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Ava curled up under the covered until another wave of nausea hit and she was leaning over the wastebasket, once again, losing the contents of her stomach. If there was one thing she hated, it was throwing up, the burn of acid in her throat and mouth and how it made her want to start crying because it hurt so much. She could feel Sanji holding her hair back and when she was done, she returned to being curled up. "You don't have to stay with me, I know you were busy making lunch."


Franky filled Chopper in on the situation, but it didn't stop the rest of the crew from watching as the small reindeer basically flew out of the room. Regardless of the unspoken question on what was going on, the cyborg just shook his head and sat down next to Robin.
  Avalon / Embrea / 108d 3h 56m 15s
Hime was a little concerned but when she realized what happened her face turned bright red once again. "I-I-I'm sorry!" She bowed her head slightly. "I-I may have went overboard... I'm so sorry."


Sanji nodded and carried her to their room and moved a wastebasket next to the bed just in case she felt like she had to puke again. He gently rubbed her back and ran his fingers through her hair. "Just breathe love." [i Could she be....?]
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 108d 4h 1m 47s
Ava looked at Sanji and nodded, "Please?" She should have known something was bound to happen with the fact that it took her forever to finish breakfast. When she felt Sanji lift her into his arms she rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes, "Don't move too fast though, everything is already spinning."

Franky looked at Sanji and exchanged the same look of worry. He didn't have to be told what to do because the moment they were out of sight, he headed for the kitchen to get Chopper.


Nashi felt something in him stir and his face started to turn red. "I don't mean to be rude but," he gently removed her from his lap and covered himself with the closest available object. "I'm sorry."
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Sanji noticed Ava rush out of the room and quickly put down the knife he was using and looked at Owen. "Sorry Ow, could you finish up for me?"

Owen nodded when she saw the worry in his eyes.

Sanji rushed out the door and made it to Ava just in time to see Franky cleaning up her vomit and her resting her head against the wall. "Baby..." He walked over and gently took her hand. "Want me to bring you to the room love?"


Hime smiled and she couldn't help but chuckle. "Just a few moments ago you said you never knew what to say to me. Now you're a charmer. Did I just awaken the beast?" She leaned forward just enough so he could feel her breath on his lips.
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 108d 4h 9m 47s
"Do you think its a good idea to leave them by themselves," Chopper asked with his head cocked to the side. "I mean technically Nashi isn't a good guy."

"He's harmless," Hori admitted, "If Luffy felt he was a threat he would have kicked him off a while ago."

Luffy stopped panicking long enough to agree with Hori, "He hasn't tried to harm any of my friends so he's good."


Ava accidentally ran into Franky on her way towards the bathroom and would have fallen over had he not caught her. "Whoa there little sis, whats that matter?"

"I," Ava covered her mouth, "I don't feel very well." She squirmed out of Franky's reach and continued on her way, only to lose the entire contents of her stomach right outside the bathroom door.

Franky frowned at the sight and, though he wanted to go get Chopper, he went to help Ava instead. He helped clean up the vomit mess and made sure that she was okay. "Do you want me to get Chopper?"

"N-no," Ava replied as she leaned her head on the wall, "I just need to rest."


Nashi wrapped his free arm around Hime and smiled, "This way you wont collapse if you feel week in the knees."
  Avalon / Embrea / 108d 4h 16m 1s
Owen smiled as she wrapped her arms around Do so. "I know... Its one of my fondest memories."

Nami couldn't help but laugh as Luffy continued to panic.

Cydi and Robin looked at each other and shrugged.

"Do you have a favorite kiss?" Cydi asked.

Robin shook her head. "No, I like them all. Franky and I don't kiss nearly as much as anyone else on this ship anyways. So I love them all." She chuckled.

Cydi nodded. "Me either. Usopp gets too embarrassed to kiss in public."


Hime gasped slightly when he pulled her onto his lap then giggled as she wrapped her arms around his neck and shifted herself so she was stradling him. "Hmm... This is better." She leaned forward and pressed her lips against his once more and felt her heart race.
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 108d 4h 23m 37s
"Then how about," Nashi pulled Hime into his lap, "you just sit here?"


"There is still glitter on my weights," Zoro admitted before looking at Owen, "But that was the first time I lost control with you."

"I like the hidden kisses I get from Luffy when he thinks no one is watching," Nami admitted causing Luffy to nearly panic.

"People are watching," Luffy shouted.

"Maybe," Nami winked.

"Okay so maybe we all have that one kiss that tops our first." Ava smiled as she thought about all the kisses she has shared with Sanji in the past but the one that stuck out most was how he kissed her when she told him she was pregnant. Of course after that, she quickly covered her mouth and rushed out of the room.
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Hime felt his hand go to the back of her head and she smiled softly before breaking the kiss. "Stand up its hard to kiss you hunched over." She chuckled as her cheeks flushed bring red.

Owen nodded. "It is. Well... Actually I think the glitterstar mishap was my favorite kiss... Seaking kinda ruined my first kiss."
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 108d 4h 34m 29s
"Finally," Hori shouted before leaving her hiding space and going to join the others in the kitchen.

"So," Nami asked with her head resting on her palm, "How did it go?"

"They kissed," Hori grinned.

"Whats so great about a kiss," Usopp asked only for Cydi to stare at him with a blank expression, "What?"

"The first kiss is always the best," Ava replied as she leaned back in her chair, "It says everything in that one simple action."


Nashi hadn't expected what came after he admitted his feelings and his eyes just remained wide. It took a moment for him to process it before he placed a palm on the back of Hime's head and slowly kissed her back. [i So this is what it feels like?]
  Avalon / Embrea / 108d 4h 38m 0s
Hime's eyes widened at Nashi's outburst then heard Hattori's shout and took a deep breath before letting it out. She stood up and walked over to Nashi and gently moved his hand from his mouth. Then without another word. She leaned down and kissed him on the lips.
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 108d 4h 41m 45s
"Lets talk about something other than your outfits. Don't get me wrong, they are awesome, but that isn't why I like you." Nashi realized what just came out of his mouth and quickly slapped his hand over it. He then proceeded to sit there for the next several minutes chewing the inside of his cheek and mentally slapping himself.

"Just kiss already," Hori shouted before realizing she just blew her cover, [i Crap.]
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Hime's face turned bright red when he mentioned the outfit. "I-I know... It's just... I thought maybe it would give us something to talk about... Anytime I try to talk to you... I just get so nervous and end up back in this room. So I guess it's sort of my fault for not taking action..." Hime gently ran her fingers through her hair since it was a nervous habit of hers.
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 108d 4h 47m 16s
"You don't have to make me another outfit to get me to talk to you." Nashi got tired of standing and took a seat at one of the other two stations, and watched at Hime ate. "I haven't been busy to avoid you," he admitted, "I just don't know what to say to you when I see you."
  Avalon / Embrea / 108d 4h 50m 55s
Hime's eyes widened. "W-What did you hear?" She wanted to clarify because she couldn't quite remember what she said and she hadn't even known he had been in there.
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 108d 4h 54m 15s
"I," Nashi rubbed the back of his neck, "I heard what you said in the kitchen earlier but I don't think you knew I was that." He shifted a bit trying to find the words to say and when nothing else came out he fell silent.

[i What is this idiot doing,] Hori thought as she watched the two.
  Avalon / Embrea / 108d 4h 56m 45s

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