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Ava looked behind her every so often to make sure Owen was still with her. Once they reached the library she stood by the door to let Owen in first. "Thank you," she said to Sanji's with a smile, "I appreciate it." She was about to go back in when she remembered something. "Oh! Before you go, there's a book that I need you to get. You're a bit taller than me, by a lot."
  Avalon / Juleka / 18h 28m 20s
Cydi sighed and grabbed Owen by the shoulders gently. "Please be careful."

Owen smiled and nodded.

Sanji looked at the three women and smiled softly to himself. [i That crew is really close to each other... they act like sisters.] When he heard Zoro's remark his cheeks flushed pink as he gritted his teeth. "I am a gentleman Mosshead!"

He ran his fingers through his hair and sighed softly before smiling at the women before him. "Of course. I'll show you the way."

Owen looked at Ava and followed closely while holding the pillow in her arms.
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 18h 51m 22s
"If there is any fighting, I'll bring her back." Ava looked at Nami, "Do you have any spare blankets? I'd rather be prepared in case she falls asleep."

"Of course," Nami went back into her room and came back a few minutes later with an extra pillow and blanket. "Do you need anything?"

"No, I'll be alright," Ava replied as she took the items from Nami. "Sanji, would you mind taking us back to the library?"

"Zoro, go back to bed." Nami smiled at the three women before returning to get to where she probably went back to sleep.

Zoro scowled at the redhead as she closed her for behind her. [I This day is a nightmare.] He yawned briefly as he started to return to the boys room, "Keep it in your pants Eyebrows. You'll cause us more problems if you don't. And you, blue eyes, don't egg him on." When he finally got back to bed, he couldn't bring himself to go back to bed.
  Avalon / Juleka / 19h 34m 7s
Owen looked at Ava then at Cydi.

Cydi saw the look in her eyes and sighed. "You want to stay don't you?"

Owen nodded.

"You really trust them that much?"

Owen smiled softly and nodded. She signed slowly, they don't seem to be bad people. Just some are more grumpy than others.

Cydi couldn't help but look at the green haired swordsman and smirk at this. "Alright... if you insist... But still you're not a good fighter Owen..."

Owen smiled and walked over and hugged Cydi. Stepping away she signed, but I'm smart.

Cydi sighed. "I can tell when I'm not needed. But if I hear or see anything else that looks or sounds dangerous both of you are back to the ship. Do I make myself clear?"

Sanji smiled softly. "Don't worry it won't come to that. If there sounds like there's any fighting it would be between me and mosshead."
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 20h 14m 49s
"She can talk," Zoro asked in surprise as he took another step back.

"Of course she can talk you idiot, she just doesn't like to in case she reads lips wrong." Ava looked at Cydi, "If I felt like I was in danger I wouldn't have agreed to stay here."

"And Sanji would never let any harm come to a woman," Nami added in with a smirk, "Thats how he is."

"And they say chivalry is dead," Ava chuckled. Moving so that Owen could read her lips, she spoke, "You can stay with me if you're that worried. We'd be in the library and Sanji is on watch so nothing will happen."

"You can stay too Cydi if you'd like," Nami offered, "I'm sure Ava would like the company."
  Avalon / Juleka / 21h 57m 15s
Owen looked over at Cydi who was scowling then glanced back at Ava who had a slight mix between a worried and agitated look on her face.

Cydi sighed. "Ava, I know getting Dr. Chopper's opinion means a lot to you. But I can't trust you staying alone on this ship. And Owen hasn't slept at all tonight. She's just been staring at this ship worried sick that you wouldn't come back."

Owen frowned and began signing that yes she was worried because Ava was so far away but not because it was the straw hats. She observed them all earlier and they all seemed like good people. She just didn't want a fight to break out where someone could get hurt.

Cydi sighed and ran her fingers through her hair. "Owen, you're signing too fast."

Owen stopped signing for a second then looked down for a brief second and took a deep breath in before quietly saying. "N-No fighting." In a small voice.
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 23h 36s
Zoro stepped back when Owen stepped between him and Ava. He'd overhead Clove tell Nami that she wasn't a fighter so he was slightly shocked. [I What is it with these women?]

"Step away from then," Cydi said as she approached.

"Wait," Ava pulled her arm from Sanji's grasp, "Don't antagonize him any further, it's my fault." The tension around then was so thick you could cut it with a knife. "Cydi please."

"He had you backed against a wall Ava, what else would you have us do? You're in danger aboard this ship and I think it's time you come back."

"What? No."

"She isn't in any danger. None of us would let that happen." Nami was hoping that she could reason with Cydi to avoid any further conflict that would potentially wake the rest of the crew and start a fight. "Zoro is just really grumpy sometimes."

"What is it with you people," Zoro glowered, "Is it a universal rule for women to protect other women?"

"Zoro," Nami glared, "Go back to bed before your cause anymore trouble."
  Avalon / Juleka / 2d 18h 32m 18s
Owen noticed the green haired man turn to Ava and started walking closer. Her eyes widened as she began panicking. [i What do I do?! Should I wake the captain? What's going on over there?] A few moments after getting lost in thought Owen nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt something touch her shoulder. When she turned to look she saw Cydi.

"Owen what's wrong you look pale and panicked."

Owen just pointed in response. Cydi looked over and saw the green haired grump getting closer to Ava. "Let's go. I know you'll try getting over there yourself if I don't bring you."

Cydi lowered one of the row boats and waited for Owen to climb in before she rowed them over to the Sunny.

While Cydi was securing the boat Owen was already scaling the ship. "Owen wait!"

Owen was only looking forward so she didn't heed Cydi's warning. As soon as she climbed on board she rushed over to Ava and stood between her and Zoro as if to protect her if there was a conflict.
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 2d 18h 48m 39s
"You're only to talk. You swoon over any woman you see and get rejected everytime." Zoro turned his attention to Ava, "And you aren't helping by flirting back."

"What gives you the right to judge me and what I do? At least I don't scowl at the world around me," Ava hissed.

"That's my face," Zoro snapped as he took a few steps closer, "You have a problem with that?"

"I have a problem with your attitude. It sucks and Sanji is right, a little respect goes a long way. If you'd asked me earlier, I would have said you were a decent person but now I see that you are nothing but a bully to strangers." She took a step back as he got closer, not liking the aura he was giving off. [I So this is what they were talking about.] Soon her back was against the wall and she could feel good breath on her face.

"Go back to the library, finish your work and get off this ship."

"What's going on," Nami asked as she emerged from her room with a sleepy look in her eye. "What are you two fighting about this time?"

"Eyebrows can't keep it in his pants and let the enemy into our room."

"You two are hopeless," Nami sighed. When she noticed the two men were accompanied by Ava she frowned, "What are you doing to her?"
  Avalon / Juleka / 2d 19h 11m 42s
Sanji heard Ava's remark and before he could let go of her hand Zoro came stomping out of the room still rather grumpy. Sanji's face turned slightly red again as he grit his teeth at the green haired man. "Could you show a little respect, you act like a troll any time a woman comes around."


Owen hadn't been able to sleep because she was worried about Ava. She stared over at the ship with the strawhat jolly roger and sighed softly. But then she noticed something out of the corner of her eye. A figure with blonde hair and a figure with green hair. She squinted her eyes and it looked like the two were arguing over something.
  Sanji / PotatoPirate / 2d 20h 27m 52s
"Somehow that doesn't surprise me." Ava let out a breath not that she wasn't near Zoro, "Though I'm pretty sure my moving his arm woke him up." It didn't take long before she realized that Sanji's hand was around her wrist. She stayed quiet for a while until she grew tired of looking at the surrounding hallway. "May I have my arm back please?"

[I Stupid Eyebrows letting her come in here while we're sleeping.] Zoro laid back down and closed his eyes, "What the hell was he thinking? Idiot." He frowned when he heard them talking outside the room. Debating whether it not to tell them to shut up he opened his eyes. Getting out of bed he walked over to the door and threw it open, "Oi, some of us are trying to sleep."

"You'd probably still be grumpy even if you got enough sleep," Ava retorted. "Grumpiness isn't an attractive quality in a man, you should think about that." She placed her free hand on her hip, "Are you done trying to intimate me? I have things to do."

"So does Eyebrows," Zoro grumbled, "Now stop holding hands and go away."
  Avalon / Juleka / 2d 21h 25m 21s
"Calm down there mosshead. I'm right here. She was already holding him, we didn't want the shifting to wake him up. Now shut up and sleep before you wake up everyone else." Sanji retorted before walking in a bit and gently grabbing Ava's wrist before gently pulling her back and escorting her out of the room.

After shutting the door behind her he sighed softly. "Sorry about him. He's always grumpy."
  Sanji / PotatoPirate / 2d 23h 37m 5s
Ava quietly entered the room and placed Chopper in the bed Sanji mentioned. After making sure there small reindeer was covered and, as far as she know, comfortable she stood up to leave. However, the moment she did an arm flew out in front of her causing her to step back. Taking a deep she moved the arm back into it's respective bed, [I Please don't want up.]

"What're you doing in here," a gruff voice came from the bed where she had just placed the arm.

Ava froze in place as Zoro sat up and glared at her, "I uh, Chopper fell asleep so I put him to bed." Still unable to move, the glare keeping her in place, she glanced over to Sanji hoping for help.

Zoro continued to glare, "Where's Eyebrows, he could have done it?"
  Avalon / Juleka / 2d 23h 55m 59s
Sanji chuckled. "Well, his room is with the rest of the boys. So wasn't sure if you'd feel comfortable entering a room with a bunch of sleeping men." He chuckled softly. "But if you don't mind I can show you the way. Shifting him too much may wake him up if that's what you're worried about."

He put out his cigarette then smiled kindly at the woman. "It's this way." He led her down to the lower quarters and slowly opened the door. "You can put him in the lower bunk. I'm on watch tonight so he can sleep there."
  Sanji / PotatoPirate / 3d 1h 8m 8s
Ava stopped when Sanji offered to take Chopper to bed, "I didn't think anyone was still awake considering how late it is." She looked down as the sleeping reindeer and sighed, "That would probably be best, since I have absolutely no idea where I'm going." When she felt him shift, she shifted too to keep him from falling from her arms.

"Or you could just show me where to go. Either way, I'm sure he'd be grateful waking up in a bed rather than a chair."
  Avalon / Juleka / 3d 3h 29m 3s

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