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We're all hiding something, aren't we? From the moment we wake, look in that mirror, all we do is spin our little lies. Suck in that gut, colour that hair, twist off that wedding ring. What's the penalty? What are the consequences, really? [I "I'm only human"], you say, and all is forgiven. But what if some cruel twist of fate makes you something else, something other? Who forgives you then? Every human spends a night or two on the dark side and regrets it. But what if you only exist on the dark side? We just want the same things that you do: a chance at life, at love. We're not so different in that way. And so we try and sometimes fail. But when you're something other, a monster, the consequences are worse. Much worse.

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[b Lyric Boyd] is a [i human] who some how ends up moving in with [b Duran], a [i vampire], and [b Edwyn Harrow], a [i werewolf]. Already living in the house, however is [b Calypso], she's a [i ghost].The three supernaturals try to help one another navigate the complexities of living double lives while trying to figure out their own at the same time...and trying to keep it a secret from Lyric.

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-Usual ES rules.
-No cybering, if it gets to that point you can take it off site or time skip.
-This will be a mature RP.
-The ghost, at the beginning can not touch the solid characters but they can all see her besides Lyric.
-At LEAST 1000-1500 characters.
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At least Edwyn decided to apologize. Edwyn had recognized the fact that he had been too harsh with Calypso.

But Duran could understand the "on edge" part as well, all too well. It did not change the fact that there was a single human living with three, at least to humans, supernatural creatures. One of them was invisible, which meant that Calypso might move something and the female human might not understand why the object had moved. And that was the least worst thing that could happen, since the remaining two supernatural creatures did have quite the extensive history of feeding off of humans

The female human now had a name. Her name was Lyric. It was an interesting name, especially music wise since the name was really close to the word "lyrics". It would be an interesting piece of music that would be played out starting from tonight.

Duran offered a little smile back to Calypso upon seeing her smile at him. If she was smiling, it meant she felt better.

The door into the kitchen opened, and Calypso vanished right there and then. Lyric would not be able to see her anyways, but it was better to be safe than sorry.

Lyric talked about going out and getting something. Duran was not feeling hungry, but he did want to observe Lyric. Yes it sounded somewhat creepy, but he was going to be living with her after all. Better to find out her turn ons and offs earlier rather than later.

Duran turned around to face Edwyn, he saw the cheeky little grin on Edwyn's face. [+red "How many times do I have to tell you to stop implying that I'm a vampire. I've already got some of my coworkers joking about it at work at the way I eat my lunch."] Duran let out a chuckle, as if this were a commonly occurring joke between the two of them. [+red "And besides, you seem to [b wolf] down your sandwiches."] Duran let out a quiet laugh, further trying to give the impression of a commonly occurring, friendly exchange.

He turned to face Lyric, [+red "If you don't mind, can I come with you?"] He looked her in the eyes, leaning back on his feet a little, awaiting a reply.
  Duran Arkadi / GoneMemories / 4h 46m 47s
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[tab] [Dosis Calypso looks up at Duran, seeing his hand would be touching hers if she was solid. She nods a bit, listening to the both of them. It was comforting to know that the sentiment was there. She flashed a small and thankful smile at Duran as thanks. She only looked away when she heard Lyric coming closer to the kitchen and calling out to them. Instantly, she let herself become invisible. She watches the interaction and decided to begin her status as being the shut-in. If she can ease the burden for them in any way she can, she will.

[tab] She passes through the counter and the wall, first landing into the living room. Almost gliding across the room, she heads up to her room. Her feet not touching the stairs, in fear she might step and cause noise. She floats to her room, gliding through the door. Her body turns more solid once she was on the other side. She let's out a soft sigh before making sure her door was locked. Last thing they all needed was Lyric being curious and accidentally discovering her.

[tab] Once her hands reached up to take her hat off, she stopped herself. She kept forgetting she couldn't, considering the ghost wasn't sure what will happen if she did take her hat or shoes off and rather not test it.

[tab] [#149480 "The first thing I am doing once I get the hang of being completely solid is changing this outfit."] She glances over to the clothes in the closet that haven't been touched since. She never learned why her brother, Theo, left her things in the room but she was grateful and craved to be wearing different outfits again. Maybe he knew she was there, who knows? She shook her head lightly. [i [#149480 'One step at a time, Cal, first solid then your wardrobe.']]

[tab] With that in mind, Calypso focuses and sits in her chair. Her eyes focuses on the book she left open. While she has read it multiple times, Poe's words were comforting to the young spirit. She felt she could get lost into the imaginary and remembering how it made her fell, even more so once she was dead. It made her smile remembering how she even came home one day with the tattoo of a raven's silhouette coming from an inkwell on her shoulder. Her brother was more of pouting on the fact she got one without him until she took him to get a matching one. With the light from the window, Calypso let's herself fall into the morbid world of Edgar Allen Poe.
  Calypso / Farideh3 / 3d 16h 38m 31s
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[center [EB+Garamond [size15 Edwyn let out a sigh as he nervously ran his fingers through his hair. This whole situation of letting a human live with them was stressing him out more than he thought it would. What happens if she discovers what they are? Would they have to 'take care' of her or would they simply let her go? They didn't even know the girl and had no idea how she would react to finding out their secret.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 [b [#778899 "I'm sorry Calypso, I'm just a little on edge. I don't mean to sound harsh."]] He said, apologizing. There was not reason to take his frustration out on the poor ghost, she was still learning how to control her ghostly abilities. He stood in silence as he fixed up his sandwich, his brain thinking about so many things that it was beginning to give him a headache. Duran asked about the human and with a mouthful of bread he turned to him. [b [#778899 "Her name's Lyric. She was the first and only person to contact us about the room. We'll see how she does."]]]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 He finished his food and plopped down at the kitchen table, staring up at the white ceiling. This was going to be one hell of ride. He sat there for awhile and just tuned out the others for a bit, closing his eyes and thinking. A full moon was soon, which meant he would have to leave for a few days. As he thought the human came into the room asking about going out and something about food. Edwyn opened his eyes and looked at the girl. [b [#778899 "I had a sandwich, I dunno about Duran. Hey Duran, you hungry?"]] He asked with a cheeky little grin.]]]
As Lyric staired up at the popcorned ceiling in her room she let out a small sigh. So here she was, in her new home...with two guys she just met..well sorta..and her stalker found her number. How long till she would have to flee again? Pushing the thoughts away, Lyric sat up and pulled out some more comfortable clothing to wear from her bag. Including some black leggings and just a normal graphic tee that was sorta too big to her.

She stood up and entered the bathroom in the hallway. Once inside she shut the door behind her, and began to run some bath water, before sheding her clothes off. A very warm bath would help her in this stressful moment. Lyric sat in the bathtub and laid back, closing her eyes. A drink. She could also use a drink..but was that such a great idea around people she just met?

About 30 minutes passed and Lyric streched, yawning slightly before finally getting out of the tub and draining the water. She dried off and pulled on her tights and tee-shirt. She glanced at her phone, seeing texts from the number that had called her. Mostly threatening her, then apologizing. She sighed and tossed her phone on top of a bag in her room before finally exiting. Water still dripping from her wet blonde hair.

[b "Heey, guys, I'm gonna go get some beer or something. Y'all want anything?"] Lyric called out as she walked downstairs, slightly assuming they'd still just be down there. Her car keys were in hand. It was also beginning to get slightly dark outside. Ah, night time.... Lyric couldn't wait to be the only one awake at midnight or later. She was quite the night owl, [b "I can get food too or something..unless y'all already ate.."] She said once downstairs and walking toward the kitchen, where she last saw at least one of them enter about 30 minutes ago.
  Lyric Boyd / normalpeoplescareme / 6d 4h 44m 49s
Duran relaxed upon hearing Calypso say everything was alright. Yes it had been slightly annoying that she had dropped the spoon when there was a human who had definitely heard something falling, he wouldn't always be able to give such excuses without having the human suspicious, but he was not going to press Calypso. She had most likely already chewed herself over making the noise.

He felt somewhat sorry for Calypso. He didn't hear what exactly she had murmured, but he had heard the tone of it. He had a small urge to hug her, but then he remembered she was a ghost.

And then Edwyn walked in. Duran disapproved of Edwyn's tone as he addressed Calypso for her problem with 'touching' things. He could see as Calypso said sorry, looking a bit down.

Duran let out some steam that had partially built up inside him. A vampire, a werewolf, and ghost living together with a human who did not even know with whom they were now living with. There was no need to build unnecessary tension between himself and Edwyn.

Calypso was sure right, it would affect him and Edwyn much more than it would affect Calypso. At least Calypso could be invisible to the human.

Duran walked up to Calypso, extending his hand so that it was 'touching' Calypso's hand. Looking her in the eyes, [+red "I'll think we'll be fine. If the two of us have gone this long without terrorizing humans, then one human in this one quiet house should not be too much of a problem."]

Taking another breath and without turning away from Calypso, [+red "Oi Edwyn, what's the human's name?"]
  Duran Arkadi / GoneMemories / 6d 17h 50m 51s
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[tab][Dosis Calypso looks up when the door swings open and she nods slightly when Duran asked if everything was okay. [#149480 "Yeah...The spoon slipped through my hand..."] If there was one thing she missed more, it was possibly being solid.

[tab] She lightly sighs, rinsing off the spoon and putting it away. She murmurs. [#149480 "I hate when that happens."] She felt the urge to just dump the tea, since it didn't feel it was worth the trouble but that's a waste.

[tab] She didn't have to look at the door to know Edwyn stepped in, mentally wincing at the trouble she caused. In hindsight she probably should have waited, which makes it even worse she couldn't wait. She mumbles softly. [#149480 "Sorry.."] She messes with a strand of her hair, habitually. She breathes and just leans against the counter, sipping on the hot liquid. [i [#149480 'Why is being a ghost so difficult?']]

[tab] She shrugs, not caring if he saw her shrug or not. [#149480 "I don't know. I plan on staying in the room unless she is gone or asleep. What about you two? What do you think?"] Considering the fact that she has mainly her books in her room, it wouldn't be surprising if she did stayed up there. It might make it easier to hide the fact of her [i living] there for them.

[tab] She finishes off the liquid and focuses on placing the mug in the sink. She waves her hand lightly, making the water turn on and rinse the cup. Not at all surprised that it was easy to mess with the pipes a little.

[tab] She fixes her hat and turns off the water once it was full. She washes the mug before placing it in the drying rack. It was easier than putting it back on the shelf. She looks at them both,[#149480 "...Considering it will affect you guys more about this whole thing."] She dries her hands and crosses her arms. Her eye glances to the both of them.
  Calypso / Farideh3 / 7d 16h 43m 15s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=EB+Garamond]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 As Edwyn waited to see if the new addition had any questions, the sound of Duran coming through the door startled him. The tour he had given obviously had shown him that his fellow supernatural wasn't in the house so it shouldn't have been a surprise when he walked in, but yet it was. He hadn't even heard the front door open, just the other males voice popping into the conversation.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 He breathed a small sigh as he let out a nervous laugh, rubbing the back of his head. [b [#778899 "Jesus Duran...make some sort of sound when you walk in..."]] He teased, trying to joke a little to make them seem more [i "inviting"] or [i "Human"]. He didn't want to reveal his and Duran's secret to this human, nor the fact that she was sharing the house with a ghost.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 As if she knew he was thinking about her, a loud thump sounded from the kitchen which seemed to peak the interest of Lyric. Thankfully before she could walk in Duran took care of it, leaving the two of them alone. [i "I'm going to have to have a talk with Calypso later...."] She was still learning how to do certain ghostly activities, like picking things up. It was kind of weird to watch someone you could see through picking up a Tv remote or to simply float through the floor from upstairs when you called her.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 As he stood there in an awkward little silence Lyric's phone rang and she hastily went into a closet. He acted like he hadn't heard the entire conversation when in reality he had heard every word. Werewolf hearing and all that. When she emerged from the closet he was looking at his cellphone, just flipping through an app. He looked up at her when she spoke. [b [#778899 "Oh sure, though I'll probably be cooking in an hour or two if you....want....something...."]] His words trailed off as lyric scrambled up the stairs and to her room, carrying her heavy luggage up behind her.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 Once he was sure that the human was out of earshot Edwyn darted for the kitchen, standing in the doorway and crossing his arms over his chest. [b [#778899 "Seriously? You couldn't have just waited until she was in her room to make tea?"]] He asked slightly annoyed. Moving over to the fridge he opened it, gazing at the food and wondering what he wanted to eat tonight. [b [#778899 "So, what do you think?"]] He asked as she grabbed a pack of Deli chicken and some bread, deciding to simply make some sandwiches.]]]
  [Edwyn Harrow] / Otter / 7d 18h 54m 50s
Lyric glanced over at the door when it opened and showed a rather handsome man. She smiled at him, [b "Nah, it's alright...but that would you do if I told you my name wasn't Lyric?"] She said, trying to make a joke.., [b "I'm just kidding, sorry."] The nervous girl quickly added with a nervous laugh at the end, [i "Damnit..I'm always so awkward around new people!!"] She shook his hand when he offered it out to her, [i "Wow..he's strangely pretty warm.."] All the thoughts left her mind when he offered to show her around, [b "Yeah! That'd be great."]

She nodded in agreement when he offered to show her around then began to follow him. As they walked around the house, the curious girl peeked around each room..trying to take in her new world. Eventually they wound back up in the living room, [b "The only one I can thin—"] She began to reply, but was cut off when the front door opened yet again. Her eyes went from looking at Edwyn to looking at the newcomer whom was also rather handsome.

[b "Ah..yeah, nice to meet you. I'm Lyric."] Her eyes snapped towards the kitchen when she heard something fall, [b "Nobody else is here, right?"] She questioned after Duran had left the room and entered the kitchen. Curiosity always got the best of Lyric, but before she could make her way to the kitchen her cellphone began to ring. She pulled it out of her pocket and looked at the caller ID.., [b "I-I'll be right back.."] She mumbled quickly before walking toward a door, hoping for a bathroom, but only getting a rather large hallway closet.

This would have to work for now.., [b "What the [i fuck] do you want?"] She nearly hissed quietly into the phone, [b "How did you even get my number, you freak?! I told you to leave me alone. I don't get how the many phone calls to the police and a restraining order hasn't worked! Fuck off!!"] She said, cutting anything the other person on the other side of the phone call had to say, off. Lyric quickly hung up the phone and shoved it into her pocket again, [i "How did he get my new number? I moved to get away from him!"] So many thoughts and scenarios playing through her head before she sighed deeply and tried to regroup herself. After a few minutes she finally exited the closet and returned to the living room, [b "Sorry about that!..I'm just gonna go put away my things...and yeah...Thank you."] A fake smile plastered onto her face, but fear all through out her crystal eyes.

Lyric quickly gathered up her bags and slowly, very slowly, lugged them upstairs, [b "Did I mention I hate stairs?"] The girl called down from the halfway point as she laughed slightly, trying to better her mood. Finally she made it to her room and she threw her stuff on the floor. Once inside she laid sprawled out on the ground, since she didn't have a bed just yet, and sighed. Her eyes locked to the ceiling, [b "Life."]
  Lyric Boyd / normalpeoplescareme / 8d 15h 55m 25s
Of all places to work for as a vampire, the place of choice was a music shop? It wasn't like anyone else knew he was a vampire, so he didn't actually have to answer why he chose to work at music shop of all places.

Well, saying that no one knew he was a vampire would be telling an incorrect statement, for there was exactly one other person who knew of his vampirity; Edwyn Harrow was that other's name.

The only reason why Edwyn Harrow was still alive and not dead at this point in time, was because Duran had decided to spare Edwyn. Even though he despised werewolves, just a natural werewolf/vampire thing, it hadn't been Edwyn's fault that he was a werewolf. Before being bitten, Edwyn had lived a normal life, whatever that meant as a human. Having your life suddenly flip on its own axis was unpleasant for anyone, especially when you were forced to hide that new part of you away from society, lest the society find out and do something nasty to you.

Of course that begs the question, how did it lead up to Duran knowing that Edwyn was a werewolf? Well it all started with one visit to a coffeehouse where Edwyn worked at. Duran found himself enjoying the place, and returned there a few times. But that's where the 'normal' ends. Being a vampire, Duran liked to have his own little fun during the night. It was during one of those nights that he had seen Edwyn transform. Edwyn, as a werewolf had spotted him of course, and Duran was forced to tell who he was if he wanted to avoid a big fight.

And after that, he somehow befriended Edwyn. It worked out somehow, to the point where the two of them had decided to buy a house. The house had turned out to have a ghost inside it, but that was the smallest of the problems.

The biggest problem, the biggest problem would be the human. How they had decided that they'd let the human move in with two creatures who just might have a go at her, and a ghost which the human would never be able to spot.

But hey, if he and Edwyn had managed to go this whole time without committing any violent acts on humans, then it should be easy with only one human inside a house.

Duran looked up from the keyboard on which he had been playing. He glanced at the clock hanging above the checkout counter of the music store. Well, he had been supposed to leave 5 minutes ago, but had been caught up in experimenting with the synthesizer function of the electric keyboard.

He stood up from the chair, stretching his arms and legs before walking over to the manager of the store. Duran had already talked about him leaving a bit early from work to go look at a house with his manager, the manager hadn't had a problem with that at all.

Upon exiting the store, Duran ran all the way to the house. He arrived before the front door only lightly huffing. He stopped at the porch, taking a few deep breathes to calm down before entering the house.

As soon as he entered, he heard Edwyn saying, [+gray "...any questions?"]. Taking off his shoes, Duran walked further in and found Edwyn and the human standing in the living room.

Duran started looking over the female human, just taking a quick look up and down. This female had something for the color black as evident by her all black clothes. Otherwise, there was nothing that much to note.

[+red "I see you have met Edwyn. My name is Duran."] Right after saying that, he heard something hitting the floor with a dull thud. [+red "I'll be back shortly, appears that something has fallen in the kitchen."]

Duran glanced over to Edwyn, giving that characteristic nod before walking off to the kitchen.

Opening the kitchen door slowly, Duran peeked his head in. So it had been the ghost, her name was Calypso. She did look beautiful, but Duran had not said that to her.

He stepped into the kitchen, gently closing the door. Turning back around to face Calypso, [+red "Everything alright?"]
  Duran Arkadi / GoneMemories / 8d 17h 30m 8s
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[tab] [Dosis Calypso was focusing on her Edgar Allen Poe book when she heard voices and steps past her bedroom. She looks up and tilts her head, confused. [i [#149480 'Why were they walking so much--Wait who turned female?!']]

[tab]She jumps up from her desk and focuses on her hand to grab the door handle. She opens the door slightly and peeks to see one of the guys, Edwyn leading a woman around.[i [#149480 'Is that actually a human?? They weren't kidding?! Sweet Baby Jesus, I thought that was joke. I can't believe they actually a human here! Then again it's not I can really help with everything..']]

[tab] Biting her lip, Calypso closes her door and simply goes through it. She silently follows, wanting a closer look. She sees the human and wonders how long she is going to last here. She shook her head and lightly fixed her hat. Moments like these called for tea and she rather take her tea up and not get noticed.

[tab] She easily slips to the kitchen, and starts seeking out the mug they replaced for her multiple times. She takes a deep breath and exhales before focusing and grabbing the mug. She smiles victorious before reaching up for her orange tea with ginger.

[tab]She placed the cup down on the table before trying to get a spoon. She winces slightly when it slipped through her hand, making a loud clank. [#149480 "Dammit."] It took her a few tries before she got it up. Least it was better than her first attempt at touching objects but it still was difficult.
  Calypso / Farideh3 / 9d 19h 5m 40s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=EB+Garamond]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 The coffee shop was busy as hell today, Edwyn felt like he wasn't able to catch up on anything at all. [i "Jesus, is it national coffee day or something?"] He thought as she was finally able to take a breath, flopping down in a chair in he back office. As he sat there his grey eyes slowly glanced up at the clock on the wall, widening as he realized what time it was and what was supposed to happen today. [b [#778899 "Fuck!"]] He cried out, quickly gathering up his coat and belongings, running out of the office and into the main room. He waved to his boss who simply cracked a smile. [b "Good job on forgetting your appointment, Edwyn."] the older male called out after him, laughing.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 Lucky for him the shop was only a few streets away from the house. He scrambled up the steps, quickly opening the door and seeing a girl standing there. [i "Damn it..."] he thought, straightening up and running long fingers through his hair. For a moment he wasn't quite sure what to say, the words were stuck in his throat. After a minute of some really awkward silence, he finally spoke. [b [#778899 "Ah, you must be Lyric. I'm sorry no one was here to greet you, I'm not sure where Duran is at, but I'm Edwyn. It's nice to meet you."]] He said with a small smile, holding his hand out to her.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 He couldn't help but feel nervous...this was a human who was going to be staying with people who could literally eat her...and she had no idea. Edwyn wasn't even sure what possessed them to allowed a human to stay with them, perhaps it was the fact that they needed more money coming in because on their salary it just wasn't cutting it. Whatever it was he just knew it was a bad idea. The male breathed a small sigh as he gestured to the living room in which they were currently standing in. [b [#778899 "Well I guess i should show you around. This is the living room, obviously."]] He said, feeling like an idiot. He then proceeded to spend the next fifteen minutes showing her around, ending the half-assed tour back in the living room. [b [#778899 "So um....any questions?"]]]]
  [Edwyn Harrow] / Otter / 10d 17h 3m 35s
Today was the day Lyric moved into her house with two other people. It was slightly nerve racking, considering she doesn't know these people.. She had found someone trying to rent out the house because their [i sister] died in it two years ago..so the rent was pretty low and with two other people besides her paying, it'll be worth it. The blonde haired girl tucked a piece of hair behind her ear as she pulled up in the driveway of her new home. She chewed slightly on her lower lip as her almost crystal blue eyes stared at the house. Chewing on her lip was one of the things she did when she was nervous..and she indeed was very nervous in this moment.

After sitting for a while the girl sighed and opened her car door and shoved her keys into the small pocket on the front of her mid thigh black skirt. She was pretty into the color black, but hey, everyone looks better in black...right?

Lyric grabbed all of her stuff from the car, which looked almost inhumanly possible. She had a rolling suitcase, a bag packed sitting on top of that, one huge bag on one shoulder, one on the other, and a bag in her hand. All full of everything she owns. She kicked the door to her door shut and struggled to walk towards the front door, lugging her stuff along.

Before she struggled to open the door she began to think about how the girl died in the house, [i 'I wonder how it happened...'] The girl thought to herself before pushing the thoughts away and opening the front door, [b "H–Hello?"] Lyric called out, seeing if anyone made it there before her. The girl shivered slightly when she felt cold air hit her, [b "Damn, it's cold in here!"] She said to herself as she hurried inside and put all her stuff down next to the wall, waiting a couple of seconds to hear a reply, if there was gonna be one.
  Lyric Boyd / normalpeoplescareme / 10d 20h 12m 42s

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