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"If we don't cut it now Luffy will only complain." Ava looked at Sanji and smiled, "I'm sorry about all the tears." She knew he would tell her she didn't need to be sorry but she couldn't help it. She recalled Owen's wedding and the blonde didn't cry half as much as she was. [i Despite everything, I've made it this far.]

Zoro looked at Owen, "What do you think she said?"
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Owen smiled when she saw Ava was crying again. She leaned against Zoro and sighed. "I'm so glad she can be this happy."

Sanji chuckled as he walked over and wiped her tears before kissing her cheek. "Do you want to cut it? Or wait until a little later?" He smiled softly.

"Aaa!" Minny screeched as Raea held her. Raea blinked in surprise. "I'm not sure if that was just her normal happy screech or if she just said Raea it Ava..."
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 81d 1h 7m 20s
"Enough chatter," Luffy beamed, "Lets eat this cake! Its really delicious."

Ava's eye twitched at Luffy's statement and she was about to yell at him until she remembered that Owen probably made him mini cakes like she did for her wedding. "Luffy calm down," she chuckled as she went over to the cake and looked it over. The ombre waterfall effect made by the flowers took her breath away and she soon found herself crying again.

"I don't think I've ever seen Ava cry this much from being happy," Raea chuckled as she nudged Cydi, "Kinda makes you glad some rubber idiot crash landed into our ship."
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Owen saw that Ava noticed her wrists and she gently put Ava's hands in her own. "Ava, there's nothing to be sorry for. It happened. I probably could have made choices differently to prevent it... But I didn't want to risk anyone else's life. You all came for me. I'm home. And this is not a time to worry about what happened to me. I'm alive. And you just got married. This is a happy time!" She smiled as she hugged Ava once again. "So no more apologies Missy." She chuckled.

Sanji smiled softly as he kept his hand on Ava's hip and smiled at Owen. [i She's got really good friends...] He thought to himself.
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"You [i could] have made it extravagant, I wouldn't have minded but this is perfect." Ava hugged Owen back and smiled, "You color coordinated with the twins, didn't you?"

"We went with blue because it matches your eyes," Hori smiled.

"And we wanted to make sure that Sanji didn't look at anyone or anything but you," Hime added.

"I highly doubt he would have looked elsewhere anyway," Ava chuckled as she winked at Sanji. "But really Owen, this cake looks amazing and I'm glad you were able to get Zoro to help." She turned her attention to Owen's wrists and carefully put her hands around one, "I'm really sorry for what happened to you."
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Sanji chuckled. "Don't worry love. I promised you gentle. And so it will be gentle." He wrapped his arm around her waist as he headed with her to the kitchen and he saw the cake on the counter and his eyes widened. "Owen... How did you design a cake like that in less than a day?"

Owen giggled with a shrug. "I had my husband help me. And I'm stubborn. So you know... It gets done." She grinned as she happily trotted over to Ava and hugged her. "I'm so happy for you Ava! I hope the cake is okay. I know you said nothing extravagant."
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 81d 1h 28m 17s
"You've never lived until you've done a lot of things." Ava stood on her toes and kissed Sanji's cheek, "This particular moment, is one of them." She took his hand and started walking back down the isle towards the kitchen, this time, to get something to eat. "Remember, you [i have] to be gentle tonight," she whispered, "Chopper even said so."
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Franky chuckled softly. "Well... Not everything."

Sanji smiled. "We can still have our dances. Weren't you the one who said you've never lived unless you've danced in the rain?" He chuckled.

Owen stood up and carried Minny on her hip as she headed to the kitchen to get the snacks all set up since it would storm she decided to just set everything up in the kitchen so people could pick at it without the food getting wet.
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"This part was Hime's idea," Ava giggled, "and I'm so glad she did."

Nami looked up at the sky and frowned, "Why is it every time we have a wedding, there is a storm?"

"A storm?" Ava turned to Nami and frowned, "Please tell me thats a joke."

"Afraid not."

Ava looked at Sanji and pouted, "What are we going to do?"

"Not to worry little sister," Franky beamed, "I equipped the Sunny with a rain shield during the last repair." He pressed a hidden button on the mast and what appeared to be a giant umbrella of sorts came out, encircling the entirety of the Sunny, while still letting light shine through. "We were rained out during Owen's wedding and I didn't want it to happen again."

"Franky!" Ava looked at it in awe, "That is amazing!"

"I helped a bit with the design," Raea admitted, "but the execution was all Franky."

Robin wrapped an arm around Franky's and smiled, "You really do thin of everything."
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Sanji slightly blushed. "Love I know that's later tonight." He chuckled but when she mentioned a surprise he raised his eyebrow only to see Hime help Ava with her dress then watched as the bottom completely detached. "What on..." Then he gasped slightly. "For our dances..." He smiled and wrapped his arms around Ava. "I love it."
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 81d 2h 9m 17s
Ava felt a hand slide down her side a pulled away, "Sanji, now is really [i not] the time." She looked over at him and smiled, "Would now be too early for that surprise?"

"Definitely not," Hime sniffled as she got up and went over to Ava to unfasten the ruffles of the dress. Once they were unfastened she removed it and placed the fabric over her arm. "Perfect."

Just as the main part of the skirt was removed, a breeze blew by and Ava felt a chill. With a giggle she looked at Sanji, "I love you so much."
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Raea felt a cold chill on her cheek and smiled. "I knew you wouldn't miss this." She whispered softly.

Hime was in tears and Hattori was rubbing her back as she looked at the couple. "Sis, I hope you can see this where you are... Ava found true happiness." A cold breeze went over both Hime and Hattori's shoulders and Hattori smiled. "Of course you wouldn't miss this..." She whispered softly.

Owen leaned her head against Zoro and smiled with tears in her eyes. "I'm so relieved... That she could find true happiness."

Sanji slowly pulled away and helped Ava back to her feet before pressing his forehead against hers. "My beautiful wife."
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The moment Sanji kissed her, Ava wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled. [i Now and forever,] she thought as she kissed him back. She couldn't tell who's heart was beating faster, hers or his, but the more she listened they were beating in sync.

Raea dabbed at her eyes as she watched the couple, a smile on her face. "Do you see this Mari," she muttered, "Ava finally found happiness."
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Sanji smiled before whispering. "I love you, now and forever." And with one swift movement he moved his hand to her lower back and held the back of her head as he dipped her down and kissed her like he did the first day they kissed.

Everyone was cheering and whistling but he couldn't hear any of it because all he could hear was the sound of his and Ava's hearts beating.
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Usopp heard Sanji's question and snorted while trying to hide his laughter. When Cydi glared at him he drew a sharp breath and did his best to stay quiet. [i She's going to make me sleep on the floor,] he worried.

"Well," Cydi quickly went through the couple's 'I do's' then smiled, "Now you may kiss her."
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