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Thank you very much. And I might come back tomorrow morning if you are open to customers that early.” He said, thanking her again and he slowly made his way outside and ascended the stairs that Aspen mentioned to him, after ascending two levels, he found the inn. [i This Village is quite interesting, much like the people that live in it....] he thought to himself, and he made sure to pay the innkeeper for a room for the night.
  Arar / DoomGuy123 / 253d 19h 35m 41s
"Oh,'re new here, you wouldn't know about the inn." Aspen chuckled to herself. "Well, if you go back near the entrance but instead go up the stairs to the right path, and ascend up a couple levels, then you should find yourself at the inn of Rito Village." She explained, hoping that would answer his question.
  Aspen / AskTheStaff / 253d 19h 38m 25s
“It’s a pleasure to meet someone who appreciates books such as I do.” He said, smiling again, and he looked outside, curious as to what the rest of the world had to offer. Turning back to her, he sighed, not wanting to leave just yet. “Do you know any place I may be able to stay until morning?” He asked, not sure if there was any place that he could possibly stay for the day.
  Arar / DoomGuy123 / 253d 19h 40m 10s
"Okay...thank you." She replied towards Arar's first statement before he had introduced himself and asked for her own name. "Me? You can just call me Aspen." The Rito girl told him with a smile, as she reached to her left to grab a couple more books she needed to put up...before subsequently putting said books up like she was supposed to.
  Aspen / AskTheStaff / 253d 19h 43m 24s
He smiled and looked at her, feeling a bit more comfortable than he was earlier. “No thank you, but I may come back to find some more books again.” He said, his dolphin-like teeth showing as he smiled. “My name is Arar, may I ask what is yours?” He asked kindly, hoping to get to know her name so he can properly address her when he came back again.
  Arar / DoomGuy123 / 253d 19h 46m 17s
The Rito chuckled a bit again, and nodded towards the male before hearing that he had enough money for what he wanted. She reached her arm out as he gave her the rupees, before she put them into a jar and sealed it shut. "Thank you very much, sir." Aspen told him, before thinking for a moment and then continuing. "Do you need anything else?" She then asked.
  Aspen / AskTheStaff / 253d 19h 49m 33s
He shook his head, the tai attaches to his head swingin behind him. “I’ve only arrived here only a few moments ago.” He said, and he smiled when she asked for twenty rupees. “I have enough for that.” He said, and he removed the amount of rupees out of his pouch that she asked for, and handed them to her. “Here you go, twenty.” He said, and he held the book gingerly, as it was old.
  Arar / DoomGuy123 / 254d 4h 55m 54s
The female nodded in understanding towards Arar's words. "I can tell you haven't exactly acquainted yourself with us Rito very much...have you?" She chuckled in a bit of a playful way, but still keeping her rather chill demeanor. "And that book would cost you about twenty rupees." She told him, noticing his choice.
  Aspen / AskTheStaff / 254d 5h 11s
He looked at the Rito, smiling a bit as well, but more in a nervous way, not being used to being around Rito. “I-I’m just looking for a moment. I like books, but I don’t have many at home...” He said, trying to keep calm, then he found a book that told about the war with the Gerudo from many years ago. “How much would you like for this?” He asked, being interested in history.
  Arar / DoomGuy123 / 254d 5h 5m 20s
Aspen looked towards the entrance and noticed the Zora walk in, being surprised to see him but happy to see a new face. "Good morning, sir. Is there anything in particular you are looking for today?" She asked, as per the usual with anyone who would enter her establishment. The Rito looked towards him with a gentle smile that almost seemed to show that she was a calm, mellow individual.
  Aspen / AskTheStaff / 254d 5h 8m 27s
The male zora looked around, hearing the people murmuring about him, which made him uncomfortable, but he shook it off, and looked around, intrigued by the style of the buildings and how the people looked. Eventually he came to a small library, which he looked at for a moment and carefully peeked in through the doorway in curiosity. The first thing he saw were the shelves filled with books, then the bright green Rito sitting behind the desk. [i What is this place...? It has so many books compared to what I have...] he thought, entering the building, looking at the shelves of books in awe
  Arar / DoomGuy123 / 254d 5h 10m 27s
A green Rito woman was busy in her small library, which was at ground level compared to the living quarters up above. She stacked a few books on a table here and there, organizing each of them to the best of her ability. Sales had been decent, as usual...since she always was able to get her hands on new literature so people would constantly come in looking for something new. Once she finished her current work, she wiped sweat off of her forehead and sat behind a curved desk.
  Aspen / AskTheStaff / 254d 5h 19m 16s
T had been almost a week since the zora hero had left his home in the Zora Domain and had visited the other races of Hyrule, but he still had to reach the Rito, a race of bird people that lived on the opposite side of Hyrule. [i I hope that they don’t mind my presence there...] he thought, swimming in a river towards the village that he was going to. After about an hour and a half, the young hero pulled himself out of the water and saw the village of the Rito. “I am quite amazed...I didn’t know t was this large...” he told himself, and he cautiously headed to the village, looking around at the buildings and the people, and the people looked at him, surprised to see a zora in the village
  Arar / DoomGuy123 / 254d 5h 37m 36s

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