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[center [Nanum+Gothic [size13 Light filtered in through the cracks of a boarded up window, specks of dust dancing in the ray of warmth. Laying on a ratty old couch was a male, his tired eyes staring at the twirling particles. As he laid there in the peaceful silence something moved in the shadows, it was very feint and could not be seen by simple humans. The boy didn't react, seeing things move in the dark places of his home was normal for him. In fact, it was moving because of him...or rather because he couldn't control it.]]]

[center [Nanum+Gothic [size13 A knock at his front door made him frown, a grunt escaping him as he moved from the comfort of his couch. Reaching behind him he latched the mask that had been hanging around his neck firmly against his face, making sure that all was in place. Opening the door a crack, he spoke. [b "Mr. Walsh, can I help you with something?"] While not living in town many of the people that he helped knew where he lived, even if he didn't want them visiting him like this person was doing. The old man looked distraught and Jagger could only guess that it had something to do with his wife. The poor woman had been deteriorating at a rapid pace and unfortunately there was nothing he could do, something he had told this old man already.]]]

[center [Nanum+Gothic [size13 [b "Please sir! Your medicines are the best around! Surly you have something that could help my dear Algetha!"] He pleaded. Jagger felt bad, he had already tried everything he could aside from using magic, something he had no access to. [b "I've told you Mr. Walsh, there is nothing else that can be done. It is simply her time. I am sorry."] Before anything else could be said Jagger quickly shut the door, feeling terrible for shutting the old man out. But what else could he do? There was nothing else to be done...sure he might be able to cast out a deadly sickness or allow wounds to quickly heal, but there was no curing something like that lady had. It was just old age, it was her time to go. People didn't understand that you couldn't cure things like that.]]]

[center [Nanum+Gothic [size13 The poor boy returned to his couch, flopping down and staring up at the ceiling. He had been here for about a month now which meant that it was time to head into town to sell his concoctions. Gathering up his things and shoving them into a raggedy bag, Jagger exited his rundown house and began to make the trek into the town.]]]
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[center [Nanum+Gothic [size13 [#A52A2A [b "Is this all the meat you have?"]] Katherine asked, adjusting her hood as she inspected the various cuts of meat the butcher had laid before her. Rabbit, Deer, Cow, Duck, Chicken and a few other small rodents. Yea they were okay but there was nothing there...extravagant. They were just plain and boring pieces of animals that had nothing going for them. A sigh of annoyance slipped past her lips, the poor werewolf had spent the last week trying to find something decent to eat, something that would make her taste buds quiver. Sure she could just go out and hunt something, but that would be very unladylike - she'd spent all her life being hand fed things like phoenix, Griffin and her all time favorite; Unicorns. There was just something about the sparkle and purity that a unicorn had that was delicious.]]]

[center [Nanum+Gothic [size13 The butcher huffed and crossed his arms, grumbling about how his meats were the finest around. Well then, he obviously hadn't had a werewolf as a customer before, had he? Katharine decided to give up and pointed to a slab of deer meat with a frown. [#A52A2A [b "I suppose I'll take that pathetic excuse for a meal."]] The female said, waiting as he wrapped it up for her and put it in a bag.]]]

[center [Nanum+Gothic [size13 Walking away from the shop she sniffed the bag and practically growled at it. It smelled horrendous and stale. Crumpling it shut she made her way back to the Inn in which she was staying. As she walked she stared up at the glittering palace where the prince and princess lived. A look of envy crossed her pale face as she thought about what they were eating. [i "I bet they get to eat the good stuff...."] If she was at home that would be her. Being fed only the finest of foods, wearing the most luxurious of dresses and only mingling with intelligent people. But then again leaving home had meant abandoning all that. No one said living on your own would be easy, however she found that the funds she had brought with here were running low. All her expensive eating out and shopping was taking it toll. A shiver ran down her spine as she thought about having to potentially look for employment.]]]
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[center [EB+Garamond [size15 Edwyn let out a sigh as he nervously ran his fingers through his hair. This whole situation of letting a human live with them was stressing him out more than he thought it would. What happens if she discovers what they are? Would they have to 'take care' of her or would they simply let her go? They didn't even know the girl and had no idea how she would react to finding out their secret.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 [b [#778899 "I'm sorry Calypso, I'm just a little on edge. I don't mean to sound harsh."]] He said, apologizing. There was not reason to take his frustration out on the poor ghost, she was still learning how to control her ghostly abilities. He stood in silence as he fixed up his sandwich, his brain thinking about so many things that it was beginning to give him a headache. Duran asked about the human and with a mouthful of bread he turned to him. [b [#778899 "Her name's Lyric. She was the first and only person to contact us about the room. We'll see how she does."]]]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 He finished his food and plopped down at the kitchen table, staring up at the white ceiling. This was going to be one hell of ride. He sat there for awhile and just tuned out the others for a bit, closing his eyes and thinking. A full moon was soon, which meant he would have to leave for a few days. As he thought the human came into the room asking about going out and something about food. Edwyn opened his eyes and looked at the girl. [b [#778899 "I had a sandwich, I dunno about Duran. Hey Duran, you hungry?"]] He asked with a cheeky little grin.]]]
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[center [EB+Garamond [size15 Akemi grunted as she helped the two boys up off the ground, they were heavier than they looked. She glared for a moment at the boy she didn't know what he called her [i "Little One"]. Her shortness was a sensitive subject for her, people often underestimated her since she was tiny. They thought she was "Cute" and "huggable". On more than once occasion she had some random person come up to her and wrap their arms around her. It was awkward and she really hadn't liked it, if she didn't know a person than she certainly didn't want them touching her.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 Once the two were able to stand on their own...sort of of, she lead them down the street to a four-way where there was a bench. She made them sit down as she dialed the number for the cab company. As she talked with the company about where they were and where she needed these two buffoons to go, she watched them. Orion had gotten close with this guy, it seemed to her he was her replacement. It made her happy to know that he had made some more friends after she had left, but she also felt a twinge of jealousy. It was a selfish feeling to want to be more to him than this other guy, but she couldn't help it.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 Once she was finished with her phone-call she shoved the device back into her pocket and sat next to the boys as they awaited the cab. [#8B0000 [b "I've only been around you two for half an hour and your already becoming a pain in my ass, aren't ya?"]] She teased, wanting to direct her attention away from her jealous emotions. It wasn't long before the cab driver arrived, pulled up next to them. Akemi gave the driver enough money to get the boys home, there was no reason to go with them since she lived nearby. She ushered the boys into the vehicle and then looked at Orion through the open window. [#8B0000 [b "Maybe when your not wasted, come and visit me. I live in that new apartment complex over there."]] She gestured to the area in which she lived and then waved as the cab pulled away.]]]
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[center [EB+Garamond [size15 As Edwyn waited to see if the new addition had any questions, the sound of Duran coming through the door startled him. The tour he had given obviously had shown him that his fellow supernatural wasn't in the house so it shouldn't have been a surprise when he walked in, but yet it was. He hadn't even heard the front door open, just the other males voice popping into the conversation.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 He breathed a small sigh as he let out a nervous laugh, rubbing the back of his head. [b [#778899 "Jesus Duran...make some sort of sound when you walk in..."]] He teased, trying to joke a little to make them seem more [i "inviting"] or [i "Human"]. He didn't want to reveal his and Duran's secret to this human, nor the fact that she was sharing the house with a ghost.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 As if she knew he was thinking about her, a loud thump sounded from the kitchen which seemed to peak the interest of Lyric. Thankfully before she could walk in Duran took care of it, leaving the two of them alone. [i "I'm going to have to have a talk with Calypso later...."] She was still learning how to do certain ghostly activities, like picking things up. It was kind of weird to watch someone you could see through picking up a Tv remote or to simply float through the floor from upstairs when you called her.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 As he stood there in an awkward little silence Lyric's phone rang and she hastily went into a closet. He acted like he hadn't heard the entire conversation when in reality he had heard every word. Werewolf hearing and all that. When she emerged from the closet he was looking at his cellphone, just flipping through an app. He looked up at her when she spoke. [b [#778899 "Oh sure, though I'll probably be cooking in an hour or two if you....want....something...."]] His words trailed off as lyric scrambled up the stairs and to her room, carrying her heavy luggage up behind her.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 Once he was sure that the human was out of earshot Edwyn darted for the kitchen, standing in the doorway and crossing his arms over his chest. [b [#778899 "Seriously? You couldn't have just waited until she was in her room to make tea?"]] He asked slightly annoyed. Moving over to the fridge he opened it, gazing at the food and wondering what he wanted to eat tonight. [b [#778899 "So, what do you think?"]] He asked as she grabbed a pack of Deli chicken and some bread, deciding to simply make some sandwhiches.]]]
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[center [EB+Garamond [size15 They were high as a fucking kite and she honestly wasn't sure how to handle the current situation. She ran long fingers through her short dark hair, thinking about what to do. [i "What's the right thing to do?"] she thought as she watched the two boy roll around on the ground as they tried to get up, which proved much more of a struggle than it should have been.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 Akemi honestly didn't like alcohol and what it did to people. Sure, having a beer or two never hurt anyone but going over bored could have serious consequences. What if either of these two fools attempted to drive? One wrong thing and both could be dead and on a silver table for people to stitch back together. As bad thoughts raced through her head Orion speaking pulled her from such things, his statement about missing her causing guilt to rush over her. He wasn't exactly wrong...she had pretty much vanished without so much as a goodbye. It wasn't like she hadn't wanted to it was more of that she hadn't had the time, her father had up and decided to tell her at the last minute they were returning to Japan. He said the influence of "Americans" would ruin her. He went so far as to steal her phone and delete Orion's number from it, making it so she couldn't even contact him.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 She wondered if he hated her for just leaving? They had been best friends for months, he was the closest person she had, he was the one who had convinced her to not to jump off the ledge, to not end her life. For Akemi, Orion was like her knight in shining armor, always there to defend her. He taught her English and made sure to keep the bullies at bay. He made her life here in America easier and bearable. He saved her life. Back then he was sweet, a bit loud but true to himself. Now...he seemed like a totally different person. Drugs and alcohol, what exactly had he gotten himself into?]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 Breathing a sigh of nervousness, the girl figured there was nothing left to do but make sure these boys woke up in a safe place. Reaching a hand to each boy she offered them a smile. [#8B0000 [b "I missed you too Ri-Ri, but we can save all that for later when your actually sober. For now lets get you to home. Where do you guys live, i'll call you a cab."]] She said, reaching into her pocket and slipping her phone out, typing on the screen until she reached the dial-pad. She waited, eyeing the boys with a lifted eyebrow, waiting for them to say something. Hell, could they even remember their own address?]]]
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[center [EB+Garamond [size15 The coffee shop was busy as hell today, Edwyn felt like he wasn't able to catch up on anything at all. [i "Jesus, is it national coffee day or something?"] He thought as she was finally able to take a breath, flopping down in a chair in he back office. As he sat there his grey eyes slowly glanced up at the clock on the wall, widening as he realized what time it was and what was supposed to happen today. [b [#778899 "Fuck!"]] He cried out, quickly gathering up his coat and belongings, running out of the office and into the main room. He waved to his boss who simply cracked a smile. [b "Good job on forgetting your appointment, Edwyn."] the older male called out after him, laughing.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 Lucky for him the shop was only a few streets away from the house. He scrambled up the steps, quickly opening the door and seeing a girl standing there. [i "Damn it..."] he thought, straightening up and running long fingers through his hair. For a moment he wasn't quite sure what to say, the words were stuck in his throat. After a minute of some really awkward silence, he finally spoke. [b [#778899 "Ah, you must be Lyric. I'm sorry no one was here to greet you, I'm not sure where Duran is at, but I'm Edwyn. It's nice to meet you."]] He said with a small smile, holding his hand out to her.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 He couldn't help but feel nervous...this was a human who was going to be staying with people who could literally eat her...and she had no idea. Edwyn wasn't even sure what possessed them to allowed a human to stay with them, perhaps it was the fact that they needed more money coming in because on their salary it just wasn't cutting it. Whatever it was he just knew it was a bad idea. The male breathed a small sigh as he gestured to the living room in which they were currently standing in. [b [#778899 "Well I guess i should show you around. This is the living room, obviously."]] He said, feeling like an idiot. He then proceeded to spend the next fifteen minutes showing her around, ending the half-assed tour back in the living room.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15
  [Edwyn Harrow] / Otter / 7d 15h 59m 49s
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[center [EB+Garamond [size15 Akemi swung lightly back and forth as she softly sang, remember each word. She liked the song, it had been specially written for her. Lorraine, her lovely American manager, thought that having her start singing emotional songs would give her a good start in the music business. Apparently people here were all about [i "Emotion"] and Anime was becoming mainstream, so along with the love songs would be attempts at trying to sing anime openings. She grew up an Anime, hell Anime in Japan was like Saturday cartoons for Americans.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 A cool breeze brushed past her as she continued to just stare up at the stars, a nice silence descending. [#8B0000 [b "Papa...can I really do this?"]] She muttered to no one, suddenly feeling lonely. The decision to move was a sudden one for Akemi and she was wondering if it was the right choice. Yes, she wanted to be a famous singer but was coming to America right? Couldn't she have just become a j-pop singer liker her parents wanted? No. She didn't think so...for some reason she felt like this is where she belonged at the moment, in this dingy and dirty town. She didn't know why, but that's what her gut was telling her.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 Akemi was enjoying the peaceful silence around her, at least until the sound of two bumbling fools nearby cut through it. She found herself getting irritated, getting up from the swing to see two guys stumbling around and eventually falling on the ground. At first she was simply going to take the two dudes as a sign to go home for the night, but she immediately recognized one as the guy who she'd seen at the bar, the one she was certain was Orion. Her stomach knotted as thoughts whirled through her mind. [i "Should I go say something? He looks like he's drunk, she I help? What if he's forgotten about me or is angry that I left?"] So many questions without answers. Taking a deep breath, she decided to brace her fear.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 The dark-haired girl approached the two boys, looking down as they tangled themselves on the ground. It smelled of alcohol and weed, something she didn't think Orion would get mixed up in. Maybe he was just having a fun night out, beside weed wasn't that bad. She was certainly not one for drinking or drugs...something like that could ruin her non-existent career. Tilting her head to the side in a curious manner, she spoke. [#8B0000 [b "You guys look like your having fun, though you seem to be in quite the pickle."]] She stated, thinking it was funny how they didn't seem to care who saw them acting like idiots.]]]
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/8OXcwSn.png]]

[center [size14 [Kavivanar What do you do when your life is pathetic? It's nothing like you want it to be, it's pitiful and in your opinion, not worth living. You hate your life and you hate yourself most of all. You think "I wish I could die. I wish I could be reborn." What if I told you that you could get exactly what you want, to be born into a new life? However...there is a catch.]]]
[center [size14 [Kavivanar In your next life you must never commit any of the following sins.]]]
[center [size14 [Shadows+Into+Light [b Lust] - [b Envy] - [b Anger] - [b Laziness] - [b Pride] - [b Greed] - [b Gluttony]]]]
[center [size14 [Kavivanar Before you can be reborn you must kill yourself, however before you a contract will appear somewhere in which you must sign in blood. If you violate the terms and conditions of the contract then you will be punished, you will begin it lose your mind. You will see things that other's can't, they will torment you until you can no longer take it and commit suicide, thus ending your perfect and new life.]]]

[center [size14 [Kavivanar However seven people have found a way to thwart punishment by accomplishing one of the Seven Heavenly Virtue's.]]]
[center [size14 [Shadows+Into+Light [b Humility] - [b Kindness] - [b Chastity] - [b Patience] - [b Liberality] - [b Abstinence] - [b Diligence]]]]

[center [size14 [Kavivanar This is a story of seven individuals who must complete one of the heavenly virtues and what they have to go through. The stress of knowing if they don't complete what is needed, knowing that if they fail then their lives are ruined.]]]
  [Akemi Himura] / Otter / 7d 15h 52m 40s
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[center [EB+Garamond [size15 Akemi was sure that this dude was about to hit her and she closed her eyes and braced herself, however the blow she had been expecting never came. Instead a guy interrupted and grabbed Mr. Pigs wrist, diverting attention away from her. Based on the exchange of insults and threats, the two seemed to know each other and were obviously not friends. It was interesting to watch, back in Japan everyone respected one another, crime was rare and the streets were always clean. Here in America everyone was offensive, rude, dirty and had no fear in expressing how they felt - she loved it.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 Here everyone spoke their minds and gave no fucks, it was refreshing and until now she didn't realize how much she had actually missed it. The argument between the two was soon over and Mr. Pig lumbered off towards his group of friends, they seemed to tease him now about backing down. Looking back to the boy who had helped her out, she spoke with a small smile on her face. [#8B0000 [b "Thanks for the help, good to know there's at least one decent person around here."]] Akemi glanced down at the broken glass that was on the floor and then to the bartender who was very annoyed. She felt sorry for him, what would it be like to deal with such shenanigans and decrepit people everyday? She could only imagine.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 Being shorter than the guy who had come to her aid, Akemi looked up at him with her golden eyes, taking in the features which seemed familiar to her. Her eyes narrowed slightly, why did she feel like she had met him before? As the question rolled around in her head an idea slowly started to sink it. The shadow black hair, slim features, she remembered them so clearly. It couldn't be...could it? There's absolutely no way that she could run into him that easily...right?]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 She stared at him much longer than she had intended to and the sound of her phone alarm going off scared her, causing her to jump. Fumbling around in her pockets, she grabbed the device and quickly turned the shrill sound off, it was time to leave for her apartment interview. She was torn, she wanted to stay here and confirm what she thought to be right, but she also couldn't miss the only chance she had to get a good place to stay. Groaning internally, she grabbed the bag she had left by the bar, clutching a strap in one hand. Just before she walked out the door an idea occurred to her, there was always one thing...nicknames that they had for each other as teenager that only the two of them knew. If it was really him then he would know it was her - [#8B0000 [b "Have a good time, Ri-Ri!"]] She called out loudly, directing it towards him with a large smile, then dashed out the door in a hurry.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 Luckily she had gotten the address to the place before arriving so getting there was a piece of cake. Akemi got the apartment easily and once the key was placed in her hand she began to unpack her luggage. The place was small but clean, a little on the expensive side though. It was a newer addition to the town and had heard that many people didn't like it. A small sigh slipped past her lips, the Asian flopped back on her only chair, staring up at the ceiling. Her mind wandered to the boy she had met, the one she had thought might be Orion. Without really much though Akemi grabbed her purse and left her apartment, her feet guiding her as she walked. Soon enough she ended up at an old and empty park. It brought back memories, ones of her and her best friend just sitting and talking for hours.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 She sat down on one of the seats, eyes drifting up towards the night sky. It was quiet, everyone settling down for the night. As she simply sat and thought she began to softly sing one of the songs that her manager had prepared for her.]]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ufuw1okYps&index=49&list=PLvyQCgG0Bb_SymRHOnwhXkH3gvLijTzfZ]][center [i ]]
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[center [EB+Garamond [size15 [#8B0000 [b "I'm actually back..."]] Akemi said, the Japanese accent that used to be so prominent in her younger years almost non-existent. She stepped out of the brightly colored cab, the heels she wore clicking on the ground as she settled a foot on the ground. She slipped the sunglasses from her face, gazing around at the run-down town that had been her home for six months. From behind her, the cabbie rolled down his window with a frown on his face, [b "Hey girl, I got places to be. Pay up."] She rolled her amber eyes, digging in her purse to pull out her pocketbook and pulling out a few bills. [#8B0000 [b "Keep the change, asshole."]] The rude cabbie simply snorted, rolled up his window and drove away from the curb. This left Akemi alone with just her luggage. She gazed around, thinking about what she should do first. [i "Papa said that my apartment interview isn't until 5 which is....two hours from now. Maybe a drink would help pass the time."] She decided that a beer sounded great.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 The closest bar would be Rickies Tavern, a home owned business that she remembered her father and his co-workers would celebrate. As she made her way down the street old memories surfaced, some not-so-good while others made her smile. In all honesty, this place offered nothing for her, however the fact that a very important person to her still lived here was enough to make her come back. [i "I wonder if he even remembers me....hell will he even recognize me?"] When she was in high-school Akemi used to have very long hair and wore very little make-up, her looks were never that great to begin with, in her opinion at least. Though after moving back to Japan she made some personal changed, cut her hair, found a new style that fit her. While her father disapproved of the punkish look many others adored her for it, her manager told her that it would help to make her popular among the American populace.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 Akemi arrived at the tavern, walking and taking off the sunglasses she wore. A few of the drunkards turned and gazed at her with their filthy eyes, others wondered who such a beauty was to walk into such a dusty place. Plopping down on one of the weathered chairs, she gave an honest smile to the bartender. [#8B0000 [b "Coors?"]] She asked, lifting a brow. The bartender nodded, grabbing a glass bottle from underneath the counter, popping the cap and setting it in front of her on a coaster. Akemi took a long drink, sighing with content. A few years ago she had never dreamed that she would be where she was now. The poor Japanese transfer who struggled so hard to get by was now an emerging musician - she was simply a shell of the girl she used to be. There was only one person she would thank for her turning out the way she was, and that would be Orion.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 Swirling the beer around in the bottle, she wondered how she was ever going to find him. Did he live in the same house? How was he doing? Was he still that bright boy who had saved her from the depths of despair? There were so many questions and no answers. She wanted to just leave and run to that old house where they would play video games and study, though she had no idea what to even say if she had to face him. It had been what...six years since she had seen him, let alone speak to him? When she had moved back to Japan she had lost her phone and every contact along with it, she had tried to find a way to get in touch but she couldn't find anything.]]]

center [EB+Garamond [size15 As she was lost in her thoughts a burly, sweaty man strolled up to her with a cocky grin on his face. From the other side of the bar, a group of equally disgusting men roared and hollered encouragement. [b "Hey girlie, you new 'round these parts?"] He words slurred together, he reeked of alcohol. He was obviously drunk and thought he could do anything. [#8B0000 [b "Go away, I'm not interested."]] She said calmly, looking down at her almost empty beer. The drunkards face scrunched up in anger at having been rejected, believing no rules applied to him, he roughly grabbed her by the arm and jerked her off the chair. She was startled as being grabbed in such a way, so much so that she dropped the glass bottle on the floor. [#8B0000 [b "Hey pig! Let me go and buy me a new beer!"]] She exclaimed, annoyed. Calling the guy a pig only made him even angrier, she was astonished when he lifted a hand up in the air as if he intended to strike her.]]]
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