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"Payment for a light meal is one kiss." Sanji winked before chuckling. "But yes, I can make you something light love."

Nami entered the kitchen with Robin and Owen behind her and saw Nashi's head on the table as he mumbled. "I take it He didn't like any of the advice?"
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 43d 9h 38m 39s
"I don't know how to talk to her though," Nashi stressed, "She's so pretty and funny and kind and I'm..."

"An idiot that doesn't know how to deal with emotions," Ava suggested finishing his sentence.

"Yeah that." He sat down at the table and put his head in his hands, "What do I do?"

"Take her lunch down to her? I doubt Hori is going to leave her side." Ava leaned back against the counter and watched Sanji cook. "Oh, could you make me something light? I'm not feeling well and don't want your wonderful cooking to go to waste."
  Avalon / Embrea / 43d 9h 42m 6s
Sanji nodded as he quickly went to make some tea so she could calm down while he made her a snack. He waved Hattori over for a moment then whispered. "Do you know what happened?"

Hattori nodded. "She's been stressed out over Red. He hasn't really talked to her since they danced. She tried to make him an outfit and ended up tearing the fabric which made her start crying because she was stressed out. I've never seen her like someone so much..." She whispered back.

Once the tea was done Hattori smiled. "I'll bring her back down for now and come get her food when it's done. I'm sure she wants to try to continue on it. I'll bring her dishes up later." She guided Hime back out of the room before she noticed Nashi and brought her back down to the workshop with the tea.

"Thank you Hori..." She gently rested her head on her twins shoulder. "I don't know what I'd do without you."


Sanji continued making lunch for everyone but made Hime something different to calm her nerves. "You're in luck kid." Sanji glanced behind him for a brief moment. "She likes you. She was upset because she's been trying to find a way to get you to talk to her again."
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 43d 9h 45m 40s
"No but he wanted an answer," Ava shrugged and winked at Sanji, "You're pretty good at it though."

Nashi nodded, "Got it."

"Oh, but don't be aggressive because then we will have to kill you," Ava pointed out.

"Y-yes ma'am." Nashi froze in place when Hori brought Hime in and sat her down. [i She looks sad. I wonder what has her so stressed that she is sad.] He thought about going over to try and comfort her but his body wouldn't move.
  Avalon / Embrea / 43d 9h 59m 50s
Sanji snickered. "Can you really see him doing that to Hime?"


A few moments later Hattori opened the door. "Sanji can you make something to calm Hime down? She's been a little stressed."

Hime walked in behind Hattori still trying to wipe her tears away and since she was rubbing her eyes she didn't even realize Ava or Nashi were in the room.
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"Maybe he just doesn't know what to say," Hori suggested as she continued to sooth her twin. "How about we go see if Sanji can make you something to calm your nerves. You wont be able to fix this if you're stressed."

"O-okay," Hime nodded as she let her sister lead her to the kitchen.


"But you're so good at it," Nashi pressed, "Can't you give me [i any] advice."

Ava sighed and rubbed her temples, "Alright alright. Going based off my own experiences, the best way, personally, for any man to kiss a girl is to push her up against a wall, hold her arms above her head, and kiss her like you mean it."
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"NO!" Hime shrieked causing Hattori to jump.

"Hime?!" She rushed to the workshop and found her sister in tears. "Hime?! Talk to me! What's wrong?"

Hime looked at Hattori though teary eyes. "I-I ruined it." She looked at the outfit in front of her which had a large tear through the center of the fabric.

Hattori sighed softly and gently rubbed her back. "Hime, you're normally so careful. What's on your mind?"

Hime sighed softly as she wiped her tears. "Nashi... I can't get him out of my head... But since the dance... He's barely even spoken to me... I don't know what to do... I thought... Maybe if I made another outfit for him... he would talk to me..."
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 43d 10h 9m 32s
"Aside from Ava," Nami tried not to laugh, "He hasn't had the best of luck with the ladies."

"Shh," Ava put a finger to her lips, "We don't talk about that." After that she did end up laughing, "I'll go see what those two are up to." She picked up all the other dishes and made her way to the kitchen where she caught the tail end of what Sanji said. "May regret what? What are you two talking about in here?"

"I want to know how to approach Hime but Sanji thinks I'll get attacked by you and the others if I do," Nashi admitted with a guilty expression. "I like her but I don't know how to go about it."

"I doubt she would fault you for kissing her," Ava shrugged as she placed the dishes in the sink. "And I'm sure the rest of the Damned wont attack you for doing so."

"So," Nashi got a twinkle in his eye, "You think I should do it? How would you [i properly] kiss a lady?"

Ava blinked at the question and looked at Sanji then back at Nashi. "I don't know what crazy stories you've heard but my talent lies in seducing men."


"Do you really think she will ask Sanji for advice," Nami asked.

"She might," Robin shrugged, "Maybe we should get Hime's opinion on Nashi before we make any solid plans."
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Sanji sighed. "Kid... Please... It was an example... Don't make the damned come after you if they think you're attacking her." Sanji sighed. "What I was trying to get at is... I can't tell you what you should or shouldn't do. Mine and Ava's situation was different. And so was Zoro's and Owen's and Robin and Franky, and even Usopp and Cydi. All I can really say is once you decide on something. Don't chicken out. Because you may regret it."


"Would it be bad if Sanji gave him advice?" Owen asked curiously.
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 43d 10h 22m 34s
"I," Nashi thought about it for a moment, "Is that a thing? Can I do that?"


Ava pursed her lips, "Honestly, I'm not sure. I don't know if Hime even has any experience with men, or love in general."

"Do you think Sanji has any ideas," Nami asked out of curious.

"Lets not bring him into this if possible."

"Oh? Trouble in paradise already?"

"Hm," Ava raised a brow, "No, but if I know Sanji, he is probably already giving advice to Nashi." After she finished her coffee and the majority of her food she stood up, plate in hand. "I'm going to get myself some more coffee, does anyone want anything?"

"No," Robin replied, "We'll discuss different [i push] ideas while you're away though."
  Avalon / Embrea / 43d 10h 24m 11s
Sanji chuckled. "Nashi. You don't just kiss once and magically have a solid foundation. That comes with time. We've been through a lot together. That's what makes us so solid." He set his knife down for a moment and washed his hands before wiping them off with a towel. He took a few steps forward and sighed. "If I told you to grab her by the hips and dip her before kissing her like she was the only woman in the world, would you do it?"


Robin chuckled. "Do you have a push in mind?"
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 43d 10h 42m 4s
"But you have a solid foundation," Nashi protested, "You even married her." He had to look away as he muttered the last part under his breath, "Even if she is a little psycho." He placed the rag on the edge of the bucket and stood up, dusting himself off. "I just, I like her but I don't know how to approach her."


"Its not as bad as they make it sound," Nami chuckled, "But it was pretty bad."

"All I'm getting at is that, maybe they need a little push?" Ava looked at her food again and decided to take another bite, just in case Sanji were to show up.
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Owen blushed. "Was it really that painful for you guys to watch?! He was the first guy I liked! I didn't know how to react to anything!"

Robin laughed at Owen's outburst but nodded. "His face turns red every time she laughs. And he always glances at her anytime he sees her. There's definitely something there."


Sanji was a little surprised by the question but chuckled. "I don't think you want to start out the same way Ava and I did. She asked me to kiss her to get men who were following her to leave her alone and we ended up making out in a market."
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Ava sat outside with Robin, Nami and Owen, sipping at her coffee and contemplating discussing the situation with Nashi and Hime. She looked down at her plate of half eaten breakfast that Sanji and brought her and sighed, [i Why am I not hungry?] Taking another sip of coffee she leaned forward and rested her elbows on the small table. "Has anyone else noticed what has been going on between Nashi and Hime? Its a bit more painful to watch than when Owen and Zoro first got together."


Nashi had decided to help around the Sunny by cleaning so he didn't get thrown overboard or left on some random island. At the moment, he was in the kitchen, cleaning every nook and cranny while Sanji did the dishes. "Hey Sanji, you're good with women right?" He realized how his question sounded and went wide eyed, "I-I mean, your relationship with Ava is solid. How do I get that with Hime?"
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Sanji nodded as he carefully fastened the pendant around her neck. "Beautiful."


A few weeks had passed since Sanji and Ava's wedding. Everyone had restocked on an island they had briefly stopped at and were out to sea again.

Nashi and Hime hadn't had any close contact since the dance at the wedding but Nashi couldn't help but look in her direction anytime he saw her. And anytime he heard her laugh he couldn't help but smile softly as blush lightly danced in his cheeks. He knew that he had feelings for her but was too nervous to say anything or figure out how to go about it.
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