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Hime smiled softly. "A-Are you sure? I don't want to hold you back..."


Airis smirked. "Zoro, you don't look so well. We can go back to my place and lie down." She leaned closer to him showing off a bit more of her cleavage. "What do you say?"


Sanji chuckled and nodded. "Yes boss." He joked before carrying Ava down to their room.


Robin watched as Owen rushed off. "Be safe."
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 90d 20h 19m 56s
"My crew couldn't care less if I came back," Nanashi pointed out, "They would have stated looking for me by now if they did." He held Hime close and sighed, "I'll stay if you want me to."


"I-I'm fine," Zoro stuttered as he looked around, something feeling off.


"She took off when we reached the island," Robin said as she took Minny from Owen. "If we see her we'll send her your way." She turned to Sanji and chuckled lightly, "And you should probably get her to bed."
  Avalon / Embrea / 90d 20h 31m 30s
Hime's smiled disappeared at his next words. "Y-You don't have to go. Luffy said you can leave when you want..." She looked down for a moment then back up at him before sighing. "Although... You're crew is probably getting worried about you..." She rested her hands on his chest and her head on his shoulder.


Airis counted the minutes that passed and noticed that his face was getting more and more red. [i Perfect.] "Zoro are you feeling alright?"


Sanji chuckled as he shifted the sleeping woman in his arms. " Silly girl..." When they got back to the ship Sanji saw Owen talking with Robin and Franky. "Leave mosshead to fend for himself?"

Owen chuckled. "No just needed a sitter. I was going to invite Raea to come with us but I can't find her."
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 90d 20h 38m 23s
Ava hummed, "You won't, I'll be careful." She touched his cheek before her hand dropped in her lap, her body going limp as she fell asleep.


Zoro nodded as he finished the glass and set it down on the table, "Not bad." As the two continued to talk, he continued to drink, unaware of the drug that he had ingested. [I wonder what is talking Owen so long.]


"Yeah, that part was obvious," Nanashi replied as he pulled Hime to him. "But, this is where we part ways since this is the next island. Maybe if we'd admitted it sooner thought would be different."
  Avalon / Embrea / 90d 20h 47m 33s
Airis shrugged. "Sake and strawberry soda, it's usually quite a hit around here." She poured herself a glass of just strawberry soda and took a seat beside him. "I never caught your name before."


Sanji sighed. "I'm not mad at you. I knew you were stubborn before we got married. I just... Until that baby is born... I can't shake this fear... I don't want to lose you or our baby."


Hime felt Nanashi pull her away and when he blurted out that he liked her her eyes widened and her cheeks flushed red. She let go of his hand for a brief moment before putting them both on the sides of his face and kissed his lips softly. "I like you too."
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Zoro took a sip of the drink that was given to him and furrowed his brow. "What else is in this?" While he waited for an answer he had a few more swapped swallows of it.


Ava rested her head on Sanji's shoulder and closed her eyes, "I know you're mad at me."


Hori rolled her eyes at her sister's lack of a response. "Usopp, has he ever been like this?"

"Not since Ava left him," Usopp replied as he watched the other male walk away, "but I don't think Ava's ever been this vulnerable before either."


Nanashi opened his mouth to respond but shut it instantly as he grabbed Hime's wrist. "Not here," he muttered as he led her away from the unconscious drunks and the Straw Hats. Once they were a good distance away, but still in sight of the others he let out a breath, "Ilikeyou."
  Avalon / Embrea / 90d 21h 8m 26s
Sanji carefully lifted Ava with ease. "Let's go home." He ignored the others his mind only focused on his wife and their unborn child.

Hattori watched Sanji walk away and sighed softly. "He's really on edge..."

Hime ignored her sister for the moment and pulled away from Nanashi. "Nanashi. There's some thing I need to tell you."


Airis smiled. "Sake it is then." She grabbed the glass and mixed a little bit of a small vial she hid with the glasses and sake together. She mixed it with one other flavor for a slight kick. "Here you go."
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 90d 21h 20m 34s
Ava returned to her normal form once the fighting stopped and leaned against the building. "As fun as that was," she huffed and looked at the small group which now contained Chopper and Usopp, "I think I need a nap." She took a few steps forward and rested her forehead on Sanji's back, "Will you take me home?"

"Ava," Chopper snapped back to reality, "Was that scent you?"

"Yeah, I'm still trying to get used to how this thing works."


"Sake," Zoro replied as he took a seat.
  Avalon / Embrea / 90d 21h 26m 33s
Owen nodded. "Yeah, don't get too drunk without me." She teased before she felt a stir. "Hmm? Min you okay honey?"

Minny gently nodded before falling back asleep. "I should probably see if Robin can look after her as well. Go on ahead. I'll catch up. It takes you way more to get a buzz than it does me." She kissed his cheek softly before smiling.

[i I have however long it will take her to find her friend. So I should probably use drastic measures.] She smiled at Zoro softly and led him to the bar. "Right this way." After walking a couple streets she led him into the bar and smiled. People were laughing and joyful. "What would you like? I can make you any drink you want. I bartend here." She smiled softly.


Hime snapped out of it and instantly latched herself to Nanashi. "Thank you."
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 90d 21h 30m 43s
Ava reformed between the twins, "Care to explain what happened?"

"Some drunkard grabbed Hime's ass," Hori replied, "And Nanashi kicked him in the face."

"Of course," Ava sighed as she dissipated once more.

"I don't think I'll ever get used to that," Hori muttered once Ava was gone. "Are you done daydreaming yet Hime?"


"Yeah sure," Zoro grumbled, obviously not wanting to thank the woman for helping them get unlost. "Do you want to go find her and I'll meet you there?"
  Avalon / Embrea / 90d 21h 47m 51s
Sanji watched as she disappeared right before his eyes. "Dammit you're stubborn." He saw one man trying to narrow his eyes and quickly introduced his boot to his face.

Airis decided to follow the sound of yelling since it sounded familiar to the muscular man's voice. When she found them again they had came to a dead end. The only mountain in this island. "Oh dear, you really did get lost." She chuckled softly. "My offer still stands to help you with directions. I was heading that way anyways."

Owen gently grabbed Zoro's ear to prevent him from running in a random direction. "Thank you, Miss. That would be most appreciated."

Airis smiled sweetly but inside her mouth was twisting into a vicious grin. "If course, right this way. As they walked she kindly chatted with Owen about little things like how long they had been married and how old their daughter was. Once they reached the town she smiled. "I highly recommend the bar a few streets down. It's got the best tasting booze and it's always a good time there."

Owen glanced up at Zoro and smiled softly. "Raea would probably like to try something like that. What do you think honey?"
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 90d 21h 55m 57s
"Sanji," Ava sighed as she moved to stand next to him, her arm turning to blossoms. "The twins suck at hand to hand combat." She took a deep breath and sent the blossoms as full speed towards the group of men, careful to avoid the twins and Nanashi. Within moments her entire body dissipated into blossoms and danced through the fray.

"Where did these flowers come from," a man asked as he tried to swat at them only to be cut in return.

"I don't know but they smell amazing," another added.


Chopper stopped walking when he caught the scent of something sweet in the air.

"What is it Chopper," Usopp asked when he noticed the reindeer stopped following him. When he didn't get a response, he started following his crewmate. "Chopper?"
  Avalon / Embrea / 90d 22h 5m 4s
"Ava,drunk guys may be idiots but they can still hurt you." Sanji's eyes were filled with worry. "If they hit you just right... We could lose this one..." He murmured the last part feeling his chest tighten at the memory of Graham.

Hattori wasn't over skilled in hand to hand combat so she was kicking a lot of dudes in the groin. Hime was still slightly in shock at Nanashi's words so she wasn't helping very much in the fighting aspect.


After Airis finished her tea she tapped her chin lightly. "Hmmm, how can I separate them long enough to have my fun..."
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 90d 22h 13m 58s
Ava stood up and nodded, "Alright." She picked up his jacket and folded it across her arm as she followed behind him in the direction the crash came from. To her surprise she spotted an unconscious man on the group, the twins, Nanashi and a group of slightly irritated men. "Thats not good."

"Yeah lets," Nanashi stopped talking when he heard someone clear their throat.

"You think you can just attack us for no reason," one man shouted.

"Yeah! If those tramps hadn't ignored us we might have been a bit kinder," another added.

The group spread out to surround them, not taking notice of Ava and Sanji. Within a few moments Nanashi had his hands full in fighting a few of the men while some others went after Hori and Hime.

Ava placed her hand on Sanji's arm, "We have to help."
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Owen sighed as she watched her grumpy husband March forward. She looked towards the smiling blonde and gave a small smile. "Thank you anyways, Miss." She shifted Minny just a bit to give the woman a small wave before trotting after Zoro.

Airis smirked before sitting back down sipping her tea. She was silent for a moment then a small giggle escaped her lips. "Oh, he's going to be fun to crack."


Hime watched as Nanashi yelled at all the drunk men making a few of them cower. "I-I'm alright. A little startled. But otherwise fine."

Hattori sighed before nudging Hime.

Hime's heart started to race as she brushed his hands off her shoulders and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Let's get away from here before anything else happens."


Sanji sighed but eventually gave in. "You stay behind me at all times though. Alright?"
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 90d 22h 26m 10s

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