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At the lie Ava raised her brow only for Hime to accept her offer on tea. Once they were both in the kitchen she filled the pot with water and put it on the stove. "So what happened? Did Nanashi do something to hurt you?" Before she took a seat she took Minny's helmet pot and whatever kitchen utensils, and placed them in the sink to be rewashed.


"You dote on her entirely too much," Raea chuckled
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Home watched as Ava got up and smiled softly. "Ava you don't have to worry about me. I'm fine." After a few seconds Home realized Ava wasn't going to buy that crappy lie and sighed softly. "Tea sounds good. Thank you."


After a bit of Hori's help Sanji had made a small bouquet with the leftover flowers and smiled. "I hope she likes it."
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Raea watched Hime leave and turned to Nanashi, "You're worse than Luffy at this."

"What do you mean," Nanashi asked, finally tearing his gaze from the door.

"A smart man would run after her." There were a few other bits of advice she was going to give him but decided against it. With a shrug Raea left the room and returned to Franky, Sanji and Hori.


Ava frowned when she spotted Hori and the look on her face, followed by how she held Minny. "I'll be back," she said as she struggled to get up, only for Robin to help her, "Thanks." Once she was on her feet she walked over to Hime, "Want to talk about it? I'll make us some tea."
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Hime sighed softly and felt a tightness in her chest. She glanced at Nanashi before looking down at her feet once more. [i He has to go on the next island... He probably wouldn't want to do a long distance thing.] She felt her chest get slightly tighter and frowned. "Excuse me." She spoke in almost a whisper. She walked out of the room to the top deck and was surprised to see Minny walking around with a pot on her head. "Min, I need some snuggles." She spoke to the toddler making the toddler grin before waltzing over to Hime to hug her.
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Nanashi tensed at what Raea had said and went to say something but immediately closed his mouth. This happened several more times before he hung his head in defeat, "I'm no good at this stuff."

"Admitting how you feel is never easy," Raea replied.

"I'm going to take these to Sanji," Hori smiled before quickly leaving the room.

Raea watched her go before getting an idea, a while creeping on her lips. [I I wonder if a candle light dinner would get them to confess.] With a sigh she shook her head, "Captain's orders, he goes next island."
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Hime was sitting on the edge of her bed playing with her hair while Nanashi sat on the other side of the room rubbing his arm awkwardly.

[i What do I say?] They both thought.

Raea entered the room without hesitation and sighed. "Alright you two. Stand up."

Hattori walked over to the storage shelving and found a few more extra flowers and nodded. "Looks like we still had a few daisies and lilies left over."

Hime looked confused. "Raea whats wrong?"

Raea shrugged. "We're kicking Nanashi off the ship the next island."

Hime's eyes widened. "W-What?! Y-You guys can't do that! Not Yet!" After realizing what she blurted out her face went red and she covered her mouth.

Raea chuckled then turned to Nanashi. "Best both confess how you're feeling now because you're both making the rest of us want to hurl with how obvious it is."
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"Are you sure this is a good idea brother," Franky asked as he looked over what he and Raea had been helping Sanji with. "This might put her over the edge."

"She'll love it regardless," Raea rolled her eyes, "I'll go talk to them."

Hori pursed her lips together slightly, trying to remember if there were any flowers left. "I think so," she looked at Raea, "I'll go with you! That way I can double check." Before the two women set off she turned to Sanji, "If there are any I'll bring them to you."


"We'll help you keep an eye on her," Ava gave a small smile, "But don't tell Sanji she stole his cookware."
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Nami came back with Minny's sweater and sighed when she saw her walking around with a pot on her head. "Luffy I asked you to watch her."

Luffy pouted not taking his eyes off the toddler. "I am watching her. I haven't taken my eyes off her since you told me to watch her."

Nami sighed. "You idiot..."


"Sorry Sanji, the twins have the rest of the flowers. I'm not sure what's left."

As if right on queue Hattori walked in with a groan. "Raea... Nanashi and Hime are being awkward again... Can't we just get them drunk at this rate... Watching them is painful."

Raea laughed. "Hori, you're starting to sound like your sister."

Sanji looked at Hattori and clasped his hands together. "Hattori do you have any flowers left?!"
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"I'm curious as well," Robin said with a chuckle as she watched the toddler moving around. Some of her spare arms were working on Ava's back and shoulders in an attempt to calm the expectant mother and ease the pains she was having. "Our dear chef must not realize his cookware had disappeared."

"Oh please don't tell him," Ava pleaded with her eyes closed, "He's already at his wits end."

"Is that why Robin is giving you a massage," Usopp asked.

"No," Ava sighed, "honestly, probably. I pushed him out of bed last night then cried about it."

"Sanji isn't in the kitchen," Luffy pointed out as he obediently followed Minny around. "Nami ended up making breakfast today."

"Yeah, come to think of it, he wasn't at breakfast either," Usopp added.

Robin drew her arms away when she felt Ava shift and turned her attention to the little girl roaming around deck. "I'm sure he's fine."

"He's with Raea and Franky," Ava muttered.
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A month had passed and Minny was toddling around the ship faster now and was getting into everything that she shouldn't be getting into. One morning Nami and Luffy had offered to take Minny for a few hours so Zoro and Owen could get some rest.

"Luffy, keep your eye on her would you? I'm going to go grab one of her sweaters its getting chilly out here."

Luffy grinned. "Sure Nami."

After Nami left Minny started to climb up the stairs towards the kitchen. Luffy followed close behind following Nami's orders.

When Minny got to the kitchen Luffy opened the door for her curious why she was heading there.

She reached one of the cupboards and climbed inside pulling out a pot and a spoon. She put the pot on her head and started walking back to the door.

Luffy was still confused as to what she was doing so he kept following her.

Usopp came up from below deck and saw Minny walking around with a pot on her head. "Luffy what are you doing?" As soon as he looked away he felt a throbbing pain in his ankle. "GAH!"

Minny giggled as she hit his ankle with the spoon.
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Ava leaned into him, "Death was too long of a punishment for what happened." She thought back to the day they ran into Adachi and when he admitted that he was the reason they lost Graham. The memory caused her blood to boil while also breaking her heart all over again. At the sound of the chain around her neck snapping, get eyes flew open and she realized what she'd done, which resulted in her crying.
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Sanji sighed and gently wrapped his arms around his wife. "I know, I do too honey... If I could make that bastard suffer even more I would... Graham didn't deserve to have his life lost so soon..." He kissed her cheek softly.
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"I know," Zoro replied.


Ava sighed when she was back on her feet, "I guess we'll have gave to wait and see what she like before we make her. That is, of course, if it's a girl." She absentmindedly touched the pendent around her neck at the mention of Graham's name. "I miss him."
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Owen giggled softly. "I don't have any glitter on me now either."


Sanji chuckled softly before walking over to Ava and helping her up carefully. "Praline is nice. So is Eclair. I like both names. And as for the boys. Graham is not an option anymore."
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"Sanji?!" Nami gaped when h he showed up but let out a sigh when how attention was in Ava. "Everything is fine. I'm just going to go," she moved passed him, "take case of your."

Ava waited until Nami was out of sight before speaking, "Zoro bled on our floor and I got in trouble for cleaning it up." She shifted her weight a little and realized she couldn't bring herself up off the floor. "On the other hand, I'm stuck."


"You haven't been covered in glitter in a while," Zoro replied before kissing her. It started out gentle but slowly became hungrier before he moved to her jaw, then her neck.


Ava made a few more attempts at getting up before sighing and falling onto her back. [I I give up.] She closed her eyes and placed her hands on her belly, then too several deep breaths. "Sanji, do you think it'll be a boy or a girl this time? I've narrowed it down to two names if it's a girl. Praline or Eclair. Personally I like Praline. But I haven't figured out any boy names yet."
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