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We're all hiding something, aren't we? From the moment we wake, look in that mirror, all we do is spin our little lies. Suck in that gut, colour that hair, twist off that wedding ring. What's the penalty? What are the consequences, really? [I "I'm only human"], you say, and all is forgiven. But what if some cruel twist of fate makes you something else, something other? Who forgives you then? Every human spends a night or two on the dark side and regrets it. But what if you only exist on the dark side? We just want the same things that you do: a chance at life, at love. We're not so different in that way. And so we try and sometimes fail. But when you're something other, a monster, the consequences are worse. Much worse.

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[b Lyric Boyd] is a [i human] who some how ends up moving in with [b Duran], a [i vampire], and [b Edwyn Harrow], a [i werewolf]. Already living in the house, however is [b Calypso], she's a [i ghost].The three supernaturals try to help one another navigate the complexities of living double lives while trying to figure out their own at the same time...and trying to keep it a secret from Lyric.

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-Usual ES rules.
-No cybering, if it gets to that point you can take it off site or time skip.
-This will be a mature RP.
-The ghost, at the beginning can not touch the solid characters but they can all see her besides Lyric.
-At LEAST 1000-1500 characters.
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Suddenly Lyric's eyes widened and a gasp escaped her lips when the door was suddenly pushed shut by the hand that shot out of nowhere from behind her. It was sudden and it startled her. She glanced over at him, [b "W-What do you mean...?"] She asked, stepping back from him a bit. Becoming more aware. She felt as though the tension could literally be cut down the middle with knife. It was so thick in the air that she was hardly able to breathe.

Memories were flooding back to her, [b "I-Its just something in my past. I thought I saw someone I k-knew..."] She explained, stumbling over her words due to her still being quite dumbfounded at his sudden actions. She just met this guy, there's no way she could tell him the whole story. Hell, Lyric didn't know if she could ever tell anyone who was new in her life the whole story. Just thinking about it caused her hands to tremble and her mouth to become dry with worry, [b "I gotta go in..."] She said as she went to open the door again, slipping past him and instantly heading to her room.

Once there she closed her door and let out a small sigh. How could she ever get used to living with two guys? Although, she felt bad for leaving him down there like she did...she just couldn't take the memories. Lyric slid down the door after placing her items down and hugged her knees to her chest. Her phone had damn near a million missed calls and texts on it, as she could see from simply looking over and seeing the lock screen, [b "Fuck, dude."] She twisted open one of her beers and guzzled it down. After a few minutes she popped open another, drinking about a quarter of it before finally deciding to go make her pizza rolls.

The girl stood up, pizza rolls in one hand and the open beer in the to her. She opened her door and headed downstairs. Once down there she searched the cabinets before finding a place and putting some pizza rolls on it then twisting the top shut and sticking it in the freezer. She then popped the rolls in the microwave, she took a swig of her beer and leaned back against the counter in the kitchen, letting out a small sigh, "I'm really already tipsy, what the hell." She muttered to herself, then again she knew she was quite a lightweight.

Finally her pizza rolls we're done so she grabbed them out of the microwave and went upstairs to her room, where she sat in there on the floor cuddled up in her huge cover eating pizza rolls and drinking beer for the rest of the night.
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Friendships, most of the time, were random things. Two people would meet, have a chat and perhaps do something together before leaving. Then if they were interested enough, they'd meet again and do something together. And this would keep happening until the two were comfortable enough to be friends. It could either happen right away, or take time to forge.

Duran had closed his eyes again after the brief conversation had subsided. He enjoyed feeling the motions and hearing the sounds with closed eyes, it felt something akin to meditation.

Since their 'journey', it was time to get out and head inside the store.

Duran folled Lyric, walking right behind her in complete silence. He occasionally glanced around, but there was nothing of interest to note.

He declined to take anything. He was not feeling hungry enough to buy something to eat.

After hitting up the food section, Lyric hit up the beer section. While choosing her choice of beer, Lyric asked about his favorite movie. Well, he couldn't really answer that one, since he'd never really gone to a movie theater to watch a movie or rent/buy a movie to watch back at home. So, he didn't answer the question, just standing as if he had never heard the question.

After Lyric had grabbed a beer, Duran decided to grab a beer. One of his conclusions from observing humans was that they seemed to bond over beers at bars or pubs. Maybe if he drunk beer at the same time as Lyric as well as being with her, maybe they could become friends.

Walking out after paying, Duran observed Lyric going into distress after seeing something. What she had seen he had not, but it had been enough to scare her.

In the car, he said nothing. Instead, Duran mused over his observation of Lyric. He kept coming back to the "what", what had scared Lyric. He knew enough that something in the past had to have given enough of a scare to make it so that it would still give scares in the future.

[+red "No problem"]. A short, but no lengthier was needed.

As Lyric opened the door, Duran did something. He reached to the door handle, and closed the door. It was rude, he had to admit, but he wanted to know what had scared Lyric.

[+red "I know that something scared you back there in the parking lot. What was it??"]
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[tab][Dosis Calypso wasn't sure what time it was nor how long she was dancing, only letting her body flow from the practiced numbers to ones she makes up on the fly. If she paid attention to her movements, she could almost imagine the wooden stage from the dance studio or the soft carpet caressing her feet when she performed for her brother when he was sick.

[tab] Not noticing her window was open, the wind slightly moves in as she moves almost to its beat. Her mind going through the memories and the music playing softly in her mind's ears was Swan Lake. Her shoes didn't hinder her from the ballet performance from the years of experience and possibly her abilities. If she hadn't chosen to be a fashion designer, her brother often told her she was made to be the next dancer.

[tab] Tears slightly threatened to show her sadness as if the dimmer in her eyes wasn't enough. Despite that, the ghost moved with such grace that if she was alive, she would still seem to be supernatural. Stopping in front of the moonlight, she stares at the moon sadly. Her trance of dancing ceased as she lowers her hand. Clenching her hand gently, she bit her lip and wished she stopped this nostalgic, longing feeling.

[tab][i [#149480 'Sometimes I wished I didn't remember my old life...Other times I am glad I do..I just want to feel "alive" again.']] She softly sighs as she wipes her eyes. Calypso breathes in and lets out a small chill before going as if she is sitting on the window sill.

[tab] Pulling her knees up to her chest, she watches the city move about in the night. She notices a car pull up, grimacing slightly at the machinery but notices Duran and Lyric getting out. [i [#149480 'Must be back from the trip to the store.']] With a light wave, the window closes gently and cuts off any breeze from entering.

[tab] Calypso looks out the window, before leaning her head on knees a bit. Lightly moving her hair a bit to behind her ear, she imagines what life is like outside these walls and wonders if this as close to dreaming she will ever get.]
  Calypso Artois / Farideh3 / 1y 11h 52m 20s
[b "Ah–..Yeah I understand that. I guess it happens randomly like that sometimes."] Lyric said, listening to his answer. Then again she wouldn't know much about friends. Her friendships always ended horribly. The girl sighed slightly as she continued on there journey to the store.

Finally, she flicked her blinker on and turned right into a parking lot that belonged to small grocery store of sorts. It was the only one she had been to since moving here. Luckly, she was off work tomorrow so buying beer and drinking it tonight would be no problem at all. Perhaps she could drink and unpack. Make it a little fun.

[b "Well our long journey has ended."] Lyric said with a small laugh following after she had parked in a parking spot. She turned the car off and unbuckled her seat belt then crawled out of the car. Once her door was locked she waited for Duran to get out as well before pressing the button on her key to lock the door.

Once they hit the inside Lyric glanced around the store. First, she would find her food for tonight. She walked towards the frozen food section and grabbed a bag of pizza rolls, easy and quick, [b "Would you want anything?"] The girl questioned as she glanced upwards for a split second at the male before looking away. She was never good at keeping eye contact with someone. Especially in the past few years...

After grabbing the food she began to walk to the beer section with Duran, [b "So...what's your favorite movie?"] Lyric questioned, trying to get to know her new roommate. Once she made it to the beer section she glanced around at her options, [b "Awe, man...so many options..."] Lyric was kind of bad at making choices a lot of times.

After a few moments of looking at the types of beer she finally just decided to go with some fruity little bitch beer in hopes it wouldn't get her as messed up as anything else. Given the light weight she was, it probably would. Especially since she hardly ever drinks in the first place. She glanced at Duran, [b "I'm ready to go if you are.] She said with a smile on her lips before she began to walk towards the check out line.

After checking out they made their way back to the car. For a split second Lyric stopped, and went pretty pale. Her eyes staring at a male she had seen walk by out of the corner of her eye, [i "Oh thank God...it's not him..."] She sighed both mentally and physically before regaining herself and continuing to the car, [b "Sorry 'bout that.."] She said in a small hurried voice, just brushing it off. She put her pizza rolls and beer in the car then hopped in herself. She buckled her seat belt and started the car. Once they were both buckled up they began their way back home.


Once they finally reached home Lyric crawled out of the turned off car and grabbed her things, [b "Thanks for coming with me."] She said as they walked up to the house. With her items tucked under one arm she opened the front door with the other, [i 'Home sweet home.']
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He was still internally chuckling at Edwyn's response to his joke. Edwyn's response had not been a joke, it had just been Edwyn stating a true fact. The harder one worked, the more tired one would be which meant that obe would be much more hungrier. It wasn't like Duran had to oversee a coffee shop, all he did was work at a music store below the manager position.

Lyric had said that it would be fine for him to accompany her. Duran was not sure what to make of that short locking of the eyes. It had been very momentary, and it was hard to say why it had happened.

Anyways, it was time to head out.

Duran walked out after Lyric, gently shutting the door as soon as he exited the house. He quickly descended the short flight of stairs down to the ground, and lightly jogged over to the shotgun seat of Lyric's car.

Even thought Duran had no need for a car, he did not mind them as long as the human behind the wheel drove correctly. Being a vampire, he knew he'd have the speed to dodge an incoming car effortlessly, but it was better not to use such speed with other humans watching. Especially when you had humans who still believed strongly about 'monsters' such as werewolves and vampires.

Lyric asked a question, she was curious as to how long he had known Edwyn. Duran had to think on this one, going through all the memories back to the time where he had met Edwyn.

But what did it meet to know someone? Did it mean as soon as you met someone, or did it mean when you learned enough about the person to be able to understand them in general? Even though there was a different of a few days, when saying how many months it was, four days was a huge difference in a month.

Duran's body jerked against the auto-tightening seat belt, which awoke him from his journey through his memories. Something about some asshole driver. He shook his head, he still had to answer the question.

[+red "If it wasn't your fault, it's ok. I've known Edwyn for about a month now. I honestly cannot say how we became friends, but somehow we became friends."] Duran sighed at the end, a very noticeable sigh. He still did not know how he and Edwyn had become friends. The possibility of both of them being 'monsters' might had something to do with it, but he could not say that out loud to Lyric.
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[tab][Dosis With the moonlight shining into her window, Calypso looks up and wonders if Lyric or Duran are back. She had just finished her book and bit her lip, wondering if she should check. She quickly shook her head at the idea. [i [#149480 'Like we need another incident..just play the invisible ghost and stay in the room.']]

[tab] Glancing around, she sighs a bit, knowing she will get bored. She loves reading, but she hates staying in one spot and that's her only option at the moment. She didn't want to bother anyone this late, considering she knew they have work tomorrow. She groans lightly and looks out the window. It didn't help she couldn't sleep and her night-owl tendencies only increased. She watches the stars and bit her lip.

[tab] She could remember one night as a little girl Theo dancing with her to the 'stars' music' to get her to sleep. Sometimes even her parents got to dance with her. She gets up from her desk, focusing as she pushes the chair in. She stands in the middle of the room, letting out a breath. She slowly moves her body to the silent music, imagining herself performing for the stars like she used to as a child. A soft, loving smile grows as her body moves with the familiar grace.

[tab] Her mind played the music that was mixed with a little girl's laughter echoed with a little boy's. She lightly twirls as if she had a partner. One day she hopes she could it once more. For now, she will dance for the stars solo. With her energy, she could go all night and if she feels it, perhaps she will.
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[center [EB+Garamond [size15 Edywn's eye almost twitched when Duran mentioned him [i wolfing] down his food. Why did he feel like these jokes between them were suddenly going to be a thing? Lyric were going to think they were weirdo's. He laughed at the joke. [b [#778899 "What can I say, I work hard, I get hungry."]] Yes because working at a coffee shop was so incredibly hard. He watched as the pair got ready to leave and then he was alone.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 The werewolf let out a grunt as he got up from the chair and proceeded to go to his room, shutting the door behind him. He liked the quiet, though he knew already that this new roommate of theirs was going to be something else. Seemed like she had some drama going on - though it wasn't his business to pry. In his opinion they should just let her do what she wants and not get to close. Don't become friends, because if they did than it was a great chance that they might let their secret slip. He didn't want to imagine what might happen then.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 After a bit he began to get bored though, going through the bills and making sure everything was getting paid really wasn't the best definition of fun. Edwyn stretched his arms above his head and yawned, looking to the clock. It was getting pretty late and he had to open the shop in the morning - everyone needed that coffee fix in the morning. He also realized that neither Lyric nor Duran were back yet and wondered if they were alright. Duran he knew could handle himself just fine but Lyric was another issue. He shrugged, it wasn't his problem at the moment though.[b [#778899 "I suppose that means its time for bed..."]] he grumbled.]]]
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The girl listened to her two new roommates joke rather oddly. They were joking about each other being vampires or something...which is pretty odd, but hey, so was she. Lyric smile slightly at them as they both answered her question on if they wanted anything from the store.

[b "A–Ah..yeah, that's fine."] The blonde girl said in response to Duran as she looked at him, her eyes connecting with his for a moment before she looked back at Edwyn. For a moment she wondered if she should invite him to come as well, but if he wanted to go he would've asked, right?

[b "We'll be back shortly."] She stated before exiting the kitchen and house with Duran following. Once to the car she pulled open the driver door and crawled inside. After closing the door she cranked the car and pulled her seat belt on and waited for Duran to do the same.
As the two drove towards the store, Lyric glanced over at him from the corner of her eye, [b "So..how long have you known Edwyn?"] She asked, trying to make small talk and get to know him a little better. Music played quietly as background noise, [i 'I wonder how well this roommate situation will go...I've never been good being on the outside...or alone.'] Her hands tightened slightly on the steering wheel as she nervously chewed on her lower lip. It was a horrible anxious habbit she got over the years. In fact, she's made her lips bleed plenty of times by doing it. Especially in the past few years. She sighed slightly, [b "I really hope this works out...I don't really have anywhere else to go."] She finally said, just letting her thoughts out to the male.

[b "This asshole!"] Lyric stated as she slammed on her breaks when a car switched lanes at the last second right in front of her. She had pretty bad road rage, [b "Sorry! I just hate when people do that."] She said as she glanced over at him while they sat at the red light, a sheepish look on her face.
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At least Edwyn decided to apologize. Edwyn had recognized the fact that he had been too harsh with Calypso.

But Duran could understand the "on edge" part as well, all too well. It did not change the fact that there was a single human living with three, at least to humans, supernatural creatures. One of them was invisible, which meant that Calypso might move something and the female human might not understand why the object had moved. And that was the least worst thing that could happen, since the remaining two supernatural creatures did have quite the extensive history of feeding off of humans

The female human now had a name. Her name was Lyric. It was an interesting name, especially music wise since the name was really close to the word "lyrics". It would be an interesting piece of music that would be played out starting from tonight.

Duran offered a little smile back to Calypso upon seeing her smile at him. If she was smiling, it meant she felt better.

The door into the kitchen opened, and Calypso vanished right there and then. Lyric would not be able to see her anyways, but it was better to be safe than sorry.

Lyric talked about going out and getting something. Duran was not feeling hungry, but he did want to observe Lyric. Yes it sounded somewhat creepy, but he was going to be living with her after all. Better to find out her turn ons and offs earlier rather than later.

Duran turned around to face Edwyn, he saw the cheeky little grin on Edwyn's face. [+red "How many times do I have to tell you to stop implying that I'm a vampire. I've already got some of my coworkers joking about it at work at the way I eat my lunch."] Duran let out a chuckle, as if this were a commonly occurring joke between the two of them. [+red "And besides, you seem to [b wolf] down your sandwiches."] Duran let out a quiet laugh, further trying to give the impression of a commonly occurring, friendly exchange.

He turned to face Lyric, [+red "If you don't mind, can I come with you?"] He looked her in the eyes, leaning back on his feet a little, awaiting a reply.
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[tab] [Dosis Calypso looks up at Duran, seeing his hand would be touching hers if she was solid. She nods a bit, listening to the both of them. It was comforting to know that the sentiment was there. She flashed a small and thankful smile at Duran as thanks. She only looked away when she heard Lyric coming closer to the kitchen and calling out to them. Instantly, she let herself become invisible. She watches the interaction and decided to begin her status as being the shut-in. If she can ease the burden for them in any way she can, she will.

[tab] She passes through the counter and the wall, first landing into the living room. Almost gliding across the room, she heads up to her room. Her feet not touching the stairs, in fear she might step and cause noise. She floats to her room, gliding through the door. Her body turns more solid once she was on the other side. She let's out a soft sigh before making sure her door was locked. Last thing they all needed was Lyric being curious and accidentally discovering her.

[tab] Once her hands reached up to take her hat off, she stopped herself. She kept forgetting she couldn't, considering the ghost wasn't sure what will happen if she did take her hat or shoes off and rather not test it.

[tab] [#149480 "The first thing I am doing once I get the hang of being completely solid is changing this outfit."] She glances over to the clothes in the closet that haven't been touched since. She never learned why her brother, Theo, left her things in the room but she was grateful and craved to be wearing different outfits again. Maybe he knew she was there, who knows? She shook her head lightly. [i [#149480 'One step at a time, Cal, first solid then your wardrobe.']]

[tab] With that in mind, Calypso focuses and sits in her chair. Her eyes focuses on the book she left open. While she has read it multiple times, Poe's words were comforting to the young spirit. She felt she could get lost into the imaginary and remembering how it made her fell, even more so once she was dead. It made her smile remembering how she even came home one day with the tattoo of a raven's silhouette coming from an inkwell on her shoulder. Her brother was more of pouting on the fact she got one without him until she took him to get a matching one. With the light from the window, Calypso let's herself fall into the morbid world of Edgar Allen Poe.
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[center [EB+Garamond [size15 Edwyn let out a sigh as he nervously ran his fingers through his hair. This whole situation of letting a human live with them was stressing him out more than he thought it would. What happens if she discovers what they are? Would they have to 'take care' of her or would they simply let her go? They didn't even know the girl and had no idea how she would react to finding out their secret.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 [b [#778899 "I'm sorry Calypso, I'm just a little on edge. I don't mean to sound harsh."]] He said, apologizing. There was not reason to take his frustration out on the poor ghost, she was still learning how to control her ghostly abilities. He stood in silence as he fixed up his sandwich, his brain thinking about so many things that it was beginning to give him a headache. Duran asked about the human and with a mouthful of bread he turned to him. [b [#778899 "Her name's Lyric. She was the first and only person to contact us about the room. We'll see how she does."]]]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 He finished his food and plopped down at the kitchen table, staring up at the white ceiling. This was going to be one hell of ride. He sat there for awhile and just tuned out the others for a bit, closing his eyes and thinking. A full moon was soon, which meant he would have to leave for a few days. As he thought the human came into the room asking about going out and something about food. Edwyn opened his eyes and looked at the girl. [b [#778899 "I had a sandwich, I dunno about Duran. Hey Duran, you hungry?"]] He asked with a cheeky little grin.]]]
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As Lyric staired up at the popcorned ceiling in her room she let out a small sigh. So here she was, in her new home...with two guys she just met..well sorta..and her stalker found her number. How long till she would have to flee again? Pushing the thoughts away, Lyric sat up and pulled out some more comfortable clothing to wear from her bag. Including some black leggings and just a normal graphic tee that was sorta too big to her.

She stood up and entered the bathroom in the hallway. Once inside she shut the door behind her, and began to run some bath water, before sheding her clothes off. A very warm bath would help her in this stressful moment. Lyric sat in the bathtub and laid back, closing her eyes. A drink. She could also use a drink..but was that such a great idea around people she just met?

About 30 minutes passed and Lyric streched, yawning slightly before finally getting out of the tub and draining the water. She dried off and pulled on her tights and tee-shirt. She glanced at her phone, seeing texts from the number that had called her. Mostly threatening her, then apologizing. She sighed and tossed her phone on top of a bag in her room before finally exiting. Water still dripping from her wet blonde hair.

[b "Heey, guys, I'm gonna go get some beer or something. Y'all want anything?"] Lyric called out as she walked downstairs, slightly assuming they'd still just be down there. Her car keys were in hand. It was also beginning to get slightly dark outside. Ah, night time.... Lyric couldn't wait to be the only one awake at midnight or later. She was quite the night owl, [b "I can get food too or something..unless y'all already ate.."] She said once downstairs and walking toward the kitchen, where she last saw at least one of them enter about 30 minutes ago.
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Duran relaxed upon hearing Calypso say everything was alright. Yes it had been slightly annoying that she had dropped the spoon when there was a human who had definitely heard something falling, he wouldn't always be able to give such excuses without having the human suspicious, but he was not going to press Calypso. She had most likely already chewed herself over making the noise.

He felt somewhat sorry for Calypso. He didn't hear what exactly she had murmured, but he had heard the tone of it. He had a small urge to hug her, but then he remembered she was a ghost.

And then Edwyn walked in. Duran disapproved of Edwyn's tone as he addressed Calypso for her problem with 'touching' things. He could see as Calypso said sorry, looking a bit down.

Duran let out some steam that had partially built up inside him. A vampire, a werewolf, and ghost living together with a human who did not even know with whom they were now living with. There was no need to build unnecessary tension between himself and Edwyn.

Calypso was sure right, it would affect him and Edwyn much more than it would affect Calypso. At least Calypso could be invisible to the human.

Duran walked up to Calypso, extending his hand so that it was 'touching' Calypso's hand. Looking her in the eyes, [+red "I'll think we'll be fine. If the two of us have gone this long without terrorizing humans, then one human in this one quiet house should not be too much of a problem."]

Taking another breath and without turning away from Calypso, [+red "Oi Edwyn, what's the human's name?"]
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[tab][Dosis Calypso looks up when the door swings open and she nods slightly when Duran asked if everything was okay. [#149480 "Yeah...The spoon slipped through my hand..."] If there was one thing she missed more, it was possibly being solid.

[tab] She lightly sighs, rinsing off the spoon and putting it away. She murmurs. [#149480 "I hate when that happens."] She felt the urge to just dump the tea, since it didn't feel it was worth the trouble but that's a waste.

[tab] She didn't have to look at the door to know Edwyn stepped in, mentally wincing at the trouble she caused. In hindsight she probably should have waited, which makes it even worse she couldn't wait. She mumbles softly. [#149480 "Sorry.."] She messes with a strand of her hair, habitually. She breathes and just leans against the counter, sipping on the hot liquid. [i [#149480 'Why is being a ghost so difficult?']]

[tab] She shrugs, not caring if he saw her shrug or not. [#149480 "I don't know. I plan on staying in the room unless she is gone or asleep. What about you two? What do you think?"] Considering the fact that she has mainly her books in her room, it wouldn't be surprising if she did stayed up there. It might make it easier to hide the fact of her [i living] there for them.

[tab] She finishes off the liquid and focuses on placing the mug in the sink. She waves her hand lightly, making the water turn on and rinse the cup. Not at all surprised that it was easy to mess with the pipes a little.

[tab] She fixes her hat and turns off the water once it was full. She washes the mug before placing it in the drying rack. It was easier than putting it back on the shelf. She looks at them both,[#149480 "...Considering it will affect you guys more about this whole thing."] She dries her hands and crosses her arms. Her eye glances to the both of them.
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[center [EB+Garamond [size15 As Edwyn waited to see if the new addition had any questions, the sound of Duran coming through the door startled him. The tour he had given obviously had shown him that his fellow supernatural wasn't in the house so it shouldn't have been a surprise when he walked in, but yet it was. He hadn't even heard the front door open, just the other males voice popping into the conversation.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 He breathed a small sigh as he let out a nervous laugh, rubbing the back of his head. [b [#778899 "Jesus Duran...make some sort of sound when you walk in..."]] He teased, trying to joke a little to make them seem more [i "inviting"] or [i "Human"]. He didn't want to reveal his and Duran's secret to this human, nor the fact that she was sharing the house with a ghost.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 As if she knew he was thinking about her, a loud thump sounded from the kitchen which seemed to peak the interest of Lyric. Thankfully before she could walk in Duran took care of it, leaving the two of them alone. [i "I'm going to have to have a talk with Calypso later...."] She was still learning how to do certain ghostly activities, like picking things up. It was kind of weird to watch someone you could see through picking up a Tv remote or to simply float through the floor from upstairs when you called her.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 As he stood there in an awkward little silence Lyric's phone rang and she hastily went into a closet. He acted like he hadn't heard the entire conversation when in reality he had heard every word. Werewolf hearing and all that. When she emerged from the closet he was looking at his cellphone, just flipping through an app. He looked up at her when she spoke. [b [#778899 "Oh sure, though I'll probably be cooking in an hour or two if you....want....something...."]] His words trailed off as lyric scrambled up the stairs and to her room, carrying her heavy luggage up behind her.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 Once he was sure that the human was out of earshot Edwyn darted for the kitchen, standing in the doorway and crossing his arms over his chest. [b [#778899 "Seriously? You couldn't have just waited until she was in her room to make tea?"]] He asked slightly annoyed. Moving over to the fridge he opened it, gazing at the food and wondering what he wanted to eat tonight. [b [#778899 "So, what do you think?"]] He asked as she grabbed a pack of Deli chicken and some bread, deciding to simply make some sandwiches.]]]
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