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[center [EB+Garamond [size14 [b Picture Link:] https://i.imgur.com/CupAvFu.jpg]]][center [EB+Garamond [size14 [b Puppet Master:] http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=70656 Otter]]][center [EB+Garamond [size14 [b Name:] Luciana Michelle Valdez]]][center [EB+Garamond [size14 [b Nick Names:] Lucy, Ana]]][center [EB+Garamond [size14 [b Age:] Eighteen]]][center [EB+Garamond [size14 [b Spot You Want:] Female Three]]][center [EB+Garamond [size14 [b Dorm Room:] {I will fill this part in}]]][center [EB+Garamond [size14 [b Classes:]]]] [center [EB+Garamond [size14 [b Wednesday;] Science, Performing Arts and Physical Education]]][center [EB+Garamond [size14 [b Friday;] English, History and Visual Arts]]][center [EB+Garamond [size14 [b Secret:] Her mother used to sell her to her 'friends'. Is frightened of physical contact with others.]]][center [h3 [i Biography]]][center [EB+Garamond [size14 [b Family History:] Luciana is the eldest of six children, having four younger brothers and one younger sister. The first few years of her childhood were pretty average, her mother and father were the epitome of a happy couple and Lucy couldn't have been happier - for now. When she was twelve her parents happy marriage crumbled after her father simply left them, her mother would tell her that he didn't love them anymore. Hearing something like that would make any kid wonder [i "What did I do wrong to make daddy leave?"]. Since her mother had gone off the rails it was up to Lucy to take care of her younger siblings. She learned to cook, clean and help them with their homework. If anything she had become more of a mother to them than their own mother, it was kind of sad really. It was around this time that things drastically changed for her, and not for the better. Her mother sold her for sex to her male friends, she didn't have to work if she charged high enough. It lasted from the age of fifteen till she was seventeen, at some point she broke and ran away from home. She lived on the streets until she finally found someone to take her in, worked several jobs to save money. She wanted to save her siblings from the destruction that was her mother.]]][center [EB+Garamond [size14 [b Biography:] Luciana was a happy child, she thought that nothing could go wrong, at least until her father suddenly left her with a woman who was slowly going crazy. At first things didn't seem so bad, at least until her mother couldn't even hold down a decent job for more than a few weeks. She was slowly going crazy and had started to bring strange men over. Lucy was having to care for her younger siblings, cook and clean for them. This went on for about two years until the men that she had gotten used to seeing began to ask questions about her. That's when her mother thought of the great plan of having men pay her to have sex with her daughter. She would charge them based on what they wanted to do, the more they wanted the more money they would have to pay. Lucy endured things no fifteen year old should have, so much so that her mother even pulled her out of school after telling the principle she planned to home school her. While it was horrendous, Lucy dealt with it. She thought that if she took everything and did whatever these people wanted her to do than they wouldn't look at her precious siblings. She wanted to keep them safe for as long as possible. Unfortunately she snapped at the age of seventeen and ran away from home, she hated herself for it, for leaving those children with that horrible woman. She was ashamed and didn't think she could face them ever again. She worked and hopped from place to place until she turned eighteen, where she landed in a girls home. It had been at this place where she received a letter for Star Falls Academy. Luciana knew this place would be what she needed, a place where she could try and let go of everything that was building up inside. It wasn't hard seeing as how she had left home awhile ago - what was left to leave?]]]
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[center [h3 [i Basic Information]]]
[center [EB+Garamond [size14 [b Picture Link:] https://i.imgur.com/D1SD6B9.png]]][center [EB+Garamond [size14 [b Puppet Master:] http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=70656 Otter]]][center [EB+Garamond [size14 [b Name:] Samuel Lee Brightwood]]][center [EB+Garamond [size14 [b Nick Names:] Sam, Sammy, Lee]]][center [EB+Garamond [size14 [b Age:] Nineteen]]][center [EB+Garamond [size14 [b Spot You Want:] Male Three]]][center [EB+Garamond [size14 [b Dorm Room:] {I will fill this part in}]]][center [EB+Garamond [size14 [b Classes:]]] [center [EB+Garamond [size14 [b Monday;] Math, French and Journalism]]][center [EB+Garamond [size14 [b Friday;] Science, Modern World Studies and Computer Science]]][center [EB+Garamond [size14 [b Secret:] Sammy has killed someone before]]]
[center [h3 [i Biography]]]
[center [EB+Garamond [size14 [b Family History:] Samuel was born to Harriet and Micheal Brightwood. He had a normal childhood filled with enough love for ten children. His mother worked as a book writer while his father an artists, together they created romantic novels that would make any girl swoon and long for such relationships. However hard time fell upon the Brightwood family when Harriet was let go from the publishing company she worked for. The flow of money was directed entirely upon Sam's father and the burden of trying to provide for his family was taking it's toll. On top of all this Samuel's mother found out she was pregnant with their second child. That's when the fights began. The wonderful couple was so stressed that they began to take out their frustrations out on each other, nit picking at whatever they did. It lasted for months and the word "divorce" was even thrown in a few times. However, once baby Christopher was born things changed. Sam's father gave up the art he so loved and found an office job and his mother was able to write columns for the local paper. The baby seemed to put things back together. For Sam the baby was everything. It was his cute baby brother that he had to protect. He would do anything for him...even kill.]]][center [EB+Garamond [size14 [b Biography:] Born as an only child, Samuel was spoiled and was given everything he ever wanted. You'd think this would make him spoiled, but for Sam it only made him feel lonely. He had to play by himself, watch morning cartoons by himself, almost everything. Things seemed to only get worse when his parents lost their jobs and began to fight. It was a nightly thing, if it wasn't the dishes then it was dinner, if it wasn't either of those then it was something else pointless. When divorce popped up he was old enough to understand what it meant and it scared him. He didn't want to lose either parent. At this point things seemed dim, but the announcement of a new baby brother suddenly changed things for the better. The baby forced his parents to quit what they loved and to get better jobs, but it was worth it. His parents had been happier now than they had been in a long time. He was upset, he just wanted them to smile. Samuel was five when his baby brother Christopher was born and it was a glorious time. He finally had someone to do things with and his baby brother loved all of it. They did everything together, they were almost inseparable. Things took a turn once again when his brother told him that an older man had tried to get him to follow him, Christopher knowing better ran off and straight to Sam. This old man persisted and tried to get Chris to follow him several times, and even once attempted to grab him. Sam had been there on that day and out of fear for his small brother grabbed the closest thing nearby and wacked the guy on the head. It had been a metal bar that was jagged at one end. It ended up killing the guy, and while Sam hadn't gotten in trouble since it was considered "self-Defense" he could never forget the look in the guys eyes as he was dying. It stayed with Samuel, it molded him as he grew. he became quiet and reserved, he contemplated drugs and alcohol, he just wanted the feeling of shame and guilt to go away. When he received the letter from Star Falls Academy it was like a blessing. His parents encouraged him to go, they knew it was a place that could help their son. So with the support of his parents he made the decision to go to the Academy.]]]
  Otter / 16h 6m 36s
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[center [EB+Garamond [size15 [b "Taoh ~ "] The soft purr in his ear made Taoh Laghari grin, the pale male keeping his eyes closed as he reached his arm over and wrapped it around an undressed woman. She giggled excessively, latching herself onto his side. [b "Can't you stay a little longer this time? You always leave in such a hurry...."] The woman asked him, one of her painted nails slowly making circles on his bare chest. The male didn't answer as he tried to let his imagination go....it would have been a pleasant morning if this woman would just shut up. She was constantly asking this and that, rambling nonsense and telling him pointless stories of things he hadn't even asked her about. It was times like this where he actually missed his people, there the woman didn't speak unless spoken to. Radinata was definitely [i "different"], customs and mannerisms were much more interesting than what he had grown up with.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 The Vares were a nomadic tribe that never stayed in the same place for more than a few weeks. They were easily definable - their porcelain skin and raven hair made them stand out like a dog among cats. The Vares people prided themselves on their fighting ability, men started training at a very young age and were able to expertly fight with various weapons by the time they were teenagers. [i "Fighting my ass"] he thought to himself, rolling onto his side. The woman complained about something and then got out of the bed, moving off into another room for something...he didn't really care enough to pay attention. He continued to think back on his old home. The Vares claimed they taught their men to fight young so that they could fight off enemies with ease, but Taoh had learned early on that his people would much rather avoid a fight at all costs. In the 14 years that he stayed with his family not once did they ever have to resort to violence and it bothered him to no end. While it seemed most of the men were content with their boring lives Taoh wanted something more...something exciting. He wanted to swing his sword and to protect something, not stand around and talk politics and trade deals with other cities. With nothing going for him he simply left.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 A grunt slipped past Taoh's lips as he pushed himself up into a sitting position. [+red [b "Ahh....I don't wanna go to work..."]] He said aloud, reaching over to grab his pants that had been thrown haphazardly on the floor. No doubt his "prince" was wondering where he was at, then again he always had a habit of arriving fashionably late. Without saying goodbye to the women who's evening he'd stolen Taoh left the room quickly and quietly. He walked down the stairs that led into the tavern, the bar tender lifting a brow at him. [+red [b "Hey don't give me that look old man, I can't keep myself from beautiful women."]] He said with a grin, leaning against the bar. His golden eyes glanced around to see that the Tavern was quite empty - not surprising since it was the middle of the day. Once guy in particular though stuck out to him, he was wearing clothing that wasn't normal for Radinata. He shrugged his shoulders, since he himself was a foreigner it didn't bother him, there was nothing wrong for people outside of Radinata to visit.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 The Bar keeper shook his head at Taoh. [b "Boy if that was beautiful then we've got different standards. The only thing nice on her was the rack."] Taoh laughed, adjusting the sword that was strapped to his waist. [b [+red "Well why else would I have spent the night with her?"]] As if god wanted to punish him the girl he'd been talking about smacked him upside the head with her shoe. Taoh flinched, rubbing the spot that was now sore. [b "Bastard!"] She called out, hastily putting her shoe back on and rushing out the Tavern. Him and the bar tender exchanged glances and shrugged. Taoh opened his mouth to say something but the worried and confused voices of people outside made him stop. Curiosity got the better of him and the rest of the people inside the tavern, all of them walking out and looking to the side. [b [+red "Oh this is way above my pay grade...."]] the male mutters to himself.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/rFSxzru.png]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 Within minutes alarms begin to go off - The Magistellia. An evacuation was taking place, everyone would be ushered to the Noble quarter. Taking his job seriously as a guard, the male began to guide the people around him towards the quarter. It wasn't surprising that people were in a panic, no one had any clue as to what that sphere in the sky was. Hell for all they knew it could be some sort of bomb that could turn Radinata into ruins. The thought made him worry but he wouldn't let it show. Once everyone seemed to be out of the vicinity Taoh looked around, the only other people left were the guards and knights who would defend if need be. Once he was satisfied that no one was left the male made his way towards the central gates.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 On his way to the gates Taoh felt the ground rumble, he was quite far from the gate but he could just barely make out a large black figure. [i "Well that doesn't look fun."] As soon as that thought crossed his mind soldiers began to poor out around the figure, running in all directions. Instincts kicked in and Taoh grabbed his trusty sword, the red blade shined as he flicked it back, a grin of excitement on his face. [b [+red "Lets see if I can beat my last record"]] The male didn't hesitate to dive into the throng of dark soldiers. He moved so fast and swung his sword effortlessly that it was hard to keep up with his movements, soldiers kept coming and coming as he moved deeper and close to the gates.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 At one point the male got push back into a wall, the soldiers think that they got the best of him. Gracefully he jumped up against the wall, pushing himself of and grabbing a pole and then launching himself off it with his feet up onto the short wall. He waved at the stunned and then looked up. He had a higher vantage point now and could easily see what was going on in the battlefield. Immediately he saw his oldest and probably only friend in a bit of trouble. In regular Taoh style the male braced himself and jumped up onto the pole, then with as much power as he could muster launched himself up into the air, making a point to a flip. [b [+red "In Coming!"]] He cried.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 After some bickering and head bashing the two males found themselves back to back.
  [ᴛᴀᴏʜ] / Otter / 15h 4m 53s
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEf_xrgmuRI&list=PLvyQCgG0Bb_SymRHOnwhXkH3gvLijTzfZ&index=65&t=0s]

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[center [left [pic https://i.imgur.com/CMzmUR1.png]]]
[center [size18 [Markazi+Text [I "Snow...it falls so gently, making not a single sound as it drifts from the sky. It's peaceful, the color of absolute innocence. I guess that's just what snow is...pure and innocent."]]]]

[center [size18 [Markazi+Text The lilting voice of a female faded into nothing, her words meant for no one as she observed the small flakes that gently fell from the sky. She sat underneath the wilting branches of a willow tree, her midnight hair stark against the white snow. She slowly lifted a pale hand, crystal eyes watching as the tiny flake hit her hand and melted. The woman had long grown accustomed to the cold, in fact she was hardly dressed in anything, she wore a thin black sweater that barely reached her knees and her legs and feet were completely bare. It was the middle of winter in Scandinavia, and at the current moment it was only 4°, her skin should be cracking and beginning to purple with frostbite. But instead it was smooth, it looked like porcelain - she looked like she could break at the slightest touch.]]]

[center [size18 [Markazi+Text As the woman sat there under the tree she declared as hers, a small child appeared. The tiny girl was bundled in thick coats, holding a small wicker basket. With great hesitation, the child shuffled towards the woman with a look on uncertainty and even fear on her face, setting the basket down a few feet away. [b "Mrs. Fenrir, this is an offering. My mother is sick...I wish upon your godly powers to make her better. Please..."] Silence greeted the child as the woman stared at the basket which contained various breads and sweets. Moments passed without any word or movement from the woman named Fenrir, then without a word she got to her feet and moved towards the basket, flipping the small fabric cover and picking up one of the fluffy pieces of dough. Taking a bite, she looked at the child finally, pointing a black painted nail at her. [+red "Go gather some Nettle-leaf, you'll find it by the river. Mash it up and put it in your mothers tea, then have her drink it."] With that the woman took her basket of goodies and left quickly, leaving the child with new information.]]]

[center [size18 [Markazi+Text This woman, also known as Fenrir, was well known throughout Scandinavia and even other countries. However, in this particular town she was known as the Monster of Bergen. Every month, ever since she had killed a teenage girl for insulting her, the city folk have brought Fenrir offerings to please her. They would usually consist of sweets, fresh coffee, or meat. Unfortunately if there was something that she didn't like then there would be consequences. So far the body count was getting in the double digits, they're bodies found mauled by what looked like an animal, a large one. One of the elders spread the story of the scary beast that was plaguing them, telling outside towns and travelers. Eventually people grew interested and went to Bergen in hopes of seeing the giant wolf that ravaged through the streets of Bergen. Though nothing was found, little did they know that the actual monster took refuge in the neighboring forest, and even when they looked there they could never find a trace of anything that would lead them to a wolf. The only thing that people ever found were foot print in the snow that led nowhere. Only a few of the locals of Bergen knew where to leave the offerings and they refused to tell the travelers in fear of invoking the monster's wrath.]]]

[center [size18 [Markazi+Text No one knew why the killings were only located in Bergen, there were plenty of cities surrounding the vast forest that were much bigger than Bergen. What no one knew was that the monster couldn't leave, that it was physically impossible for it to do so. The poor woman, Fenrir, had been tricked into being chained to Bergen and the forest surrounding it. Now, after being stuck in the same place for what had felt like forever, her feelings of rage and resentment had begun to surface. That was why she had started killing, to perhaps let go of some of those bubbling feelings. They threatened to consume her very being no matter how much she killed, in fact ever since she had started the killings it seemed she felt even more, Fenrir felt like she would go mad with the uncontrollable feelings of anger and hate that were just constantly building up inside her.]]]

[center [size18 [Markazi+Text After leaving the child, Fen took her goody basket and went to the frozen lake, sitting by it's edge and delving into the delicious snacks. As she ate, one of her wolves came over to investigate. The poor thing was a loner at the moment, the local pack had kicked him out as punishment for challenging they're alpha and losing. As their creator is was her duty to make sure all her children were safe. Placing a hand on the animal's head, it sat down and curled up beside her. As the two sat there in complete silence, the gentle snow that had begun to fall started to pick up, the temperature feeling like it had dropped even lower. Looking to the cloudy sky, she frowned. [+red "I feel a storm coming..."] she said to no one. Having finished the basket of snack Fenrir got to her feet and just stood there - at least that's what it looked like. Slowly a white mist began to envelope the woman making it impossible to see her, it dissipated after a minute and in Fenrir's place stood a massive wolf...with wings of that like a bird.]]]

[center [size18 [Markazi+Text Feeling like running she took off in a random direction. Fenrir loved snowstorms. She lifted her large head into the sky and let out a howl unlike any other, grinning as it echoed through the tree's. Unlike a typical wolf howl, or even a werewolf for that matter, Fenrir's howl sounded like music. As she howled wolves that were miles off joined here, they were compelled to. She jumped and leaped in the air, breifly extending wings that were larger than any animal, floating and sliding around. She yipped and howled without a care in the world. This was her forest, her home. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L28CnhmeAD4 Sounds like this] After awhile Fenrir stopped near a large oak tree, it was the biggest one in the forest. By this time the storm had arrived and the flakes that had once been falling so slowly were swirling around in a flurry. She was completely unaware that she wasn't alone at the time.]]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/hdKCMNX.png]]
  Otter / 3d 19h 53m 11s
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[center [PT+Sans [size16 [b Two Months Ago]]]]

[center [PT+Sans [size13 [i "You've got to be kidding me..."] Akio thought to himself as he stood in the middle of his bedroom where he'd been hiding himself for the last few months. In his hand his was his cellphone. The male was practically shaking with anger as he read the latest news article that pertained to his life's work: The Haunted. He thought it had all been simply coincidence, that there was no way people would be dying because of his game. But these numbers were no lie and based on the tests he had just finished running there was definitely something wrong, he couldn't control his own game anymore. Someone had taken the control away from him, had made it so he couldn't even make an avatar for himself using his personal IP address. Someone didn't want him to interfere with whatever they were doing - to stop them from killing real people. But how? How was this person killing people from within a video game? These questions had no answers and he knew that there was no one else smart enough to hack into the game, aside from himself that is.]]]

[center [PT+Sans [size13 The male sighed as he tossed the electronic device onto his bad, that meant it was up to him to stop the killings...man that would so much work that he really didn't want to do. He ran his fingers through his hair, there was no way that he would be able to get through the game on his own. Hell he didn't really even like video games, he was good at making them. He hadn't even taken the time to play his own game all the way through....just the first floor. He groaned - that would mean he would have to hire someone to go with him. This would be so much easier if he could just his commands through the game to get him to the top floor, but nooooo someone had to lock him out of the game. That would also mean he would have to find a way to even get into the game into the first place....well the plotting begins.]]]

[center [b ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~]]

[center [PT+Sans [size13 Silver eyes stared up at a white ceiling, Akio laid in an apartment that was in an entirely different country than his old one. Surrounding him was some of the most expensive and most reliable computers and systems money could buy - all bought with cash and under the table so nothing could be traced back to him. More deaths had occurred since the start of his plan and it was finally time to put things in motion. The male grabbed the headgear and placed it on his head, settling into a roughly made bed and closing his eyes. He was supposed to be meeting his contact on the first floor - supposedly they were one of the best players his game had to offer. They had be better damn good if they were going to survive to the 100th floor without dying.]]][center [right [pic https://i.imgur.com/KPGGXC2.png]]]
[center [PT+Sans [size13 He went through the boring, unstoppable story that explained how his game worked, went through the boring tutorial that you had to do until he finally came up on the character maker. He made it so you could do anything a person wanted. Any creature, any look, gender, nothing was too much for his game. He supposed that was what attracted so many people, even if people were actually dying.]]]

[center [PT+Sans [size13 Akio was surpised at how much time he spent making his character, an hour or so passed before he realized he had less than five minutes before he had to meet up with his contact. Scrambling his made finished up making his character and made his username: [b Rawn]. It was something original that he thought of, he knew of course that he couldn't use his real name, that would just be idiotic. He was spawned into the beginner town that provided all the starter quests, however he completely bypassed those and went straight to the Inn where he was supposed to meet his contact. Walking in the wolf-boy looked around, there were surprisingly a lot of people just hanging around - didn't they know that the killer monsters could now bust into safe zones?]]]

[center [PT+Sans [size13 Akio, now named Rawn, sat down at an empty table. He had told his contact before-hand what kind of creature he had picked. He looked at the time that was display to his right, he was right on time for the meeting...now where was his contact?]]]
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Youjī(有机) and Shénhuà(神话), two different beings who have lived alongside each other for centuries. Youjī are beings who have no magical ability, who use they're own physical power to achieve what they want. Shénhuà are beings who were previously Youjī that have attained minor supernatural abilities, granted these powers by a higher source that everyone calls "Krishna".

It was One-Hundred years ago that Shénhuà started showing up, in a time when the Youjī were at war with a neighboring kingdom. It was these Shénhuà who fought with the Youjī, allowing them to win that war, and for a long time they lived with the Youjī. However complications have arisen. Many of the Youjī feel that the Shénhuà have gained too much influence in they're kingdom, that with they're so-called Divine power they should be watched and repressed. Civil fights have broken out in several cities and many Shénhuà Have begun to go into hiding, for fear of they're families. The Shénhuà have no desire to harm the people that they have lived with for so long, however with the rise in fighting some have begun to fight back.

One certain night, up high in the sky, a star seems to burst into four pieces. It can be seen all across the land, it's shinning light making many recall an old prophecy that had almost been forgotten.
"Four shall rise in a time of fighting, Three shall save Krishna, Two shall be lost, One will fall."
The next morning two Youjī and two Shénhuà wake up to find that they have gained elevated powers, greater than that of normal Shénhuà. They have been given the powers of Gāo, legendary beings that have not existed since ancient times.

Coincidentally the old prophecy has been passed down in they're families, and all four have an unquenchable need to go to Tengoku, a rumored meeting place of the gods. After a long journey, they meet.
It is up to these four young Gāo to learn they're newfound powers and to understand what they must do. Will they fulfill the prophecy? Will Youjī and Shénhuà fight until neither is left?
Well...that depends on you.
  Otter / 8d 19h 56m 45s
It is the year 2027, the world has advanced far beyond what it used to be, to unimaginable heights. Though, the world is not peaceful. A gas giant from space is on a collision course, heading straight for earth. Expected ETA; Three months. Scientists scramble to make shuttle pods to transport important officials and children out of earths orbit and towards a planet called "Osiris". Only a handful succeed, many of the pods failed and many people died. One man however, dedicated to see his 9-year old daughter live, makes the most advanced pod anyone has seen. With only enough time to make enough room for the small child, he puts her in the pod and forces her into a deep sleep, suspending her in a virtual reality world, erasing all of her memories. He then launches the pod into space, with the single destination being Osiris.

Rin, a girl who lives in a world of endless, infinite beauty. Only downside, she's completely and utterly alone. Each day Rin awakens in virtual reality and uses a tablet which controls the simulation to create a new, different, beautiful world for herself. However, she is unaware that she's inside the simulation; Until one day everything changes, and Rin comes to learn the true origins behind her life inside a simulation.
  Otter / 8d 19h 57m 4s
It is the year 2057, the world has entered a technologically advanced era. Most everything is done with the push of a button - Grocery shopping, buying a new dress or car, robots have even come onto the scene. Though the world has entered such an advanced state of living, one thing still continue's to plague them. War.

At present time, America is recovering from an attack by the Russian empire, they released a DNA changing chemical into the air, causing thousands of people to develop certain "Abilities". The chemical targeted younger people, impressionable teens, and just as they anticipated many of those who were changed began to cause havoc, several even going on killing spree's. The Russian's didn't anticipate that America would easily make a cure to counteract the chemical. Distribution of the new cure was quick, but not quick enough. Many of the infected slipped through the cracks, going into hiding or taking refuge within Russian boarders. That's where The Horus Project Comes into play.

Horus is a government created organization that utilizes the use of those affected by the Russian chemical. Instead of curing them, they give the teens un-refusable incentives to fight for them, to hunt down the one's who slipped through the cracks. They call they're soldiers "The Seven Deadly Sins"
  [ツ] / Otter / 8d 19h 57m 26s
What would you do if you were given a way to tell your soulmate apart from the rest? Here at Imperium, located within Europe, people are born with "twin eyes". Twin eyes are simply two different colored eyes, ranging from all sorts of colors. No one understands why Imperium's people have this genetic birth defect, but it does separate them from the rest of the world. They believe it to be more a blessing than anything. Their eyes give them the ability to find their soulmates, the person who has the same colored eyes. When soulmates find one another and consummate their love through intercourse their eyes turn to one singular color. Love is one of the most important things in the society of Imperium. However, the government frowns upon having sex before marriage. By doing that, the soulmates corrupt their souls and damn themselves to the netherworld.
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The world is not as peaceful as everyone thinks. To humans, everything is cotton candy and rainbows. But to people such as The Fallen, it's a mess of chaos and disaster. Now you might be thinking, just WHO are The Fallen? They are beings who were once Angel's and Demon's, but fell victim to one of the Seven Deadly Sins or succumbed to one of the Seven Virtues. They are now on the edge of both Heaven and Hell, Earth. Knowing they can do nothing to achieve they're lost status, they band together to protect the humans. They stop Angel's and Demon's from wrecking havoc, as well as working hard to prevent a war between the two.

Four Fallen happen to be lazing around one day when an assassination attempt happens on they're leader; Rue Nightingale. They discover that Angel's have targeted them for reasons unknown. When they capture one of two who were ordered to kill Rue, they learn things that change they're whole perspective on the possible upcoming war. Though Angel's aren't the only one's targeting The Fallen. Two Demon's have also been sent to get rid of the four. Though they are slimy and constantly stay off the radar, the four know that they are always being watched from the shadows. Why are both side's so adamant about getting rid of four people who couldn't possibly do anything to them? Find out by joining Fall Into Darkness.
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100 levels, scary monsters, awesome weapons.
What could contain such things? Well, the virtual reality game called The Haunted. It has taken the world by storm, bringing in thousands of people from across the world. It is a horror based game, you choose to be a hunter, or the hunted. You can choose to be anything your mind can imagine. Human, Demon, Ghost, absolutely anything. You must progress through the levels, defeating online players you come across, to advanced to the final stage, where the boss awaits. Whoever beats it, gets 1 million dollars in the real world. However, something peculiar has happened.

Lilith Naviel, the sole developer of The Haunted, has gone missing. Not only she, but other's have started disappearing as well. No one know's where Lilith went, or what happened to her, except for her younger brother. Lilith has discovered a hacker, one who has brought real monsters into her game. These monsters and killing people, and if you get killed by one of them, you die in real life. However, there is no distinction between the real monsters, and the players who pretend. Lilith and her brother's mission is to find the hacker and get rid of him, permanently. They encounter various people as they move through the levels, some good and some bad, and soon it's an all-out war.
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An elf princess of [kingdom name here] who's beliefs are of more then just a future queen. She is independent, intelligent, and at times suborn. She cares more of her loved ones and people then she does herself and strives to be something more than just a face of beauty and royalty.

paired with

A wanted Huntsman/warrior of a use to be city. After falling along with his father and their king in battle, he now travels from village to village, protecting what is left of the humans. He is strong hearted and intimidating, though underneath his muscular and grubby appearance, he is gentle and protective.

A village maiden, blinded from the outer world she and her people hide from. Though the dangers lurking about on the other side of the gate cannot compare to the danger she faces every night at home with her father. barely escaping with her innocence she's a paranoid twenty two year old with a deep resentment towards all men.

Paired with

A long forgotten elf prince of an unknown kingdom. He is a messenger and warrior to all other elven kingdoms, though where he is from no one knows. His adventurous ways and swift movement is what encouraged the elf princess to find herself.
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[center [b The Monster Of Bergen]]

[center [i Once upon a time there was a beautiful town named Bergen. Bergen was filled with sparkling lights and laughing children, a town that was the epitome of happiness and peace. However, one night, a black shadow emerged from the thick forest. The next morning the body of a teenage girl was found mauled and bloodied. That was when the legend of the Wolf Of Bergen started. Each month the people had to prepare offerings and leave them under a large willow tree in the forest, if not a young person would end up dead.]]

[center [i The legend spread all across Scandinavia and into much of Europe. Among those who heard and believed this legend, a single man with a specialty in legends made the trip to Bergen. The man expected to find a werewolf, however, in the midst of a snowstorm, he was met with a beautiful woman. This woman wasn't normal, she was feral and much too confident, calling herself Fenrir, The Great Wolf-God.]]

[center [i This is the adventure of a human and a god, of how a man saves a woman from herself and the destruction that has threatened her for centuries. Not only that, but it is also the story of how the same woman proves to a man who has hunted his entire life, that there's more to supernaturals than meets the eye.]]
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=IM+Fell+English+SC]
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Song+Myung]

[center [size15 [IM+Fell+English+SC Vampire's have always been a fascination for modern day society. Twilight, Vampire Diaries, Underworld - People flock to these things and absolutely love them. What would they do if they found out that vampire were very [i real] and even living among them?]]]

[center [size15 [IM+Fell+English+SC The united states government is well aware of the creatures that try to blend in with them and they feared what would happen if people discovered them. So in order to make sure the vampires stay in line and don't attract attention the president made a peace treaty with the ruler of all vampires - Vlad Dracul.]]]

[center [size15 [IM+Fell+English+SC Vlad Dracul, the purest and most noble of all vampires has been able to keep his people safe for the most part. However, he realizes that he is growing old and must soon retire. His three younger brothers are in the line of succession, each ruling over their own houses that contain their family and their own followers. Though instead of instantly deciding who to give the throne to he make a game out of it. The house that makes the greatest impact on society in 90 days wins.]]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/Vl0lF9t.png]]

[center [size14 [Song+Myung [b [u First House - Dracul;]]]][center [size14 [Song+Myung [https://i.imgur.com/CZNsa2N.png Vlad Dracul] - White Hair & Red Eyes]]][center [size14 [Song+Myung Wife, [https://i.imgur.com/NFm1aLS.png Isabella Dracul] - Purple Hair & Blue Eyes]]][center [size14 [Song+Myung Daughter, [https://i.imgur.com/oSnlOmE.png Elizabeth Dracul] - White Hair & Blue Eyes]]]

[center [size14 [Song+Myung [b [u Second House - Cirino;]]]][center [size14 [Song+Myung [https://i.imgur.com/zy0PCuX.png Dario Cirino] - Black Hair & Green Eyes]]][center [size14 [Song+Myung Wife, [https://i.imgur.com/OzuUIcL.png Marina Cirino] - Blonde Hair & Green Eyes]]][center [size14 [Song+Myung SONS/DAUGHTERS OPEN - Must have a combination of parents looks or look like parent]]]

[center [size14 [Song+Myung [b [u Third House - Orpheus;]]]][center [size14 [Song+Myung [https://i.imgur.com/Il0BYCW.png Kyran Orpheus] - Red Hair & Brown Eyes]]][center [size14 [Song+Myung Wife, [https://i.imgur.com/uD9U97m.png Arina Orpheus] - Black Hair & Brown Eyes]]][center [size14 [Song+Myung SONS/DAUGHTERS OPEN - Must have combination of parents looks or look like parent]]]

[center [size14 [Song+Myung [b [u Fourth House - Adresteia;]]]][center [size14 [Song+Myung [https://i.imgur.com/YTEgrti.png Edwyn Adresteia] - Blonde Hair & Violet Eyes]]][center [size14 [Song+Myung Wife, [https://i.imgur.com/zTI6ht8.png Katarina Adresteia] - Brown Hair & Grey Eyes]]][center [size14 [Song+Myung SONS/DAUGHTERS OPEN - Must have combination of parents looks or look like parent.]]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/Vl0lF9t.png]]

[center [size14 [Song+Myung [b [u About Today's Vampires]]]]]
[center [size14 [Song+Myung [b -] Even though it is the twenty first century, vampire families are built in an old fashioned way. Males rank higher than females. The more sons a father has, the more respect he has - unless said vampire is insanely power (Vlad).]]][center [size14 [Song+Myung [b -] Daughters can bring more honor to their family depending on their suitors and how much money they gain once married.]]][center [size14 [Song+Myung [b -] Each house specializes in something different, though each family has more money then they know what to do with. Cirino specializes in education - owning more than half of the education buildings in the united states. Orpheus specializes in crime - they command at least two dozen different gangs across the states. Adresteia specializes in the entertainment business - owning various companies in the states.]]][center [size14 [Song+Myung [b -] Each "House" has several children who are pure-blooded. They also have dozens of followers who were bitten and changed - rarely is a human offered to join a house.]]][center [size14 [Song+Myung [b -] The Orpheus house is more lenient when it comes to women, since there are only daughters Kyran has allowed them to have more freedom than the other women in other families.]]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/Vl0lF9t.png]]

[center [size18 [IM+Fell+English+SC [b [u Skeleton]]]]][center [size14 [Song+Myung [b House;] Which family do you belong to?]]][center [size14 [Song+Myung [b Role;] Son or daughter?]]][center [size14 [Song+Myung [b Age;] Add 20 years to a regular vampire age to determine how old they are]]][center [size14 [Song+Myung[b Short Biography;] How to you fit in your family? Your personality? Your friends? What do you want people to know about your character before the roleplay starts?]]][center [size14 [Song+Myung [b Picture;] Animated. I will be VERY picky when looking at pictures. This is a modern setting.]]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/Vl0lF9t.png]]

[center [size18 [IM+Fell+English+SC [b [u Rules]]]]][center [size14 [Song+Myung [b 1;] This is a semi-literate to literate roleplay. I would like posts to be at least 1,500 characters though I do understand things such as writers block.]]][center [size14 [Song+Myung [b 2;] This is a mature roleplay. Cursing, Violence, Drugs and other things may be present. This is just a warning.]]][center [size14 [Song+Myung [b 3;] No god-modding or anything of the sorts.]]][center [size14 [Song+Myung [b 4.] I would like at least a post a week. If you need longer please let me know, I understand that things happen in life.]]][center [size14 [Song+Myung [b 5.] If you've read everything please put your favorite color in the subject box along with the link to your character profile that ALSO contains the skeleton.]]][center [size14 [Song+Myung [b OOC;] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=150467 Click]]][center [i [size9 This roleplay is base off of a friends roleplay (SageofDarnkess) - I simply changed a few things so it wouldn't be an exact copy. All credit goes to her!]]]
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather]
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Great+Vibes]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/541qB4s.png]]
[center [Merriweather [size13 Thunderclan, known for stalking their prey in the forest and undergrowth. Riverclan, known for their skill at swimming. Windclan, known for their swiftness which makes catching prey easier. Shadowclan, known for the ability to walk quietly and avoid detection.]]]

[center [Merriweather [size13 For generations these clans have lived in a chaotic harmony, living their lives according to the [http://warriors.wikia.com/wiki/The_warrior_code warrior code.] However a prophecy is given to a kittypet named Kiki; [i Watch out, for dark is coming and with him comes death.] At first she is unsure as to what this means and why she was given it, but when her farm burns down she's forced to run away. After wandering for what seemed like forever she comes across a group of windclan cats.]]]

[center [Merriweather [size13 Kiki, now named Hazelpaw, must learn to learn how to live like a clan cat. Windclan must also get used to the fact that they have a used-to-be kittypet among them. Some don't care while other's don't take it well. After awhile things seem to calm down and life returns to normal for everyone. Though when a clan member turns up dead things take a turn for the worse.]]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/rFSxzru.png]]

[center [size26 [Great+Vibes [u [b The Clan]]]]]

[center [Merriweather [size13 [b Leader;] Open]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b Deputy;] Open]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b Medicine Cat;] Open]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b Warriors;] None]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b Apprentices;] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=401330 Hazelpaw], more welcome]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b Mothers;] None]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b Kits;] None]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b Elders;] None]]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/rFSxzru.png]]

[center [size26 [Great+Vibes [u [b Skeleton]]]]]

[center [Merriweather [size13 [b Username;] Simply the link will do]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b Name;] please use [http://warriors.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Clan_hierarchy this] as a reference. Also use for role decision.]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b Age;] Moons are like years. For example - 6 moons = 4 months.]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b Gender;] Male or female]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b Role;] Refer to the link above]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b Personality;] 3 positive and 3 negative traits]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b Picture;] Real cats please.]]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/rFSxzru.png]]

[center [size26 [Great+Vibes [u [b Rules]]]]]

[center [Merriweather [size13 [b 1.] This is a semi-literate roleplay. I will ask that posts be at least 1,500 characters. I don't think that's too much to ask.]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b 2.] I expect at least one post a week. I am a college student and I work full-time. I don't have infinite free time, plus its holiday season at the moment. If a post is not made within a week I will pester people, just a warning. If nothing is done by a week and a half and you have not notified me on why you aren't posting, I will remove people.]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b 3.] I want the picture to be real cats. I don't want something that looks stupid and I want the cat to fit the name you choose. I have a right to be picky when looking at pictures.]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b 4.] This is based off the warrior cats series, however none of the stuff that happened in the books will affect this roleplay. Though I do recommend that you have a basic knowledge of the books.]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b 5.] In order to join please send me a character link that contains the skeleton above. Title your pm with you favorite book.]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b 6.] This will start a few months after Hazelpaw joins windclan. The story doesn't revolve around her, I'm just using her as a way to give the prophecy. The roleplay will include all the cats of windclan .]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b If your stuck on picking a name here is a helpful link;] [http://www.fantasynamegenerators.com/warrior-cat-names.php Name Generator]]]]
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