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"You didn't do anything wrong," Raea replied, "Nothing is your fault." She stayed by him doing her best to calm him down and comfort him. "She won't fault you for crying in from of her. You are allowed to mourn too."
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Sanji felt someone touch his arm but he couldn't bring himself to move. "Why... Why did this have to happen... We were so careful... What did I do wrong?" He mumbled softly as the tears kept falling. "I'm terrified to cry in front of her because she's feeling even worse than I am... In trying to be there for her But I don't want to make her more upset..." He was rambling at this time as the tears fell.
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Raea watched as Sanji fell and how he threw the cigarette into the ocean. [I Oh Sanji.] With a sigh she made her way to the bathhouse and sat next to him, not saying a word. She put an arm around his shoulder and pulled him into her where she silently rubbed his arm in an attempt to comfort him. [I No one deserves this.]


Ava sat in the water, staring at her reflection that became distorted when her tears touched the surface. She's still couldn't get herself to scream, no matter how much she wanted it. [I Why,] she thought as she sank further into the water until she was completely submerged, [I Why?] She held her breath from a moment before letting it all out, [I I couldn't save you.]
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Sanji nodded. "Just call me if you need anything love. I'm going to go outside for a minute okay?" He leaned down and kissed her forehead before he stepped outside and closed the door behind him. As soon as he heard the click of the door he slumped down and tried to hold back the tears but they just kept falling. [i What did we do to deserve this?] He thought as he shaking tried to grab a cigarette. But as soon as he saw the cigarette he felt tears continue flowing as he threw the cigarette over the railing into the ocean and just cried into his knees.
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"Some things we can't explain," Robin replied as she joined Hori in comforting the other girl. [I Though it does seem odd that it of all the drinks on that tray brought to us, Ava is the only one that got the herbal tea.] Of course she wasn't going to make her speculation known to avoid upsetting everyone further.

Chopper noticed the group returning and made his way over to them. "She's in the bath right now," he sighed and looked towards the bathhouse, "Sanji is barely holding it together and Ava is completely shattered." He held out a jar fooled with herbs, "I need someone to brew this into to cups."

"What is it," Nami asked as she took the jar.

"A special mix of herbs to induce sleep. Ava is starting to dry heave from crying which makes things worse and Sanji will be too worried about her to sleep."

"So you want us to drug them?"

"In short, yes."



"No," Ava replied softly as she sank into the water, "I'll be okay." That was a lie, she wasn't going to be okay, she didn't think she'd ever be okay again. They'd been so careful, her diet was on track and she took her vitamins, Chopper made sure everything was going smoothly. So why, why did this happen?
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Sanji nodded as he kissed her forehead. "Of course love." He carefully lifted her up and held her body close to his. He carried her out of the room and brought her to the bath and carefully helped her get undressed. "Do you need help in love?"


Everyone walked in silence back to the ship until Hime broke the silence. "Why did this have to happen... They were even more careful then Owen and Zoro were..."

Hattori gently rubbed her back as tears threatened to fall.
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"Maybe we doing just head back now," Nami suggested, "No one is in the mood to do anything."

"But you said to give them space," Hori sniffed.

"We can still give them space by not bothering them."

"I think that's a good idea," Robin nodded as she leaned on Franky, "The least we can do is wash Ava's sweater. She'll be wanting it."


Chopper knocked on the sick bay door, "Sanji? Ava?" He heard the couple crying and signed as he opened the door, "I drew a bath for you Ava, you should get cleaned up." He tried not to look at them with pity at how broken the two were.

"O-okay." Ava tried to move but her body wouldn't let her, as if it had shut down. "S-sanji, will you," she sniffled, "h-help me?"
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"I don't know love." Sanji tried to hold back his tears the best he could. "I don't know." He felt horrible that he couldn't give her the answers she was looking for and couldn't take her pain away. At that moment he felt more useless than a wet noodle.


Owen nodded in response to Zoro. "S-Sorry." She spoke on a whisper.

Robin nodded to the rest of the crew and everyone slowly began filing out as Nami paid for the meal. Owen was slightly shaking when she went outside and Robin held onto Minny who was giggling and reaching towards Owen.

Owen gently took her and pressed her head against Minny's before she started crying once again.
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"We," Ava sobbed, "W-what did we do wrong? We were so careful!" She leaned into Sanji and hid her face in his chest, the tears continuing to fall. After a while she's been dry heaving from how hard she was crying. The pain was still there even though the life inside her was not, and she wanted to die.


"Do we bring her anything," Luffy asked as the severity of the situation set in. "What about flowers?"

"That might do more harm than good," Nami sighed as she looked at her cup, "But it was a nice thought."

Zoro looked around while still comforting Owen and noticed that people had been to stare and whisper. Each time he heard something he glared in their direction, instantly shutting them up. "We should get out of the public eye."
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As soon as she felt Zoro's arms around her she clung to his chest and her tears began to fall as she cried softly. [i Ava's baby's gone... and I can't tell anyone about this... I wish we never came to this island.] She thought to herself as she clenched Zoro's shirt in her fists.


As soon as Sanji heard the words come out of Chopper's mouth he felt tears finally come to his eyes as he wrapped Ava in his arms. He didn't say a word. He only held her close and tried to comfort her the best he could. [i We couldn't save him... what did we do wrong?] The thought crossed his mind as he gently rubbed circles on her back.


Cydi frowned and looked down. "She's probably going to want to be alone for awhile after this... She was so excited for that baby..." She murmured softly as she gently grabbed Usopp's hand.


Robin held Minny in her lap as Zoro tried to comfort Owen. [i It's even worse than when everyone thought this little one wasn't going to make it.]
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Ava clung to Sanji as the pain continued, only to time, she didn't stop herself from crying. It was killing her, belong able to feel the love inside her dying away and being unable to stop it. She shut her eyes hoping it would all go away, but it didn't. Once they were back on the Sunny and she was in the sick bay, she know what was coming.

"Ava," Chopper began, "I'm going to do the exam now." He had Sanji help change Ava's clothes as she was in no position to do so herself. When he received a nod from her he began the exam, and when he was finished, he looked at her with sad eyes. "I'm sorry."

The moment Chopper's words reached her ears, Ava because sobbing. She wanted to scream, but nothing came out, just silent so sorry. [I This can't be happening.]

"I'll leave you two are," Chopper looked down as he hopped off his stool and left the room so Ava and Sanji found mourn.


"Oh no," Raea covered her mouth at the news, "That's terrible.

Zoro stood up, leaving Minny in her seat by Robin, and pulled Owen into a hug. He didn't say anything, assuming she was grieving for the loss her friend's baby than what she was really crying for.

"S-should we go back," Hime asked, her eyes downcast.

"No," Nami replied, "Let them have some time alone."
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Sanji felt his heart sink when Chopper had said Ava was bleeding. He saw the look in Ava's eyes as the tears were threatening to fall. "I'll bring you home, love." He was staying strong because he had a feeling he knew what was happening.

Owen could smell the blood as well and her eyes widened when she realized where it was coming from. "No..." She murmured softly as she lifted Minny off her lap. "Honey, take Minny. I'm going to help Sanji bring Ava home."

She stood up and helped Sanji stand Ava up and gently rubbed her back before Sanji picked her up bridal style to carry her back to the ship.

Chopper looked worried and stood up. "I'm going to go too... She may need a doctor." He followed Sanji back to the ship.

When Owen made it about halfway back Sanji looked at her and gave her a slight nod. "Thank you Owen... But I'll take her back for now."

Owen was hesitant but nodded. "Alright..." She watched as Chopper followed behind Ava and Sanji and went to head back to the others. But as she walked something felt off. She looked at the treeline then saw something shining. She cautiously walked over until she heard chuckling. She turned around and saw the two men from earlier.

"Hello there Bun."

Owen raised her eyebrow. "Hello... I was just heading back to my friends."

Shun chuckled softly. "And you can sweetheart. But we want to talk first."

Owen shook her head. "Not interested."

Yaol smirked widely. "Looks like Bun doesn't remember us."

Owen looked at the men again and tried to place them then the image flashed in her head of their battered bodies when Ava and Sanji had kicked their asses. "Oh, you're the guys Ava and Sanji beat."

Shun gritted his teeth. "They caught us offguard!"

Owen got in fighting stance. "Well, if you don't leave me alone I'll kick your asses this time."

Yaol smirked and Shun chuckled. "Sweetheart. I don't think you want to do that."

Owen narrowed her eyes. "And why is that?"

"We've been observing you and your friends. And it looks to me like that woman being carried back to the ship may have just lost her baby. I think I heard something about blood?"

Owen's eyes widened as she clenched her fist.

"Bingo." Yaol grinned.

"And you know... one young life was lost today... it would be a real shame if that baby girl of yours lost her life as well."

Owen went pale at the mention of her daughter.

"Looks like we have your attention. See... if you so much as lay a finger on either one of us. Our snipers will be informed and instantly shoot a bullet between her eyes."

"You sick bastards... What do you want?" Owen clenched her fists.

"Oh, we just wanted to give you a warning. See our boss wanted you because he thought you would make really good money in the human traffiking industry. But... you've... developed since the last time we saw you and now he wants you for himself. So we came to tell you to enjoy what time you have with your friends now. Because the next island we meet on. You'll be leaving them and coming with us. Oh, and before you ask what will happen if you don't come with us. We'll shoot more than just that little girl between the eyes." Shun smirked devilishly.

Yaol still had a wicked grin on his face as he crossed his arms over his chest. "And I'm sure you understand that it goes without saying that if you mention this to anyone at all. We will kill you precious little girl without hesitation."

Owen looked down at the ground gritting her teeth. "Can I go now?"

Shun chuckled. "Of course. And as long as you follow our demands. No one will be hurt. We like to think that we're fair people."

Owen turned around and began walking away before she heard the bald mans voice again.

"Remember, if you mention it to anyone. We will kill them." Yaol hissed.

Owen's chest felt heavy and she nodded. "Yeah I get it." She began walking back to the group having lunch and saw they were all looking at her.

"S-So what happened?" Nami asked warily.

Owen sighed softly as tears came to her eyes for a different reason than what she was explaining. "I think Ava lost the baby."
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"It depends on the spring," Ava replied, "Usually they don't though."

"Well if they don't then they don't, we can always use them as the beach," Nami shrugged, "Mommy to be could use some sunshine."

"Stop picking on me," Ava pouted as she leaned on Sanji.


Adachi glared at he watched the group and the couple he despised. "She lied," he hissed, "When she said it wasn't him, she lied."

"Easy there Adachi," the other man sighed, "Don't make a scene. The herb is in my system so you'll get your revenge soon enough."

"I want her," he huffed but nodded.

[I If they find out he is behind it, he's dead.]


The group continued to walk and talk, checking out various shops and the girls trying on outfits. When they finally stoppd it was around lunch time and they went to a restaurant with outdoor seating. Halfway through the meal, Ava started feeling off so she stopped and placed her hand on her stomach.

"Ava," Nami looked at her friend with concern, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, I'm fine."

Chopper stopped eating when he was able to smell blood, "Hm?" Out of concern he looked under the table and noticed that the scent was coming from Ava. [I Oh so.] He watched the woman shift again, then heard her groan. "Ava, you're bleeding."

"Wh," the moment she began to question is, she felt a sharp pain in her abdomen. She looked at Sanji with tears in her eyes, "Take me home. I want to go home."

"What's wrong," Usopp asked when he noticed everyone beginning to grow concerned.

"She's," Chopper began before he saw Ava's hand fly up.

"Don't say it," Ava breathed, "Don't you dare say it."
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Nami smiled with a nod. "I'll get it then." Each of the girls paid for their bathing suits and met up with the guys outside.

Owen happily linked her arm with Zoro's while Robin stood beside Franky chatting. Sanji gently ran his thumb over the top of Ava's hand as her hand was in his.

Hime and Hattori were the last to come out and they had grins on their faces. "Guys I think we should go try these new suits in the hot springs!"

Raea chuckled. "I don't think people wear bathing suits in hot springs... Do they?" Raea looked art Cydi and Cydi shrugged in return.
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Ava sighed, "I understand," she took his hand and brought him out with her to go pay.

"Will this be everything," the woman at the counter asked.


The woman looked the couple over and smiled, "This just be the father. You two are adorable." She bagged the swimsuit and took Ava's payment then have the bag over, "Congratulations to the both of you."

"T-thank you," Ava smiled and blushed.

Luffy looked at Nani and smiled, "I like it."

Ava walked outside to join the others, keeping her hand in Sanji's, "Look at you all daddied up," she teased Zoro.

"Shut up," Zoro looked away.
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