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As the female Hylian delve deeper into the tunnels, she could hear what sounded like talking, and it was Acidicus and his three hunters headed out for another hunt so they would have food for the morning. When the girl had went past him, Kallicus crept out from hiding and quietly followed her, but he ended up walking past her and stopped in front of her. “I must say...I don’t believe I’ve ever seen you before...not that we get much of any visitors down here...” he said, pronouncing his S like a hiss
  Kallicus / DoomGuy123 / 341d 20h 23m 17s
Once the girl emerged from the water, she grabbed a towel that was in a small pack she kept with her...and she used it to dry herself off. Afterwards, she put her clothes and belts back on, stretching a bit. "Guess I should continue on and explore this place." She told herself, about to start walking deeper into the cave.
  Kendra (female Link AU) / AskTheStaff / 342d 21h 26m 35s
He looked at the female, curious about how she looked and quite intrigued by her washing herself, but he shook his head to stop thinking dirty thoughts, and he stepped out from his hiding place slowly after she was starting to get out of the water, but he did so quietly so she wouldn’t see him come out of hiding
  Kallicus / DoomGuy123 / 342d 21h 30m 3s
Due to the sound of flowing water, Kendra did not hear the Cobrai's approach. She continued to clean herself, rubbing water over her arms and legs before doing the same to her face. Soon, she was cleaning some more...sensitive areas...for a moment, before she went back to washing the rest of her body again.
  Kendra (female Link AU) / AskTheStaff / 342d 21h 32m 40s
A small group of five cobrai, including Kallicus, could be heard talking while pronouncing their s like a hiss. “We must venture out again for more food, or we won’t be able to feast for breakfast...” his second in command, Acidicus, stayed. “You four go and hunt, I am to be on guard duty...” Kallicus told his allies, then he sent them outside, and began his guard duties. When he came past the hot springs, he happened to glance in the direction of Kendra, and he stopped in his tracks, spotting the young hylian female, which surprised him that there was any other race in the caves. [i A Hylian?! But how did she get here...?] he thought, and he crept up behind a late rock, and peeked his head over the top just enough so he could see
  Kallicus / DoomGuy123 / 342d 21h 35m 20s
"So it's more than just a little nook in the cliffs. Huh." She whispered to herself, noticing that she was rather dirty as she walked deeper into the naturally formed tunnel. Soon, the female reached a hot spring where steam rose into the air and escaped through small holes near the top of the jagged stone ceiling. "Hot water would make for a nice bath..." Kendra told herself, taking off her hood and belts, then eventually her clothes, leaving her in her underclothes as she settled into the water. She left her sword out of the water, but by her side, as she cleaned herself of dust and dirt that had collected on her recently.
  Kendra (female Link AU) / AskTheStaff / 342d 22h 25m 14s
The opening stretched into a tunnel that led deep into the cliffs. But Kendra could faintly hear the sounds of water trickling down into a body of water further into the tunnels that she had discovered, but she had no idea what she would encounter later
  Kallicus / DoomGuy123 / 343d 6h 37m 30s
A young female Hylian with dirty blonde hair was sitting along the edge of Hyrule, where perilous cliffs were placed. She had been wanting to try to climb down these said cliffs...because she could see some kind of opening in the natural rock wall below. Maybe there was treasure...or at least something interesting. Kendra slowly got up, stretched a bit, and then started climbing down the rocks, until she eventually reached the opening.
  Kendra (female Link AU) / AskTheStaff / 343d 8h 29m 17s
Kallicus has just returned from a night’s hunt along the cliffs, he and his group had hauled in twenty rams and double that in chickens. “Good hunting to take the game to or people and divide it amongst them.” He said, and soon the group of thirty carried their kills to the others, soon rationing it amongst their people for that night’s dinner.
  Kallicus / DoomGuy123 / 343d 20h 2m 42s

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