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"Did you know that Ava was pregnant," Nami repeated, realizing that he had been distracted.


Ava had been wandering around for a while looking at different shops until she found one that dealt more in men than women. She went in hoping to find something for Sanji's birthday. After finding something she believed he would love, she went to make her purchase. Now, she was trying to convince the man at the register to gift wrap it. "Please? I don't want him to know about it?"

"Ma'am, as I've already told you, we don't offer gift wrap. The most I can do is place it in a bag," the man replied.

Ava leaned towards him, slightly over the counter, and pouted, "Please?"

"N-no." The man froze when she got closer and he could soon feel get breath on him, sending chills down his spine.

"I really can't risk him seeing," Ava whispered, "Pretty please won't you gift wrap it?"

"O-okay," he gave in.

  Avalon / Embrea / 17h 16m 39s
As they walked Sanji pouted because Ava told him he couldn't shop with her today so he was stuck with Luffy and Nami who were babysitting Minny. As Nami started chatting away Sanji looked at the shops that passed and could have sworn he saw a flash of red and pink go by but shook it from his mind when Nami asked him a question. "Did I know? Did I know what?" He asked confused. He had been completely in his own little world wishing he could be spending time with Ava.
  PotatoPirate / 18h 52m 45s
Ava smiled as she watched Minny eat her cake, "That should keep her out of trouble for a while." She removed her unused apron and placed it back in the kitchen closet where it belonged.

"Have you eaten yet," Nami asked as she eyed the brunette.

"Uh," Ava thought for a moment, "No but I'm not really hungry."

"You haven't been [I hungry] the last few months. What's up with you?"

"Nothing, I'm fine."

"Are you pregnant again?"

Ava shifted, "No," she said almost too quickly and hoped no one would see through her lie.

Nami raised a brow, "So Chopper does monthly checks on you just because?" She stood up and walked over to Ava and peered really close to her face while simultaneously putting a hand on either side of the woman's belly. "You're a terrible liar," she whispered.

Ava placed a hand over Nami's mouth, "Don't say another word."


Elsewhere on the island, Lily and Sky hatched a plan to get Ava out of the way so that Sky could have Sanji. Lily came across a group of bandits that she had convinced to dress as Marines, which that had no problem taking out, so they could [i arrest] Ava whens he came into town. "This should work," Lily muttered as she examined the group to make sure they appeared as Marines should.

"Are you sure," Sky asked, "Do you think she'll fight back?"

"I doubt it. We just need to catch her off guard."

"Yay! That means I'll get my Sanji!"

"Not exactly," Lily began pacing, "Once he realizes she is gone he is likely to go find her. They seemed relatively close when we saw them earlier."

"Hmph," Sky crossed her arms and pouted, "What makes her so special?"

"Who cares," Lily replied, "I'll just do to Sanji what I did to Adachi, only this time, I'll wipe her from his memory."


Nami and Luffy had kept their promise and were walking around town with Minny and Sanji. "Hey Sanji," Nami began, "Have you noticed anything strange about Ava lately?"

Luffy started laughing at Nami's question, "You mean that she's pregnant?"


"What? He should know."

"But it isn't up to you to tell him!"

"He should know already."

Nami blinked, realizing Luffy had a point, "Wait, did you know?"
  Avalon / Embrea / 17h 20m 13s
Once Minny was in her highchair she was still bouncing in place staring at the cake so hard as if it may fly off the plate, as Sanji brought it over to her. It was nothing fancy but cake was cake. As soon as she plate was put down Minny was about to grab fistfulls and shove them into her mouth until she dismembered what mommy said to say. "Fank ooo!"

Sanji chuckled before nodding. "You're welcome."
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 10d 10h 6m 57s
"Nami offered to watch Minny so we have the whole day," Zoro replied as he returned to kissing her neck.


"So, what exactly does everyone have planned when going into town," Ava asked as she watched Sanji frost the cake.

"What are you two planning," Nami countered.

"I actually have to do some personal shipping so I'll be going off on my own at some point."

"What kind of [I personal shopping]," Luffy asked as if to imply she was buying sobering she shouldn't.

"Not anything you're thinking off," Ava rolled her eyes.

"Caaaaake," Minny screeched when she saw Sanji put a slice on a plate. "Cake! Cake! Cake!" Her joy became uncontained and she started bouncing on Ava's lap when he brought it over.

"Ow," Ava muttered, "Let's move you to your highchair, shall we?"
  Avalon / Embrea / 11d 18h 43m 11s
Sanji got to baking the cake he decided on just doing a yellow cake with buttercream frosting. Nothing too fancy.

Minny giggled the whole time just saying Cake.


Owen was trying to catch her breath as she wrapped her arms around Zoro's neck. "I needed that... I miss moments like this. Not necessarily [i this]... But just us..."
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 11d 21h 23m 25s
"Why wasn't the door closed so the way?" Ava looked at Luffy with a raised brow then shrugged, "He might be but, maybe some alone time with Owen might simmer him down." She turned her attention back to Sanji as he gathered the ingredients, [I I wonder what cake we are going to make.]

"Why are you looking at Sanji's butt," Luffy asked.

"I'm looking at the ingredients stupid."
  Avalon / Embrea / 12d 4h 52m 20s
Minny giggled. "Caaake!"

Luffy walked into the kitchen and sighed softly. "Do you think Zoro's still gonna be mad after he finishes with Owen?" He asked with a grin. When he say Minny he went over and poked her nose. "What did you do Min? You're getting me in trouble."

Minny frowned. "Dahie no eat mahie."

Sanji snickered as he got out the ingredients for making a cake. "Oh god... I wonder how much she saw..."
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 12d 7h 26m 14s
Ava knelt down and picked Minny up, "Why don't we help Uncle Sanji make your cake?" She turned to Nami and chuckled, "Oh you're kidding? That had to be embarrassing. Why wasn't anyone watching her?"

"Luffy got his great stuck and I'm guessing she wandered off while I was trying to get him lose."

"Oh jeez." Ava shook her head and looked at Sanji, "Looks like we have a request for cake."

Nami looked at Ava's dress and shook her head, "Not dressed like that you aren't." She went over to the kitchen closet and pulled out an apron then tossed it to Ava who caught it with one hand. "Put this on."

"Then take Minny," Ava countered.

"Fine," Nami took over holding Minny so Ava could put the apron on. "There, now you can help."
  Avalon / Embrea / 12d 16h 42m 57s
Minny squirmed as Nami carried her to the kitchen. "Noooo!" As soon as she saw they reached the kitchen she grinned and shrieked as she tried to wiggle out of Nami's grasp so she could go ask for cake.

Nami set the toddler down and she instantly rushed into the room.

Once Minny was in the room she looked at Ava and grinned. "Auh Avie! Caaaaake!" She threw her hands in the air and giggled. "Cake cake cake!"


Sanji snickered when he saw Minny screeching about cake. "I think someone wants cake. We should ask your parents first though."

Nami made an X with her arms. "They sent her. Just give the kid some cake... Or we may feel Zoro's wrath."

"What happened?" Sanji asked out of curiosity.

"I don't know all the details... But... Minny was leaving Zoro and Owen's room when I finally got to her. I have a feeling she may have interrupted something." Nami sighed. "So Owen bribed her with Cake."
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 12d 17h 26m 59s
"No," Nami said as she picked the child up, "I'll carry you and you can request case from Auntie Ava and Uncle Sanji for cake?"


"Let's pretend we don't know anything," Ava giggled as she looked at the kitchen door. "Though I'm curious what Luffy did to make Zoro so mad."
  Avalon / Embrea / 12d 17h 48m 43s
Owen giggled. "S- Sorry... Just never expected our own child to interrupt us... Or tell you to not eat me." She wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled. "Can we continue where we left off? Please?" Owen used her doe eyes even though she knew he wouldn't say no.


Minny pouted. "I grown up!" She stuck her tongue out at the stairs. "Stair get beat!" Then she proceeded to try and crawl up the stairs again.


Sanji chuckled. "What on earth is going on out there..."
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 12d 17h 53m 22s
"Cake?" Nami stopped chasing after Minny for a second and knocked on the bedroom door, "Did you really tell her to go ask Ava for cake?"

"Yes," Zoro shouted, "Now go away!" When he heard Nami chuckled and the sound of hey footsteps trailing off he looked at Owen. "Stop laughing." He tried to keep a straight face until the sound of her laughter sink in and he started laughing too.


Nami chased after Minny when she noticed the toddler climbing the stairs, she picked hey up. "I don't think so missy. If you want cake your can't climb these stairs in your own."
  Avalon / Embrea / 12d 17h 58m 12s
Minny tilted her head to the side. "Mahie... Dahie tie?" She grinned then slapped her hands down and screeched. "Ah Minny tie!"

Owen was trying not to laugh. "Minny sweetie. Can you go find Auntie Ava and Uncle Sanji? Maybe if you're polite, they'll let you have some cake."

Minny's eyes lit up as she wiggled off the bed and walked over to the door before turning back and pointing at Zoro. "No eat Mahie! Eat cake!" Then she walked out of the room and left to go find cake.

When Minny left the room Owen couldn't help but start laughing. "I never expected that to happen."


Nami ran down to the rooms and saw Minny walk out and rushed over to the door and closed it so the latch clicked so she couldn't open it again. "Minny let's go play in the top deck."

Minny shook her head. "Auh Ava Cake!" She replied then screeched before doing the baby run towards the top deck.
  Owen Soshi / PotatoPirate / 12d 18h 6m 28s
Ava heard Zoro yell for Luffy and she nearly jumped at the anger she could hear in his voice. She turned her attention back to her drink and tried not too laugh as she pictured what could have possibly happened to make him that mad. [I With his luck, Minny probably walked in on him and Owen.]


"Y-yes cake is better," Zoro tried to keep a straight face, "But this is Mommy and Daddy time."
  Avalon / Embrea / 12d 18h 21m 38s

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