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Usopp chuckled. "For someone who is afraid to see his girlfriend in a bathing suit, you're helping us find them faster."

Sanji shrugged. "I wasn't sure if you got them after the wedding or something."

Franky scanned through the shops and found one with a swimsuit in the logo. "Brothers. I think I may know where they went." He pointed at the swimsuit shop a few shops down.


Owen smiled as she saw Robin trying to help Ava out of the dressing room. Owen followed them out to help with Ava.

Hime was searching through the racks again then came across a white bikini and a purple one piece (heh). She grinned as she lifted them up. "Nami, Robin, try these on!"
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"No its not," Ava continued to cry, "And he thinks anything looks good on me!"

"Oh hush," Robin said as she continued to sooth Ava, "Come on, lets show everyone else."

"I'll see if I can find something as a cover up," Hime said as she started scanning the racks.


"What did you have him put in that tea Adachi," the man across from him asked.

"Just an herb," Adachi replied, "Her crying fit is likely due to hormones." Adachi leaned on the table a bit and continued watching, "That herb will take a few hours to take effect."

"Is this an attempt to get her back?"

"No. Its payback for that blond bastard with the fucked up eyebrow breaking my legs!"


"I don't have [i baby mama senses]," Zoro grumbled as they continued to walk.

"Well you are directionaly challenged," Usopp replied.

"Shut up."

"Lets just ask," Luffy walked up to a random person to ask, "We're looking for a group of girls do you know where they went?"

"Oh," the woman pursed her lips, "They went to a shop just around the corner."

"Thank you!"
  Avalon / Embrea / 51d 8h 53m 56s
Robin gently rubbed her back and then looked at the swimsuit that the twins had picked out for her and smiled. "Ava, what are you talking about? You look beautiful. I think it really suits you. And I know Sanji would think the exact same if he was with us right now."

Owen came out in her swimsuit and saw Ava crying. She sighed softly with a small smile. "Ava! You look lovely!" She walked over to the mommy to be and smiled widely. "I know Sanji would love that on you!"


The two men watched the shop from a distance. "We need something... anything that clearly means far too much for her to take the chance at jeopardizing..." Shun sneered. "But all she's doing is shopping... there has to be something!"

Yaol put his hand over Shun's mouth. "Shut up, just give it time. We're bound to find something if we follow her."


"Wow, this place is pretty big. I don't even know where to start looking for the girls..." Usopp murmured as Luffy walked beside him contemplating if what he was doing would make Nami hate him.

"Sanji, where are your Ava senses?" Usopp asked as he turned around to look at the cook.

Sanji sighed. "Very funny. I usually only can sense her when she's in trouble. What about you Mosshead? Don't you have baby mama senses?"
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Ava turned to Cydi and looked her up and down, "If Usopp were here he'd be all over you."

"And you miss mommy to be," Hime grinned as she pulled a swimsuit off the rack, "This one is for you."

"What happened to letting me pick one out myself?"

"You weren't going to do it anyway," Hori huffed, "Now try this on." She watched as Ava set the cup down and followed her to the dressing room to change. After a few minutes, Ava still hadn't come out which caused her to knock on the door. "Ava? Is everything okay?"

"Everything is fine," Ava sniffled from behind the door.

"Honey, whats wrong?" Hori looked back at the group of women and flagged Robin down.

"Whats wrong," Robin asked as she got closer.

"She's crying but wont let me in."

"I'll handle it." Robin knocked on the door, "Ava? Will you let me in?" She heard the doorknob jiggle a little followed by it being thrown open and Ava hugging her. "Oh! Whats wrong."

"I look hideous in this," Ava sobbed.
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Owen smiled at the drinks and happily took one. "Thank you so much!" She took a drink of the fruit smoothie and smiled. "This island is so hospitable."

Raea nodded as she grabbed one of the other drinks but then smirked. "I wonder if the guys are treating us?"

Owen went back to looking at the swimsuits when she found a white one that had lace covering the belly. "Ooo..." She smiled as she walked in the same direction as Cydi had headed and then when Cydi came out her eyes widened. "Cydi! You look so cute!"

Cydi's face was red and she murmured softly. "This is so embarrassing..."

Owen chuckled. "You have to show the girls!"

Cydi muttered something under her breath before walking out of the dressing room. "W-Well... you made me put it on..."

Nami turned around and grinned widely. "I knew that would look great on you!"
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"No," Cydi objected before Nami shoved the swimsuit in her face, "Fine." She took it from the redhead and looked around for a dressing room. "Excuse me, where can I try this on?"

"Changing rooms are towards the back," the woman said.

"Thank you," Cydi replied as she headed towards the changing room.

Ava looked at the woman and smiled, "Thank you, we're excited." She placed her hand on her stomach and rubbed it gently, [i So excited.]


Across the street sat a familiar face, silently sipping at it coffee, his eyes narrowed as he watched the women across the street. [i So she's pregnant,] he thought with a frown and waved a waiter over.

"Yes sir, how may I help you," the young man asked.

"Bring some beverages over to that group of ladies over there." The man pulled something out of his pocket and handed it to the waiter, "Make sure one of them is an herbal tea with this mixed in."

The waiter took the herb and nodded, "Of course sir." He bowed and returned to the kitchen to prepare the beverages.

"Care to explain what that is about Adachi," a man asked from across Adachi.

"That woman, the one in the pink, that is Avalon," Adachi replied.

"The dancer you lost?"

"Yeah," Adachi continued to frown, "She refused me after she was branded. When I asked if there was anyone else, she said no but it appears she is pregnant."


The waiter carried a tray of beverage over to the swim shop as instructed. "Excuse me," he said as he entered, "I've been instructed by my superior to bring this tray of refreshments to these ladies. He fears you may succumb to the heat otherwise." He passed them out and made sure to hand the cup of herbal tea over to Ava.

"Hmm," Ava took the cup and took a sip, "What herb is in this?"

"I'm not sure madam, we have various types of herbal teas."
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Owen managed to locate the shop the men had directed her to and she smiled. "Guys! Here!" She walked inside and there was a small woman behind the counter.

"Welcome dear! Oh my! Lot's of customers!" She smiled when she saw Ava. "Oh! And someone looks like they're expecting! Congratulations dear!"

The twins started looking around trying to find a bathing suit for Ava to try on despite her saying she wanted to choose it herself.

Nami was looking through the racks and came across a bathing suit that she found cute but wasn't showing enough skin for her. She looked over at Cydi who was barely looking around then grinned. "Hey Cydi. Try this on."
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Ava shifted from one foot to the other while Owen went to go get directions from some guys. Something about them looked familiar to her but she couldn't quiet place it. [i I know them. How do I know them?]

"Ava? Is everything alright," Robin asked, "You're frowning."

"I'm fine." Ava looked back at the guys as the group starting heading in the direction they were pointed, "Those men looked familiar though."

"Maybe they went to one of your shows?"


"Well don't think about it too much." Robin linked her arm with one of Ava's and walked with her, to keep her company. "I'm sure we could find something that looks great on you."
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Minny was giggling as Zoro shifted her around then reached up and put her hands on his cheeks. "Bapa!"


The girls looked through a few stores but sadly they didn't sell any swimsuits. "Man... what does a girl have to do to find a store that sells swimsuits..." Nami muttered.

The twins looked at one another and shrugged. "Well... we could ask the locals..."

Raea snickered. "Alright, who's going to ask?"

Owen sighed. "I can go ask." She walked up to a couple of men that were chatting and smiled politely. "I'm so sorry to bother you. But would you happen to know where my friends and I could find a store that sells bathing suits?"

One of the men looked like he had seen a ghost the but the other one quickly elbowed him. "Stop gawking at the poor young lady." He turned to Owen with a small smiled. "Yes, if your friends go right up this street and take a left there a shop that specializes in swimwear about three shops down if I remember correctly."

Owen smiled and nodded. "Thank you so much, sir." She bowed politely then walked back over to the group. "I got directions. Let's go."


As the girls walked away the man who gawked looked at his partner in disbelief. "You imbecile! Do you even know who that was?"

His partner chuckled in response. "Of course I do, Yaol. But we can't take her just yet. Too many witnesses. It's far too risky. We have to wait until we can lure her away... And we need to find something that we can blackmail her with."

Yaol nodded. "I guess you're right... it'll be easier to take her if we know something that is important to her. Not to mention she has devil fruit powers now. Do you still have the poster, Shun?"

Shun nodded with a smirk as he pulled the wanted poster out of his pocket. "She sure has developed since the last time we saw her."
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"At least they got her out of that sweater." Usopp ducked behind Zoro to avoid getting kicked by Sanji for dissing on Ava's favorite sweater. [i I really want to see what Cydi looks like in a swimsuit.]

"So its settled," Franky said, "We're going to follow the girls?"

"Let me get Minny changed," Zoro said before going below deck to change Minny's diaper and putting her in lighter clothing. When he returned to the main deck he found Usopp standing there with a baby carrier. "What is that?"

"A baby carrier. You can carry Minny on your chest or back and it keeps your arms free," Usopp explained, "Try it out."

Zoro begrudgingly handed Minny over to Sanji while Usopp fitted the carrier on him. "Are you done?"

"No, now we need to fit Minny in," Usopp took the infant from Sanji and placed her in the carrier. "What do you think?"

Zoro shifted the carrier around a little until he felt comfortable and it seemed like Minny was comfortable as well. When he looked up, Usopp was still staring at him, waiting for a response. "What? It works, is that what you were looking for?"
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"Well anything is better than sitting on the ship worried." Sanji sighed. "Besides. Luffy needs to learn how to be a man. And the first step is seeing his girlfriend almost naked."

Franky chuckled. "Even if we don't follow the girls we can still check out the hot springs." Franky suggested as he stretched.

Usopp nodded as he rubbed the back of his head. "I agree I want to see if they manage to get Cydi in a bikini."

Luffy had slight blush on his cheeks. [i I do want to see Nami... but what if she gets mad at me or thinks I'm a pervert... What if I'm going to fast?] Questions raced through his head as he sighed softly. "Don't you think the girls will get upset with us if we sneak up on them?"

Sanji chuckled. "I don't think Owen would mind... Since she's still in loving wife mode. And I don't think Ava would mind since she didn't look like she wanted to go anyways."
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"N-no," Luffy lied as he looked away from Usopp.

"Usopp knock it off," Zoro hit the long nosed male on the head. "Are we going or not? I need to know so I can dress Minny appropriately." He shifted Minny a bit, not enough to disturb her, but enough to be it bit more comfortable for both of them.
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Minny wrapped her small arms around Zoro's neck and rested her head on his shoulder.

"Hmm... We could follow them... Not sure how they would react though." Sanji pondered.

Usopp chuckled. "Luffy wouldn't you like to see Nami trying on bathing suits?" He wiggled his eyebrows.
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 51d 12h 19m 24s
"Mama isn't here," Zoro soothed Minny while rubbing her back. "It's normal, probably."

"Considering you two haven't really been apart since she came back, I can see why," Usopp pointed out.

"Don't worry brother,," Franky placed a hand on Sanji's shoulder, "We could always follow them."

"I don't want to spy on Nami," Luffy piped up.
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"Mama..." Minny whispered as she leaned her head on Zoro's shoulder.

Sanji sighed softly. "Yeah... Anytime she's not in my view I just can't help but feel worried... I just wanted to make sure that was normal..." He admitted.

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