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Nami heard Luffy yell and sighed, "Sounds like he got stuck. You to love birds have fun, but remember, after lunch we are venturing into the city."

[I Oh! I still have to get Sanji a birthday present,] Ava thought before waving to Nami, "Good luck." She noticed a fruity drink sitting in the counter and slipped by Sanji to go snag it before Sanji told her no. "So, at some point, we'll have to split up because I have some shopping to do and you can't be with me."


[Nailed It!]
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Minny was sitting on Luffy's lap pulling on his face when she stopped suddenly and looked at the door and took a breath in. "Bapabapabapa." She murmured before pointing at the door. "Out!"

Luffy looked down at Minny and grinned. "You wanna play on the lawn?"

Minny nodded and clapped.

Luffy took her off his lap and set her on her feet on the floor before putting his hand out. "Hold my hand Minny. You might fall. And your papa will get mad at me." He grinned.

Minny out her thumb in her mouth Then grabbed Luffy's hand as she started walking out of the room stretching his arm since he wasn't moving yet.

"Uh! Minny wait! Gotta go guys, Baby on the loose." He rushed out of the room and saw her at the stairs. "Careful Minny!" She looked like she was about to Jump and Luffy got worried so he ran for her only to trip when she let go of his hand and it recoiled back and hit him in the legs. Only a few moments later he tumbled and got his head stuck between the rails of the railing. "Crap!"

Minny giggled then put her thumb in her mouth as she walked over and poked Luffy's ear.


Owen's face turned bright red. "Z-Zoro!" She wasn't going to argue when she saw the look in her eyes as he sat her down and stood back up straight. She chuckled softly before extending her arms. "Number two then?" She giggled.
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 1y 13d 22h 57m 23s
Ava popped up behind Sanji and covered his eyes with her hands, "I believe I got you," she giggled. After she was done teasing him she spotted Nami and Luffy across the room with Minny. "Oh, hey guys!"

"You two look like you were having fun," Nami teased.


"No you aren't," Zoro said as he opened their bedroom door and carried her in, them closed the door behind him. "I saw that look. We're going to have some alone time and maybe work on number two."
  Avalon / Embrea / 1y 13d 23h 15m 25s
Nami chuckled as she replied sarcastically. "Got it boss."

Owen smiled as she watched Minny giggle and pull on Luffy's face. But when she felt herself being swept off her feet literally her eyes widened as she gasped. "Honey?" When he said not to say a word she chuckled softly. "So serious... Honey I'm fine."


Sanji opened the door to the kitchen and snickered. "Gotcha! Huh?" He looked around confused. "I could have sworn she came in here..."
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 1y 13d 23h 27m 17s
Zoro saw the look on Owen's face and frowned before looking at Nami, "Take her." He didn't want to admit that Nami was right on them being tired but after seeing the same in Owen's eyes after saying they were fine, he had no choice. Without warning he stood up, went over to Owen, picked her up and walked out if the room to return to their bedroom. "Don't say a word."


Ava reached the kitchen before Sanji had reached her and ducked behind the door to hide.
  Avalon / Embrea / 1y 13d 23h 33m 25s
Sanji chuckled when Ava wiggled out of his arms and headed towards the kitchen. He followed after her with a grin.


Owen's eyes flickered sadness for a moment then smiled. "It's fine Nami. It's what you do when you have a baby." She stood up and walked over to where Minny was playing with Luffy by pulling on his face.
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 1y 13d 23h 37m 22s
"I'm fine," Ava leaned into Sanji and closed her eyes briefly, "Something was never quite right with those two." When she opened her eyes again she chuckled, "Let them think what they want." When it felt like they had been standing like that for a while she squirmed free and slowly made her way towards the kitchen in an attempt to tease him into chasing after her.


"Nami," Zoro grumbled, "We're fine."


Lily had returned to the town just off the beach with Sky in tow, "Looks like little miss Ava got married."

"Not to my Sanji," Sky whined, "I won't allow it!"

"Then we'll just have to find away to separate them." Lily crossed her arms and began to pace, trying to think of an idea on how to keep Sanji and Ava apart. "We could have her arrested, she is a wanted woman after all."
  Avalon / Embrea / 1y 13d 23h 42m 15s
Sanji watched the women bicker slightly then watched them leave. "They think I killed him..." He wrapped his arms around Ava and sighed softly. "You alright love?"


Nami sighed. "How about Luffy and I watch Minny for awhile. You two need some alone time. You both look exhausted."
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 1y 13d 23h 50m 6s
"I-its him!" Sky started getting so giddy when she saw Sanji, "It's really him."

"I wouldn't call them [I friends] exactly," Ava replied before turning to Sanji, "They worked for Adachi too."

"We didn't work for him," Lily pointed out, "We were owned by him. This man saved our lives when he killed him."

[I Of course they would think it was Sanji,] Ava thought as her fingers subconsciously touched the pendant on her neck.

"Can we come aboard to thank him properly," Sky asked, barely able to contain her joy. However, Ava's response would quickly kill said joy and only serve as a platform for her irritation.


"Don't be selfish," Lily replied.

"I'm allowed to be selfish!"

Lily saw the sun catch off something on Ava's left hand and it all clicked. [I Ah, so the tramp married the savior.] She placed a hand on Sky's shoulder, "Come on Sky, we can thank him later when they aren't in the ship."

"But I," Sky was about to complain when she saw the look on Lily's face, "Fine."
  Avalon / Embrea / 1y 13d 23h 53m 7s
Owen and Zoro hadn't gotten to spend much time alone because of how fast Minny was catching on to everything. Instead of just babbling she was now forming very small sentences and since she was now walking they both had their eyes on her 24/7.

Nami sighed. "Owen... When was the last time you and Zoro spent time alone?"

Owen blinked at the sudden question and thought for a moment. "Uhm... It...probably wasn't that long ago..." She thought back and her eyes widened. "Other than sleeping beside each other... I think the last time we had time for just us was... Ava's wedding... When I made the cake..."


Sanji had made a fruit drink for Ava and when he heard her voice he smiled as he headed out the kitchen. "Love, I made you something." He started walking towards her and saw her staring down at two women on the beach. "Everything alright love?" He murmured softly. "Friends of yours?"
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 1y 14d 3m 32s
"If only being stubborn kept me from getting sick." Ava gave a weak smile that faded the moment the food outside her door reached her nose. She heard what Owen said and shook her head before leaning over the wastebasket. [I Not again,] she thought, only to dry heave as there was nothing left for her to throw up.


Two months later and the crew docked on a semi large island complete with a city and several small towns. Ava had some managed to keep her pregnancy a secret, but part of her wondered if Sanji knew with how he'd been acting. Minny was now walking and her words began to form a bit better but not enough to form a coherent sentence. Hime and Nashi were still pretty awkward but there was a decent base starting for there relationship. However, Nashi still had to deal with getting a boner almost every time he and Hime kissed for more than a few minutes.

"Ava!" Hime threw open Ava's bedroom door and held out a piece of bright yellow fabric.

"What is this for," Ava asked as she dropped her nightshirt back down.

"It's a dress."

"Obviously, but why?"

"Because you looked sad the last few days so I made you seeing to make you happy."

Ava took the dress and looked it up and down before smiling at Hime, "Thank you. Now please get out."

"Okay," Hime closed the door and returned to the room she shared with Hori sand Raaea, "I think Ava might be letting herself go. I saw her stomach and she looked kind of...fat."

"You better not let Ava hear you say that," Raea scolded.


Ava changed into the dress Hime brought her and was surprised that it had her slight baby bump well. The plunging neckline caught her a bit off guard but she was grateful that the other girl kept the design to something she would normally wear. After putting on a pair of wedge sandals, and the necklace with Graham's name carved into it, she headed towards the kitchen for breakfast. When she reached the main deck she saw a flash of pink and red hair on the beach and frowned, [I What are they doing here?]

Changing course, she left the ship and went to greet the two. "So I see that Adachi's death set you to free."

"Of course," Sky giggled, "Say, is that blond man with the funny eyebrow on that ship?"

"He's busy," Ava deadpanned.

"Take take, someone isn't happy to see us," Lily sighed, "We just wanted to thank him."
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Sanji chuckled and shook his head. "Just concerned for the well-being of my wife." He leaned down to kiss her cheek. "Since I know she's extremely stubborn."


Owen had finished cooking lunch for everyone and grabbed the light dish Sanji had cooked for Ava. She left the kitchen and headed to their room and lightly knocked on the door. "Sorry to intrude. But I wasn't sure if she wanted to try to get something in her stomach."
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 1y 14d 1h 16m 55s
Ava sighed and closed her eyes when she felt the cold cloth on her skin, "You always take such good care of me when I'm sick." She chuckled a little and grabbed his have as he pulled away then kissed the meatiest part of his palm. "It's just a stomach bug, nothing to worry about." It really want anything to worry about but it wasn't a stomach bug either, she just hoped the nausea would go away soon. "But there is something else bothering you, isn't there?"


"It was so awkward," Hime pouted, "But he's taking care of it now."
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Hattori had walked outside to get some fresh air when she saw Hime standing on the lawn. "Hime? What's wrong?"

Hime saw her sister and sighed. "I-I got a little too into it and gave him a boner... What do I do?"

Hattori blinked a couple times before bursting out laughing. "Hime, last I checked... That's a good thing... It means he's attracted to you."


Sanji shook his head. "Its nothing love. I just get worried whenever you get sick. That's all." He reached down into the pail and rung out the cloth before gently wiping her neck and cheeks before rinsing it in the water again and ringing it out before placing the cloth on her forehead.
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 1y 14d 6h 39m 11s
"Mhm," Ava took the cup and slowly sipped at the water before looking at him. "What's on your mind?" She reached out and ran her fingers through his hair, "It's written all over your face."


"Uh, yeah," Nashi said as he closed the door and looked down at the problem that stopped them making out. [I Why do you do that,] he thought as he went about getting rid of his boner.
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