and kissed her forehead. He smirked slightly. "Imagine if Usopp had caught us." He couldn't help but laugh at the thought.


Owen stood beside Jedrek's 'throne'. Her cuffs connected to a chain on the wall so she couldn't try to run. Her expression stayed neutral as she tried to show no emotion she kept her hand over the hand with her wedding ring on it trying to hide it from Jedrek with the fear he would take away the one thing she had left of Zoro. [i My heart will forever only belong to Zoro... No matter what happens to me here.]
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 205d 9h 25m 29s
"You have a point." Ava's face went red when she heard Zoro's voice but she didn't hide. At the mentioned if Adachi's mangled body she frowned, "He's also the one who branded me and.." She sighed and began pulling her boots back on, "It doesn't matter. We know what happened and it was taken care of."

"Graham," Zoro cocked his head to the side and was about to ask until he Helene Sanji mentioning their son. "So it was intentional?"

"Yes," Ava replied, "Adachi wanted revenge and I suppose he got it." She looked towards where they had left the body and leaned into Sanji. "He deserves worse than what he got."
  Avalon / Embrea / 205d 9h 43m 58s
Sanji chuckled. "You did say that." When she apologized for the scratches he shrugged before pulling her close. "I got you back with bites. So we're even." Be gently kissed her neck then heard the familiar voice. "Huh... How is it that you always catch us during these sessions and Usopp catches us with make out sessions." He murmured but then when he asked about the body Sanji narrowed his eyes at the body and sighed. "He's the reason we lost Graham... He's the reason we lost our son."
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 205d 9h 59m 33s

Zoro continued to wander around with the now awake Minny, trying to find Owen, or anyone. He went in the defensive when he spotted Adachi's mangled body with what appeared to be fresh blood. With his hand on one of his swords he stepped lightly in an attempt to stay as undetectable as possible. When he heard voices he slowly made his way towards them, only to see Ava and Sanji getting dressed.

"I told you I'd get you to do it in the open one day," Ava winked at she pulled her dress back on and adjusted her assets in her swimsuit. She picked up Sanji's discarded shirt and went to hand it to him, only to see that his back was bleeding from her scratches. "Oh hunny," she placed a hand on his back and kissed his shoulder blade, "I'm sorry."

Zoro's eye twitched a bit, [I Scratches and bites? These two really know how to go about it.] He took another step forward and cleared his throat, "So whats with the body?"
  Avalon / Embrea / 205d 10h 6m 32s
Owen was still trying to collect her mind but due to feeling so weak it was difficult.

The man raised an eyebrow at the blonde and sighed. "Can you not walk? The cuffs aren't that heavy."

Owen shook her head. "Just... give me a moment..."

Urgar groaned. "We don't have a moment... the boss is a busy man." He walked over and lifted her up and sighed. "I never wanted to have to carry you when you were conscious." He muttered under his breath before heading to the captain's quarters.

He set her down in front of the door and Owen glanced around finally realizing where she was when she saw the bald man and the man with the pony tail. She narrowed her eyes. "Did you really have to knock me out?! I was going with you! I didn't have much of a choice otherwise."

Shun chuckled and shrugged. "Well, it was easier to get you here. Plus you were out the whole way here so you have no idea how you got here."

Owen sighed. "Unbelievable." She stretched slightly since the cuffs and chains were already hurting.

Urgar came out of the captain's quarters and sighed. "Try to act like a woman and not scream at the crew." He looked at her irritated.

Owen frowned. "Yeah, I said I would come here. I never said I would enjoy it."

Urgar groaned. "Women are insufferable... Just come inside already."

Owen looked at how large the Captain's quarters were and was a little amazed at how big they were. [i The Sunny is still way better...] She thought to herself before she heard a gasp from the far side of the room.

"I knew that would look stunning on you, Bun." A tattooed man sitting in a chair fit for royalty smiled from across the room. "Don't be afraid. I don't bite. Unless you want me to." He winked.

Owen sighed softly but felt a hand on her back pushing her forward causing her to trip slightly. She managed to catch herself before turning around and glaring at the man.

"Get going." Urgar hissed.

Owen walked forward. "So I'm assuming you're the reason I'm here." Owen spoke plainly.

The tattooed man laughing and nodded. "Yes. See we caught sight of you... some time ago. And shy virgin's were high in price in the human traffiking market at the time. And we tried to get you back in... Hmm, I can't remember the name. But you had some helpers that took out my henchmen... That I wasn't too happy with." The man leaned forward and had his elbows resting on his knees as he clasped his hands together. "But, I see that you escaping did work out in my favor. I hear you've had a child. And when a woman is deflowered and when a woman is pregnant. Certain... assets... tend to bloom so to speak. So you... have much more sex appeal than you did before. And I thought... she would be worth a lot on the market... But then the more I looked at your wanted poster... the more I realized, I wanted you to myself."

Owen watched the man with almost a disgusted gaze.

"Aww, don't look at me like that Bun. Don't worry I won't force myself on you. I'll wait until you ask for it."

Owen had to stifle a laugh. "I'll never ask for it. I'm only hear because you threatened to take my daughters life."

The man smirked. "You still have spirit... This will be fun. I do have a condition to me not forcing myself upon you."

Owen narrowed her eyes. "The condition?"

"When you sleep, you sleep with me in my bed."

"Like hell I will." She snapped.

The tattooed man just smirked wider. "Oh, well your other option would be to sleep out here chained to the wall over there. But you see, my walls and door are quite thick, thus they're sound proof. So if some of my men happened to lose control of their animal instincts upon seeing you... I wouldn't be able to protect you because I wouldn't be able to hear you. It truly would be a shame."

Owen gritted her teeth. "...I'll think about it." She held her hands together hiding her ring. [i Zoro... I miss you.] She thought to herself before she heard the man laugh again.

"Alright little bun. I'll let you think on it." He paused for a moment the grinned. "I suppose I should let you call me something."

"I have a few select names I'd like to call you..." Owen muttered.

The man laughed once more. "So spunky. It'll be so fun watching you change." He snickered. "But you can call me Jedrek."
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 205d 20h 38m 21s
"I'm positive," Ava whispered as a chill ran down her spine at his touch. She loosened his tie just a bit before wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him.

  Avalon / Embrea / 205d 21h 1m 12s
Sanji nodded. "I feel the same... All of my hate and anger died with that asshole." He felt her grab his tie and felt the cigarette getting removed from his mouth. He smirked slightly and wrapped his arms around her tighter. "Are you sure about this love? I've been holding back for awhile now. I may go into beast mode." He laughed as he ran his hands down her sides.


Owen's eyes opened slowly and her body felt weak. She looked around and realized she was in an unfamiliar room. "W-Where am I?" She spoke softly then heard a chair move across the wooden floor.

"Ah, awake finally. Good. I think that the boss was getting impatient." The man stood from his chair and walked over to Owen and lowered her to the ground. "Come come. It's time you meet the man who's been working so hard to get you here."
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 205d 21h 6m 18s
Ava buried her face in Sanji's chest as she began to cry again and nodded, "Yes please." After a few minutes she pulled away and looked up at him then laughed a little. "I feel, lighter, knowing that it wasn't our fault Graham died." Something in her sparked in that moment, something that she thought died when she lost Graham. With one hand she gripped Sanji's tie and the other plucked the cigarette from his lips, tossing it to the side. "Or," she smirked, "We could stay out here a bit longer since there isn't anyone else around."
  Avalon / Embrea / 205d 21h 11m 59s
Sanji heard Ava cry out and snapped out of it. He felt her arms around him and sighed softly catching his breath and trying to calm himself. He watched as she stepped closer to him. He was going to stop her but he saw the dagger in her hand and knew what was about to happen. He stood and watched as the blade cut open the mans neck and saw the blood on Ava. He sighed softly when he saw her stand back up and sniff. He gave her a small smile and opened his arms waiting for her to come into them. "I know Love. I know." He gently kissed her forehead and held her close. "I'm just sorry I didn't kill him sooner... Like when I first broke his legs..." He held her close and ran his fingers through her hair. "Want to go back to the ship and get cleaned up?"
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 205d 21h 30m 9s
"Sanji!" Ava wiped the tears from her face as she stood up, "Enough!" She walked over to him and hugged him from behind, "Enough Sanji, he isn't worth it." When she could feel him calming down she released him and grabbed the dagger that had been kicked away earlier.

"Not worth it," Adachi scoffed as he tried to sit up.

"Stay down," Ava snapped as she pressed her foot down on Adachi's groin, "I'm the only reason he didn't kill you! Now tell me, why did you kill our son?"

"Gah!" Adachi tried to move but with shattered kneecaps and having the shit kicked out of him, he had no strength. He caught a glimpse under her dress to see that his brand was no longer there, but was replaced by a lotus flower. "You're still mine! I paid for you! That baby should never have been conceived!"

Ava dropped down, her knee digging into his chest, the blade at his throat. "I am not your property! And that baby," her eyes narrowed, "That baby was my world and you took him from me." She leaned down until her lips were by his ear, "A life for a life," she whispered as she slit his throat, ignoring the blood that splattered all over her.

"Sanji," she sniffled, "I'm sorry but it needed to be me." She slowly stood up and dropped the dagger to the ground, "It had to be me."
  Avalon / Embrea / 205d 21h 35m 28s

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